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January 23, 2020

what does everybody welcome back to the
channel hope you’re doing well today we’ve got a whole squad here there are
ten of us this is crazy I’m super excited about it today we are playing
bass ketball here’s how the game works it’s one team at a time you can shoot a
free throw for a single and then that person can then go to first base just
like in baseball they can also shoot a three-pointer for a double they can
shoot from this line for a triple or they can shoot from this line the other
side of the halfcourt arc for a home run touchdown you want to get your teammates
to home to score to make a run score so you want to score as many runs as
possible in that inning if you miss it’s an out three outs and then we switch
teams we’re gonna do five innings here are the teams okay my team is Pete the
Randall twins smooth from the Ukraine guys you don’t know he’s the only person
you guys might not know from previous videos I’m gonna play a clip real quick wow you’re so good at that and I know
nothing about baseball perfect yeah baseball turns out baseball isn’t too
big in the Ukraine I’ve got Jenna bandy you guys all know
who that is you play a little softball right yes and AJ Rafa so I need you to
get some buckets yeah we are gonna go first oh sure
Mia tricks calm Jake Caleb what’s the batting order you wanna lead off all
right what are you doing okay okay go to first that’s one out there’s a bad pitch
it’s okay bad pitch that’s one bad swing swing swing Jenna you’re doing single
girl okay the double all right free throw
I like it hold on there’s no force yeah there’s no for you guys okay pinch
runner okay two outs two outs bases loaded
hey AJ yep I think let’s pick up at three let’s get a three swish AJ your
mother mommy okay so we got two points Oh God
feel good even though I didn’t contribute to the scoring all right that
is two points for the good guys smooth is home is just one point and there’s no
one there okay is it you Jenna okay okay go for the triple a team that’s good
that runs on the board that’s three scored three okay that is
three three points three runs four inning one
I didn’t play baseball guys single trickshot cop okay okay okay caleb is swinging for the fences here
folk a look on looks like a baseball player move got a third just third just
third no no home yeah but he doesn’t move double he moves double you could
stay in my way get him get in the dugout what are you doing me bases-loaded
okay real confident over here how did you not even close
it’s up to you smooth go for a double he’s gonna force two people home and you’re killing me smalls hey Josh you
play ball like a girl three outs we up team all right so after
at the top of the second after the top of the second your team has five five
runs two zero runs five hole-in-one hey I’m good what are you doing great big
league chew okay Mia’s on first what does Chris staples
doing that was like someone catching it right Vince
we were wrong one out what’s you doing Jake two pointer three pointer yeah
double double point okay two outs
actually here hold this to three or triple double or triple aren’t you late
for work go home where’s gonna start off with a nice
little double perfect nothing crazy just again just a little double I love you
bitch we should have been doing pitches Oh perfect pitch
I like it right here he for some reason decided to be kind of in between but
it’s just a double okay okay what I would home one out okay yo what are we doing we’re to copy this
game disrespectful we gotta stop no that’s two hours wait who’s out there
who’s out there no who’s on first oh here we go I hate
to add salt to the wound as they say but here’s another basket cutie he didn’t trust the base at Disney’s for
$6.99 was it finally oh yeah if you give the oysters three outs
hey team let’s step this step this up AJ but it’s big hit I needed to redeem
myself I apologize for the late start the bad shots guys what’s our team name
we it’s a little late in the video but what’s our team name
okay thumbs up if you think the grand salon these are gonna win this kidding
oh are you going oh there wasn’t a camera on you you made a brief filming
you know we’re doing this for YouTube alright we’re not sure I’m recording
okay go to good you can go to I got it
Chris did you are we counting history no no I didn’t literally wasn’t filming okay okay hey we’re just gonna make 23
dozen wrong make your man why did you start playing with us recording okay
loaded bases Chris what you going you’re going for her from those bases they are so excited to be done by five single you made it a ball game nine nine
four nine four nice that’s what we love hey y’all keep in hey Josh what do you
have for us you’re gonna juggle and shoot from the other side that was that
strategy was called joshi’s nor did you’re going down to the double-a I’m
sorry this is bottom of the fourth there you go single not moving Mia if you shoot
another single hey J are you going don’t talk to me just get it on camera please
sick and tired your voice that’s out it’s a good pitch second out I’m gonna watch these thoughts ade she
don’t say that she barely made it she talking she barely made it no just hey J get out of here bro get
off the face airball huh Oh Jake and early and early out wow
that was a triple yes okay Mia play your role okay bases are loaded only one out right yeah the access to
opportunity says there’s only one out well they they do yikes yikes does that bring it to eight
and here he comes oh boy wow wow wow okay you’re nervous I’m a
little nervous too I’m go for the win ready come on Chris in a poem I’m first
base coach send them all baby ring two outs okay he’s going backwards for the game No thank you so much watching and make
sure you subscribe to all my friends especially the Ukraine man right here
and it’s America speaking subscribers yes
his his videos are crazy and I’ve decay lip subscribe to the Randle twin
subscribe to AJ rom sir Mia Jenna Chris and that’s it yeah I do it every single
video Oh trickster cop you were hiding you’re so small I know so little
I do Instagram chats every single video here they are following me out juggling
Josh for kids window instagrams out next time click on those videos and we’ll see
you guys later bye No


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