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Basel, Switzerland: 5 Mistakes Tourists Make

January 26, 2020

I’m going to tell you five things today that people who visit Basel do. Hello everyone, welcome to Basel. Unfortunately the weather is not so nice here today. But if you like it today you will also like it when the weather is nice. Basel is one of the most beautiful and warmest places in Switzerland. The first mistake is that you don’t come to Basel at all. Most people always go to the mountains first and don’t come here and that’s a mistake. It has really few tourists and you will really like that because it is not so crowded. And that’s really great! Come here too. Basel is the most famous city in Switzerland when it comes to art. But that’s really a mistake if you come here and you’re only running from one museum to another. There is nothing better than being here on the Rhine river when the weather is nice and we can swim here. And now we come to the third point. Namely, only to stay at the Minster and not to come down here to the Rhine river. For me, this is one of the most beautiful places down here by the Rhine river. You can walk, you can swim in summer and these fishermen’s houses that you see here, were really used for fishing that’s really very interesting, I like them a lot. There are really wonderful sunsets here in Basel. The most beautiful sunsets are here by the Rhine river. Beautiful photos. My fourth point is something that many do not know. Basel is next to a border triangle. There are France and Germany right here and that would be a real shame if you are here in Basel and do not visit three countries in one day. The culture in Basel also means that we have influences from all three countries. From Germany and France also when it comes to food. My fifth point is only to visit the town hall (Rathaus) and the marketplace and not to go further through the alleys. Because there, if you go further back, up to the Spalentor. Because there is the most beautiful part of Basel for me with beautiful little cafes, great boutiques, very inspiring. My tip: It’s Christmas all year round there. There is a shop by Johann Wagner where you can buy Christmas decorations all year round and they are very special. We thank you for watching and also have other videos for you to watch, of course Have fun and Tschüss (Bye)!


  • Reply Jade Martin January 6, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Hello…thank you for your video! It is so good to have a video from a native from Basel and not only from tourists.

    I will visit Basel for one day in June 2020….I have a USA Passport but my friend will have a VISA for visiting Switzerland. Is there a problem to take a tram to the '3 Countries Bridge'? I read that sometimes authorities will stop trams or buses and examine everyone's travel documents. I will have no problem but I am afraid for my friend.

    I think it will still be too cold to swim in the Rhine in the 3rd week of June, so I want to visit a museum. Do you recommend going to the Tingley Museum and the Kunstmuseum? We will spend about 6-7 hours in Basel.

    Also, what is your favorite cafe? – Thank you again!

  • Reply Viaje ni Bree January 11, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Not a local but Basel is my second home so I agree to what you are saying 🤗

  • Reply Difall January 11, 2020 at 3:03 pm

    Do You have an instagram Account or something ? There are some questions that i want to ask

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