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Beach Tennis FOREHAND tip, training drill / exercise by Antomi Ramos

November 29, 2019

Antomi’s every shot is very good. His each shot, serve, smash, drop shot, And I really like… (what is the name of this shot in Spanish?) how he plays forehand and backhand I find those shots as shots from middle height, because there are forehand and backhand from the lower height And he has those shots as the top players in the World In this video we are going to explain a bit how Antomi does the shots and to give the best instructions in order to help the other players It’s very important to hit the ball in the front of the body and shoulder height. And always without pushing the racket behind the shoulder (body). Your racket has to be always in the front of your eyes. If I do this the shot is badly prepared I have to open the wrist with the elbow in the front of the body with some distance between elbow and stomach, and then and then to hit the ball in the front and indicate with the edge of the racket Now, we are going to show you one exercise for development this shot recommended by Antomi. It’s very important to abrade the technique. And now we are going to practice forehand in series of 20-30 times. Thank you Antomi for your time and wish to share with us useful tips about forehand shot that can help to all level players from beginners up to professionals and youth players as well Thank you

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  • Reply Educação Física Bacharel 3semestre May 20, 2017 at 6:02 am

    muito bom o video, mas acho que deveria ter abaixado o volume da musica de fundo amigo!
    mais achei bem explicativo

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