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Beach Tennis interview, 2nd part – Nikita Burmakin (Russia) – Mladen Stankovic

October 20, 2019

Welcome to Shark Sport Beach Tennis YouTube channel Originally I am from Serbia and what you can suggest to Serbian Tennis Federation to grow Serbian Beach Tennis in general how to develop? You need someone, some people with passion like Mladen for example who can develop the sport, who can make other people to love this sport. So you need tournaments in your country local, not very big to begin. So, to attract people, players, especially tennis, volleyball, badminton players to come to try. Every time someone new to come and probably will stay at beach tennis Than, could be very important to make a National team to send them to competitions, like in Moscow, WOrld Team Championships (2016). European Championship, Word Championship, Cervia…etc But if you make a team, always would be some people around this team and like this the amount of people grow sport develops than you have some amateurs and by that the sport becomes popular like in all other countries. same happened in Russia In the beginning was not easy but now is growing a lot so I wish you all the best. Thank you Nikita. Thank you very much. Nikita is the best player from Russia, 11th in the World That is not easy at all. and Nikita has maybe one of the strongest and best serves in the World for sure. We will make several exercises to learn better serve… to have a better serve from the best. We will try.

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