Beautiful Chinese coach – Yangyang’s table tennis lessons

September 11, 2019

Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich.
If you want to improve your table tennis fast, find and learn
from the Chinese coach. Today, I want to present a very good
and beautiful table tennis coach: Yangyang. You may remember the 10 table tennis lessons
demonstrated by Zhao Yiyi. These are the basic table tennis
tutorials that every new player should know. You can see that Zhao
Yiyi has a very good technique in table tennis: smooth, spinny
and harmony. With the permission from Chuantt, I’ve translated
her tutorials. You can watch them in the “Basic table tennis
techniques” playlist. She lives in Jinan, Shandong, China. Actually,
she works as a reporter in Shandong TV station. If you want to contact and support Zhao Yiyi,
this is her Weibo account “??-Moraynia?”. China is the kingdom of table tennis. There
are many coaches and players with the solid and sound techniques.
Today, I want to present another beautiful table tennis coach:
Yangyang. She has also a very good foundation in table tennis.
I believe by watching her tutorial, you can improve quickly your
table tennis. Hi Yangyang, nice to
meet you πŸ™‚ Could you present
yourself? Hi guys, I’m Yangyang. A computer science
student, who has a Bachelor and a Master degree in Business Management.
I’m also a table tennis coach who making table tennis
training videos on YouTube. Where do you live,
Yangyang? I live on a beautiful planet. πŸ˜€ ….. I mean
California, United State. Great! What is your
equipment, Yangyang? Mizutani ZLC, Tenergy 05 on both sides. OK, so you are a huge
fan of Butterfly. What does Yangyang
mean? I have some quick
questions for you, YangYang. 1. Supergirl
or Spidergirl Spider girl, but no spider on my bags, absolutely
no. Ma Long
or Zhang Jike Ding Ning
or Miu Hirano Forehand
or Backhand Pizza
or Sushi Thank you, Yangyang. I
really like your style. Why did you make
coaching video? Well, at the beginning, I just make them for
fun. Thinking about leaving something for my future grand children
and show them how their grandma looks like. But now, since
my videos get more and more attention, many peoples emailed me
and expressed their appreciation. my videos are really helpful. I realize the
most valuable of making the video is helping others. And I’m
so glad to have this ability to help others and I’m willing to
do it. So I highly recommend you to check out the
YouTube channel of Yangyang. She explains the table tennis techniques
in detail. Check below for the link to her channel “Yangyang
table tennis”. I know that many players don’t have the opportunity
to train table tennis with a good coach. So I want
to present you the Chinese table tennis coach and hope you improve
fast. About me. I’m not Chinese. I come from Vietnam.
I started playing table tennis at the 8 years-old. Now
I live in France. I’m playing table tennis in a small club with
about 150 competitive players. I also coach young players. So if you didn’t check the coaching tutorial
of Yangyang yet, what are you waiting for? Go watching it! See you,

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