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Behind the Scenes: Andy Lassner and Kym Douglas’ Rehearsals

November 29, 2019

[music playing] Hi, I’m Andy Lassner, executive
producer of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. And I’m Kim Douglas, fashion,
beauty, lifestyle expert. Kim is known on this show
for bringing so many fun and ridiculous ideas
and products for beauty – that rarely, rarely work.
– The newest Just to make sure
they’re safe for Ellen, we rehearse them every time. Please watch us having fun. There is literally nobody
crazier than our next guest, one thing’s for sure, she’s
not getting any younger. Please welcome
80-year-old beauty expert. Please welcome Kim Douglas. Is she kidding? Kim? Damn Oh, I’m coming. I had to find my phone. I’m sorry. You are such a piece of crap– 80 years old. But I look good. But these are little blue balls. Yeah. And they’re frozen. And what you do
with your blue balls is you just rub
them on your face. Who wouldn’t want to rub
the blue balls on your face? No one. And this takes out
all the puffiness, and it gets rid of all of that. so it’s blue balls on the face. I like this, you guys, but– [crash] Jesus [bleep]. You know what candy gives you? I mean, look at you. Lots of pimples. So you get lots of
pimples from eating candy. So you don’t go to
a dermatologist. You’ve never had work. No, I don’t. What else? But, Andy, this is
not just a choker. It’s a little secret, Andy. What is it? It’s a whip. Oh, my god. [laughter] Andy, it’s a whip. Do you like it? That’s nice. I’m a bad boy. So what says Valentine’s Day– Oh, I’m naughty. –more then whipping Andy. Yeah. Ow! This [bleep] hurts! – I know. It really does.
– Yeah. So let me put this around you. This is called a
waist trainer, Andy. When did you say you
worked out last, Andy. [laughs] It’s holding you in. Yeah, it’s also
rupturing my kidneys. What could be sexier
than this, Andy? I don’t know. Andy, look. I mean, I know. Andy, look at me. I can’t look. That’s how aroused I am. I know. I figured. And this is like in case you
just want to be festive– I can’t. Hunter is here! I know. Stop it! This is awful, OK. Your son is in the audience. I know. This is terrible. Honey, Mommy doesn’t mean it. OK. [laughter] Then you just put some– Holy [bleep]. Oh, Andy, god,
you’re such a baby. Shove your hands in, and
let me mush it around. Look, oh, Andy. Literally, not one
thing has worked. Go ahead. This is Kim Douglas in her last
appearance on the Ellen show. Oh, my god!


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