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Best Of ‘Flow Job’ ? Sickest Flow & Illest Job Freestyles Ever ? Wild ‘N Out | MTV

October 21, 2019

– Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Aye, I don’t think you get it, You should probably stay after
class for some extra credit. I know you really,
really want that degree, I give you an A if you get this D. (crowd exclaims) – Tch, teacher. (hip-hop music) (crowd cheers) – Uh, hi girl, yo booty kinda fat body slam you on the mat. Get down on one knee,
I’m gonna like book a T, But I not up when you
girl, one, two, three. (crowd exclaims) – Are you a wrestler? – Oh, let’s go!
(bell dings continuously) ♪Wild Out ♪ (girl laughs) – I’m mopin’ and cleanin’ up, Specially when the lil’ kid thowin’ up. Don’t throw it up, because the flow ain’t, hold on, I ain’t cleaned over there yet. (crowd yells) – A janitor? – Yeah!
(bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Yeah, alright, here we go. I’m on TV, but I ain’t makin’ no cash, Nick Cannon, I can beat yo ass! Well tell you that it’s
true would be disturbin’; he’s spendin’ all that money on turban’s. (crowd laughs) – Wild ‘n Out cast member. – Exactly! Thank you! (bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ (crowd cheers) – I’m from a lot of
stern, you know how I go, I’m used to seein’ girls
goin down the pole. So I can’t fun, I want to see you twerk, My very first job was sellin’ work. I’m straight from the cone, and then I’m straight from the block, I had a million dollars
from my album drop. (crowd exclaims) – Trapper. (bell dings) – I’m definitely trapped. (crowd cheers) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – I made it work, I got my robe on, And now, be havin’ church clothes on. I praise the Lord on my post, Make you do the nay-la when
you kiss the Holy Ghost. (crowd exclaims) – Pastor. – Oh! ♪ Wild Out ♪ – [Audience Member] Ayo D! – Um, You can’t put somthin’ in yo mouth, Uh, welcome to the Wambo house. We gone do this, one way or another you can get yo’ head’s
brown, smother or cover. – A server? A server? – I’m cover–
– A way shade? – Thank you! ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Play ball, outside in the dome, I’ll be waitin’ on you,
soon as to slide home And girl, we can skip every base, cuz when we have sex, it’s goin’ be safe! (crowd exclaims) – Umpire? – Get along now! (bell dings) (crowd roars) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Yeah, I laid pipe, I
cleaned out the drain, I cleaned out your toilet,
you can doodoo again. (crowd cheers) – A plumber. – [Rapper] Yes! (crowd roars) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – [Man] Go get it, Oh god, aye, aye, I stand outside, look swollen stuff, let me see your ID; is you old enough? No hats, no shoes, but I don’t mind, if you give me 20 dollars
you can jump the line. (crowd laughs) – A security guard? – A security bouncer,
same thing, there ya go. (bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Okay, aye, now uh, yeah, take yo clothes off and
I’ll rub out ya issues, If you like it rough,
I’ll give you deep tissue. Where my tip at, girl stop pretendin’, if you treat me right, I
give you a happy endin’. – A masseuse? – You damn right.
(bell dings) (crowd cheers) ♪ Wild Out ♪ (crowd cheers) – You ready? I’m always on stage jumpin’ around, yapin, louder than the person who’s
actually doin’ the rappin’. See me in person, they don’t even care, I make you put yo hands
up and wave’em in the air. (crowd exclaims) – What’s that, a hype man? – Got it.
(bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ (crowd cheers) – I don’t do anything but
just stand here and smile, make sure you keep your arms
and legs out of the aisle. Watch out for that
turbulence I know that sucks, but hey, while you’re waiting
would you like these nuts? (crowd laughs) – A flight attendant? (crowd cheers) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Pick a position, sweat like a hog, face down, ass up, downward dog? – Yoga instructor! (crowd cheers) (bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – You’re in. I’m the first to have a baby with a while and now the girls have got the check. I should have put me
on Friday after Friday after Friday after next. (crowd cheers) – DC Young Fly? – DC! ♪ Wild Out ♪ (crowd cheers) – I got’em in my bones,
I got’em in my body, I know how to rock’em like laddy-daddy, I wear a gold jacket I walk with a limp girl, I can change your
life just call me up… – Pimp! (crowd cheers) (bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Aye, ding dong (beep)
I’m at your door though, It might seem like a start of a porno, but you called me and I’m at your house, so I brought these wontons
and egg roll for your mouth. – [Audience] Ooh! – [Wild ‘n Out Girl] Delivery boy! (crowd cheers) (bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Everybody in the NYC, Throw yo hands in the
air as you follow me. (crowd yells) Everybody in the NYC,
throw yo hands in the air as you follow me, check it. Every Wednesday and Thursday, I’m on TNT, yes, it’s my day. I got’em in the bucks,
I chew with smart Kimmie and dumbass Chucks. – [Man] Aye! Do you understand? Nick’s a boy, Jack is a man. – Whatever! – This is how I do, I’m the one, Nick is not a two, or a
three or a four or a five, Wednesday, Thursday, TV, live. (crowd exclaims) – Oh, okay, are you a sportscaster? (crowd cheers and bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – On Instagram I have a lot of fans, even D-Wrek, he’s tryna
get up in my pants. I’m cute, I’m sexy, you know it’s true,
– What? – You don’t know who I am? Girl, I’m you. (audience laughs) – A Wild ‘n Out girl? – [Rapper] Aye! (crowd cheers and bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ (heavy beat) – Okay, I’ll buy the you for that bag, for that bread I’ll take yo head, I’m with the working with the coven who pay for you to be dead. I’m talking mouthwash, when
I say I got you with Scope, for that dough I’ll snap your
back, I’ll slip your throat. (crowd exclaims) – An assassin? – [Rapper] Yeah! (bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ (crowd cheers) – Okay, alright, uh uh, I know you seen all these girls behind me, I got a new suit on, and my head is shiny. Congratulations you won, that’s what’s up. Aw man, I done (beep) up. (crowd laughs) – Steve Harvey? – Yeah!
– [Woman] Steve Harvey, Steve Harvey!
(bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – [Man] Time game Nick. – [Nick] I know! – [Man] Time game Nick. – [Second Man] Is it, it’s a time game. (crowd cheers appreciatively) – [Wild ‘n Out Girl]
Wait, wait, wait, wait. – What’s going on girl? Alright. You see me late night
yeah, up in these streets, I’m gonin’ just creep ya, all
up in the streets, come on. Get a pop in here, oh I’m off the whiskey, Wanna gab your girl, I’m
a stop and get frisky! gonna do it, don’t be surprised, the world gonna pop and I tell it no lies. I’m a pop it, right in ya face, I come to Wild Out, and now
you all gone cut the case. (crowd roars) – You’re a cop. (bell rings continuously) – Yes! What we tried to tell her. (hip-hop music)


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