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Best Tennis Training Aid – Forehand & Backhand Groundstroke

November 4, 2019

The machine is gonna make you take a perfect stroke. Okay so you’re gonna
start here with this pole at your hip in your ready position. You’re going to
take your racquet back over this pole keep it short don’t hit the bench if you
just look down and swing under the pole then you gotta lift over the towel. So it’s
gonna look like this. Okay you gotta hold that picture position after you hit
your topspin forehand. Alright so guys. Ready position pole at the hip turn over
let it drop and swing under. All right here we go. Arhianne’s going
to give it a try. Ready position turn over swing under. Nice, next lets go Savvanah you can do it. Right here good start in the
ready position. Take it over the pole swing under the pole. Try, next, let’s go
here we go. Ava’s up. A little closer. Ready Position,
take it back over, swing under. Not bad let’s go Gia. Ready. Turn over. Swing under. Nice topsin. All the way on that front foot next time. Let’s go Ava. Gia sorry. Hustle. Ready. Turn. Under. Go! Ouch! Laughter. Are you okay? That’s an out take. Where are you going it’s back this way it’s
over on this side guys this side over here. Okay so over on there you go.
Slowly, is everyone helping yes? Are you helping? Yes, I’m assisting by documenting your progress.
Slowly, don’t hurt Savannah just lay it down close to the fence good it should
be against the fence what’s wrong with you guys put it all the way in
well that’s because Savannah was standing there careful careful.


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    Cool video!🙃

  • Reply piplup Games August 25, 2019 at 12:25 am

    Lol I didn't know that Ari wold be in the video XD

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