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Best & Worst Nintendo Switch Games So Far | All 28 new Switch games

February 2, 2020

28 games have already been released on the
new Nintendo Switch. 11 of these games have received PlayScores. But first, let’s take a look at 17 titles
that haven’t received a PlayScore yet. Here they are arranged from A to Z. ACA NEOGEO World Heroes Perfect Play as 16 brave fighters across the pages
of history, and fight for the greatest honor. This Switch version gives it more traditional
fighting mechanics to make for an enjoyable arcade fighting experience. ACA NEOGEO Metal Slug 3. The arcade run-and-gun shooter heads for the
Switch with challenge modes, control options, and online leaderboards. Defeat the monsters that stand in your way
and stop General Morden in pixel visuals that stood the test of time. ACA NEOGEO Nam-1975. Another SNK action game. Dive into the battlefields of vietnam as the
one US Special Forces. Brave the elements and survive the fierce
gunfires with evasive rolls, and helpful powerups. ACA NEOGEO Shock Troopers. Sticking with the formula that Commando created,
this top-down run-and-gun shooter will let you face off enemies as a suave Lonely Wolf,
or as an alternating trio of soldiers. It’s not an original premise, but it’s
an enjoyable co-op shooter for the Switch. ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters ‘94. You’ve seen the King of Fighters in 3D,
and now you can enjoy them in their original forms. It’s the debut of one the fighting franchises
that defined a generation. With its straightforward mechanics, determine
the pros from amateurs. ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98. The definitive King of Fighters title among
SNK’s iconic fighting franchise. Jump into the ring with the three characters
of your choice and eliminate each of your opponents. With expansive roster and refined combat,
it’s the King of Fighters at its finest. ACA NEOGEO NEO Turf Masters. Twist and turn until you get that perfect
stance, and make sure to check the wind. Choose from six eagle eyed golfers from around
the world and aim for that elusive hole-in-one. Play with a friend, or compete with players
online. ACA NEOGEO Waku Waku 7. Among Neo Geo’s fighting titles, this one
stands out. Sunsoft takes a slightly different approach
to the genre with its vibrant yet limited cast of characters and upbeat gameplay. Gather the remaining waku waku balls and gain
the highest scores! Has-Been Heroes. Fulfilling their King’s final request, a
band of once great heroes work together to embark on their final grueling adventure:
taking the beloved Princess to Princess school. A deceptively charming enough premise that’s
topped with frustrating permadeath. Little Inferno. In this game, fighting fire with fire is the
only way to go. It’s a pyromaniac’s dream. With little to no gameplay, just burn things
down. Pick up coins from the ashes of your burnt
furniture, buy more stuff, and just burn them all again. New Frontier Days. In this town-building sim, live out the days
of the American Frontier and help the villagers settle into their new town. There’s plenty of dangers that await, so
build your town wisely to live another day. Othello. A less dramatic battle of light and dark,
and definitely not the Shakespearean tragedy. It’s a boardgame classic where you convert
your opponent’s tiles into your own color. Reach the edges first and make sure to secure
those corners! Snake Pass. Think like a snake to traverse the obstacles
in this colorful platformer. With its impressive snake physics, curl around
poles and slither onto rocks along with your trusty avian sidekick. Ressstore the city of Haven Tor to its glorious
state! The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. Use your cowardly tears to eliminate nightmarish
monsters in randomly generated dungeons and rooms. In a quest to escape death by his mother’s
hands, Isaac will have to face his inner demons. Help him gather the courage and strength go
face to face with his deadly fate. VOEZ. An elegant looking rhythm game that showcases
the Switch’s touch-screen capabilities. Touch the falling notes as they reach the
hitbar, and help the six high school students achieve their dreams of international fame. Vroom in the Night Sky. One of the first indies to launch on the Switch. Released in Japan, get on a magical bike and
sail across the night skies. Gather stardust as the magical girl Luna,
collect keystars, and open a magical Gate. That’s a lot of magic! World of Goo. Control a village of goos and create gooey
architecture to solve the different puzzles. Construct platforms, bridges, and high-rises
to transport other goos, or let its gigantic citizens to pass through. Like most Tomorrow Corporation games, it’s
deceptively simple. A little creativity won’t hurt. 11 Nintendo Switch games have just received
their PlayScore. The PlayScore is a unique rating that averages
critic reviews and gamer reviews. Here they are arranged from the lowest to
highest. Opening our list of Switch titles is Nintendo’s
very own 1-2-Switch This collection of odd games is meant to showcase
the Switch’s technologically advanced Joy-Controllers. With its motion controls, and haptic feedback
mechanic called the HD rumble, you can take on a variety of challenges using reflexes
and sheer skill. Compete in tennis matches, milking competitions,
wild west duels and more. They’re a fun set of party games for all
ages…at least for a little while. While it shows off its impeccable technology,
there’s really not much to do. For every minute you wiggle and waggle through
its mini-games, you’ll have to wait through each of its long tutorials. And, with no single player option and a focus
on social interaction, it’s probably gonna keep gathering dust unless you have parties
every week… if only they bundled it with the Switch. It has a PlayScore of 5.74. Just Dance 2017 Ubisoft ushered in its infectious dancing
craze to the newest platform on the block. Using Switch’s motion controls, dance to rhythm
and make sure to keep up with the beats. Copy your virtual dance instructor’s moves
to earn points and probably a few laughs from your friends. Like many of the Switch’s titles, this game
is more fun when you have friends to enjoy it with. Or you could play it alone as your cardio
substitute. Swing your honest pelvises to Shakira’s Hips
Don’t Lie, and flail your arms to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It doesn’t always work though. With the JoyCon only tracking one hand, scoring
can be inaccurate and sometimes a little too patronizing. It pales in comparison to the Xbox One version
that scans your whole body. Plus it hides many of their songs under the
premium Just Dance Unlimited. That’s a high price to pay for a portable
party game. It has a PlayScore of 6.69. Super Bomberman R One of the best multiplayer franchises made
its way to the Switch, but it didn’t really impress players quite as the classics did. It stayed true to the familiar mechanics,
placing bombs on the screen, collecting powerups from destroyed bricks, and eliminating opponents. Play with up to eight of your friends, and
relive the tense battles and sweet victories. Everything is in a fresh 3D look, making its
maps look more dazzling and explosions much more satisfying. This Switch version also adds a fun story
mode to solve puzzles and take on ferocious bosses. Using its co-op mode, your friends can jump
in anytime to lend you that needed helping hand. But, despite all its good points, it’s an
underwhelming package, especially considering its expensive pricetag. With only eight multiplayer maps, and a forgettable
story mode, it receives a PlayScore of 6.77. Skylanders: Imaginators The toy-to-life franchise has done almost
everything, adding in new features to their games every step of the way. Now, things are beginning to look even better
for Skyland citizens with their recent move to the Nintendo’s newest console. Save Skyland anew as Kaos discovers the power
of Mind Magic, creating an army of evil villains called Doomlanders. Defeat them using the deep recesses of your
imaginations. Create your very own hero and customize clothes,
catchphrases, and powers to your heart’s content. And, with the Switch’s new functionalities,
you won’t need to lug around your whole collection every time. You can take out heroes from your digital
library at anytime. Access it from the comfort of your own home,
or change it up on the move. Evil never sleeps, and with the Switch’s
portability, saving Skyland will be a button away. It has a PlayScore of 7.07. I Am Setsuna The makers of I Am Setsuna sought to create
a quintessential JRPG that’s reminiscent of golden era titles like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. Walk along the endless winters with Endir,
a mercenary sent to assassinate the titular Setsuna. Protect yourselves from the demons that haunt
the land, and complete the maiden sacrifice. It succeeds in bringing in the nostalgia for
the RPGs of old, but it doesn’t do much other than that. As demons haunt Setsuna’s land, the game
itself is haunted by one-dimensional characters, predictable storylines, and all-too-easy monster
encounters. What it lacks in story and challenge, however,
is quietly alleviated by formidable bosses, captivating soundtracks, and lush graphics
that almost matches the PS4. So, if all you want is a classic JRPG experience,
then this game is worth a look with a PlayScore of 7.32. Snipperclips – Cut It Out Together Developed especially for the Switch, this
cute puzzle game proves that two heads, or four, is definitely better than one. Play as Snip and Clip, two adorable paper
cut outs who need to work together to solve the puzzles in every stage. Crouch, spin, and cut-out overlapping parts. In its many stages, you’ll have to fit the
desired shapes, shoot balls into their respective hoops, and transport fireflies to their cages. And it only gets harder from there. There’s no one way to complete the missions,
so you’ll have to think of creative ways to solve them, which only adds excitement
to the game. Get more players into the mix, and explore
all the different modes. Solve even more puzzles in Party Mode, or
compete for the highest scores in Blitz Mode. While it’s a pretty short game, it’s still
a cut above the rest with a PlayScore of 7.64. Fast RMX If you need a game to fill that F-Zero shaped
void in your heart, then there’s no other game to do it than Shin’en Multimedia’s
anti-gravity racer. Unless a new F-Zero comes out, but that doesn’t
seem likely. This indie title will take you back to your
favorite podracing games without forgetting to put its own signature style. Wtih your hovercraft, dash through its array
of tracks, collecting orbs to fill up your boost bar. There’s a knack to the game as you master
the map, navigate corners, and decide at which points to use the boost strips to your advantage. It’s a mechanic unique to the game that
tests your reflexes amidst the breakneck speeds. It’s a delightfully straightforward racing
game, with no story modes to distract you from the high-octane racing. What it has though is its expansive collection
tracks and racing modes, stunning landscapes, and smooth resolutions. It has a PlayScore of 7.7. Blaster Master Zero One of NES’ iconic rosters, Blaster Master
gets a well-deserved remake from Inti Creates. It’s what most people have called a remake
done right, keeping the charm of its pixel visuals and awesome gameplay, while adding
a few modern additions. It even manages to keep some aspects of the
original American storyline, with some needed tweaks. In pursuit of his frog, Jason is joined by
Eve as he takes to subterranean lands and mows down alien creatures with his newfound
tank. Along with the sidescrolling platformer, you
step outside the tank to enter dungeons in top-down shooting style and eliminate martians
with an array of blaster options. With improved controls, redesigned levels,
and new save checkpoints, it’s a great introduction to the series for first-time players, and awesome way for old players to love it again. It has a PlayScore of 7.79. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove He’s conquered Kickstarter, and now he’s
on Nintendo’s latest platform. Yacht Club Games brings their mighty Knight
to the Switch in his fullest form. Packed with all the previous DLC’s, as well
as the their newest expansion, Specter of Torment. With your trusty shovel blade, anything is
possible. And all in the name of love. Set out on a perilous journey through its
pixel-laden 16bit landscapes. In this sidescrolling platform adventure,
go through dark dungeons and creepy castles along with your loyal companions. While Shovel Knight deals in digging and Plague
Knight has his alchemy, the new Specter Knight has his own array of abilities like running
on walls, and powerful air attacks. So far, the shovel-wielding knight does not
disappoint. With its cool upgrades, unique abilities,
and fully cooperative campaign for double the fun, it’s no wonder it garnered the
support of critics and gamers alike. It has a PlayScore of 8.09 while it’s DLC,
Specter of Torment, received a PlayScore of 7.89. And the best Nintendo Switch game so far is,
of course, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild There’s nothing like the feeling of being
proven right. We’ve waited long for the arrival of Breath
of the Wild, and it’s safe to say that it blew everyone away with its highly-interactive
environment, unique combat mechanics, and breathtaking open world. It’s an RPG that doesn’t hold your hand
in any way. Roam around the land of Hyrule at your own
pace, with no limitations. No places to unlock, and no hidden corners
awaiting a completed quest. Everything the sun hits and doesn’t, is
open to you at the very first moment. Sure, you might get crushed by higher level
creatures, but that’s what exploration’s all about. Cut down or climb up trees, cook all sorts
of meals with thousands of combinations, experiment with your runes, and just blow things up. It’s a freedom that rivals the likes of
GTA and the Witcher series. And while it’s not without a few arguable
flaws, it’s outstanding in almost every way with a PlayScore of 9.32.


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    Skylanders Imaginators, for example, is an excellent game. The 7.07 playscore don´t correspond to what the game really offers in terms of quality and design. It´s just that the score got lower due to angry fanbases

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