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Beyond Champions – Gael Monfils part 3 | ASICS

November 8, 2019

You know, to be world number one
is very hard. You need to constantly be “on”, all year.
That’s a bit tougher for me, I think. But to be the best in two weeks,
that I can do. And this is what I aim for,
you know, so… Definitely, if I can be the best
in two weeks, it’d be great. I mean, I still have to believe
that I can win a Slam, and to believe is very important.
I think that’s basically it, you know. I feel good
and I have to believe and practice well. Then, for sure,
I will need some luck. And I will need to play
as tough as I can. I mean, we all have pressure. I don’t
know. It’s become natural, you know. I think the only pressure
is the pressure that I put on myself. That’s the real pressure.
The outside pressure, we always have it. “You’re doing good” or “you’re
doing bad.” There’s always pressure. And as I say, I think
it’s the flame that we have. It’s very hard to explain, but it’s
inside us, and we’re not giving up.

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