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Borna Coric about his ups and downs | Stachi trifft | myTennis

August 22, 2019

[Music] one I think the last time we met was in Halle after a great victory incredible things happened you are now top 15 player what changed with this is life different oh no it’s actually pretty much the same I mean you know I still I still do the same things I’m still the same person I think so nothing will change my ranking know is much better that’s the good part obviously and you know I think I think pretty much everything else is the same when you eat big guys like Phaedra for example you beat him twice this season and do you feel that there’s any difference how the people react when you come in the locker room or whatever I’m not sure about the locker room to be honest you know what I mean yeah I know I know what you mean because both are three blades someone since Amy’s once in the final and once in the same as well so our locker room was pretty much empty so I don’t know how they reacted but you know I get much more messages and the players you know we all kind of speak about it and I think yeah I mean it’s obviously you know a big surprise it’s also big surprise for me I didn’t expect its you know neither of the times to be honest I was just hoping to win I believe I came in but I didn’t expect it you know he’s just one of the of the best you know history of the tennis so you know just to play with him it’s it’s it’s always privileged and yeah that’s it no you a kind of role model for all the kids maybe we’ll start playing – no I heard that there are a lot of who say elbow natural this is a big one who was your role model when you start my role model was got on your knee Shh I’m Anubha cheek and also often a lot to be honest I was I was watching to them you know but to be honest mostly good on you initiate yeah I started playing tennis because of him pretty much anything you met a person 216 a very important boxer a big boxer because that’s also something you like boxing right – tell us a little bit about mr. Mike Tyson mr. Mike Tyson yeah I was I was really scared when I when I met him and I can’t imagine him you know I think he’s he’s very very nice person and you know I met him just for a very short time he was very very busy but you know I I do like boxing I was I was boxing when I was a little younger now there’s not so much anymore because of the tennis and you still do it for fitness maybe no I don’t do it because of of my ankles and my shoulders I cannot do it so it’s I don’t feel well afterwards but maybe when I stop playing tennis I do it more maybe I got a professional who knows last one last time you told me that when you were junior you were nearly crying after every point something like this I mean when I see you now how focused you are and all this how is it true and how was it and how did you change it yeah it was not nearly I was I was really coming at every point I lost very much you know since the beginning of the match till the end of the match even if I was I was learning set in the break I was still if I lost one game I start to cry because I would just start to panic that I’m going to lose the match so you know that was one part of my life which I think erima has it’s in some ways it kind of helped me you know it showed me that I cannot behave like that I cannot maintain my focus like that for a very long period of time so I think when I was 19 and I started to play on the tour I mean okay I stopped crying when I was 15 I didn’t cry on the tour but you know just just to be here like that and and to throw the records and you know just just go crazy on on the court I stopped when I was 20 when I when I saw all the best guys and how they behave yeah exactly and I just knew you know I can I cannot behave like that if I am if I want to be in some tournaments or if I want to be there you know be the best I need to change it and then the one day I just said okay I’m gonna change you know I mean I’m not saying I still go crazy some bows on the court but it’s more productive than than before well done Thanks thank you [Music]


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  • Reply BDTraining - Online Tennis lernen November 9, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Sehr sympatisch 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🎾🎾🎾

  • Reply faiyazhanif80 November 10, 2018 at 2:38 am

    So good to watch him play

  • Reply Julien November 18, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    So honest, I don't like to see you smash your racquet but I'll support you as a young progressing player

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