Bouncy Ball Ping Pong (crazy spin)

October 15, 2019

What’s up everybody! Welcome to another episode of Challenge Pongfinity This is the series where YOU Challenge US With your craziest ideas Related to table tennis. If your comment gets picked We will feature it in our next video And give you a shout out. So make sure you leave your comments In the comment-section below! Man of Matt wants us to play with a detached
net. Not sure if this is going to work out But let’s try! Alright, next we will play on 3 tables. We have a made triangle out of them. Let’s try and play on them! Matias Kuhs wants us to play with a bouncy
ball Instead of a table tennis ball. Only 1 meter over the table! Thanks for watching guys Hope you enjoyed this episode! If you liked it, leave a thumbs up. Subscribe here And watch our previous episodes here. Until next time!

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