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August 22, 2019

Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Lou’s
asked us a question about you stop yourself from doing all of lunging and throwing yourself
off balance and how you start to get your feet moving correctly.
To start off with it’s important to keep the strokes as simple as possible. So I’m going
to bounce the ball to Jeff. One to the forehand corner and the next one to the middle.
I’m giving plenty of time to get into position. I’m going to get him to really focus on making
sure that the legs move first, his balanced and then his ready to play the shot.
As he gets good with that and cuts out the lunging then I’m going to start to hit the
ball back to him. Nice and softly still, just controlling the
ball into the two positions making sure that Jeff is still maintaining that good balance
position when his hitting. Now obviously Jeff is a really good player
so we can step this up pretty quickly until it looks like some really great footwork.
It’s as simple as that. Then when you get into a game think about
your legs first and your stroke second, often the first reaction is to move your hand, the
first reaction needs to be move your legs get in position and then your stroke going
to be even better.

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