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Brisbane Markets – Queen Street Farmers Markets

December 1, 2019

In 1902 Thomas Charles Burns and Irish Draper
known as TC opened Brisbane’s first Department Stall in the Valley. TC Burns was know for
excellent service, innovation and fine produce. 100 years later his genes obviously carried
on through as his great, great grand daughter Jan Power continued the tradition of fine
produce, innovation and style with a launch in 1998 of Jan Powers Farmers Markets. People are realising now they can get it from
the farmers and it last a lot longer than the bigger supermarkets chains. We cut the
middle man out here and the produce is very cheap. Take this celery its $2.50 for a bunch
of celery like this, fresh out of the garden, the roots are on its all fresh. Every Wednesday Morning whilst the city sleeps
Jan Powers Farmers Markets staff usher in an array of farmers, chefs and artisans into
Radcliffe place. Who proudly and excitedly setup there wears,
to provide the best produce in Queensland. Each stall is picked by the Jan Powers Brisbane
Markets Team, to showcase Australia’s finest fresh produce. Foods from many nations, from
paella to pineapples, bagels to baklava, sausages to spices. Loyal customers come from all over
Brisbane for their weekly produce. There are a lot of Farmers here, we fish mungers,
bread makers, come and have a look we all work together as a team here, its a little
family some of the farmers they actually supply me. The Jan Powers Farmers Brisbane Markets Team
works all week to ensure this is the best weekly market in Brisbane and Australia. And we hope this will continue for many years
to come. We invite you to join the good food lovers of Brisbane Markets. Every Wednesday
at Jan Powers Farmers Markets. Iv been coming here every week for 2 years
now, I really like the produce, spray free, really fresh and really beautiful TC Burns would be proud.


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