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Brothers Confess To Murdering Parents – But Are They Innocent?

January 21, 2020

On August 18, 1989, two brothers named Eric
and Lyle Menendez walked into a Big 5 Sporting Goods store in San Diego and bought themselves
two Mossberg 12-gauge shotguns. These were no ordinary kids; they were what
you might call ultra-wealthy Beverly Hills boys. They lived in a stunning, palatial mansion
in the heart of the playground of the rich and famous. A day after they bought the guns, their parents,
José and Kitty, chartered a yacht and took the boys shark fishing, which is apparently
nothing out of the ordinary for a family swimming in money. What is unusual is the next day the boys entered
a room where their father was watching television and unloaded the shotguns on their mother
and father. Welcome to one of America’s most confounding
true crime stories. First of all. They did it. They admitted to it and that’s that. They fired the shots, made damn sure both
were dead, and then went to the movie theater to watch Batman. We kid you not. This sounds like a simple open and shut case. But, just hold on a second because as you
shall see, this bloody tale takes many turns. We’re a long way from getting to the Scooby-Doo,
rip the mask off the criminal ending. Let’s start by telling you how this family
got so incredibly rich. We’ve seen the house and it befits a queen,
or someone just as important who also has a penchant for buying big places, such as
Evander Holyfield. That multi-million dollar property was bought
with hard-earned cash. José Enrique Menéndez escaped the Cuban
Revolution and arrived on U.S. shores at just 16 years old. He studied hard and a few years later had
an accounting degree. He later met Kitty, a teacher, but she gave
that up while Jose was making a ton of cash as an entertainment executive. Their children went to the best schools and
grew up with everything a child might need in terms of material goods. They might not have been shown much love,
but we’ll get around to that later. Erick had an acumen for tennis and at one
point was ranked the 44th best male player in the country under 18. His grades weren’t too impressive, though. Lyle got into Princeton, but he was also on
the bottom rung of the academic ladder and even got suspended for plagiarizing work. So we have two rich kids, one a university
drop-out and the other a tennis hopeful. At the time of the murders Lyle was 21 and
Erik was 18. With a bit of hard work both of them were
pretty much guaranteed to be set for life. That house was worth well over ten million
dollars, and we expect the father might have said, “One day kids, all this will be yours.” There’s a chance that if Erik hadn’t decided
to remove his parents’ faces with a hail of bullets he might have been challenging
the likes of Pete Sampras and Andrej Agassi. Back to that fateful night. After killing their parents they changed into
some clean clothes, saw Batman, and then they dumped the guns. They returned home and that’s when they
called the cops and pretended to be shocked. Lyle called 911 and tearfully he said, “Someone
killed our parents!” When the police arrived Erik was rolling around
on the lawn in the fetal position howling in tears. How did it go down, the cops wondered. The investigation revealed that the murderers
had just walked into the room where the father was watching TV and shot him in the back of
the head. He died instantly and was almost decapitated. Kitty heard the shots and she entered the
room, whereupon she was shot in the leg. She tried to run, but slipped on her own blood. While crawling helplessly on the floor she
was shot in the chest and arms. The coup de grace was a shot to her face,
which left her unrecognizable. Both of them also had shots to the kneecaps. These execution style murders looked to the
cops like the work of organized crime, and for some reason the kids weren’t suspects
at the start. They didn’t even go through gunshot residue
tests to check if they had used a gun. Seeing as they stood to inherit many millions
you’d have thought they’d be prime suspects, but at first none of the evidence pointed
to them doing it. Then they did some reckless things. In the months after the murders, what we might
call the mourning period, the two brothers were seemingly having the time of their lives. Lyle purchased a café, because hey, why not. He also got himself a very expensive Rolex
and a Porsche Carrera. He wore one of the Rolexes to the funeral,
and on the way there in a Limo he talked about how he was going to the U.S. Open. He was seen with his dearly departed father’s
secretary. She would later testify that Lyle said, “Hey,
Marzi, who said I couldn’t fill my father’s shoes?” That’s because he was actually wearing his
father’s shoes. Marzi was not impressed and somewhat nonplussed
about the icy statement. Erik got himself a new tennis coach. Both boys took trips and spent a fair bit
of cash in London and the Caribbean. They bought condos in Marina del Rey and ate
at some very expensive restaurants in LA, driving there at times in their deceased mother’s
Mercedes-Benz SL convertible. The cops meanwhile were looking at other entertainment
executives that might have had a beef with Jose. He was, after all, well-known for being crude
and shrewd in business. They also looked into any mob connections,
but no one really had a motive to kill Jose, and especially Kitty. If it was an assassination by an enemy then
Kitty was likely just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But who else might want to take both of them
out, instead of just killing Jose and then escaping? Hmm, yep, those kids that were spending money
like Mike Tyson after his first big paycheck. The cops were on to them, and so told one
of Erik’s friends to wear a wire and ask him if he did it. Erik said no, he didn’t, but he did confess
to his psychologist. That psychologist didn’t breach doctor-patient
confidentiality, but he did tell his mistress what Erik had told him. She then told the cops. At this point the boys still think they are
in the clear. Lyle has hired some bodyguards for when he
goes shopping and spends thousands of dollars at a time. Both brothers have also just created a real
estate and entertainment business called, “Menendez Investment Enterprises.” The two were interviewed numerous times about
their loss and what they wanted to do with the money. They saw fame and wealth ahead, and Erik even
said they might get into politics. He said, “My brother wants to become President
of the U.S. I want to be senator and be with the people of Cuba.” He even said he felt his father’s ghost
inside him, pushing him to do good in Cuba. People swallowed the story hook, line and
sinker, but the cops saw two rats. So, the police have been told that the boys
did it. They arrested Lyle since he was in California
and then Erik was arrested after he came home after playing a tennis tournament in Israel. The case wasn’t simple, though. In court a judge ruled that the therapy session
tapes could be used as evidence, but the boys had hired the best lawyers and they fought
that for over a year. Around three years after the murders, both
boys were eventually indicted for murder. In both cases the juries were deadlocked,
which means they couldn’t come to an agreement. The boys sat in court, sometimes in almost-matching
sweaters, looking like two wealthy Ivy League students who were on their way to the country
club. How come they weren’t immediately found
guilty and sent to prison? Can you imagine if some poor dudes from South
Central had admitted to the crime. Would they get a hung jury? The defense argued that both boys had been
molested throughout their childhood and that’s why they riddled their parents’ bodies with
bullets, kneecapped them and removed substantial parts of their heads. The defense was good, too, very good. The Washington Post at the time called her
a “star attorney” adding that she was a “4-foot-11, fire-eating, mud-slinging,
nuclear-strength pain in the legal butt.” She told the jury about how these two noble
young men had been savagely brutalized from infancy right up until the day the despicable
parents got what they deserved. These two lost souls were both paragons of
humanity, she argued. The angels had had their youth taken away
from them by two ghastly parents who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves…you get the
picture, she was convincing, and delivered an oratory matching the words of William Shakespeare. The boys sobbed, too, and told a tale of household
horror that wouldn’t look out of place in hell. The defense lawyer told the jury that before
the kids did what they did, they approached the parents and told them that if they didn’t
quit molesting them they would go to the cops and ruin both of them. She said that those mean parents in no uncertain
terms said, try that, and see what happens. The two kids feared retaliation and had no
choice but to go and buy two shotguns and then shoot the molesters down in a hail of
bullets. As for all that big spending? Well, it was just a way of dealing with things. The thing is, was she telling the truth? Well, the two people who could corroborate
what she said were both dead. A cousin did come forward and support the
boys’ story, so that counted for something. The brothers cried when questioned in court,
and you might have felt pity for them, but the vast majority of the American public weren’t
buying it. The boys cried and cried, and the public for
the most part mocked what they said were crocodile tears. The skepticism was so rife that even Saturday
Night Live mocked the brothers. The kids said the father was the instigator
of the abuse, but the mother was also demonic in her own way. They said she was selfish, mentally unstable,
and after eating a handful of benzos washed down with a quart of Vodka she could become
violent. It worked for a while, but then there was
a second trial and in that trial the judge would not permit the defense to use the abuse
claims. He also said the jury couldn’t vote for
a manslaughter charge. On August 2, 1996, both brothers were sentenced
to life in prison without the possibility of parole. For 22 years they didn’t see each other,
but then in 2018 they were housed in the same unit and when they met they burst into tears
and embraced. They’ve both been married and done quite
a few interviews. One of the brothers said in one such interview,
“I am the kid who did kill his parents, and no rivers of tears has changed that.” In a famous interview, Erik says, “I’m
just a normal kid.” The interviewer says, “You’re a normal
kid who killed his parents.” He then says in a hushed tone, “I know.” He even added that he admired his father,
saying, “He was everything that success was.” Some supporters of the children say the father
might not have been a physical kind of abuser, but he was a powerful man that ruled over
the house with an iron fist. He was what you might call an overbearing
father. Friends of the family have said that Jose
was somewhat tyrannical and he bullied his own kids. A child psychologist who has reviewed the
case said it was the younger brother who was the victim of most of the abuse and the older
brother defended him. He believes the boys told the truth and the
public that mocked the boys are wrong. But why kill the mother, and shoot her ten
times? The psychologist replied, “I’ve talked
with the boys about this, and it’s something that they don’t fully understand. She was a very painful part of their lives,
throughout their lives. And a person who they would’ve seen as not
protecting them. She would turn up the television set if one
of them was off in another room being physically abused by the father.” The cousin who corroborated the brothers’
story has also spoken out of late and he still states that Lyle told him during his childhood
that the father was doing things no father should ever do. Then you have people who say criminals often
use such excuses when they are held accountable for a crime. One psychologist said, “They say whatever
they believe will gain them a sympathetic ear and thereby minimize unpalatable consequences. They may claim they were abused when it never
occurred.” There are those that argue that the brothers
didn’t use the so-called “abuse-excuse” and they have been unfairly treated by the
justice system and the people who have mocked them. That journalists and documentary makers have
slanted their stories to make them look spoiled, selfish, and ultimately culpable of a heinous
crime. Perhaps the public has treated those boys
harshly, only because of some envy for the boy’s wealth. Maybe people have biases towards kids who
are labelled as spoiled brats, or maybe they were spoiled and selfish and out for some
inheritance. The mother might have been a pill-popping
malcontent married to a tyrannical man whose yearning for success dehumanized him, but
that shouldn’t have resulted in them both being shot to pieces. Then again, you might question why those kids
murdered their parents in such a fashion. Wasn’t one bullet enough? Where did that rage come from? Maybe these kids deserve another trial and
those abuse allegations should be accepted. Some say yay to that, and others resoundingly
say nay. We can’t solve the mystery for you and so
there will be no Scooby-Doo reveal today. We can’t lift the mask from the past and
see what went down inside the walls of that mansion. We can say one thing for sure though, and
that’s that money can’t buy happiness. Should the brothers be in prison? Tell us in the comments and then go watch
“Why Prisoner Proven Innocent Can’t Be Released” Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.


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