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BwC S4E1 – Virat Kohli | Part 1

November 10, 2019

Now look, the first question
I’m going to ask you today is… …who has come here today, Virat – the post-match gentleman
or Virat – the Delhi boy? You already know me sister. The Delhi Boy. When I need to be a gentleman, I become one… …I can turn on that switch. – This is the default setting.
– Yeah, this is the default setting. Once I get the right atmosphere,
you know what happens then. Then it’s… I came here only because I watched one of
your earlier episodes. – (Ashish) Nehraji’s episode.
– I didn’t feel like coming till I saw that episode. What people don’t know is that
he doesn’t try to be funny, but he is. That’s what we love about him. What I really like about this show is that
I speak to some people in Hindi… …sometimes, like with the Australians,
then I speak proper English. All my alter egos get entertained. You must keep it lively. *Punjabi song* Just give me a hint, I’ll know the song. Excuse me, what is a ‘patola’? Patola is a good looking Punjabi woman. A good looking woman is a patola. Yes, wearing a suit. We would urge young people
not to use that word in public… …unless you’re talking to Punjabi people… …a patola. Should I give you another hint? *Punjabi song* When I was small I thought
he used to say “make yogurt”. – Everyone used to think so.
– They taught us that as well. *Punjabi song* Sukhbir paaji is… Ishant Sharma has grown his hair.
He once came wearing black glasses… …so we all nicknamed him Sukhbir. He is tall as well. Who are the other Punjabis in the team now…. Because I’m sure the others in the team
don’t understand these things. Only Punjabi music is
played in the changing room. Because not many people carry an iPod now. Hardik Pandya has an iPod.
And he only has English songs. He doesn’t even know 5 words from any song. All he needs is a beat and he dances.
So we get irritated with his songs. That leaves my iPod.
I have only Punjabi songs… … some Hindi romantic songs
too, but mainly Punjabi. Gotta keep the atmosphere lively. There should always be at least
a couple of Punjabis in the team. There’s Shikhar, me and
our logistics manager Rishi. Rishikesh Upadhyaya, a Gujarati but born in Jalandhar,
it’s a strange mix, but very entertaining. So who are the other entertainers? There are a lot of entertainers.
Hardik Pandya I‘ve already mentioned… I’ve never seen such a lost soul like him in my life…
meaning he just says anything. A few days ago he was talking
about Ash (Ravichandran Ashwin)… …so in a hurry he said
“Ravikashyap Ashwin bowls so well.” He has no control on his tongue. He has a
very good heart, but just says anything. Rohit Sharma is actually one of the
funniest people you will ever come across… You’ve spoken to him…
The best thing about him is… … very often he starts talking in
typical Mumbai street lingo…. …like if I have to say,
“There’s a lot of traffic in Lokhandwala.” He’ll say, “There’s a lot of this over there”.
Then we wait… 5 seconds, 10 seconds… “But it’s very this, man”.
Basically, it’s up to you to understand. I’ve said what I had to say now it’s up to you
and how sharp your brain is… I’m not going to explain
what I’m talking about. Initially, when Rohit burst onto the scene… …we were all very curious because
everyone was talking about this player Rohit Sharma. We were very curious because we were also
young players but nobody was talking about us. Then during the T20 World Cup (2007) I saw him bat…
And I just slumped in the sofa. That shut my mouth for ever. When you saw him play, you understood
what people were talking about. What we are witnessing here… Amazing!
I haven’t seen someone time the ball better than him. It’s as if he has one second extra to play the shot. Actually one and a half. In real life, he looks like such a space cadet. The number of things Rohit Sharma forgets,
I’ve never seen anyone else so forgetful. iPad, wallet, phone… not the small things,
but daily use essentials… …I don’t care, I’ll get a new one. He has no idea he’s left something, the bus would’ve gone
half way to the hotel and then he remembers… “Oh, I left my iPad on the plane”. Did he ever forget his passport? He’s left his passport also a few times.
It was really difficult retrieving it. The logistics manager always asks,
“Does Rohit Sharma have all his stuff?” Once he gets a yes from Rohit,
then the bus departs. Bat, check. Passport, check. No sir, he’ll never forget his cricket gear. If he has his bat and passport, then he
is good to go, he needs nothing else. You know about ‘Jatt ji’ – Shikhar Dhawan. This one time, in a Ranji trophy match in Delhi,
our wicket keeper was Puneet Bisht… Shikhar Dhawan was at 1st slip and I was at 2nd.
Regular game at the Roshanara Club in Delhi. We were switching ends between overs…
There was a new player in the team. He kept coming to me, saying things like,
“That’s a good bat, where did you get it from… …where did you get these shoes from?” I started getting irritated because
every time I turned around, he was there… Puneet, our wicket keeper said, “He can be
annoying, but he’s generally a nice guy.” Then there was Shikhar Dhawan ji…
He chimed in and used his magical brains… “He’s a good kid but he’s
trying to get into your notebooks”. I said, “What do you mean by notebooks?” He’s like, “What books do you call it…”
He was referring to ‘good books’ as notebooks. It’s like he never touched one in school The slip fielder, keeper, everyone was in splits… …and I was rolling on the ground, laughing. How can someone say ‘notebooks’ for ‘good books’,
and that too in all seriousness. That is the level these guys
operate at. It’s too much fun. Shikhar is also super entertaining,
he has no care in the world. No chance. I remember this New Year
party at our friend’s farmhouse in Delhi. He was very excited… “A big party,
all our friends will be there, lots of fun…” So the plan was made, everything was organized.
Shikhar was on his way home, when he got a call… The person on the other end says “Shikhar Dhawan ji”?
He replies, “Yes”. There was lots of traffic, and he was trying to
drive and talk at the same time… The caller says, “There’s a function in Mumbai
and we want you to be the Chief Guest”. So Shikhar says, “Yeah yeah okay, just call
me later”. And he hung up. In the meantime, the other guy got the
invitation cards printed in Mumbai. And later that evening, Shikhar gets
his flight ticket on the e-mail. The guy calls him again and says,
“The program for tomorrow is all set… Your flight is at such and such time.”
Shikhar asks, “Who are you”? The guy replies, “I just spoke with you in the
afternoon and you said ok, to call you later… …and we’ve got the cards printed”.
Shikhar says “Brother, but who are you?” “You’ve got a flight tomorrow at 12 for the function
in Mumbai for which you are our Chief Guest”. “But who are you??” So while we’re all enjoying our New Year’s party,
Shikhar is sitting on stage for a function in Mumbai. He says, “I don’t remember saying that. He got the
cards printed, now what could I do?” Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh) said the best way to get
Virat to pay the bill is to call him a miser. What can I say now? – Say something.
– No, let it be. He has his way of doing things…
What Ashu said was correct… “Who is the thief?” “Sir, not me”.
That is absolutely correct. Before someone sets you up, you set them up.
Whoever says it first gets the advantage. In the early days, Yuvi used to call me,
“Cheeku, order some food”. “What do you want to eat?” “Anything.”
He’ll never tell you what he wants. I ordered the food – Cottage
cheese, spinach with corn, daal… When the order arrives, he’ll have a bite,
“You call this daal? It’s bland! You call this spinach??” He won’t say want he wants to eat,
he’ll make you order and then he’ll complain… …criticize the food ordered, useless.
You ask him the next time, “What do you want to eat?” He’ll reply, “Why don’t you order”.
Till date he’s never said what he wants to eat… …because he wants to criticize, until he doesn’t
stir the pot, he doesn’t have fun. Zak (Zaheer Khan) said that Virat thinks
that he’s a very deceptive bowler. – Those days are now gone.
– Not anymore. No man, I mean I do bowl sometimes. Earlier, I genuinely used to believe
that I could deceive people. It has happened a few times as well, where batsmen didn’t understand where the ball was coming from… …because I’ve also slipped
a few times while bowling. I once slipped and yet
managed to release the ball. Mark Boucher was the keeper in an IPL match against
Kings XI Punjab and (Ravi) Bopara was batting. Most times when you slip,
you don’t release the ball. That day, I slipped and yet I released the ball
and it wasn’t even called a no-ball. It just fizzed over the stumps. Bopara was foxed
and Boucher was trying to catch like that. “What’s this guy doing?!! He’s lying on the
ground and still bowled the ball…” – And it swung too! Even Zak pa has never done this.
– Rajnikanth. I have been cursed with a terrible bowling action. What is that action? I don’t know, I can only get my rhythm with
that action. I can’t bowl any other way. Even if I bowl spin, it’s still the same.
I can’t do it. For the first time on Breakfast With
Champions we’re having soup. How is this breakfast? It’s 8:30 at night! – In the morning!
– In the morning? – We’re cheating.
– When it’s indoors you can show anything. It can be anything indoors. You don’t know how bright
the sun is outside right now. People are going crazy. For those who wake up at 7:30 in the evening,
this is breakfast. – There will be some for sure.
– They’ve been dying for a show for their breakfast. There you go, your breakfast has arrived. What do you usually eat for breakfast? My breakfast is set… I eat an omelette. Three egg whites, one whole egg. Spinach with black pepper & cheese, some
grilled bacon or smoked salmon along with it. I eat papaya or dragonfruit
if it’s available, watermelon. I eat a decent amount of cheese for good fats. I carry my own nut butters and I get gluten free
bread from the hotels. So I apply it on that. A nice big pot of green tea with lemon.
I drink 3-4 cups of that. And lunch and dinner is all
grilled chicken & grilled fish? When our trainer Mr Basu tells me to put on
a bit of muscle then I increase red meat. Otherwise generally for lunch it’s grilled chicken
and mashed potatoes, spinach and veggies… …and for dinner, it’s seafood. You told me four years ago
on your birthday… …you lifted your shirt and
below I saw glucose biscuits. You said, “Sister, I haven’t had butter
chicken and naan since a year”. Make that 4 (years) now. Yeah, it’s been 4 now.
I could see the pain of a Delhi boy. Now it’s pride. If you had one cheat day,
That no matter what I eat… …it’ll go down like it’s broccoli,
what would that be? Ram’s chole bhature in Rajouri Garden (Delhi),
110%. That too you have to go to his shop and have it… …not take away. By the time it comes
home it’s not a bhatura anymore. It feels like stale bread. Fresh bhaturas
where you pop a hole with your finger. Along with some onions, mint chutney,
carrot pickle & some chili pickle. Back to our spinach soup now, back to reality Shake it off. So your cheat will be just that one thing. You don’t have a dream wish list?
A big menu with samosas and… Once I have my cheat meal, my desires are over,
then I get back to default mode. How do you do that? I don’t know, now it’s become second nature.
I’m very possessive about what I eat and how I train. You’re training for what like…you are in a gym for like… I remember I called you once
when you were in Bangalore… …and you were in the gym and I said “Okay, I’ll see
you later”. You said “Yeah, see you after 4 hours”. I was wondering if you were sleeping there or what…
have they not given you a room? 4 hours is usually when you combine two
session together, which is off season. During season it’s about an hour and a half.
It also depends on your metabolism. If my metabolism was like Hardik Pandya or Shikhar Dhawan
or like KL Rahul… they all have lean physique. It’s not the same for me. If my diet is not controlled,
all the hard work and training will go for a toss. – Your cheeks will become like this.
– Within 4 days you can see it on me. Like your earlier younger pictures,
your face was considerably wider. I didn’t have a jawline. – You can’t find it.
– I tried finding it with my hand even then I couldn’t. Back in those days I’ve eaten so many sweets,
there aren’t any left. All over! Now I just smell it and think, wow that
must be delicious. I enjoy the aromas. …I then become a salesman for other people,
“Wow, what a cake… …that’s a great desert, you must try some.” The habit to sell. I would have been a solid salesman,
if nothing else, I would have sold Aquaguard. Look at this, it’s good, such good halwa. Don’t people abuse you when they have to run an extra
15 minutes on the treadmill after eating so much. No, no, only those who can afford to do it,
because their body allows it. Everyone else is now very disciplined. – Brilliant discipline.
– That’s a good thing. 30 years ago people had bulging stomachs. At that time the demand of the game was different.
Now, if you have to play 3 formats… …if you aren’t fit, you cannot play. If there is no training, then no chance, you can’t
recover and major injury will be very close. The game has now become so professional
and is moving forward so fast. Now if you don’t train properly,
you’ll get left behind. It’s about inches, the margins
have become so little. It’s about… you go for a catch, you miss,
everyone says, “Wow, great effort”. But for that catch to be taken… what was
your acceleration from point A to point B? How much did you train for that? What was your nutrition?
Have you slept well? These are the factors which determine whether you cover
that distance in 3 seconds or in 2 seconds. If you cover it in 2 seconds, it’s an easy catch,
but in 3, then it’s ‘a great effort’. So it’s about margins… …it’s about a second here and there,
are you training for that extra second or not… …that’s what matters now. MS Dhoni said a few years ago that
he’ll make India the best fielding team. Do you remember this? He said it
quite a few times as well in public. – Champions trophy in 2013.
– 2013, so 4 years ago. Where we actually fielded better
than anyone else in the world… So that was a revelation for us at that point. Did everyone think at that time,
“What did we just do?” No I mean… For one, we had a young team… …we went to the Champions Trophy thinking that
it’s a very young side, we’ll go and enjoy ourselves… When a team is looking to
enjoy themselves the most… …the only thing that helps… …or that allows the team to do
something together, is on the field. So we’re enjoying each other’s company
and the grounds are brilliant in England. The crowd support was amazing…
so that whole atmosphere counts. So we were throwing ourselves around. We actually fielded our way
to the Finals in the Champions Trophy… …and we ended up winning it. Very special. Who have you enjoyed batting with the most? I know there will be a few. In test cricket I think I have enjoyed batting
the most with Jinx (Ajinkya Rahane). We’ve had quite a few good partnerships. I think I’ve had few of my best partnerships
with Chris Gayle and AB (de Villiers)… …in the IPL. It is great fun
playing with both of them. Such superstars those guys are. Both of them are amazing. All three of us
have a great understanding with each other. It’s fun being on the field with them and off the
field as well, they are brilliant human beings. What is that action you do
with Chris Gayle? Can you explain the meaning of this? I don’t know, I once saw Bhajju Pa (Harbhajan) doing it.
I asked him, “What does it mean?” Even he didn’t know. I said it looks nice though. In One Day Cricket, Rohit… …me and Shikhar have had quite a few partnerships. Me and MS (Dhoni). MS and me
actually have a great understanding. When we are running between the wickets and
if he says “two”, I just close my eyes and run… …because I know that his judgement
is so correct that I’ll make it. For you to become captain and to have someone like
MS Dhoni still there, at least in One Day cricket… …first question I want to ask you because
I’ve noticed this about him. In the last few years, he enjoys being in the game
more than even playing the game. Yeah, amazing… I don’t think I’ve come
across a better cricketing brain… …just in terms of planning and knowing
what’s happening in the game and what can be done. Sometimes I like to follow my own instinct as well,
but whenever I ask him anything… 8 or 9 out of 10 times he always
tells you things that work. So it’s a blessing to have him.
Our friendship has grown over the years immensely. A lot of people try to spin a story,
create a rift, it doesn’t matter to us. Neither of us reads anything of what is being written So when we get out together, there’s nothing wrong.
Because we don’t know what’s happening. The transition went so well, we are very close.
No one felt it on the field as well. Everything is going well, we’re all happy,
our relationship’s been the same like it was before. So I feel really lucky that… …he’s still around in my initial years of captaincy
and I’m still learning a lot from him. Matthew Hayden said to me that MS goes around
finding things funny in everyday life… …that a 7-year old would find funny.
He says he’s like a child, his enthusiasm is like a child. He’s very intrigued by things very quickly and he’s
always looking for something that interests him. So Matthew Hayden is not
far away from his judgment. I was recently having fun with him. There was an ODI
in Kolkata against Australia. I remembered something… …when I was captain of the Under-17.
I think it was a club game. So if Bhuvi (Bhuvneshwar Kumar)has to bowl… …so in general cricketing terms I ask him
“From where”, meaning which end… …you don’t even say “From which
end do you want to bowl?” So this new guy came into our academy
and he was from Najafgarh, I had no idea. He used to play well, so he got selected. When it was his turn, I passed him the ball
and I asked him, “From where?” He responds, “From Najafgarh”. I called him close and asked,
“Which end are you going to bowl from?” He says, “Brother, from Najafgarh”. He was so innocent, he didn’t understand
that I was talking about the end. So, I told MS this story. In the middle of the game,
he couldn’t stop laughing. You feel like he’s very serious
but in his moments, he laughs a lot.


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    how anybody give interview while eating. chie

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    Sir Dhoni sir ko lekar aao

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    16:04 very big heart in front of πŸ“·

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    Documentary movie on Virat sir

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    why do I think they both are desperately trying to be comfortable but that's what is making this whole thing more awkward.

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