CAFÉ DEL MUNDO plays de Falla

October 21, 2019

For some time already, we had thought about working on a classical project and we chose Manuel de Falla. Our musical preparation started with intensive research. We studied various recordings but in the end did not find any arrangement coming close to the sound we imagined. We took music from three pieces of his dramatic work: La vida breve, a one-act opera, and two ballets, El amor brujo and El sombrero de tres picos, the tricorn. From the orchestra scores and the piano score we created our very own guitar version. In our adaptation we are balancing between the striking flamenco rhythm and the lyrical nature of classical music. Why de Falla? His music has the elegance of the classical form but in its heart of hearts, in its soul it is pure flamenco. You just have to play de Falla’s music the flamenco way: with fire and soul. Manuel de Falla’s music has made a big impression on me. it is religious and sexy at the same time. There is no unnecessary note in this music. It is great music. I am looking forward to presenting de Falla live to the audience.

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