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November 29, 2019

– Tennis pro and mommy
rookie Serena Williams needs help from all of us. – She needs my help? – She needs our help girl (upbeat music) – Okay so Serena tweeted, fellow moms how long did you breast feed? Is it weird that I get emotional when I even just think about
when it’s time to stop? – It’s not weird, it’s not weird Serena. I love that she’s asking about this because I have definitely
felt those moments where I’m like, oh I hope this never ends. And I’ve had those moments when I’m like, oh my god, when’s this gonna end? So you can have both emotions. – I remember when I was breast feeding, mine was more so I was just convinced that Eleven just wasn’t getting enough. So here I am up at like midnight, day two, on the line with La Leche League and anyone else that I could find who would talk to me in
the middle of the night. Like is he getting enough,
is he latching right, what’s happening here? – So we have some of those tweets here. So someone replied to where, three and a half years
and I did on the down low for another one and a half years. My son didn’t wanna stop. Best decision I ever made. Every child is different. He’s my only and I wouldn’t
do anything differently. I love that – On the down low though? – On the down low, ’cause you know people, people shame about breast feeding. People ashamed that
you’re doing it too long. Do you bo, do what what you gotta do. – Can I just say, like I am tired of the, now don’t get me wrong, I’m
not tired of breast feeding but I’m tired of the debate about it. It’s like, how long should do I do it, should I even do it, is it too long? It’s like woo, there’s a lotta pressure. – There’s a lot of pressure. – It’s a lot of pressure. I have another tweet here that says, I nursed my son for one and a half years. My milk was drying up
and he was pinching me. I felt guilty for stopping. The pressure of family
members who never ever nurse made me feel awkward for
even going that long. By the way, he still puts
his hand down my shirt and he will be two in a week. – Okay let’s talk about this. I have a daughter who is three years old. We stopped breast feeding literally almost on her second birthday. We have not breastfed since then. Do you know that this child every night when she’s watching Sophia the First, when she’s having a snack, will put her hand down inside my shirt and just rub, tweak, whatever
she feels like doing. – Tweak? – To give her comfort, and I get it. Like you have such a
connection with your child when you breast feed, it’s beautiful but I’m kinda over it, I’m kinda over it so I’d ask my own mommy friends like how do I get her to
stop pinching my nipples? How do I do it, how? – Also it’s important to note that sometimes moms stop breast
feeding not because they want to. I stopped breast feeding
and it had nothing to do with whether or not I wanted to or not. It’s because I was like, kinda
going through a lot of stress and the milk just dried up. – And it’s a really frustrating time which is why most women
stop breast feeding those first three weeks,
’cause they’re the hardest, they’re so hard, but I promise it does get better, right? – Yeah, it does get better. – It gets better.
– It gets a lot better. – Serena, you my Boo. I’m so glad that you came to us mommies ’cause we know stuff, we
know stuff collectively. – And Serena, I want
to give you some advice that one of my best friends gave to me and it is some mom advice
that like, stays with me and it’ll probably stay with me until Eleven is 50 years old. That is your child. Breast feed as long as you want to. You are the only one who knows the ins and outs of this baby. – Absolutely – Do what you believe is best
and follow your own heart. – Women’s bodies are dope. (both laugh) – So let us know on the comments below. Tell us your breast feeding stories, and let us know the G. (upbeat music)

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