Chelsea latest news: Maurizio Sarri slammed for one of WORST ever decisions in Man Utd loss 2-0

September 8, 2019

that’s according to ESPN FC pundit Craig Burley with the Blues 2-0 down at Stamford Bridge in less than 10 minutes remaining Sarah introduced divides applica stay in place of C sir as will equate a much to love amusement of the home fans the Italian coach had attacking options in Callum Hudson oh boy and Olivier jiren both frustrated at their lack of minutes for the club in reserved but often for a defensive change instead [Music] Cerie was on the end of widespread criticism from the Chelsea fans inside the ground with the 60-year old coach now having seemingly lost the support of the fans and also arguably the players [Music] chelsey have lost five games in 2019 alone including a 4-0 loss to Bournemouth and a six zeros you million of Manchester City and Sarah is under mounting pressure amid calls for Roman Abramovich to dismiss him as manager after eight months in charge and former Chelsea midfielder Burleigh believes Sarah is creating a road for his own backed with his decision-making and insists he is increasingly close to the sack he’s on the brink Burley said while reflecting on Chelsea’s miserable Cup exit two rivals united [Music] the things that are embarrassing the 4-3-3 constantly there playing man City in the League Cup of the weekend and he’ll play four three three again he’ll play George in Ho and Conte out of position and probably capacitor Berkeley and then he’ll sub them it’s embarrassing William for Pedro like for like then it had to happen Berkeley on 4k Vasek but something that’s almost a sacking offense in itself bearing in mind the scenario is bringing on Zappacosta for as Pollock wait up I don’t care if as Pollock ladies leg is hanging off and he had to go off you’ve got Hudson over and zeroth on the bench and your to zero down [Music] that’s the worst substitution I’ve seen in professional football for many a year [Music] there’s no other way to put it at the moment it looks like he’s out of his depth I know he managed in Italy he had certain players he played a certain way not a great amount of points didn’t win anything [Music] it’s not going in the right direction people that say sara is not going to change well he’s going to be sacked [Music] with any manager or any team every manager says it’s not what I want to do because I want to do things of certain way but to buy myself a little bit of time at this club I need to find a way to get the pressure off get through to the summer and give myself an opportunity to get rid of half a dozen and bring half a dozen and if you keep plugging on the same way you’re only going to get fired and make yourself look completely out of your depth [Music] Chelsea take on city looking to restore some pride at Wembley this weekend having suffered their worst defeat in 28 years – Pep Guardiola’s men less than a fortnight ago at the edited Stadium get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribed thank you for subscribing [Music]

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