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City of PAE 2020 Australia Day Awards

February 6, 2020

Hello and welcome to our 2020 City of PAE Australia Day Awards where we recognize outstanding members of our local community Mayor Claire bond here presenting the awards tonight. What does this mean to you? Oh, look these nights are always really exciting for us I see these people out in the community I hear all the stories and now tonight they get to recognize them in this way is absolutely Fantastic, and these people really do embody what it means to be an Australian Absolutely the time the dedication over many years over many hours that these people have contributed to our community is absolutely outstanding We’re so thankful Rikki Cooke you are our citizen of the year for 2020 How does it feel? pretty honorable and a little bit shocking I wasn’t wasn’t expecting to win this award what but I’m very very honoured so. Youu work with treasure boxes You do a lot of work for disadvantaged children in our community. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? we accept pre-loved recycled goods that the community no longer need and we Redistribute them out just over 100 agencies across Adelaide. Why is it important work? Well, we have twenty two and a half thousand kids living in poverty in South Australia at the moment So a lot of their families can’t afford these Goods. So unfortunately, it’s the kids that suffer So we provide these goods for free for families. So to alleviate some financial hardship for them We’ve got over 60 70 volunteers that work really hard as not just me. It’s our entire organization So it’s nice to be acknowledged for sure These guys are representing Hana Ali who’s our young citizen of the year which can’t be here tonight because she’s overseas How do you think she feels receiving this award? She appreciates that she received this award. Yeah, and we’re all so happy and we’re honoured Do you guys think Hnna would have any advice for aspiring young leaders that we’ve got in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Shes studying loads right now and she’s very hardworking and she always want to do better She always out there helping young kids. Yeah Just keep going Kristin Newland community event of the year for the semaphore kite festival. How does it feel? It’s pretty cool We weren’t really expecting to win but we’re super proud that we have to wear a bit of an iconic semaphore oven So yeah, really excited. Everyone loves the kite festival. What is your favorite thing about it? And what do you think the community likes most about it? I think it’s probably the same thing It’s a pretty impressive sight to see the sky filled with all the colorful kites the size and the shapes that we have It’s impressive and I think it’s just a beautiful spot down at semaphore as well. So, I love it And what do you think makes the type festival so special and so unique? It’s a probably a combination of both the kites and the location. I love it and any plans to finish That’s the way that’s the spirit thank you very much

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