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Coordination exercises with elastic bands on BOSU Ball for tennis players | TRAINING 3/6

January 24, 2020

Hi there! It’s Gaby from I’m a tennis coach and a fitness instructor
for tennis players here in sunny Barcelona. Today’s video is part of a series of videos
where I show you the tennis-specific fitness drills on Bosu Ball. So we’re practicing mainly balance and stability
for tennis players. You know, the tennis players move a lot on
the tennis court and they need to have good balance and center of gravity when they hit
shots. Today’s video is focused on coordination
so we are going to work on coordinating your legs and arms, working with elastic bands
on Bosu Ball. We are also going to do some drills to create
power on some of your shots like forehand, backhand and serve. In this video we are going to use the following
equipment. First of all, the Bosu dome. It’s an inflated rubber dome attached to
a rigid platform. It forces you to maintain a center of gravity
whenever you do any exercise so it adds some increased difficulty to every exercise you
do. We are also going to use elastic bands. The first one is the blue one, the long one. They come in different colors. I’ve got a blue one which is medium. Then I’ve got a green one with cushion foam
handles here for a better grip. It’s also probably the medium strength. They come in different colors so you can adjust
your workout to the level of difficulty. And I’ve got the small loop elastic bands. They also come in different colors. All those straps have different strengths. So we’ve got a black one which is like extreme
and then the green one which is the softer one so for easier workouts. All those elastic bands are lightweight, compact,
durable, so you can actually carry them with you whenever you go to a park or somewhere
else to do the workout. They are also perfect for stretching, physical
therapy, for pilates. But today we are going to use it to improve
your coordination of your legs and your arms and also creating power on your shots in tennis. So let’s get started! OK! So now you’ve seen great exercises to improve
your coordination so we were moving our legs and arms at the same time which is very important
in tennis. Now we are going to do the other group of
exercises to increase your power on some shots. They are very tennis-specific. I will be using the tennis racket as well. You will see. We will work on forehand movement, on backhand
movement, on smash and serve and some volleys as well. Let’s do it! All right guys, so now you have it. All those exercises to improve your coordination
and create some power on your shots. That’s all very tennis-specific, that’s
all good for tennis players. So you should go out and practice. If you have an Instagram account it would
be great if you go to a park and do some of those exercises and let us know which was
your favourite and of course tag us on one of your photos or videos. We would love to see how you do it. That’s it. Stay tuned for more videos like that on our
Youtube channel. Bye!

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