Cowboys vs. Redskins 1982 NFC Championship | NFL Full Game

August 29, 2019

>>We had a very gloomy weather forecast, but it’s turned out to be a great day, about 35 degrees and overcast skies. Working with me, of course, as always is the former Oakland Raider head coach John Madden. And, John, frankly, what kind of game do you see?>>I think both of these defenses are going to go after each other. I think we’re gonna see a lot of blitzing. Now the last time they played, the Redskins didn’t handle the blitz of the Cowboys. The Cowboys sacked Joe Theismann 7 times, and he threw 3 interceptions. If it’s going to be a different type of game today, both teams are gonna have to handle those blitzes.>>Head coach of the Redskins, Joe Gibbs, talked to John and I yesterday, and he had a rather interesting comment, I thought, to make about how they matched up against Dallas.>>He said that they don’t match up well. He said, “We can play other teams, and we can beat other teams.” He said, “But we don’t match up well against the Cowboys.” He said, “If we’re going to beat them, we have to play error-free football. We can’t have any turnovers. We have to play the best game we’ve ever played.” And they’ve been playing that way lately.>>Indeed, they have, John. Dallas has won the toss, and they will receive. Jeff Hayes will kick off for the Washington Redskins. Back deep for Dallas will be Timmy Newsome and Rod Hill. Rod Hill coming off that big kickoff return last week against the Packers. And just as I said that, he’s back there with Ron Fellows and not Timmy Newsome. Ready to go for the NFC Championship and the right to go to Pasadena for the Super Bowl next week. Hayes hits a good one. This will be Hill at the 1-yard line. Redskins special teams have done a great job, and they do it again. Otis Wonsley is the man to watch. Redskin’ fever as you look at the Dallas Cowboy lineup. Quarterback is Danny White. Dorsett and Springs. Tony Hill and Drew Pearson the wide receivers. Up front, it’s Cosbie at tight end, Donovan, Scott, Rafferty, Kurt Petersen, and Jim Cooper, the offensive line. They’ll operate from their own 15-yard line, as once again special teams help the Redskins. [ Crowd cheers ] And Drew Pearson is split out wide to the right. Dorsett and Springs the running backs. Dorsett goes back deep. Dorsett will carry first. Dorsett outside the 15, to about the 18. Mel Kaufman made the initial contact. Now the Redskin defense. They have really played well in recent weeks. Mendenhall, Butz, Grant, and Dexter Manley the front four. The linebackers — Kaufman, Olkewicz, and Rich Milot. In the secondary, White, Dean, Peters, and Mark Murphy. It’ll be second and 7. [ Crowd cheers ] This crowd has been wild for about an hour. Cosbie moves in motion. White will throw. Drew Pearson. He has it, and it’s a catch. First down, Dallas. Outside the 25, to about the 26. Drew Pearson has always had big days against the Redskins.>>What the Cowboys do here, they change strength. They take Doug Cosbie, who’s on the right. He goes in motion to the left. That changes the strength of the formation. Then they come back here, and they throw to Drew Pearson, weak side.>>Cowboys appear to be going with a double-tight end setup on first down now. Drew Pearson — you can see his record in 1982. Hill is out. Seems to be some confusion. Gives us a chance to tell you that the referee today is Jerry Seeman. And now they’ve started things going. From the Dallas 26, two tight ends. Cosbie’s on the right, DuPree’s on the left. [ Crowd cheers ] This is Ron Springs. Same type of play he broke for a touchdown against Washington the first time they played. Vernon Dean tripped him up. 12 yards for Springs and another Dallas first down.>>Ron Springs didn’t play last week. He’s had a bad knee, an injured knee, and there was talk all week whether he’d be able to play or not. He tried it in the pregame warm-up. He felt pretty good. You see what happens in the “I” formation. Everyone is keying Tony Dorsett. So, they put him to the outside. And that widens those linebackers, and then, boom, they just pop Ron Springs right up the middle.>>The 30-second clock is not functioning at the moment. So, we’ll just have to guess. It’s kept on the field, as well. Dorsett breaks one tackle and slides outside the 40 to about the 42. Mark Murphy, the Redskins leading tackler, brought him down.>>I think Mat Mendenhall, the left defensive end of the Redskins, was surprised when he saw. “What do I have here in my hands?” It was Dorsett. He went right through him.>>For a moment, at least. 3 yards for Tony “D.” and it’ll be second and 7.>>Mendenhall has too much stuff in his hands and arms. Couldn’t feel him. Look at all that stuff.>>Can’t hold anybody. Dorsett the lone set back this time. White to throw. Tony Hill. Slips by one, gets another Dallas first down into Redskin territory, to the 47. 13-yard pickup. Neal Olkewicz finally on the stop.>>There’s Joe Theismann on the sideline. He’s waiting for his turn while Danny White’s doing a pretty good job. I like the mixture the Cowboys have. They started two tight ends, then they’d go to two wide receivers, back with two tight ends, run, pass, inside — good mixture on this first drive.>>They look very businesslike in what they’re attempting to do. And so far, very successful. First and 10 at the Redskin 46. Hand-off again to Springs, and Springs bangs into the Redskins secondary. Bowled over one tackler. He really popped somebody.>>Looks like that rest last week did Ron Springs some good. He looks kind of feisty in there, doesn’t he?>>Mark Murphy he just banged to the turf. Got about 4 — second and 6.>>Was interesting. We were talking to Tom Landry last night about Ron Springs. He said, “You know, he hasn’t looked very good in practice. He looks like he’s worried about it. But when the adrenaline starts flowing,” he said, “I think he’ll be okay.”>>That makes you get well in a hurry.>>Has good adrenaline.>>White to throw. Redskins on an outside blitz. White throws quickly. Drew Pearson. Had to wait and see if he got it down. Yes, he did. It’s a catch. Jeris White the defender. 14-yard gain — White to Pearson.>>We had good sound effects there. We had a thump right there at the end. Let’s watch it. He’s on Jeris White here, Drew Pearson. See, White is playing an inside technique. So, he takes him to the inside, holds him, and then runs that out pattern on him. So, Pearson caught the ball, knocked the official down, and ran into the sound man.>>And if they keep playing with White in that position, that pass is gonna be there all day, with that inside position like that. Ball’s at the Redskin 29. Springs and Dorsett still the runners. Dorsett. Not much this time, although it looked like he slid away from a couple tacklers. Mendenhall again.>>I’ll tell you the guy that does the job on this is Tony Peters. Watch him here, 23, the strong safety. He has to feel or force, they call this. Now watch. He comes up, takes on that guard. See, and that’s what caused the hole. When he took on that block there, he hit a guard, plus Drew Pearson, and stopped the hole. Made a wall.>>And cut that play off to just 2 yards. Two-tight end setup again for Dallas. Springs is out. Second and 8. Dorsett looking for some room again. To the left side this time. Squirts down to about the 22. Olkewicz makes the stop, and you look at Tom Landry’s new coat.>>His belt’s not straight there on that left side. I bet he doesn’t know that.>>That’s not like him.>>He’s not worried about that. He’s worried about calling some good plays. We see him sending one in here with Ron Springs.>>You see how much time has expired in the first quarter, and this is play number 10 coming up in this drive — their first third-down attempt. It’ll be third and 3. [ Crowd cheers ] From the 23. That should be Cosbie, and it should be enough for a Dallas first down, down at the 15. Cosbie went to his knees, but nevertheless came up with the completion.>>You know, at 6’6″, which is what Doug Cosbie is, you can go to your knees, and you’re still 5’10” or so. So, you’re still a good sight. Watch him now. He’s the end man here, number 84. He starts to the inside, works outside. It’s just a little hook. See, he goes down to his knees, and he’s still about 5’10”. That’s the advantage of having a big tight end. You can always find him in a crowd.>>Cosbie really has come into his own. He’s had a good playoff series so far. They go with two tight ends again. They hand-off to Springs, and nothing doing. They try to run that sucker play again, but Dexter Manley was right there.>>Dexter Manley wasn’t suckered. They tried to influence him like it was going to be an outside play. He didn’t react to the outside play. He just waited right there.>>It’ll be second and 10, as you look at what that Washington defense has accomplished. In terms of points allowed, they are the best in the NFL. Second and 10, no gain for Springs on that last play. The line of scrimmage is the Washington 15. On the draw play. Tony Dorsett around a corner. Down to the 5, fumble, and Dallas gets it back. Rafferty I believe was on it to make the recovery. No, it’s Doug Cosbie, 84.>>Well, I’ll tell you, that was a lucky break for the Cowboys, ’cause you really shouldn’t have anyone in position to fumble. Now watch this. Just one back in the backfield. It’s a little trap play. Dorsett makes two good cuts. Now watch here. As he’s turning, he feels the end zone. And watch right here. The ball pops out. The tackle put his helmet right on the ball. The Cowboys were lucky that Cosbie was in position to recover this fumble.>>You recall this happened twice in the first game here when they beat the Redskins. They fumbled twice and got it back both times in key situations. It’s third and 5 — another key situation. Redskins showing blitz. White quickly. Intended for Drew Pearson. Knocked down by Vernon Dean, and the Cowboys will have to settle for an effort by Septien. Three weeks in a row, they’ve gotten down early and couldn’t get it in.>>Well, they had the blitz, a big passing down. Watch this. We see the blitz. Both the safeties — weak safety, strong safety — Cowboys do a good job of picking up the blitz. But Vernon Dean does a good job, right there, of covering Drew Pearson. Vernon Dean a rookie. They wanted to work on him. You have to throw that ball in there. That ball has to be zipped a little more when you get that close to the goal line.>>From 28 yards out, with Glenn Carano holding, Rafael Septien. Really in a groove — he’s hit 14 in a row in playoff action. Make that 15, and the Cowboys put some numbers on the board first. They lead, 3-0. They kept the ball a long time. Only 7:15 left to play in the first quarter, and Dallas leads Washington, 3-0. They changed the field goal by Septien from 28 yards to 27. And he’s about to kick off. Mike Nelms back deep for the Redskins. And he is dangerous. He’ll have a chance to return this one. Nelms at the 3. Blockers in front. Penalty markers down very early. Nelms does not want to go down, but the flags are down. They’ll move it back. I’m sure it’s against the Redskins. Everson Walls made the stop. Rest of the officiating crew, by the way… In playoff games, they have an alternate, as well, and that’s Charley Musser. [ Crowd boos ] Walk it off against Washington, and they’ll start from their 16. Jerry Seeman.>>Illegal block during the return, number 50, receiving team.>>Well, we’ll have a look at the Redskin offense for the first time today. Dallas leading, 3-0. Joe Theismann, of course, the quarterback. One-back offense. The one back is Riggins, and they give the ball to Riggins. And Riggins barrels straight ahead and carries 4, 5 Cowboys with him for about 6 yards. Randy White is the main man, but, really, the main man was John Riggins. Here is the Washington lineup, then. The offensive backs and receivers — Theismann, Riggins, the lone runner. Charlie Brown, Ricky Walker, Alvin Garrett, and Don Warren the receivers. Up front, the “Hogs,” as they’re known — Jacoby, Grimm, Bostic, May, and George Starke. Theismann, who’s been red-hot — almost 75% of his passes complete in the playoffs. Riggins again. First down for Riggins, as he barrels straight ahead, right at Randy White. Bob Breunig made the stop. Dallas has been able in previous meetings to control Riggins pretty well. Here’s their defense. Ed Jones, John Dutton starting. Randy White and Harvey Martin on the other side. The three linebackers — Hegman, Breunig, and Brown. And the secondary, Walls, Thurman, the corners, and Barnes and Downs the two safeties. First down, Washington, at their own 28. Two carries by Riggins. Warren in motion. Theismann looks outside quickly. Pass caught by Rick Walker. Short of a first down by about a yard. Dennis Thurman the Dallas tackler. Thurman coming off that outstanding week last week against the Packers with the 3 interceptions.>>Now, they always use two tight ends. This time Walker is split out. He’s like a wide receiver, and they just throw him that little quick or hook to the outside. Good first-down play. It picked up 8 and creates this nice second and short, second and 1. That’s a great situation to be in. Walker again moves in motion. It should be Riggins. And it is. And Riggins gets the Redskin first down to the 40-yard line before John Dutton leads the Dallas defense. Neither team can stop each other.>>Watch this — a lot of motion. We see Walker coming in motion here. Now he’s gonna lead. You see, he leads Riggins. Riggins sees the lead. Good penetration inside. He makes that little cut to the right, finds a soft spot in the defense, and picks up about 4 more yards.>>One of the things Tom Landry was talking about that made Washington and Riggins effective was their zone blocking, which John will explain to you, I’m sure, in a minute. Theismann to throw. First-down throw. Theismann chased. Gets away from a couple of Cowboys. Still on his feet. Ed Jones in his face. Pass complete. Don Warren comes up with the completion. 15-yard gain.>>I want to tell you what made this play. Watch the left side of the line. Joe Jacoby fires out on Harvey Martin. Russ Grimm fires out on Randy White, and they knock them both down. So, Theismann can get out to the left. Finds time to get his receiver. Let’s see if we can see that. Those Hogs did the job on this play. Watch this left, here. Here’s big 66, Joe Jacoby, 295 pounds. He knocked Harvey Martin right down. And now Theismann can get outside.>>Boy, it’s rare when you see both of them get knocked down.>>The whole right side was knocked down.>>Reverse coming. That was Guy Brown, who read it pretty well. This is Theismann out trying to block. Alvin Garrett was the ballcarrier. Good play by Guy Brown to tie things up before it got under way.>>You know, last week we saw both of these teams open up, the Cowboys and the Packers. And I think we’re going to see the same thing today. Hand to Riggins. Hand back coming out here. We see right there Guy Brown is right there. He just overextended, fell down. But then the pursuit of the Cowboys was able to get there. You see that block, though? That was Joe Theismann.>>I know it!>>Quarterback lead.>>Blocked on Benny Barnes and cut him down. Second down and 12. Redskins at the Dallas 47. Theismann back to throw again. Good protection again. Pass complete again. Alvin Garrett the receiver, about 9, about a yard short of the first. Dennis Thurman on the stop. Give him 11. They had second and 12, and they’re just a little bit short.>>I’ll tell you. Joe Jacoby, the left tackle. Watch this. He’s blocking against Harvey Martin here, the left tackle of the Redskins, 66. You see, he can use his hands right there. See, he gets him, keeps Harvey off. Keeps him on the line of scrimmage. By the time he gets going, and it’s too late. Now, that guy looks like a lineman. He looks like a Joe Jacoby!>>And he is 6’7″ and 295. Otis Wonsley in the game now with Riggins. Third and 1. Riggins has it and more — much more. Riggins trying to get around the corner. They finally get him out of bounds inside the 20. Michael Downs finally took him out of bounds. 17 yards for John Riggins.>>I’ll tell you, they’re working near left side. They’re working the right side of the Cowboy defense. Running right at that left side. Now watch it here. John Riggins starts out to the left. Watch him right here. He starts inside. He has a good lead block right there. Bounces off it and turns right up the sideline. The Redskins wanted to establish the run, but to be able to do that, you have to be successful when you run. If they’re gonna be successful, this guy has to carry the ball 25 times today, Pat.>>Averaging 8 yards a carry so far, and they’ll accept that. A quick count. Theismann looking down the middle. Has a receiver. Touchdown, Redskins! Charlie Brown in front of Everson Walls. [ Crowd cheers ] Mark Moseley makes it 7-3. Let’s see if it was Everson Walls.>>Looked like Dennis Thurman. We’ll see it here from ground level. Again, the Cowboys haven’t gone to the blitz yet, and the Redskins are doing a good job of pass protecting. They had Charlie Brown out there, and it was on Dennis Thurman. He runs a post. Let’s some watch some more blocking here. Let’s watch Joe Jacoby again here. Harvey Martin takes that inside move. Beats him this time. But there’s the center, number 53, Jeff Bostic, right there, waiting for him.>>Good-looking drive by both teams. Dallas got a field goal. The Redskins got a touchdown, and they lead, 7-3. Redskins’ scoring drive — 9 plays, 84 yards. They kept it 5:20. Theismann from 19 yards out to Charlie Brown, the touchdown. Hayes set to kick off. Fellows and Rod Hill back deep for Dallas. This will be Rod Hill at the 5. Some room. Hill around the corner and out to the 35, to the 36, as he broke a couple tackles and came out of the pack. Wilbur Jackson knocked him out of bounds. There is Charlie Brown, who just scored the Redskin touchdown. Good year for him. 7-3, Washington, and here’s how they got it.>>Charlie Brown’s the inside man. He’s gonna run a post. Alvin Garrett faked a screen pass. Watch. He just runs a post on Dennis Thurman, has him by two steps, and a touchdown. I think the thing that caused that is Alvin Garrett caused that fake out there, and that put — what was I saying? [ Both laugh ] Put him man-to-man on Dennis Thurman, Charlie Brown.>>That’s correct. John Riggins with some oxygen. Riggins, 32 yards already in the first drive. Dallas will start from their own 35-yard line. Danny White, 4 out of 5. Springs moves out as the flanker to the left. The two wide receivers are both to the right. And White will go on first down to Tony Hill — same play they used a minute ago. This time it gets about 8, and the Redskins show up in bunches. Vernon Dean made the first contact.>>Let’s watch the blocking here on Mendenhall. That’s number 61, Jim Cooper. Doing a good job. You see Mendenhall goes to get up in the air, and you see what Cooper did to him? When Mendenhall went up, Cooper went down and just cut his legs out from under him, which gave Danny White a passing lane.>>That’ll keep those passes from being knocked down. Second and 2. White to Dorsett. Dorsett doesn’t get anything. Maybe not even back to the line of scrimmage. Dexter Manley was the big defender for the Redskins. He was a big defender because he got penetration. That’s a big thing against the run and against Dorsett. You can’t let them get started. The way you don’t let them get started is by getting penetration. Dexter Manley took an inside move on Pat Donovan and beat him to the gap.>>So, it’ll be third and 3. Dallas at their own 42, 30 seconds remaining, first quarter. Out of the shotgun. Very quickly. Intended for Drew Pearson, and White just missed him. Danny White will have to stay in and punt. 17 seconds left in the first quarter. A dangerous Mike Nelms will go back for the Redskins, number 21. Washington 7, Dallas 3. Rafferty the center. The Redskins look like they’re gonna try to block it. They’ve got somebody to make sure that White doesn’t take off with it, like he did before. Nelms up to handle. He’s got some room. Nelms cuts up to the 40. Not a very good kick by White. Angelo King made the stop. 31-yard punt and a 14-yard return. So, with 8 seconds left to play in the first quarter, the score remains the Washington Redskins 7, the Dallas Cowboys 3. The NFC Championship between Washington and Dallas at RFK Stadium in Washington. One of these two will face the winner of tomorrow’s game between the Jets and Miami in next week’s Super Bowl. First and 10, Washington. Don Warren was the man in motion. And Riggins the ballcarrier. Once again he’s got room. Riggins rumbles for another first down. Randy White made the stop, but not before Riggins got 11.>>On the first drive, they started running that left side. Now they look like they’re gonna start and try that right side. Good block. We see Mark May. He’ll hook John Dutton. You see Starke here? He will hook “Too Tall” Jones. The center pulls and leads through the hole. Now watch this. Now watch the right side. They step, good block. Step, good hook. Now watch the center. There’s Jeff Bostic. He pulls and leads through.>>And he got Breunig. Here’s Riggins straight ahead again. About 6. He moves down to the Dallas 44. John Dutton tripped him up. Redskins running well. Joe Gibbs said yesterday, “The one thing we haven’t been able to do against the Cowboys is run.” Well, they’re doing it now.>>We were looking. Last time, we see that the Redskins, Riggins really didn’t run well against the Cowboys, but he didn’t carry the ball many times.>>Here’s the same formation of which they scored with both the wide receivers on the same side of the field. This time they shut Riggins down pretty well. Bob Breunig on the defense in the bottom of the pile. He only got a couple. So, it’ll be third down.>>Here it is, right here. Look. You see in the last three games against the Cowboys, Riggins only gained 25, 12, and 26. But the big thing is, he only carried the ball 8, 9, and 9 times. Again, he has to carry the ball today 25 times.>>He went to Joe Gibbs and said, “Coach, I want to carry the ball.” That was before last week’s playoff game.>>That was the first time he’d talked to him in about two months.>>Maybe longer than that. They need 2 for a first down. Riggins may or may not have it. He’s very close. Bob Breunig and Michael Downs hit Riggins as he cut upfield.>>I think it’s gonna be a little short, Pat.>>Mm-hmm.>>Let’s watch this. We’ll see Don Warren, 85, comes in motion. He’s going to lead through with Riggins. You see, he starts there. Gets Brown out. But Michael Downs was up there. The Redskins are going for it on fourth down.>>They’ll go with all three of their tight ends and two running backs. Otis Wonsley joins Riggins.>>This is a gutsy call.>>They lead, 7-3. They’re going for more. Riggins gets the carry. He got the first down on an extra lunge. He was hit behind the line of scrimmage and then leaned through Everson Walls and got it. He’s getting his wish.>>A man of few words.>>”Give me the ball.”>>Everson Walls didn’t wrap his arms around Riggins, and you have to do that. You just can’t hit him with a shoulder. You have to hit him, wrap him, and get him going backwards.>>Redskins the only team that use just one running back all the time. Theismann fakes to that one running back. He’s chased. Theismann gets rid of it. Incomplete. Intercepted by Everson Walls, and now they say he didn’t have it. It looked clean. Alvin Garrett the intended receiver. Dennis Thurman back there, also.>>You can usually tell by the way a guy argues if he really thinks he had it. He stopped arguing too soon. I bet he didn’t have it. Here’s Alvin Garrett. He’s running an in pattern. You see Walls slip. I don’t know.>>I thought he had it.>>Whether he had it or not, that is a great catch. Let’s look at it from this angle. I don’t know. Could have touched the ground.>>You’re right, though. It was a great catch. Here is Joe Washington, the ballcarrier this time. Nothing doing. The Dallas defense just shuts him down. Don Smerek, who has replaced — John Dutton, I’m sorry. Made the stop along with help from Randy White.>>Last night, Tom Landry said, “John Dutton will start. I don’t know how long he’ll be able to go. But Don Smerek will be ready to go.”>>There is Joe Gibbs, in the glasses and the headset. Ex-student of John Madden.>>I got him started. He was a defensive coach and a linebacker coach. Fired him. He went to offense.>>And he’s now regarded as one of the best. Theismann will throw. Good protection this time. And he does throw. Pass is caught. This is Alvin Garrett, who cuts through the pack of Cowboys and makes a big catch. Benny Barnes made the stop, but it’s 22 yards for the Redskins.>>Let’s watch Alvin Garrett out here. He’s something. They call him “Smurf.” He was a free agent. They picked him up. We see him man-to-man out there on Rod Hill. Does a nice job. He runs an in, catches the ball, Alvin Garrett. 5’7″ — he’s a little guy.>>Oh, he’s really been a great and pleasant surprise. Riggins the lone set back. Riggins hit at the line of scrimmage. I believe that was John Dutton. It might have been Too Tall Jones. It was Dutton.>>We were talking about Alvin Garrett. Art Monk was injured, and the same day Monk was injured, their third receiver, Virgil Seay, was injured. And Alvin Garrett had to start. And he has really come through with this team.>>Can really jump. He’s only 5’7″, but he can really get up.>>Joe Gibbs had him in San Diego and remembered him from there. He went to the Giants. Joe Gibbs watched him and always wanted him, and he got him.>>Theismann drops to throw. He’s got some room to run. He throws. Out of bounds at about the 1-foot line by Alvin Garrett. It was a catch. Penalty marker down, however. Back at the line of scrimmage, there is a penalty marker down. There was some confusion over on the Dallas bench before that play got started. Looked as if Ernie Stautner and Tom Landry were trying to call time-out.>>The penalty’s going to be against the Redskins. In that type of scramble, it’s probably an illegal man downfield. What happened, that was that organized scramble, where the linemen start out to the right and Theismann follows them. And, again, if a lineman goes beyond the line of scrimmage, then you can’t throw the ball.>>He might have been beyond the line of scrimmage — Theismann. Let’s see.>>He didn’t look like he was. Okay, Jerry, you tell us.>>Ineligible downfield.>>Right.>>Number 74.>>George Starke.>>Yeah, it was the right side. They were forming that screen out there in front of Theismann, and Starke must have gotten downfield.>>So, they bring back the big play. Second and 19 back at the 26 now. That one hurt.>>Sometimes those big linemen, they get blocking out there, and they forget where the line of scrimmage is. Heck, they’re just working. They don’t want to catch any passes or anything. They’re just doing their job, with a lunch bucket and stuff.>>Garrett is out to the right this time. Brown in motion, and Theismann will throw. Dallas tried to blitz him. Garrett wide open. Alvin Garret down to about the 18. Taken down by Dennis Thurman. He went all the way across the field and was wide open.>>Look at him, Smurf. They have two Smurfs. He’s Smurf 1. Virgil Seay is Smurf 2. Two little guys — Smurfs.>>It’s a good name. I don’t know where it came from, but it’s a good name.>>That jersey doesn’t fit him too well. His arms don’t fill out that jersey.>>The numbers disappear down into the pants.>>Look at those numbers, though.>>They’ll appear. It’ll be third and 10. Joe Gibbs with the clipboard. Landry on the other side in conference. Joe Washington now has replaced Riggins. Giaquinto goes in motion, and Theismann drops to throw. Down the middle to Giaquinto, and he is hit. The ball is loose. [ Whistle blows ] They’ll say it was down. Dennis Thurman made the hit.>>Oh, I don’t know about that one. If they mark the ball there, then that means he caught it. And if he caught it, I think he fumbled it.>>They call a personal foul against Dallas, I believe. Or is it defensive holding? We’ll just have to wait and see again. I saw two signals. Landry not too pleased at the moment with the situation.>>Well, the referee, Jerry Seeman, he signaled defensive holding. But I don’t know about that one, because if he caught that ball — they marked it there. Then that looked like a fumble to me. [ Crowd cheers ]>>Holding, number 79, defense. First down.>>That is Harvey Martin. Must have grabbed somebody coming out of the backfield.>>Probably, because they usually don’t get them for holding the offensive tackle. It usually is grabbing a running back or someone. Now watch. If he catches it there. He’s hit there. I guess that they said that they blew the whistle, but that looked like a fumble to me.>>That penalty, that last one, also carries with it a Redskin first down. And a give to Riggins, who spins his wheels a little bit but gets to the 10. Harvey Martin tackles him. Mike Hegman helped him.>>John Riggins was saying in those coaches’ meetings, where the coaches go, and they draw those plays on the blackboard, he said, “I don’t pay any attention to that stuff. It never looks the same on the field as it does a blackboard. The only place it’s important is how it looks during the game.”>>And it’s looked pretty good to him so far. Second and 8. Twelfth play on this drive. Started back at their own 40. Theismann looking quickly. Ball batted in the air and incomplete. In the direction of Ricky Walker, I believe, was the intended receiver, but nobody was really open. See if we can pick out who deflected it.>>Again, the pass protection has been good by the Redskins. The Cowboys have tried a few blitzes. They’ve tried some stunts. And they’ve picked them up pretty well. And we see Joe Theismann there, and we just see one of the defensive linemen get his hands up and bat the ball down. It was Randy White, number 54.>>So, it’ll be third down and 8. Ball is at the 10. 8:34 left, first half. Joe Washington is the Redskin back. Theismann looking quickly to the corner. Can’t find anybody. And now he does. And can’t find the right direction. Don Warren had stopped, and Theismann missed him. Ed Jones put the pressure on Theismann.>>It’s a great thing about having a quarterback that can move. He can get around there and just buy a little time. Let’s watch it again. This is a pretty good pass rush. You see Theismann. He’s looking to his left. He can’t find anyone. There’s Smerek. He says, “I got him.” And then Theismann moves out here, buys some more time. He finds Don Warren, but he doesn’t get the ball to him.>>From 27 yards out, Mark Moseley with Theismann holding. And Moseley gets it high and no good. Hit the upright. Moseley pulled it to the left. He’s been in a little bit of a slump in the playoffs.>>I think he’s only been 1-for-5 in the playoffs. Let’s see if we can watch this from the end zone here. Again, it’s gonna hit the one on the right, the right of your screen. It starts up. It looks — oh, just hit the top of it, bounced right back. No good. You see, he’s on the left hash mark, so he has to kick the ball in a little. What he does is, he just kicks it straight. It goes as straight as an arrow and goes right into that upright.>>It’s right. Those uprights are right down the hash-mark line. So, it’s 7-3 with 8:23 left to play, as you look at the reaction of Mark Moseley. 7-3, Washington. RFK Stadium in Washington, Pat Summerall with John Madden. The NFC championship at stake between the Redskins and the Cowboys. Doesn’t really have to be anything of that importance at stake when these two meet, ’cause they really dislike each other intensely. And they’re serious about it. First and 10, Cowboys, at their own 20. White will throw on first down. And a pass, Billy Joe DuPree wide open. Billy Joe out to almost the 30, about a foot short of a first down, it appears. Rich Milot made the stop.>>Let’s watch this now. It’s from the “I” formation. With the play fake to Dorsett, this is how Billy Joe DuPree can get behind the middle linebacker. See what happens. He steps up to find Dorsett, and then Billy Joe DuPree can just sneak right by him and get that 8 or 9 yards.>>Second down and very short for Dallas. We’ll call it 1. It’s not that far. Dorsett and Springs remain the runners. Springs the ballcarrier. Gets not back to the line of scrimmage. He lost a couple. Dave Butz and Mat Mendenhall penetrate quickly. Look at Butz’s helmet.>>That’s used. That’s a used helmet, man. That thing has been in some war. Let’s watch Dave Butz here to the right of your screen. We see he gets penetration right there. He takes the outside shoulder of Kurt Petersen, and he gets Springs before he can get started. There’s a big man. He looks like he’s ready to go some kind of hunting.>>295 he is. That helmet big as an apartment.>>[ Chuckles ] The Smurfs could move into it.>>[ Laughing ] They could! Dorsett tries to swing around to the right, and he is short of the first down by about a foot. Tony Peters came up. That Redskin defense has been excellent. And the crowd loves them, too. Perhaps the most avid, rabid fans in the NFL.>>I’ll tell you. It’s fun to play and coach in a stadium like this when they’re for you. It’s a little lonely when you’re on the other side.>>Mike Nelms back deep for the Redskins, and Danny White will punt for Dallas. The hands of Tom Rafferty, who will snap the ball. Redskins put a pretty good rush on. White doesn’t get any of this one. One of his poorer efforts, and the Redskins will have it in great shape. [ Crowd cheers ] Just inside their own 45-yard line, about the 42, first and 10. A 29-yard kick by White. No return. Danny White has been bothered by a deep thigh bruise. I don’t know if that’s what’s wrong, but he’s gotten off a couple of kicks that aren’t up to his standard. 7-3, Redskins. Here’s what caused that poor punt by Danny White. Watch the back end of the ball. That’s supposed to be level. You could see the back end of the ball drop. So, he hit the back end first. First and 10 for the Redskins, 5:54 left in the first half. Washington 7, Dallas 3. Riggins will be the ballcarrier. Riggins gets a couple. Michael Downs up quickly with Bob Breunig’s help. Guy Brown also involved. His shoe came off. It was Mike Hegman — I beg your pardon — whose shoe came off, and he’ll get a little rest.>>Look at that record. When the Redskins have 30 or more rushes, they’re 20-2. When they have less than 30 runs per game, they haven’t won.>>Here they are today, what’s happened. Second and 8 and Riggins again the lone set back. It’s Don Warren in motion, and Theismann backtracking. Cowboys try to rush. Incomplete. It was Dennis Thurman back with Charlie Brown. There was a little contact, but I think it came after the ball went by.>>That was an incomplete pass, but I’ll tell you one thing that the Redskins are doing well. They are picking up the blitzes of the Cowboys. The Cowboys blitzed that time. Theismann had good protection, good time. He just didn’t complete the pass. But I said before the game, and I still feel that that’s a big part of this game. Let’s watch the blitz here. The two outside linebackers will be coming. We see a stunt in the middle, picked up nicely. They picked up the outside linebackers. Theismann did have time.>>Washington has replaced Riggins. Giaquinto goes in motion. Third and 8. Theismann outside quickly. Bad throw. Alvin Garrett had a step on Everson Walls, but the ball slipped out of Theismann’s hand.>>I think that was a double slip, Pat. I think the ball slipped out of his hands, and I think Garrett slipped on his cut. Let’s watch number 72, Too Tall Jones. He’s working against Starke there. Just runs right over him and gets his hands up. That’s why the ball slipped out of Theismann’s hands.>>The old double slip.>>The old double slip.>>Jeff Hayes back to kick. He, too, has been inconsistent. The first Washington punt. Rod Hill back deep for Dallas. This one he’ll keep all day long and a lot more like it. Fumble! Everson Walls is back on the ball, the ball in the end zone. Could be a touchdown. It could be they’ll rule that the impetus is back up at the spot where the ball was fielded, and that’s what they’ll say. Washington nevertheless will have the ball. Monte Coleman made the hit that caused it.>>It’s gonna be the muff rule.>>…by the receiving team on the 11-yard line. Went into the end zone. Recovered by the kicking team. By rule, the kicking team gets the ball on the 11-yard line. First down.>>This is the muff rule. You see the ball up there. Now, as it comes down, you see the impetus of the ball just kept going. I don’t know if that wasn’t fumbled. But the impetus of the ball brought it back here, so it can’t be a touchdown. The ball was touched on the 11, recovered by the Redskins, and it was never possessed by the Cowboys. So, therefore, the Redskins get it on the 11-yard line.>>And there’s the man who caused it all, Monte Coleman. First and 10 from that point, and Joe Theismann asking for quiet on first down. Let’s see if he goes right to work. He goes to Riggins, and Riggins does go right to work. Down to the 5. Benny Barnes tripped him up.>>We’re talking about that zone blocking. What these Hogs do, these Redskin offensive linemen, they just get on the defensive linemen. Make the defensive linemen go one way or the other, and then Riggins picks it. Now watch it. Watch the right side of your screen here. You see the Hogs start. They have a little cross block there, and then Riggins just hits that hole. He can find the hole anywhere inside.>>Second and 5. Riggins again to the outside. Riggins to the 3, perhaps. Benny Barnes tackled him there. Just outside the 3. It’ll be third down.>>There’s Joe Gibbs. He’s talking to his offensive coordinator, Dan Henning, and they’re sending in a play.>>Redskins’ turnover margin. You can see in their last 22 games of which they have won 18, they’re a plus-25. And they always, those turnovers, become a great, big factor. 3:39 left to play in the first half. Third and 2. Washington is the lone set back. The pitchout is to Washington. Joe Washington doesn’t get in. He hurtles down and is knocked back. The Redskin players indicating touchdown, but no signal from the official. Monty Hunter made the hit.>>This is gonna be an interesting call here. It’s fourth down, and the Redskins could go for the field goal, but they’re not. They’re gonna go for the touchdown on fourth down with a lead of 7-3.>>Back in comes Riggins. That is not a touchdown, but it’s a first down.>>Oh, it was a first down. So, then, they don’t have to go on fourth down. What they did — they took Riggins out. They wanted the Cowboys to play pass and think pass, which they did. And then they gave that little flip to Joe Washington. He didn’t get the touchdown, but he did get the first down.>>That dive by Washington got them that first down. Now it’s Riggins and Wonsley. And it’s Riggins for the touchdown. [ Crowd cheers ] Washington has their own J.R. — John Riggins. Mark Moseley’s extra point is good. And the Redskins move further in front.>>Let’s watch it. They’ve really been working the left side of their offense. They get a good lead block by Wonsley, and once Riggins gets his shoulders squared and smells that end zone, he’s going to get it in. He will not be denied. Watch it from here. Now watch the left side. They knock the Cowboy defense back into the end zone. They won the war in the pits right down there. Watch this blocking. You see, they get that Cowboy defense going back. Riggins gets things going forward and just dives in.>>Great block by Jacoby cleared it out. 14-3. Ron Fellows and Rod Hill back deep for the Cowboys. Jeff Hayes will kick off. The turnovers — there’s only been one, and the Redskins made it work for them. Hill fumbles it in the end zone. Now decides to come out.>>He has to come out, Pat.>>I think he does. I think he does.>>That’s gonna be 2 points. You can’t take a step out and then go back in.>>There’s gonna be a big discussion about this one. He stepped on the end-zone line.>>He did. He had his left foot out. That has to be 2 points to the Redskins. You can’t take a step out and go back in. The Cowboys got a break there.>>They sure did. Cowboys have the ball at their own 20.>>Okay, now watch. Now if he comes out at all. Now he catches the ball there. He’s out. You see that left foot is out? He didn’t have control of it, though. Now he gets control. Now watch. He starts back out again. Now, his foot was on that line, so he has to bring it out. That should have been 2 points for the Redskins. [ Crowd boos ]>>Cowboys have it at their own 20, and White facing a blitz very quickly. Throws outside to Pearson, and he can’t hang on. Incomplete. Jeris White with him.>>Tell you, these Redskins are making things happen today. They’re making things happen on offense, making things happen on defense, and on special teams.>>And they are a fired-up bunch. Joe Gibbs couldn’t say enough good things about the support that the Redskins have here in Washington. He said the fans, he feels, are worth about 5 points to his team.>>Right now, they don’t need it. It’s 14-3. Second and 10. White down the middle for Tony Hill, and he can’t hang on. The ball was perfectly thrown, and Hill just let it get away. Jeris White was the nearest defender. The ball was right there.>>Still talking about this play. Once he has the ball — now he doesn’t have possession of it yet. Now, once he gets possession, he has possession there. He stepped on the line. That should have been 2 points for the Redskins.>>Cowboys have it at their own 20. It’s third and 10 now, 2:23 left to play in the first half. White has to scramble away. Does. Throws down the middle. Intended for Butch Johnson. Jeris White almost came up with an interception. They were chanting before the game, “We want Dallas. We want Dallas.” And right now they’re taking it to Dallas. Theismann getting ready.>>Let’s watch it again. Now, Jeris White is happy that he knocked the ball down. He’s not happy that he didn’t intercept it, and the reason he didn’t? He jumped. Had he just run right through that ball, kept his feet, he would have had an interception.>>White is back to punt. Nelms comes up quickly to the 47. No fair catch. He struggles for a couple yards. Cowboys were down, led by Rod Hill. 2:03 left to play in the first half. Well, one more play, and then we’ll have the 2:00 warning, as the Washington Redskins lead the Cowboys, 14-3. Tom Landry always looks the same. Joe Gibbs, on the other side, a little bit more demonstrative about his emotions, but not much. Theismann going for more. No time. First sack of the day — this one’s by Randy White. Had some help from Too Tall Jones. They got him 7 times in the regular-season meeting — the only game the Redskins lost.>>That’s the type of thing that they’re going to have to do in these last 2:00, plus that second half, if they’re gonna turn this game around.>>So, we now get the 2:00 notification, with Washington leading Dallas, 14-3. 2:00 to go in the first half at RFK Stadium. Pat Summerall with John Madden. Redskins leading Dallas, 14-3. Temperature, by the way, at noontime was 38 degrees. They had all kind of gloomy forecasts coming in, but so far we’ve been lucky. The weather’s been good. Joe Washington in the Redskin backfield. Giaquinto goes in motion. Theismann goes back to throw. Pressure again, and he doesn’t have time. He can’t find Washington. Anthony Dickerson was out with Washington in the coverage. Now the heat’s starting to come a little bit — on Theismann, I mean.>>Let’s watch this heat that you’re talking about. Again, they’re getting some stunts in there in the middle, and they’re starting to get a push or pressure with their blitzes. You see the guy that hit him was number 34, Monty Hunter, and he got in there. And they’re starting to get to the Redskins.>>Smerek is also playing, and he was close. So, it’s third down for Theismann and the Redskins. This time he’s got things under control. Washington stays on his feet. Tries to juke and now has to go down. Redskins will have to punt. Dennis Thurman made the stop. 13-yard gain — not enough. 1:42 left to play in the first half. Clock still running — less than that now.>>I’m surprised the Cowboys don’t decide to take a time-out here so that they will have some time when they get the ball back, ’cause the Redskins, all they want to do is take as much time as they can on this punt.>>They might even take a penalty here, let it run out all the 30 seconds. Cowboys have all 3 of their time-outs left. Hayes just standing back there.>>Cowboys were trying to call time-out, but they don’t have a captain out there that can do it. In your last 2:00, you change captains. They didn’t have anyone, and the official just ignored it.>>Another rocket by Hayes. Into the end zone. He really rooted that one. Both of his kicks have been high and a long way. That one — 48 yards. I thought it might go out of the ballpark.>>You know what happened on — here we go again on that safety play. We’re gonna run this thing back again. What they say is, when you come out of there, it’s not only his foot, but it’s the ball — whether the ball went over the line or broke the plane of the goal line. I still say that should have been 2 points for the Redskins.>>When we watched his reaction, Rod Hill’s reaction, after he realized what he had done, he was happy to sneak away and hide in the crowd. Dallas’ last four possessions have resulted in 3 punts, and, of course, the 1 punt they fumbled. White from the shotgun. Has time. Throws outside. Has a first down. A penalty marker goes down quickly. Pass was complete to Drew Pearson, enough for a first down. But there’s a penalty flag down.>>I bet it’s against the Cowboys. They probably had an illegal movement.>>You’re correct.>>Well, the Cowboys really haven’t gotten in sync today, Pat. They had that first drive that was a good drive, and since that time they’ve kind of been floundering out there.>>Illegal motion, number 88, offense.>>It was 88 who caught the pass, Drew Pearson.>>Well, he was just a little anxious to leave that line of scrimmage and get into that pattern.>>Less than a minute left to play. The Cowboys do have all of their time-outs left. First and 15 from the 15. Here’s what they’ve done the last three times, and the punts haven’t been very good. First and 15 from the 15. Shotgun again. Pressure. Trying to throw a screen pass. Dorsett has it. Got one blocker out in front, Petersen. Dorsett out to the 38-yard line. And now I’m sure they’ll take a time-out. Mark Murphy made the stop.>>We were talking about time-outs. At the 2:00 warning, you can name captains. Now, the Cowboys couldn’t take it with their special teams because they didn’t have a captain out there. Now here’s the screen pass. See, Dorsett fakes that block on Butz. They let that whole line rush. Dorsett is behind the rush line now and in front of the linebackers and gets a big gain.>>First down, Dallas, their first first down of this quarter. Matchup between the two key runners is one-sided — Riggins. Timmy Newsome in the game now. White will go from the shotgun with 39 seconds left to play, first half. White gets away from the grasp of someone. This is Newsome. Out of bounds at the 45-yard line of Washington. Perry Brooks put the pressure on. He was activated this week. 15-yard gain, another Dallas first down.>>I think Dallas is thinking right now to try and get in position to get a field goal. Then, once you get that position — they need about 15, 20 more yards to get in Septien’s range — then go for the touchdown. The first thing you want to do, get out of the hole, get to midfield, get the field-goal position, then work on your touchdown.>>31 seconds remaining. Dallas still with 2 time-outs left. John Mackovic next to Tom Landry. His name’s been in the papers a lot lately. White will go from the shotgun. Steps up and fires down the middle. This is Butch Johnson, I believe. Yes, it is. And that will be another Dallas first down, and another Dallas time-out is called. Vernon Dean made the stop.>>I think that’s the one they wanted to get that field goal. We’ll watch it here from the shotgun. Butch Johnson is on the slot on the right. He’s going to come. He runs an in pattern right there. He hits him right in front of Mark Murphy. And then he gets up there to about the 30-yard line. That’s where they’d like to get. We see Butch Johnson. He’s the slot guy. He’s just running an in in front of the secondary. He probably shouldn’t have come back that much. After he caught the ball, he probably should have just turned to get up as close as he could to that 30-yard line, which would be a 52-yard field goal.>>Dallas with the 1 time-out remaining. You saw Danny White over talking to Tom Landry. Now he heads back again. This would be a long and a tough field goal, particularly on a cold day like this.>>Danny White’s doing pretty good from the shotgun today. They’ve been in it 5 times. He’s completed 3 passes for 52 yards.>>Another factor we have to consider — of course, the wind. And it would appear to be against Septien but not very strong at the moment, if indeed they do try to kick the field goal.>>They probably need one more completion, and they feel much more comfortable about the field goal.>>Tony Hill comes out wide to the right. Pearson and Johnson wide to the left. White is down and down hard. Dexter Manley was the man who hit him, and White is still down and hurting.>>They didn’t handle this blitz. They start — the linebacker from the outside. The two ends are looping to the inside. No one picks up Dexter Manley, and he’s right on Danny White before he can set up. Let’s watch Dexter Manley. You see, he takes an inside move there. The tackle comes to the outside. Manley goes to the inside and right up the middle and smothered Danny White. Danny White is still down.>>They are saying that White’s arm had started forward, so it is not a sack. Gary Hogeboom would be the replacement, and there he is, warming up on the sideline. By the looks of Danny White, we might have to have our first playoff look at Gary Hogeboom. White is hurt.>>Rafael Septien is there, thinking that Hogeboom has to come in. And, really, to get in his range now, he needs one more completion.>>Here’s Hogeboom. You remember that Danny White a couple of weeks ago, there was some doubt about whether he would be able to play because of a bad thumb. And he took a real shot from Dexter Manley.>>It’s a tough position for a young quarterback who’s only thrown 8 passes all season, come into a championship game.>>This now becomes a time-out for Dallas, and they have no time-outs remaining. Washington has all of theirs. White is still on the field. That is all.>>I tell you, he is a tough, tough guy, but he really took a shot on this play. Let’s watch it one more time. We see Dexter Manley coming on a stunt right up the middle. White starts to throw, brings the ball back down. That wasn’t a pass, either. He started to throw, brought it back down. That was more of a fumble than a pass.>>It was ruled that his arm had started forward. It seems to be an injury to his right shoulder. Gary Hogeboom, then, is the quarterback. He is 6’4″ 199, from Central Michigan, in his third year with the Cowboys. Hogeboom has Timmy Newsome and has the pass complete down to the Redskins 24. They’re gonna have to hurry if it’s gonna be a field goal.>>They’re gonna have to run their field-goal team out on the field and get it off within 2 seconds. [ Crowd cheers ] They can’t do it.>>Nothing doing. No time-outs left, and they couldn’t get it lined up in time. Septien was out and then went back off. At the half, it’s Washington 14, Dallas Cowboys 3, and this is a fired-up bunch of Redskins. It ought to be a great second half. Hogeboom has been loosening up over on the Dallas sideline. Washington leading, 14-3. Septien will kick off the second half in the direction of Mike Nelms. And Nelms at the goal line. Hit down quickly by the Cowboys. Fumble! No signal yet. Michael Downs was down there quickly, and Washington gets the football.>>The referee, Jerry Seeman, he was right on top of that play. That was a big break for the Redskins. We see Danny White, Pat, and I think you’re right. He doesn’t look like he’ll start this second half.>>Almost disaster for Washington to begin the second half.>>Let’s watch Mike Nelms here. He starts off, and he stops here to make a little cut. Watch. You see, he’s gonna start to the left. You see, he stops to make the cut, and when he does, he makes that spin, and as he comes out of the spin, he was hit by Dickerson.>>Cowboys had a couple of good shots at recovering that fumble. Here’s Riggins. Riggins hit at the line of scrimmage by Bob Breunig. Breunig one of seven Cowboys headed for the Pro Bowl. Riggins, 16 carries, 71 yards so far. He got only a couple then.>>I’m sure that’s a thing that Cowboys talked about in their locker room at halftime is controlling that line of scrimmage. In the first half, the Redskin offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage.>>At the 10-yard line, it’s second and 7. Riggins got 3 on that first-down carry. Don Warren moving. Theismann to throw and throws. Pump-fakes. Going deep. Has a man deep, Charlie Brown. A good throw by Theismann. Incomplete? Or out of bounds I believe they’re saying. Out of bounds.>>That was a heck of a throw. It’s against a double zone. Now watch this. Theismann looks to the right. He pumps the short one to fake it, then he tries to hit him right there. See, between the short man and the deep man. It was a heck of a throw, but his foot was out of bounds.>>Right foot went out of bounds before he ever came down. Then they knocked him out of bounds further.>>Everson Walls and Downs over there. It’ll be third and 7 for Theismann and the Redskins. Clarence Harmon in the backfield now. Giaquinto goes in motion. And Theismann once again will drop to throw. He has time and throws. Incomplete. Intended for Alvin Garrett. Good coverage by Dennis Thurman. Here’s Danny White. No, he’s not coming back.>>Nope. You can tell. The look on the face and no helmet in the hand. He’s not going to come back on this series, anyway. Again, now Theismann still has good protection. We see number 60, Smerek, there. He’s working against Mark May. We see the blitz. Randy White in there taken to the ground. Theismann did have time, just no one open. Good coverage.>>Jeff Hayes will be punting from his own end zone. And Doug Donley is back deep for Dallas. Not Fellows or Rod Hill. Hayes has hit a couple of beauties so far. This one, not so beautiful. Donley at his own 42. Spins away from one man, another. Donley inside the 40, to the 39. The Cowboys will start in good shape. Larry Kubin made the stop, and White with his head down. He is really in pain.>>I’ll tell you. It’s tough, too. When you get this far, you get to the championship, and you can’t play. Let’s just watch what happened to him one more time. Dexter Manley right up the middle. Takes him on high. And it looks like it was either a shoulder or ribs or something. It’s something above the waist.>>You can see the emotion and the pain dripping out of Danny White’s eye. Gary Hogeboom is the quarterback. Going right to work. Hogeboom has a man. Tony Hill. First down at the Washington 22. Mark Murphy made the stop after a 17-yard pickup.>>One thing about Gary Hogeboom — he has the strongest arm of all the Dallas Cowboy quarterbacks. I remember when we were there in training camp this summer and watching him. He really throws ropes.>>Got a very quick release. They say, the people who have watched him closely, that he has the quickest release of anyone since Joe Namath.>>That is a quick release.>>Yes. Hogeboom going deep for Cosbie. Cosbie turned the wrong way. He was open. He had a step. There’s Danny White again.>>I think that reaction is more of being out of the game, Pat, than the pain. That’s a tough break for the Cowboys and Danny White.>>They can give you something for the pain.>>Doug Cosbie — that was the perfect coverage. Doug Cosbie was man-to-man against Mel Kaufman. He had a step on him. Hogeboom just didn’t get it to him.>>Hogeboom 2 out of 3. Dorsett and Timmy Newsome now the two set backs. Hogeboom to throw. Under fire. Gets the screen pass to Newsome, but Redskin Neal Olkewicz read it perfectly and was there quickly. Hogeboom might have drilled that one in there.>>He almost hit his left tackle, Pat Donovan.>>Perry Brooks again with the good pressure.>>Watch. It’s a screen pass. Now watch his left tackle, Donovan, is out there. And he throws it right past Donovan’s ear into Newsome.>>Olkewicz out there in good shape.>>Didn’t fool the Redskins.>>Not at all. Third down, 11. Butch Johnson is flipped to the right, along with Drew Pearson. Tony Hill’s out to the other side. The Redskins showing blitz, and they ought to be coming. And they are. Hogeboom in the pocket. Throws outside. Butch Johnson has it out of bounds. First down, Jeris White on the coverage. 15-yard pickup — a good throw from Hogeboom.>>Let’s watch this — from the shotgun. Again, it’s a tough situation. The blitz, the stunt. He has time. They pick him up, and he gets the ball out here to Butch Johnson for first down.>>John, I’ll bet you there’s not a Redskin fan anywhere who doesn’t think back a few years to Texas Stadium, Roger Staubach being hurt, and a guy named Clint Longley coming in the game.>>That’s right. I’ll tell you, George Allen’s a guy that’s never forgotten that one. To this day, George Allen talks about Clint Longley.>>Pitchback, Dorsett. Dorsett cuts back to about the 6-yard line.>>It’s really tough for a backup quarterback to come in a game, in a regular game. And then you make it a playoff game, and that would be tougher. You make it a championship game, that has to be one of the most difficult things they have to do, especially when you’re behind 14-3. If they were ahead, they could go to a lot of that running game and ball control, but Hogeboom has to come in and score points.>>That was John Mackovic talking to Landry. I mentioned before his name has been in the papers. He’s been rumored to be the leading candidate for the coaching job in Kansas City. Second and 6. Hogeboom to throw. Blitz is on. Drew Pearson — touchdown! He broke the plane, I guess. [ Crowd boos ]>>Darn near broke the ball when he spiked it. That’s a good start for a young quarterback.>>That’ll make him feel a lot more confident. Let’s look at it.>>Drew Pearson starts in motion, and then he goes back. Now watch Hogeboom. He’s watching to the right. He’s looking all the way. Good, quick release, as you said. He gets the ball out here to Drew Pearson. All he has to do to score touchdown is the ball break the plane. [ Laughing ] I don’t know if it did.>>That’s going in. Rafael Septien with Glenn Carano to hold. 14-9 at the moment. Taking a lot of time. It’s good. Looked out of sync, the whole thing, but it was good. See what Hogeboom did after he fired his first touchdown pass.>>Well, when you throw your first touchdown, and then you throw it in a championship game, he took a sack. He probably didn’t even know. When you have Dave Butz, you can’t even see if you got it.>>When you have Dave Butz on top of you, you can’t even see daylight. Pat Summerall with John Madden, RFK Stadium. Rafael Septien about set to kick off. Mike Nelms back deep for the Redskins. Ball blew off the tee, so Septien has to go retee. There’s Danny White. The word we have just gotten from Irv Cross, who’s been over by the Cowboy bench, is not necessarily from Danny White but from the Dallas medical staff, that his eyes are clear. He must have just been stunned, and they say there is a possibility that he could come back and play. Septien’s kick goes to Nelms. Nelms will start from the Redskin 4-yard line. Nelms has got some room. He’s got only Septien. Now he’s got somebody else chasing him. Nelms finally taken to the ground by Dennis Thurman. Mike Nelms — 76-yard kickoff return.>>Let’s watch it again. He starts to the right side and keeps the ball on the right side. Good blocking up there up front. Septien was the last guy. They get him. Now it’s a footrace — Mike Nelms and Dennis Thurman. Tries to give him a little move. Thurman gets him. Great return.>>All the way down to the Dallas 20. Redskins, first down. They give to Riggins. And Riggins is wrapped up after a yard. And now he’s hurled back. John Dutton led the Dallas defense. Here is Nelms. Bit of the mouthpiece and a happy fellow at the moment.>>We were talking about special teams as being a big part of this game. A lot of times, you always think of the offense against the defense and the matchups. But sometimes those special teams that will win a game for you.>>They recovered the one fumble that led to their second touchdown, the Redskins, that did. They got it at the 11-yard line. It’s second and 9, and Theismann probably will have to put it up. Walker in motion. Theismann goes back. All over him is Hegman, and now here comes Anthony Dickerson from the other side. [ Crowd boos ] Second sack.>>We see the blitz. We see the middle linebacker coming, the outside linebacker coming. They’re bringing two. Hegman really makes a nice move on John Riggins. You see Riggins was there. Had good position on him, and Hegman gives him a move. Watch him on the left-hand side of your screen here. Riggins 44. See, he went to the outside, gave him a little arm slip, and went underneath.>>We see that leap by Dickerson at the end of it. Third and 18. Giaquinto in motion. Dallas blitzing again. Clinkscale is chasing Theismann. Throws. Got a man. That’ll be enough for a first down to Charlie Brown, inside the 10, to the 7. Everson Walls. Brown on the end of a 22-yard pickup.>>Most of the blitz is coming from Theismann’s left. He feels it there. He starts out to the right. He has the center out there in front of him. Organized scramble, and he’s able to find Charlie Brown downfield. You see, he invites that blitz, then he pulls the center out to the right, follows him. An organized scramble, and he was able to get the big first down.>>First and goal, the ball almost at the 6-yard line. Walker again in motion. Riggins plows inside the 5 to about the 3. Bob Breunig on the bottom of the stack. Redskins 14, Cowboys 10. Second and about 4.>>This is where you test your Hogs, down here. You get in there, and this is a battle of the trenches, the linemen against the linemen. It’s whoever controls this line of scrimmage. Last time they were down there, the Redskins controlled it and knocked the Cowboys back. This is where linemen come in, the big play.>>They have Wonsley in with Riggins now as the two runners. The give is to Riggins, and Riggins barrels into the end zone. [ Crowd cheers ] Moseley, the extra point is down the heart. And it’s the Redskins 21, the Cowboys 10.>>I’ll tell you, they’re going right at the Cowboys’ strength, right at Randy White, John Dutton, Bob Breunig. You see right here. Watch as Riggins goes through. He just runs right over the middle linebacker, Bob Breunig. Watch Breunig here, number 53. He reads it. He sees it. Takes on the guard. Takes on Riggins. Riggins says, “I’m having none of that.” Boom! Right into the end zone. The Redskins won that battle.>>Not to be denied — John Riggins. Just barreled his way in.>>Let’s watch the blocking down here in the goal line. The center blocks here on Randy White. The left guard, Russ Grimm, pulls and leads through on Breunig. And Riggins runs right in behind him. Watch that. The center will block back. He does the job on Randy White. There comes Russ Grimm around, and John Riggins runs right over that block and right over Bob Breunig.>>Russ Grimm blocked two people. He cut off Spradlin, as well. Jeff Hayes’ kickoff to Ron Fellows, at the corner. Fellows heads back outside. Not much room for Fellows to go anywhere. Back to about the 15, and that’s it. [ Crowd cheers ] John Riggins — 2 touchdowns, 78 yards, 19 carries. By the way, that 76-yard kickoff return by Mike Nelms a minute ago is an NFC Championship-game record. The old record was 62 yards set way back in 1940 by Max Krause of Washington against the Chicago Bears. Greg Williams is the limping Redskin. Hogeboom is still the Dallas quarterback. Pitchout is to Dorsett. Dorsett has nothing doing. Breaks one tackle, that by Jeris White. Tony Peters juggled him out of bounds. Dorsett got up to about the 18, a 3-yard pickup.>>One of the things that improved on this Redskin defense this year is the tackling of their secondary. That’s one of the goals that they have is to have their safeties, Mark Murphy and Tony Peters, be in on more tackles. And the other big thing is their corners. They’ve really gotten it this year from Jeris White and from Vernon Dean on the other side.>>Second and 7. Dean has really come on. He is facing Drew Pearson at the moment. Timmy Newsome in the backfield. Hogeboom going deep for Drew. Couldn’t quite reach up and pull it down. Mark Murphy was the defender, and Hogeboom just barely missed him.>>That’s the second one that Hogeboom just barely missed. And sometimes you get the adrenaline pumping. You get a little excitement. And you have to have that hand control. And sometimes a young quarterback will lose that. That looks like that happened to Hogeboom a couple times.>>One of the things that has impressed me about him is the fact that when he has to put the ball up over somebody, he seems to have the ability to do that, as well as throw it hard. There’s the backup punter for Dallas, Rafael Septien. Hogeboom throws. Has a man, Butch Johnson, and that should be enough for a Dallas first down. Septien may not have to go into action quite yet. Jeris White tackled him — 10 yards.>>You know, a couple of weeks ago, Hogeboom thought that he might start against Tampa Bay. That was when Danny White had the bad thumb. So, he did go through that experience of getting ready to play in a playoff game. And I think that could be beneficial, though he didn’t play.>>He didn’t play a down, but, as you say, just getting ready to play.>>Just thinking you’re going to play.>>Probably would help him in this situation. Dorsett rambles out to the 46-yard line. Vernon Dean made the stop. Dorsett whipped that for 17 yards.>>Good blocking here by Tom Rafferty. He’ll block back against Butz. You see, he picks off Butz. Gets him going that way, and then Dorsett has that quickness to pop it right through the middle.>>Clock stopped with 5:08 left, third quarter. This is the tenth play of this drive, that started back at the 16. [ Crowd cheers ] Hogeboom throws. Intended for Cosbie. Knocked away at the last second.>>Tony Peters is all over the field. We’ve seen him on the line of scrimmage, making tackles against the run. We saw him there against Doug Cosbie. And then the play before that, he was one of the three defensive backs in the end zone. Let’s check in on the line down here and see what’s going on there in the pits. You see a little stunt? Good blocking there. Good hands that keep Butz right on the line of scrimmage. Big center — big Tom Rafferty in there in the middle. Solid middle, like a rock.>>Hogeboom out of the shotgun. They show a safety blitz. Hogeboom hits Tony Hill. [ Crowd boos ] Just at the markers. It might be enough for a first down. Hogeboom out with Hill. It is a first down.>>You talked earlier about his release. Let’s watch this from the shotgun. Now watch how quickly — from the time he decides he’s gonna throw, boom. That’s what a quick release is, from the time the eyes see a guy open and decide on who they’re gonna throw to that the ball leaves the hand — that thing, that mechanism between the line and the hand, the eyes and the hand.>>5 out of 5 from the shotgun. He’s not in that formation this time. About time he used Dorsett. Dorsett gets down for about 3 to the 17. Dave Butz got a hand on him and tripped him up.>>Everyone said that if Gary Hogeboom ever got his chance, he would do it. Well, today’s his chance, and thus far he’s doing it.>>Time remaining, third quarter. Hogeboom, again, is from Central Michigan, 6’4″ and 200. They’ll break it out on the 13th play of this drive that started back deep in Dallas territory. It’ll be second and 7. Hogeboom looking around behind him quickly. Throws back to Timmy Newsome. This is Tony Hill. Nothing doing for Tony Hill. They wrap this one up. That didn’t surprise anybody. Darryl Grant was out there quickly. There’s a committee meeting.>>The tricks didn’t work this time. Look at the flip to Newsome. Gets the defense going that way. Now watch. They all see it. And now they start running back. There’s Grant. He just jumped over Cosbie. Came right down the line. Peters up there again to the outside. There’s Jeris White, bunch of white jerseys. Fooled them for a little while but not long enough.>>Mark Murphy back there quickly, too. It’ll be third and 13, as they lost yardage. Now we’ll see if he can stay perfect out of the shotgun. Got a blitz going. Hogeboom for Johnson. Touchdown. A penalty marker down. Penalty flag in the end zone. Johnson going with the California Quake. Hogeboom had the ball right there. But keep in mind there’s a flag down. It’s against the Redskins.>>Illegal contact, number 45, defense. Penalty declined. Touchdown. [ Crowd boos ]>>This is gonna be some fourth quarter coming up.>>Butch Johnson’s still celebrating. Hogeboom is perfect from the shotgun today. Watch that ball coming right at you. “I got it. I got it. I beat — stretch out. Touchdown!”>>Hogeboom is perfect, as you said. Johnson is down in the gravel.>>Up against the fence. Can’t go any deeper than that.>>3:25 left to play, third quarter. It’s 21-17, Washington, as Septien is good. 84 yards in 14 plays. Does make you happy, doesn’t it?>>Hogeboom — see, he’s smart. The first guy he jumps on is the guys that block for him.>>[ Chuckles ]>>Don’t go around doing that. Look at Butch Johnson, what he does.>>Tom Landry says he thinks that dance that Butch does does him more good than anybody else. 3:25 left, third quarter at RFK in Washington. The Dallas scoring drive, 14 plays, 84 yards. Time of possession — Dallas 21:36. Pretty even — Washington 19:59. Septien will kick off. Remember that Mike Nelms returned his last kickoff 76 yards. This one will chase Nelms back deep into the end zone. He likes to bring them out. He thought about it. He goes down at the 16 this time. And right here, John Riggins might need some defense. Ed Jones was the one who put the initial smack on the helmet of Riggins.>>Let’s watch Randy White here. You know, we haven’t heard a lot of Randy White against this run in there. You see what happens. He gets a little early jump. Maybe that’s why we haven’t heard him. He’s getting double-teamed there by the guard and the center. I’ll tell you. That was good blocking there by Jeff Bostic and Russ Grimm.>>I think they caught him in the middle of a flex, as well, don’t you?>>Yeah, they did. He was the flex back and then getting up.>>No gain, second down. A fake to Riggins. Theismann has some time. Knocked away by Dennis Thurman. Penalty marker down on the far side of the field. And they’re indicating, or at least the Redskin players are, Don Warren, at least, saying it’s against Dallas.>>Watching Anthony Dickerson out there. He’s reacting as though it is against Dallas. Probably against him, number 51. [ Crowd cheers ]>>Holding. First down.>>Holding, number 51, defense.>>Dickerson. You’re right.>>First down.>>You can always tell the guy that puts his hands on his hips and argues is usually the guy that they’re calling against. Let’s see if we can see 51. You see he’s working on Don Warren, the tight end. They said that he held. He must have been right on the line of scrimmage. Maybe it was after that.>>I didn’t see it. Must have been after. Fake to Riggins. Theismann down in the hands of Anthony Dickerson, a very active linebacker. I guess you call that a sack. Might have started on a rollout.>>What you call that is a makeup. You said, “I gave you 10. Now I’ll take 10 away from you.” It was a fake to Riggins. He’s gonna run a bootleg. Dickerson was the outside linebacker on a blitz, and he got up into the path, and Theismann didn’t have a chance.>>Here’s a guy, Anthony Dickerson, who could play defensive back if need be. He’s that quick.>>Clarence Harmon in the game for the Redskins. It’s second and 18. Giaquinto in motion. Theismann down the middle. Pass complete to Don Warren. Had Monty Hunter draped all over him but still picked up a few yards. Harvey Martin put a little pressure on Theismann that time.>>You know, last week in the Cowboys’ game against the Green Bay Packers, Harvey Martin didn’t make a tackle. Didn’t make a tackle against the run nor a quarterback sack. Joe Jacoby’s been doing a pretty good job against him today.>>Excellent job. Third and 9, 1:23 left, third quarter. Washington leading, 21-17. Line of scrimmage is the Washington 22. Theismann back to throw. Here comes… Pass is caught by Clarence Harmon, who’s still fighting for yardage and still struggling. Theismann under heavy pressure from the Dallas rush again. Dextor Clinkscale finally made the stop. Watch what happened to Theismann.>>Watch what happened to Harvey Martin here. He starts up to the outside, and he’s just trying to outrun. For some reason, he got on the tight end, Don Warren, on that play. Just got there a little late, the screen pass.>>And Ed Jones was back there at Theismann’s side with him. Doug Donley again back deep for Dallas. The Redskins letting that clock run. Joe Gibbs very much aware of what time is left on that scoreboard. Donley is gonna have to let this one bounce and does. And it takes a Cowboy bounce back to the 46. It’s downed by Otis Wonsley. Gary Hogeboom leads the Dallas offensive unit back on. 29-yard punt by Hayes, no return. Dallas takes over. 21-17, Washington over Dallas. Time for well, maybe two plays in the third quarter. 19 seconds on the scoreboard. Gary Hogeboom has Timmy Newsome and Tony Dorsett. Over on the Dallas bench, that’s Ernie Stautner at work, the defensive coordinator. Newsome and Dorsett the runners. Hogeboom to throw on first down, if he has time. Screen. Can’t do it. Nobody out there. No receiver. Dorsett had worked his way up the field a little too soon. Darryl Grant put the big rush on.>>Hogeboom is upset. He’s saying that someone grabbed his running back. Let’s see if we can see it happen in there. We see the pressure. He’s looking for the screen. The only guy out there was his two offensive linemen. Of course, they can’t touch the ball. Let’s see if we can watch from the end zone and see if anyone grabs Tony Dorsett, 33. Yeah, right there. You see? He was held. And that’s what Hogeboom was arguing about. That was Rich Milot, number 57, that grabbed Dorsett.>>So, it’ll be second and 10 and throwing time again, although they ran a very successful draw before. Newsome started in motion. Hogeboom has Newsome! Right through his hands. Right through his hands. Wide-open Timmy Newsome had this ball just go right through his hands. Newsome had daylight in front of him, too.>>You see Tom Landry on that play? Who says he never reacts?>>Landry did a spinner.>>Let’s just watch it. See, Jeris White had Newsome. He let him go, thinking Tony Peters was going to get him. Tony Peters went off. Newsome was all alone.>>That was 6. Hogeboom back to throw and throws outside. Has Drew Pearson. It’s a catch. And it’s a first down. Pearson has had some great days against the Redskins. Boy, there’s the mark of a very experienced receiver — an 11-yard pickup. He made sure he got the first.>>Let’s watch an experienced receiver. He knows right where that marker is. Right there. He knows where the sideline is and where the first down is. There’s Tom Landry. He’s trying to get a glimpse of it. He said, “Mmm, that’s the one we needed.”>>That was our first look on pass defense at Joe Lavender, who got caught looking inside, and Pearson took it to the outside. Dallas and Washington, a full fourth quarter to go yet. 21-17, Washington leading. Hogeboom down the middle, Cosbie. Has it to the Redskin 25. Tony Peters made the hit. Big target down the middle.>>That’s the thing. They haven’t been working Doug Cosbie a lot today. I was just thinking that they’ll probably start going more to him. Watch him. It’s a crossing pattern. He starts up — a little fake to the outside. Runs right underneath Tony Peters. Good throw. The ball’s lead right out in front of him. Let’s watch it as it comes towards us. Now we’re defensive backs. We see a little roll. We say, “What’s happening?” We say, “Here’s Cosbie. I got him. He got me a couple steps. Good throw — now I got to tackle him.” Boom, boom, boom.>>Cosbie took himself out of the game. Billy Joe DuPree is in, along with Jay Saldi. Cosbie shaken just a little bit after that last reception. Here’s a draw play to Dorsett, who sort of sneaks through down to the 20-yard line. Darryl Grant tripped him up.>>Well, Cosbie’s okay, because he’s going to bring in this next play. Tony Dorsett has been making in the last few weeks most of his yardage inside. You always think of him as a sweep runner, an outside runner, but he’s been doing a lot of his work between the tackles.>>13:40 left to play in the game, 21-17, Redskins over the Cowboys. Second and 5. Dorsett got 5. Redskins shift their defense, and Hogeboom gives to Dorsett. Nothing doing there. Absolutely nothing. They shifted in the right direction.>>Sure did, and maybe that’s why the Cowboys aren’t running Dorsett to the outside so much. I think all defenses set up to defend Dorsett to the outside when you defend the Cowboys’ run. You just saw the Redskins just jumped right into it. And the Cowboys ran right into it.>>I suppose that’s one of the disadvantages of the coach calling all the plays. A young quarterback unable to audible away from it.>>The young quarterback will be in the shotgun this time, and so far today he’s perfect when he’s from the shotgun.>>Hogeboom back at the 30-yard line. It’s a low snap and fields it well. Had Newsome, and it’s knocked away by Rich Milot at the last second, and we’ll see Septien.>>Rich Milot is the man who got the hand on it. Newsome cutting across the middle. And Hogeboom is no longer perfect from the shotgun.>>It’s what they wanted to do. They wanted to isolate man-to-man on a linebacker. They got it, but Milot knocked the ball down.>>Septien from 41 yards, make it 42 yards out. Got to take his steps off that painted part of the field. Of course, the whole field really is just painted dirt. He’s hit 15 in a row in the playoffs. Not anymore. The streak is gone. Septien — no good. So, the score remains Redskins 21, Cowboys 17. Pat Summerall with John Madden, RFK Stadium, NFC Championship. 12:38 left to play. Redskins’ first-down balance you saw. They lead the Cowboys, 21-17. Theismann asking for quiet. Quickly outside. Juggled momentarily by Garrett. By the time he found the handle, Dickerson had recovered.>>I’m sure that Joe Gibbs was thinking on the sideline and probably talking to Joe Theismann. “And we have the lead. There’s only 12:00 left to go, but we can’t go into our shell. We still have to keep our offense open, keep getting first downs. We can’t become conservative and give those Cowboys too many shots at us.”>>They got 5 on that completion to Garrett. Pitches back to Riggins. He’s got some room to the outside. Bob Breunig chased him down, just a little bit short of a first down. Riggins had a blocker out in front, maybe a couple. It looked like that was gonna be more than it was.>>He had a blocker out in front, but Breunig sneaks right inside the block. You see the blocker to the outside? That was Joe Jacoby, and Breunig came from the inside. Watch big number 66 pull. He weighs 300 pounds. Look — when he gets the corner turned, how would you like to be a cornerback out there? [ Chuckles ] That was the strong safety, Benny Barnes, out there. You look and say, “I got him. I got him.” Here comes a 300-pounder at you.>>Third and 1. You expect Riggins. He maybe got the first down. Ed Jones made the stop. He’s close. And maybe not.>>The Redskins are going to have to punt. The Cowboys really in this second half doing much better against the run. You see why? You see Too Tall Jones, 72, there? They’re starting to control the line of scrimmage and get penetration. That time, Too Tall Jones ran right around George Starke.>>Doug Donley back deep for the Cowboys. And Jeff Hayes will kick again for the Redskins. Donley’s got great speed. Hayes hits a dandy. Hanging up there for Donley, who fields it. Donley looking for some room and doesn’t have any. He gets it back to about the 26. Pete Cronan was down to make the stop. A penalty flag down. 46-yard punt, 5-yard return. Danny White — it’s an encouraging sight, isn’t it? — back warming up.>>It’ll be a tough decision for Tom Landry. Gary Hogeboom has been in there for three full series. Scored two touchdowns and had the attempted field goal. Now, do you take him out and go back with your starter? Or do you leave him in because he’s really playing pretty well. That’s a tough decision.>>Face mask…>>Face-mask violation.>>…kicking team. 5-yard penalty — first down.>>The unintentional face-mask grab. Jerry Seeman says, “We’ll take a time-out.” Tom Landry looking on. Hogeboom is still in the game. White is still warming up. Washington still leads, 21-17. The Jefferson Memorial, as we tour Washington. And now get back to the business at hand. Cowboys have the football at their own 32. Redskins lead by 4 points, 10:40 left to play. Still Hogeboom. Gonna throw on first down. Does quickly. Picked off! Mel Kaufman makes the interception for the Redskins. [ Crowd cheers ] A linebacker back in good shape, as Tony Hill was the intended receiver.>>Let’s watch that. Mel Kaufman is out there. He’s the left linebacker to the right of your screen. He just runs right out to that out. Gets underneath it. I’ll tell you. He really got up in the air and made Tony Hill have to come back and tackle him.>>Kaufman comes from a strong academic school.>>Highly academic school — Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.>>John Riggins lunges for 3 or 4 yards. Michael Downs hit him, but Riggins carried him.>>And this is where John Riggins is important. He was saying last week that he doesn’t really get comfortable until he’s run the ball 20 times. Said, “After I run that thing 20 times, I know what that defense is doing.” Oh, he’s already rushed 23 times today. So, he ought to be comfortable.>>He ought to be.>>This is the time you like to use your big fullback. You got the lead, 10 minutes left. Just keep pounding him in there at him.>>Ricky Walker and Charlie Brown split wide to the right. Walker goes back now in motion. Theismann gives to Riggins, and he gets nothing. Ed Jones again hits him. Randy White on the bottom of the pile along with John Dutton.>>One thing they have to do, the Redskins have to stop those ends. You see, usually the Cowboy ends — we’re talking about Too Tall Jones and Harvey Martin — stay outside. They’re starting to pinch and squeeze that inside down on the Redskins.>>Cowboys now put in their pass-rushing unit, with the extra defensive backs. Smerek has replaced Dutton. Dickerson is the lone linebacker. Third and 4. Giaquinto in motion. Followed by Clinkscale, and Theismann’s gonna use the controlled roll. He does. Has a man wide open, Charlie Brown. Out of bounds at the Cowboy 18-yard line — first down. Rod Hill knocked him out of bounds.>>Now watch this controlled roll. Watch him. He starts to the right, then he pulls the center out there. Has his linemen out in front of him, and then he has that controlled scramble. Finds Charlie Brown on the sideline and gets the first down. That’s an interesting thing. What they do is they invite the Cowboys up the field, pull the center out to the left, and Theismann follows him.>>Line of scrimmage is the Dallas 21. Riggins still the lone set back. Now they start back to the inside with Riggins. And he gets a couple. Certainly within the range of Mark Moseley now. It’ll be second down and about 7 at the Dallas 18. Clock running, 8:48.>>With a 4-point lead, though, I’m sure that the Redskins are thinking touchdown here, because a field goal would still put the Cowboys within 7 to tie. But if we have an overtime here, they just keep going on till someone wins.>>Second down and 7 at the Dallas 19. Hand-off, Riggins again. And Riggins barrels down for good yardage this time over the left side of his offensive line, down inside the 15. Mike Hegman finally knocked him down. Not enough for a first, but sizable gain nevertheless. That’ll make it third down.>>Now the Redskins are going into their short-yardage offense. That means three tight ends and two running backs. They bring in Otis Wonsley as a second running back.>>Third and 2 at the 13. Clock still running and running to the Redskins’ advantage. 7:44 left to play. Riggins is the deep back. Hand-off is to Riggins. Don’t believe he got the first down. Now Joe Gibbs faces a very interesting decision. Dennis Thurman was the first man to hit him. I think you got to go with a field goal if it’s not a foot or so.>>I think they have to go for the field goal, anyway. You have everything going your way, and you really can’t take the chance here to lose the momentum and everything else. See what Joe Gibbs decided to do — sending in Mark Moseley and take the field goal. You have to do that. Your team has worked too hard to be in this position. You’ve gotten down there, and you can’t come away empty-handed.>>Moseley has had a bad time in the playoffs. You think there’s any chance that they might run a fake field goal here? Because Theismann is the holder.>>And he’s on that left hash mark again. The last time he kicked one from here, he kicked it straight ahead and hit the upright. He has to put it inside a little.>>Going after it. This one he got. Up high and good and down the middle. And the Redskins move out in front by 7, 24-17. Now it’s Tom Landry who faces another difficult decision, I think. Who is his quarterback gonna be? Moseley tells you he was successful. Moseley’s 29-yard field goal puts the Redskins up by a touchdown, 24-17. You see the time of possession on the day. The Redskins have been able to take advantage of turnovers Hayes chases Donley deep in the end zone, 2 yards deep. And here he comes out. Doug Donley gets out to the 20, and that’s about it. Larry Kubin was the man down to make the stop on the kickoff coverage. There’s the situation, and you see it will still be Gary Hogeboom. Danny White warmed up for a while then sat back down.>>The thing about this situation — you look at it. Fourth quarter, 7 points separating the teams. It’s also the difference between going to the Super Bowl or not. One of these teams will be in Pasadena next week, and the other one will be spread around the country, watching it on television.>>And the financial considerations are substantial. If you go all the way, each man will get an extra $70,000. Hogeboom fakes. Throws the screen and has it batted away and picked off in the air by Darryl Grant. Touchdown, Redskins! [ Crowd cheers ] Darryl Grant was an offensive guard last year. Second-year man from Rice. Moseley’s extra point is good. Let’s look at it from the opposite side.>>We’ll see Grant. He starts up the middle. He’s getting a push. That’s going to be a screen pass. Watch right here. It’s Dexter Manley, number 72. He comes in from the outside. He gets his hands up, bats the ball, and it goes right into Darryl Grant’s hands.>>This is Rich Milot.>>They know how to celebrate. Listen to this crowd. [ Crowd cheers ]>>There is no one sitting down anywhere except a few Redskin players.>>Let’s watch this play again, the touchdown. Now watch. We’ll see number 77, Grant, how alert he is. He starts there. He feels a screen. He starts down there. Manley jumps up. Manley tips the ball. He’s the guy that made the play. Grant, who was playing screen, was right there. He caught it and got a defensive lineman dream and touchdown.>>31-17, Redskins, as Hayes kicks it off. It’s Doug Cosbie who fielded it. A short kick by Hayes. Cosbie is knocked out of bounds at about the 27 by Quentin Lowry.>>Look at that. The Cowboys have had 3 turnovers, and the results of those turnovers — that’s the big thing — 17 points for the Redskins. Then, on the other hand, it’s like Joe Gibbs said, “We have to play a perfect game.” The Redskins have not had a turnover.>>”Everything has to go our way,” he said. And it has, indeed. Redskins have played a super football game.>>And Joe Gibbs should get a lot of credit for that.>>They haven’t fumbled. They have no interceptions. Hogeboom is the Dallas quarterback. 31-17. He’s got to throw just about on every down now. Drew Pearson across the middle to the 44-yard line. Taken down by Vernon Dean. 16-yard gain and they’ll move the sticks. Clock running. 6:30 left to play. Cowboys have got to get into gear in a hurry.>>We’ll see Vernon Dean here. He’s going against Drew Pearson. It’s gonna be an in. You see he gets that quick cut. That quick delivery again of Gary Hogeboom — he gets the ball right in there. He really does have a quick release.>>Pearson’s caught 5 passes for 55 yards. Hogeboom out of the shotgun this time. Down the middle. Intended for Tony Hill, but that one wasn’t there. Mark Murphy the defender.>>The Redskins know they have to put pressure on. They have to cover because what they’re doing is protecting a 2-touchdown lead.>>That’s the book on Danny White before he went out right at the end of the first half. Dexter Manley hit him just as the ball came out of his hand and fell on top of him. And White hasn’t been back. Joe Theismann, another successful day for him. Hogeboom gives on a draw play to Dorsett, and Dorsett gets out to about the 48, 49. Rich Milot on the tackle. Big third down coming up for the Cowboys. Dorsett, 15 carries, 57 yards. Clock running. Boy, these fans are gonna go wild if this thing stays like it is. Everybody has all time-outs left. Landry looks on. His team has lost in the NFC Championship game the last two years. Third and 5. Redskins blitz. Hogeboom throws. Has a man. Butch Johnson in the middle. Hogeboom backtracking that time in the face of that blitz. Got a strong arm.>>See, Pat, Drew Pearson has gone off the field. I think he injured his left leg. That’ll be tough. Tom Landry is trying to get as many receivers in the game as he can. He’s bringing Doug Donley in now. With 5:00 left, they need two touchdowns, and they have to get that one as quickly as possible.>>The way Pearson was walking off, it looked like it might be a hamstring pull. Donley’s in, in his place. Hogeboom drops on first down. Throws. Intended for Tony Hill. Knocked away. Redskins all around him. Clock stops at 4:43 left to play.>>You see all those Redskins? That what you call convergence, that the ball really does draw a crowd, and those Redskin backs are really reacting to the ball. Now watch Tony Hill. He’s working against Vernon Dean. But watch all the white jerseys that come flying into that picture when the ball’s thrown.>>While all that was going on, Drew Pearson came back into the game, and now he splits out wide to the right. So, it can’t be a hamstring pull. Timmy Newsome also in the game. Hill out wide to the left. Hogeboom on a quick count this time. Has time. Throws. Intended for Butch Johnson. No penalty marker down. Butch really thinks that that should be interference. He doesn’t hide his feelings too much. [ Crowd boos ]>>Tell you one thing. Those two safeties — Mark Murphy and Tony Peters — are doing an excellent job. Here we see Jeris White. We see Butch Johnson. Watch those two safeties. Both the weak safety and the strong safety are there wherever the ball’s thrown.>>That was very, very close to being a legitimate complaint by Butch Johnson. That was almost interference. Dexter Manley, who deflected the pass a minute ago. Knocked it into the hands of Darryl Grant, and the Redskins had a touchdown. Third and 10. 4:37 left to play. Hogeboom looking for someone. Finally throws to no one. Tony Hill broke the pattern off, and Hogeboom threw it out of bounds. Fourth down.>>There’s one thing. He knew that he didn’t have anything to Tony Hill out here, but you would think with a third-down play, you have to look to the other side, try and find something else. Well, the whole season goes down to this play here.>>Just about.>>Fourth down.>>Cosbie comes on. Fourth down and 10. Line of scrimmage is the Redskin 38. Newsome trots out. Dallas down to 10 seconds on the 30-second clock. Hogeboom kicks back. Redskins showing blitz, and here they come. Hogeboom throws to the outside. Throws over the head of Tony Hill, incomplete, and the Redskins could lock it up if they could just make a couple first downs. They’ll be going to Pasadena against either the Jets or the Miami Dolphins.>>Joe Gibbs isn’t gonna smile, though, is he?>>Not yet.>>Here’s Tom Landry on the last play. Fourth down. That may be the end.>>Pat Summerall with John Madden. 4:26 left to play at RFK Stadium. Redskins 31, Cowboys 17. Redskins 4-0 at RFK in playoffs. That’s before today. Riggins. Burrows over the left side. Tries to break loose from a couple of tackles. Michael Downs brought him down. Danny White injured just before the half. Riggins now has 99 yards and 28 carries. 3:56 left to play. Ball’s at the 40-yard line. The Redskin fans now just sitting on the edge of their seats. In most cases, they’re standing. Those that are sitting, just on the edge. Second and 8. Riggins again. Barrels this time near a first down. Breunig finally tripped him up, but Riggins got about 8.>>I’ll tell you. There will be a lot of celebration in Washington tonight with these fans and with this football team. Have to give out a lot of game balls. But it’s that offensive line of these Redskins that really did the job today.>>They have done an excellent job. Riggins now over 100 yards. Let’s see how he got that last bundle.>>Let’s see if we can see some more of this blocking. Just watch those white jerseys fire out. Look at that. They’re controlling the line of scrimmage. They have everything going. All they need is a little standstill, and they get them going backwards. Riggins gets through.>>And got a first down. Riggins 107 yards and 29 carries. 33 years old. 235-pound John Riggins. The Dallas story… Three times in the last three years now for them in the championship game. Riggins will go to work again. Finally falls out of a pack for about 3 yards. Anthony Dickerson tripped him up, and those Redskins know the time is getting near. They’ll have one more game to play.>>Well, we were talking about what they had to do. John Riggins has carried the ball 30 times today. We had the feeling that if he could carry it 25 or more that they would win. He did, and they are. They’re on their way to Pasadena.>>Gibbs said, “We’ve never been able to run against Dallas.” But they have today. Riggins will have another go at it. Riggins! Down to the 35. Another Redskin first down. “Just give it to me, Coach.”>>That’s pretty good news. Actually haven’t talked in a couple of months. This left side of the offensive line started off doing a good job, and they’re finishing their day’s work. Look at that. Boom, boom, and it’s going backwards. Then you give it to that big fullback right in behind you. There’s a Hog. That’s what they call them.>>They say that Riggins, although the rest of the members of that group are the offensive linemen, Riggins is a true hog.>>They gave him a Hogs t-shirt.>>They have hung the Cowboys. There’s the hangman’s noose. 2:09 left to play. Dallas called a time-out. They have two left. [ Crowd cheers ] There’s Danny White again. Redskins’ first down at the Cowboy 36. Riggins again, straight ahead. Anthony Dickerson made the stop.>>This is a great feeling from the Redskins’ sideline. When you know you’re going to the Super Bowl, all you have to do is finish it out. You got a chance to enjoy it right now because after this game, they’re going to have to start thinking about the Super Bowl and who they’re going to be playing. But now this is true enjoyment on that sideline. You don’t have to worry about the next one yet. You just enjoy. You congratulate each other, love. The whole doggone thing, man. This is a great feeling and a great time. That’s not.>>Not on that side. There was some discussion during the week that the Redskins got to play on Saturday and Dallas had to play on Sunday, but Dallas had to travel, and the Redskins didn’t. You think that was a factor at all?>>No, I sure don’t. I think the Redskins have to be given all the credit that they deserve. They came on the hard way. Joe Gibbs came in a year ago. Didn’t have a lot to work with. Started off 0-4. And he just kept going, just kept fighting, fighting back. John Riggins came back. This offensive line developed. They did it the hard and a tough year. Doggone it, they deserve the credit.>>Here goes Riggins again. Riggins in the hands of Michael Downs. Struggling still. May have another first down. Riggins carrying Michael Downs. That will be the 2:00 warning. Dallas down to 1 time-out now. Riggins, 33 carries, 134 yards. And the Redskin fans are starting to go wild. 31-17. That much time left for the NFC Championship for the Washington Redskins. Last time these two teams played in a championship game here was 1972. The result that day was Washington 26, Dallas 3. And today it’s Washington on top again. At the Dallas 25. And here goes Riggins again, over the center and then spinning back to his right. Randy White tripped him up. Dallas’ last three trips the last three years to the championship game… Lost to Philadelphia in Philadelphia, 20-7. Lost to San Francisco in San Francisco in that thriller last year, 28-27. And now in Washington, they trail, 31-17. The clock’s running. Line of scrimmage, the Dallas 24. Cowboys with one time-out remaining. Riggins goes again. Wrapped up this time by Harvey Martin. Had some help from the outside. They got to use that one time-out sometime if they think it’s gonna save anything.>>I’m sure they won’t use it. But you know that statistic? You see them losing there. There’s Jack Kent Cooke, the owner of the Washington Redskins. One of the happiest men down there.>>There’s about 50 happy or more.>>Looks like he was trying to get a little coaching in there.>>Yeah! Little forearm shiver.>>And Dallas has just taken their last time-out. It’s third down and 7 at the 22-yard line of Dallas. Redskins and the victory celebration on the sideline. Another forearm shiver.>>That sideline’s tough. They’ve lost the championship game the last three years in a row, but, doggone it, you can’t lose them if you don’t get there.>>That’s right.>>And they’ve gotten there, and they’ve been one of the outstanding teams in the National Football League. They’re a real class team, but today’s the day of the Washington Redskins.>>Look at the back of big Dave Butz.>>There’s Bobby Beathard. Bobby Beathard was very instrumental in building this team. He knew that he had an older team. He knew he had to do something about it. He went out and did it.>>Third and 6, Riggins. When you win a championship, and you have 26 free agents on your squad, you’ve done something. Rich Milot signaling for cheers for the fans. They respond.>>If I were the Redskins, I’d want to take these fans to Pasadena with me — the whole stadium.>>You know they want to. Charlie Brown had started at the middle of the field for the celebration. Theismann went and got him and brought him back. Theismann will just run it down as far as he can. He’ll knee it. That should do it.>>No, it really doesn’t do it because there’s a time-out, a change of possession. No one knows that. It was fourth down, Joe. The officials are still saying, “Hey, come back.” The fans are on the field. It’s not over.>>12 seconds remaining on the scoreboard clock, and John Madden is so very right. The Cowboys still have 12 seconds to operate with, but they’re already going down the tunnel into their locker room. The fans are all over the place. We have time for one more play.>>And the officials are down there on the 22-yard line. They’re still waiting. I think for safety purposes, though, they better say, “That’s it.” They’re trying to call everyone back. They have to get these fans off this field. This could be dangerous.>>Here comes Theismann with the football. Joe Gibbs is still out there. I remember this happened one time to us at Yankee Stadium when I was with the Giants, and there was talk of us having to forfeit if they didn’t play the rest of the game. We were playing the Browns. They all went into the locker room, and they had to bring them back out and finish it off.>>The officials are standing strong. They’re waiting.>>While they’re getting ready for things, let’s tell you who’s responsible for the “NFL on CBS”… That’s a guy that we’ve worked with very closely all year long and who has done just an outstanding job. You look inside the Redskin locker room, and all these great pictures that you’ve seen over the year brought your way by Sandy Grossman, our director, our cheerleader. Special word for our free safety, Richie Zyontz.>>[ Laughing ] How’s he get to be the free safety?>>And all the rest of the people.>>I’ll tell you, they do a great job.>>Don’t they, though?>>Been an enjoyable year. I don’t know that the Cowboys have come back on the field. Looks like the Redskins are leaving the locker room to go out again. I don’t know if the Cowboys will.>>I don’t think I would. I wouldn’t want to. I know that, ’cause it’s not gonna change the outcome. We’re not playing for total points to see who goes somewhere now. Here come the Redskins back out again. There’s one Cowboy player. I think it’s Drew Pearson still left on the field. Joe Theismann taking over crowd control, as well as quarterbacking the Redskins.>>Well, Theismann didn’t have to come out. The offense really doesn’t have to come out because it’s the Dallas Cowboys’ ball.>>We’ll just have to wait and see.>>No, the Cowboys I don’t believe are coming out. Tom Landry around making his rounds to his players. But I don’t believe Dallas will make it back on the field. There’s Drew Pearson talking to Theismann.>>Someone ought to have a discussion with the referee, Jerry Seeman, there. You’re right. Drew Pearson is out there. Maybe he’s representing the Cowboys.>>Well, Drew can go ahead and run a play by himself. You don’t have to have 11 men. You can get by with fewer. So, he can just go out there and pick up the ball and run it out himself. That would solve everything, wouldn’t it?>>Jerry Seeman, the referee, is there talking to Joe Gibbs. It looks like Joe Gibbs says, “Is it okay to go in?”>>And we still wait. There are those 12 seconds still on the scoreboard clock.>>And, again, the reason is, the Redskins went for it on a fourth down. Theismann just knelt down. So, when he knelt down, the whistle blew. That’s change of possession. Stops the clock. Still 12 seconds.>>It looks like Jim Myers, in the middle there, has just found out that “hey, they want us back out there again.” But they’re not coming. Wonder how long we’re gonna stand here?>>The Cowboys were asked if they wanted to come back and finish the game. They said yes, they do, and they’re coming out of the tunnel now.>>And as they come out of the tunnel, it starts to rain. Here comes the Cowboy offensive unit. And it just started to rain just a second ago. We had had, as we said at the beginning of the broadcast, some really gloomy forecasts about what the weather was supposed to be, and everybody was dreading it. But it just began right now to rain. Cowboys look around to see if they got enough people out on the field. Here comes Hogeboom, finally. So, they have somebody to call the play. Redskins defensive unit is out there. 12 seconds left on the clock. Again, they’re not gonna change the outcome of the game.>>Well, the Redskins fans and the players can have one more celebration, anyway. When it does get down to zero, they can go through those antics again. But they’re on their way to Pasadena, and, doggone it, as I said, they’re the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL. They didn’t get a lot of respect, but they have respect now. They did it. They went through the Dallas Cowboys, a team that you have to if you’re gonna represent the NFC.>>Look, John, who is the quarterback for the Cowboys now.>>Drew Pearson?>>Drew Pearson.>>He used to be a quarterback.>>In high school. In fact, he and Joe Theismann were quarterbacks at the same high school — South River, New Jersey.>>It will go in the record books that they did play against each other as quarterbacks in the NFL.>>In the meantime, the celebration goes on. Pearson just takes it and downs it, and that will run it out. [ Crowd cheers ] Joe Gibbs, fighting his way through the crowd, and he’s gonna have a tough time getting there. It is gonna be a wild scene for a long time. For John Madden, this is Pat Summerall from RFK Stadium, saying so long. Been a great year.

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