Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 168 – Full Episode – 5th March, 2020

March 13, 2020

We finished
buying clothes. According to the promise
we have to go the fair. Yes. We’ll play in the
rides at the fair and we’ll have cotton candy. Have cotton candy
and buy some toys too. Okay.. Janki..
– What, Brother? There are already so many
toys lying in the house. You’re spoiling Kusum. Hurry up, Uncle.
We have to go the fair. Let’s go..
– Yes.. Janki, you also
come along with us. No, Brother.
You both go and come. It’s her birthday today. I’ll prepare her
favourite food. Don’t forget
to make Gulab Jamun. For sure.. Don’t trouble uncle much.
– Okay. – And come back soon. Go, Dear.
– All right. Let’s go..
– All right, let’s go. ‘A happy girl
from a happy family.’ ‘But who knew that
her life is going to destroyed’ ‘due to the
circumstances.’ Sir, I’m taking very
less money from you. If I go somewhere else,
I’ll get double the price. Sir, I want to go home. She must be waiting for me. Today is my birthday. You want to go
home, right? – Yes. Then, listen.
If you do what I tell you to do. Then, I, myself
will drop you home. I’ll do exactly what you say. What do I have to do? Take this, dear.
Apply me this oil. Take it. You will apply
the oil on me, right? ‘Stain.’ Okay.. Okay.. You want me to add
two more items? Yes, I’ll do that. Greetings, Dad.
– Greetings, dear. I was waiting for you. This letter
came from the bank. There is some
‘Know Your Customer’ issue. They’ve freezed the account. We have to give a reply. Mr. Ahmed, whenever
you’ve needed your daughter she has always
been there for you. How are you, dear?
– I’m good, sir. Stay blessed. Dad, give me a copy
of your aadhar card. I’ll bring it and come. Here you go, dear. This is the photocopy. All right, Dad.
I’ll take leave. I’ll see you in the evening.
Bye. Bye. Shahnaz..
– Greetings. – Greetings. Our application to go
for ‘Haj’ has been approved. Thank God! Indeed. Before going for ‘Haj’ I want to resolve
all the issues of my life. So that I don’t feel
ashamed over there. And the life
shouldn’t feel dull. I know what
you’re trying to say. What you’re thinking
is absolutely right. The mobile is lying over here
and you’re sitting there. Did you watch
what I told you to watch? Mr. Hameed.. Mr. Hameed.. Sir..
Where are you? Don’t you want
to go for morning walk? Mr. Hameed. Come on.
Move! Sir.
– Yes. The cupboard is open. Jelwellery boxes are open too.
I think it’s a case of robbery. No, sir.
Yes, write it.. Do you know him? Sir, he is Mr. Hamid,
Hamid Choudhary, And she is his wife, Shehnaaz. They own a restaurant
in Old Chowk. We used to go for
a morning walk together. Today, I came here
and saw them.. Sir, come here. The shocking news
of Kanpur triple murders in which three persons were
found dead in the same house spread all over the country
like a wildfire. This black headline raised
several questions. A very complicated crime scene
appeared before the police which made this case
very complex. The way three murders were
committed was very scary. The police was obviously
under tremendous pressure. Sir, a bag has been found.
But there is no ID proof inside. Is there any phone inside?
– No, sir. No phone has been found. You..
Do you know her? No, I have never
seen her before. It’s possible she was a member
of the robbers’ gang. They had a fight over the
sharing of the robbed items. The other members killed her
and fled away. Hey, I made the entire plan.
I should get more share. Come on.
Give me. You want more share?
– Then what? The way Hamid’s
trousers are open.. It seems there was
a girl angle in this case. Otherwise, finding the corpse
of an unknown girl inside the house..
That too, inside the bathroom.. It’s not clear, sir. No, not possible. No married man would ask
a girl to come to his house in the presence of his wife.
– Sir! Seeing her clothes, it seems
she was sexually assaulted. The lace of her salwar
is completely loose. It’s hard to keep
the salwar at its place if it is tied so loosely.
– I see. Send the corpse
for post-mortem. Circulate her photograph
everywhere. Dad.. Dad! Dad..
Mom.. I don’t know who she was
and what she was doing here. Did your parents have any enemy? Or did your dad have
an affair with that girl? What..
What are you saying? Look, don’t get angry. You can see.
Everything is in front of you. And we don’t want to miss
any angle in our investigation. That’s why I am asking you this. Sir, my father-in-law
had no enemy. He was a good person. In fact, they were planning
to go on hajj this year. Their forms got selected. Look, there is no sign
of forced entry in the house. And tea, biscuits and sweets
were served to extend hospitality. But the way money and jewellery
are missing.. It seems the murders
were committed for the purpose of robbery. Do you suspect anyone? Please think properly
and tell us. Gramophone..
– Yes? The gramophone is missing. An antique gramophone
used to be here. It’s strange!
The gramophone was stolen along with money and jewellery.
It’s beyond my understanding. Antique..
Whoever stole it is aware of its worth.
That’s why it was stolen. Nothing is clear now. But everything will be
cleared soon. Sir, don’t worry.
We will try our best. Yes.
‘Jai Hind’. Sir.
– Yes. There is a CCTV installed
near Hamid’s house. But the owner of the house,
Pervez, has gone to Lucknow to attend a wedding
with his family. We will get the CCTV footage
once he returns home. Is there any information
of the girl? Sir, we have circulated her
photo to every police station. And our informants
have been deployed too. All the jewellers,
restaurateurs and those who deal
with antique items.. Summon everyone, okay? I am not understanding how that girl was
related to them. What was she doing there? Why did she get killed? It’s possible Hamid and his wife
got killed because of her. Or that girl got killed
because of Hamid and his wife. We need to explore
both the angles. She is 18 years old, right? You are not lying, aren’t you? Actually, these girls don’t
have any document. You get her documents done. Mention her age
as per your wish. Sit down. Come..
Come inside. Come. Come. This is my small house. But I will treat
you like a queen. Henceforth, your name
is Ruksar. Come with me.
I will show you our room. Come. This is our room. Come. Whatever you need..
Tell me without any hesitation. I want to meet
my mother. I don’t remember much but.. Our house was located
in Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur. Okay, I will take you there. But tonight.. Don’t discuss
about all this tonight. Here is your tea. This bag..
Where are you going? You are going,
not me. What are you doing? Ashfaq, I am your wife, right? You got married to me. Ashfaq, stop him..
– Take her away. From where have you brought
all this? The arrangement
has been done. You didn’t do the right thing. I don’t want to stay
here anymore. Let me go now.
Please set me free. I am begging you. For how long
should we tolerate her? I have done my job. Let us see how long it takes
for her to melt. Parveen, I think we should
tell everything to the police. No, we will not do that. He was someone who used
to pay wages to his labourers before their sweat dries. He was a very good person. We will never be
able to forget him. Sir, there’s a feeling
of mourning and anger in the whole market. I don’t think we will ever
find a person like him. Sir, our association demands
you to find his murderers soon. Mr. Aslam. Let’s open the restaurant
from tomorrow. I will handle it. Okay.
Come to the police station soon. Sir. – Yes? We have found
the CCTV footage of Junaid who lives in Hamed’s locality. I have asked Naved
to come here with the footage. Do you recognise this guy?
– No, sir. Karan, fetch the details
of this man. Check it properly.
We might find a clue. Hey.. Leave me.. Leave me. Stop.. Stop.. Stop.. Let Sakir come back. I will make sure
he teaches you a lesson. Do you recognise him? He was spotted in your locality. No, sir. No. Recall and tell us something
which can help us. Someone shot my father
a year ago. Did someone shoot him?
Who was it? Sir, we haven’t come
to know it yet. My dad thought that he just
misunderstood it. That’s why he didn’t even
lodge a complaint. When did it happen? It happened last year
on 24th October. The police was under pressure
because of this triple murder. This case had now become
like a zigzag blade. The police team was trying
to understand this case from every minute information
it was getting. Sir. – Yes, Karan. The postmortem report is here. As per the report,
all three of them died as someone slit their
throats with a sharp object. One more thing, sir. The girl who was found
dead in the bathroom.. A sexual activity was happened
with her before her death. What? What does the DNA reports say? Sir, they don’t
match with Hamid. It was someone else. The person who was in that
photo which you sent.. – Okay. His name is Aamir. He lives with his wife, Zoya,
behind the big mosque. One more thing, sir. Mr. Aamir has another daughter. Another important task for you. Last year, on 24th October,
someone tried to shoot Hamid outside the mosque. Find out who
had shot that bullet and on whose orders
it was done. I will do it, sir. Here, take this. – No, sir. I will not take money to work
for a person like Mr. Hamid. I will take your leave, sir. That’s the one. Yes? Where is Aamir, your son? He is missing
from the last many days. And you didn’t even lodge
a complaint with the police? Check the house. – But, sir.. Sir,
there’s no one else inside. Give me Aamir’s number.
– Okay. You have hidden a very big
information from us. You have
another sister, don’t you? Yes. Did she not come even on
the death of her parents? Why? And why did you hide this
matter from us? Because dad was
very upset with her. Dad, I have done the
bank work. Don’t worry. You will get a call. Get her married
as soon as possible. I cannot marry anyone else. I have accepted Shakir
to be my husband and I am carrying
his baby in my womb. Dad was very angry that day. But he tried to explain Saima
with love one day. Dear, I’m not your enemy. I am not even ashamed of
bowing down to your demand. But I have found out
that Shakir is not a good man and even his mother doesn’t
have a good image. I agree that you have
made a mistake but it is not right
to make another mistake to hide your first one.
Your life will become infernal. Now, you are making
my life infernal, Dad. All right. If you want to write the story
of your ruination, do it. But remember this. After this day,
we are strangers. She was a black spot
on the dignity of our family. My parents
loved her the most. Yet, she gave
them the most pain. What does Shakir do?
– Nothing. My father had said
that he married Saima for money. Where does
your sister, Saima, live? Everything that my
father said was true. I was wrong. Shakir never
made me happy. Why? Yours was
a love marriage, right? Shakir married me for my
father’s property and money. When I left
my father’s house Shakir started
troubling me. To prevent me
from running away he used
to keep me tied up. Where is your child? I had lied to my parents that I was pregnant
with Shakir’s child. All right.
File a police complaint. We will investigate. Sir.
– Yes? We got news from
Gautam Nagar Police Station. This girl’s name is Kusum.
Two years ago.. What is your name?
Speak up. Rukhsaar.. It’s Kusum. After that raid,
all the girls were sent to an NGO
named ‘Nayi Jyoti’. The police raided that place
after being informed by Kusum. However,
it took a lot of time for Kusum to come
out of that trauma. Her story
is very painful, sir. Kusum was used
like a commodity by people. She was bought. They used her
to their heart’s content and sold her again. It’s Kusum. Has Kusum ever spoken
about her family? Yes. She had said
that her house was in Kanpur. We tried
to find her family. Kusum.. For years,
someone else has been living at the address
you gave us. Where did they go?
Does no one know? How did Kusum know Hamid? Mr. Hamid used to come
here to donate frequently. I had introduced
him to Kusum. Oh, so is she that girl?
– Yes. She is Kusum. I had told
you about her. We are looking
for her parents. God is great.
I will pray that you meet
your parents soon. I know how it feels to be away
from your loved ones. Dear.. Don’t think that you
are alone in this world. Think of me
as your father. I know
many people in Kanpur. I will talk to all of them. Perhaps, they will
be able to help us. Kusum had no hope but Mr. Hamid tried
his best to find her family. Then one day.. Mom..
– K-Kusum.. E-Everyone told me that you would
never return. H-However, I had faith that I would find you. After you left,
we sold everything and came to Chitrakoot. But where were you
all these years, dear? Mom, it’s a long story. I will tell you
once we meet. All right? This became possible
due to Mr. Hamid. Mom, just.. Just two days.
I will come to you in two days. Yes.. That day, she was going
to leave for Chitrakoot. Thank you very much. Karan, is it possible that Kusum’s history
was the reason for their deaths? Find out from the raid team about the head
of this racket. It’s possible
that while following Kusum.. …they reached
Hamid’s house. Along with this girl,
they killed Hamid and Shehnaaz. Right, sir. Hello? Sir!
– Yes? – We found Aamir. Speak up.. Sir, I have not
killed anyone. I entered the house
with the intention to steal. Sir, when I reached there.. I was scared
after seeing all that, sir. When I was escaping,
I saw that gramophone. I stole it
and ran from there, sir. That’s it, sir. I have no reason
to believe you. Get his DNA tested. This case was
getting complicated with every attempt
to solve it. The police had no evidence to put this case
on the right path. Even after Aamir’s statement,
the police were unable to understand the motive
behind these three murders. On one hand, Kusum’s life
was tangled in many cases. On the other hand, Hamid’s life
was riddled with problems. The motive of the murder
was being connected to everyone and investigated minutely. This investigation was difficult
for the police. Kusum? Who is she? She is.. What was her name? I don’t remember, sir. Actually, every client used to name
them differently. Whom did you ask
to kill her? Sir, why would I ask
anyone to kill her? She informed the police
and ruined your business. Is that so? Was she the one?
– Yes. it’s good that she is dead. Sir.. I will activate
the informers in the jail. If he has done something then something will
soon surface up. Sir, a contract to kill
was allotted to Guddan for Mr. Hamid’s
second son-in-law. The son-in-law’s name
was Shakir. A contract to kill Mr. Hamid
was allotted to Guddan, right? Say it! Yes, I was drunk and angry. I thought that they’ll
plead me to marry Saima once they hear the fake
news of her pregnancy. But they didn’t do so. Did you torture Saima
because of that? And you got her parents killed
when she didn’t give in. No, Hamid invited me home. Saima is stubborn. She’ll prefer to die
than requesting me. I shall give you
money for business. But you need to promise me that you’ll never hurt Saima. Dad, no matter what you
do he’ll never reform. And Saima chose this
path for herself. Then let them both suffer. Before he could grant me
something he was killed. Praveena and her husband are
not as decent as they seem. Sir.. The new DNA report. Sir, I didn’t do anything. Sir..
– Get up. Get up.. – Sir..
– Speak up. I’ll tell you. You are lying, right?
Say it. You murdered her, right? I swear, I didn’t kill anyone. Sir, if Amir is not lying then who committed
this murder and why? Hamid’s entire family is lying. Shakir even made
an attempt to kill. Javed?
– Javed is very naive. Manoj has nothing to do
with anything at all. Let’s do this. Let’s visit the
crime scene again and minutely take a look at
the houses and the locality. I am sure we’ll
find something. Okay! It’s said that every
crime scene tells a story. But at times things are not what they seem to be. The details that get
overlooked the first time needs to be revisited by
the cops again and again. The police didn’t give up and restarted the investigation
with new enthusiasm everytime. They did the same
in this case too. Being vigilant paid off. Karan, come here. I think the killer used this
as a point of entry and exit. He must have climbed up
the boundary and come here. The old part of the kitchen
is locked with an old lock. And look at the new lock here. We didn’t see anyone
in the CCTV footage. There’s no other way
to enter the house. The kitchen door’s closed too. This is the only way and the killer used this. And the blood stains,
skin tissues and the torn fabric say that the killer when he
used this for the entry and exit he must have got hurt. The killer is injured.
Do this. Find out from all the
doctors in the locality. He must have got
treated by someone. Send the forensic
team at the earliest. – Okay. ‘The police had laid their eyes
on a path that was uncommon.’ ‘And not leaving any stone
unturned with the investigation’ ‘the cops started
to question again.’ Yes, sir. 15 stitches. He was here for treatment but didn’t come again. He didn’t even take
this medicine with him. ‘The police now had
all the evidence’ ‘but it wanted to be vigilant’ ‘before nabbing the killer.’ Before she got lost
in the fair and now.. She didn’t go
missing in the fair. She was sold off. Come, let’s take you to task. Didn’t you go to dress
your wound again? My dad devoted his entire
life in serving Mr. Hamid. But he always treated
us as servants. What’s this vehicle
doing here still? This should have
left 2 hours ago. It’s such a huge catering order. Until today, no customer has
ever taken such a tone with me. And this restaurant is running
solely on my goodwill. You dare eyeball me? And Aslam, you’re becoming
a bum just like you son. Deliver the food.
Go! I felt terrible. And my anger found the fuel. Who fueled your anger? Our business is a long
standing one. Hameed had a tailoring shop
at the time. Looking at our restaurant,
he too opened one. He named it ‘Shahnaz’. And soon, he was attracting
all the customers. And one day, shocked
by the development my father passed away
after suffering a heart attack. I waited for two long
years. And that night, I saw the hatred
in Rihan towards Hameed. That’s when my two year wait
came to an end. Do you see what loyalty
brought you? Now exact your revenge. Once Mr. Hameed sent me
to buy a lock for the grill. But I kept a spare key
with me. Here you go. No, Aunty..
– Oh, come on. You’re going home
after so long. Keep it, dear. Accept the blessings
of your elders. Here. Aunty, I’ll get late.
I should be leaving. I need to use the wash room. Sure.
It’s over there. Go freshen up and I’ll
complete my Namaz by then. Okay?
– Right. Oh, Lord! Aunty! Uncle! Don’t kill me. I didn’t see anything.
I won’t say a word to anybody. My mom is waiting for me. You two exacted your revenge but in the process, you murdered
three innocent people. So you won’t be completing
your studies and your restaurant
will be shut down forever. Parents always want
good things for their children but sometimes they are unhappy with their children’s
independent decision In such situations
there is a chance of developing cracks and anger
within the family. Hameed had great future
plans for Saima. But she suddenly
got married and it drove a wedge
between the father and daughter. Brain washed by Moin,
Rihan killed Hameed. Hameed was a victim
of Moin’s animosity. I Annup Soni, would
like to ask your leave. I’ll be back with ‘Crime Patrol’s Black Headlines’
segment with a new case. And remember, the only thing
that can keep you safe is your level of alertness. Stay alert.
Stay safe. Jai Hind.

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