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¿Cuánto dura una pala de pádel y cuantas usa un jugador profesional ?

November 6, 2019

How long does a padel bat last? Hello to all Padeleros and welcome another week
for a chapter of Mejora TuPadel Do you know how often you should
change your bat? Do you know how long a bat lasts? If we buy this bat in 2018 Do you know when to change it? In this chapter we will talk about this issue provide some estimates according to your level and give you some guidelines so you can decide or know what is the best time to change the bat Well, to be able to start how the bat works and how long can a bat last the best it to teach you what makes a bat This is a bat What does a bat have inside? This is what it has it has a layer of rubber And is, in a way, a sandwich Inside there is a layer of foam outside another layer and another layer on the other side Related to the materials used in the construction they can be carbon fibre fiberglass or kevlar as you know, all your bats have written in the surface The materials that are used, so Something important to know in how your bat is made is the type of foam the type of face of the bat if it is a hard surface or is a more elastic surface and other materials.
For example, in this bat you can see that in the grip there is a resin core that that the goal is to dampen the vibrations when we hit the ball furthermore, in the bridge as you can see there is a layer of cork that the goal is also the reduction of vibrations Another part is the frame in this case it is a tubular frame that is hollow as you can see there is nothing inside and in the same way what it attempts is to provide stiffness to the bat Now for the question: Do the bats lose properties with time? Yes! The bats loose properties with time What influences it? Firstly it depends on the type of usage. Team:
This is the main error we players make We finish playing and
where do we store the bats? The car boot What happens in car boot? The car is in the sun it will heat up as an oven If we don’t remove the bat from the car and leave it overnight at the moment it is probably inside the car boot temperatures can reach, here in Spain, 30 degrees probably a bit higher inside the car the bat can reach 35 to 40 degrees At night the temperature will lower we can reach, best scenario, 12 to 15 degrees what happens? These are temperature shits that makes the material to dilate and later returns to the original shape and this is not good for the bat In the same way, if in winter We leave the bat in the car boot What will happen is the same The low temperatures will cause changes in the the materials which will manifest in changes of how it behaves but above all how it evovles through time.
For that reason it is of the utmost importance when you ask: Manu, How long can a bat last me? How often do I have to change the bat It will depend on how you care for it How you care for it is: Do not expose it to high temperatures in the car boot to the low temperatures Another very important thing, At this moment I have the bats in this surface I’ll show you This is how I have the bats well, At this moment when you touch the bat And I will touch them now, if is piping hot This surface is burning this one isn’t There can be a difference I don’t know as I don’t have a thermometer but there is a big temperature difference So when you go and play and strike the ball If I hit with this side of the bat Firstly the ball won’t come out the same and secondly there is a chance of breaking because we are changing the properties of this cover of the carbon fibre face All these are things that we should be careful with Don’t leave your bat in the sun for long periods If you do, be careful when picking up a hot bat and go play because, surely some of you have face it you hit the ball incent shot it doesn’t even have to be a smash and you break the bat Sometimes due to manufacturing defect others is because we are
not taking care of it properly Another situations where we are not taking care of the bat if you are that type of players that your hands sweat a ot and you grip gets very damp during the game when you store it the the bag Because by storing it in the bag or case the humidity will be trapped inside the same way it happens if you played while it was raining and store the bat wet this will causae, in time the foam to lose properties and it will break sooner so my recommendation is store the bat in the bag As you know the bags have a thermal insulated compartment And it allows the temperature
variation to be smaller The temperature changes are bad for your bat In any case Why do we have to change the bat? What is the reason why we change the bat? the bat loses properties and with time loses the ability to the power and response it had in the beginning becomes soft why softer? This is my trainer and my trainer has EVA foam in the sole any trainer you have, especially the running trainers little by litle the the foam will give the bat pushes the ball because the foam has memory and that foam loses that mamery with time so, little by little will become softer every time we hit the ball it rebounds less For a bat to last longer preferable to have a hard bat the hard bat will take longer to lose the properties than the softer bat For example if you buy a foam bat the loud ones when we strike It is a bat that works well at lower speeds at high speeds don’t have so much kick it is a bat that will lose properties earlier You will probably not notice it because won’t be noticeable when you hit a lower speeds but these softer foam bats will last less Now for the starred question: Manu: How long until we start thinking about changing the bat I will give you some guiding data Beginner player Beginner player, as many playing once a week and won’t probably be playing matches an occasional player could be playing with the same bat for several years could be 4 or 5 years unless the frame of the bat breaks. unless the frame or face breaks they can play with it without issues whenever the frame breaks we can have injuries due to the vibration If we are talking about a higher level player Club player, that plays 3 times a week it is normal that by 6 to 8 months a bat change may become necessary this will ultimately depend on you It is not mandatory, nor will cause harm when we strike the ball especially for smashing or power shots Well, the bat will behave in a different way There comes a time when the player decides to change for a new one In summary, the reason to change the bat should be on a personal level if we notice that the bat doesn’t have the same response as it had when we bought it don’t worry with the bats that that begin darkening at the contact point as an example I leave you with the image of Cata Tenorio’s bat Cata Tenorio’s bat it is very dirty, firstly because she always strikes in the sweet spot secondly, because she uses a lot of new balls well, the ink of the new balls causes the face of the bat to become tinted Dirt is not a problem to finish another of the questions you make is out of curiosity how many bats does a professional player use during the year Well, guys How many bats do you use per year? Including the with the summer heat and that the foam becomes softer and we don’t like it at least for me between 8 and 10 a year I am the same 10 bats a year. Not that I break them but I change them when what Alejandra said, they soften Between 6 and 8 bats A little less. Buba Well, for myself a few more Buba is a left side player and hits very hard More or less 15 When do you change them?
Of course when they become softer Bubita is an “animal” Thank you guys For example Gabi Reca he spends between 8 and 10 bats a year and if I want to give you another left side player give me a second, we ask Seba Nerone How are you Seba? I am very well. One question: How many bats do you use approximately per season? on average Between 8 and 10 bats per season, more or less That is my average When do you know you need to change the bat? when do you think? I swap my bats for 2 reasons: firstly because it breaks That happens less often And they always break on the same spot on the sides When you do low backhand volleys when you are defending and you lower the head a bit You hit the ball and it ends up breaking there. and the other reason is aesthetic I believe that if there are brands that
pay you to play with a bat You should not play with a dirty or scraped bat or in bad shape those are the two reasons why I change them Perfect Thank you for the information You’re welcome, take care Manu I will see you tomorrow.Take care. Ciao Here you have a second reason why professional players swap the bats Sometimes not because it can influence the performance But also due to esthetic reasons or marketing, well another option To finish today’s chapter I would like to speak in another video the subject of bat repair I don’t have anything against people that repair bats If any of you repairs bats contact me, I’ll leave the email below, do some test talk a bit about bat repair:
I have my opinion but I would like to know a bit more become more informed and and share it with the comunity If any of you repairs bats, please send me an email and and we will make some comparison tests and talk a bit about the subject I will keep on making videos on bats as you know I’m a bit busy leave your questions below and if you think of a specific subject on equipment in this case bats or any other piece of equipment When it is with me I will try to develop the content and move forward withit. As always remind you you can follow me on
@manumartin83 We sometimes speak abou equipment there For any other subject you know you have my email where we can talk about subjects a bit more serious I hope it has been useful that will give you a bit more insight on your equipment and helps you handle your bat better. So that it lasts longer As always we will see each other next week with a video that is at least as interesting as this one ciao I want to teach you something That you will like How are you Juanca? Hello Manu Good afternoon Good afternoon.
Can you tell me what you were telling me on the sweet spot? One way to find out where the sweet spot is make a line on the height of the bat and another on the widest part We can see that in a round bat The wider part is here and on a tear shaped bat the wider part is bit higher That is what would give us a pattern of knowing where the bat’s sweet spot is and the other you taught me? and the other is find the balance here And when the bat starts to balance We know that here is the balance. we can draw a line And when we get another bat This one, due to its shape more weight in the head The balance will me in the line a bit further out Juanca, thank you for your knowledge It was a pleasure and follow Manu that will teach you a lot and it will be useful the entire day Take care, ciao


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    Hola Manu. Dime…qué opinas tú de las palas con 1 agujero…como esa que has cortado en este vídeo…claro que sí me guío por eso…parece que no tienes las mejores opiniones…jajajaja. Espero la respuesta. Un abrazo!

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    Gracias Manu

    Súper interesante y práctico

  • Reply pablo diaz June 8, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    Buenas Manu,una cosa,las palas como las de Cata que se ensucian del punto dulce ,hay algún tipo de producto con el que se pueda limpiar.


  • Reply aQuiLeS June 9, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Buenas yo me dedique por hobby a la reparación de palas durante unos 3 o 4 años te mande un mail por si necesitas info del tema.

  • Reply Cabellito 05 July 9, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    La X compact es buena para mi? ??

  • Reply Cabellito 05 July 9, 2018 at 8:32 pm

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  • Reply Cabellito 05 July 9, 2018 at 8:32 pm

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    Great video! As a Swedish Padel player I really appriciate the subtitles. I hope you keep creating videos with subs.

  • Reply Sergio López July 20, 2018 at 12:45 pm

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  • Reply RGC August 27, 2018 at 9:08 pm

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    El tema es que me gusta mucho la pala en general y a lo mejor alguien me podría recomendar alguna similar en cuanto a características y como se desenvuelve!

    Muchas gracias gente ??

  • Reply Juanma Navarro August 31, 2018 at 6:48 pm

  • Reply Juanma Navarro August 31, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    Hola, reparo palas o otros productos fabricados en carbono desde hace bastantes años, respetando elasticidad,peso y balance original con resultados muy buenos de rendimiento y durabilidad. Será un placer responder a cualquier pregunta o duda.
    Excelente trabajo Manu?

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  • Reply Puyu 935 October 4, 2018 at 3:52 am

    Recomendaciónes con una pala nueva Manu, al ser tan nuevita ya podemos darle duro al smash o hay que usarla unos días para poder pegarle al maximo

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    Hola Manu, buenas noches!! Muy bueno e interesante el vídeo, una pregunta te quería hacer a raíz de este tema, has dicho que el calor afecta negativamente al comportamiento de la pala, hace poco en el Granada open, no me acuerdo concretamente que jugador, en los descansos del partido, metía la pala en la nevera, me podías decir el motivo y qué opinas? Sería conveniente guardar la pala en la nevera de casa o es por motivo ocasional ?
    Gracias de antemano y espero verte este año en Bilbao, me debes una foto?

  • Reply Alvaro Del Fresno October 27, 2018 at 7:09 pm

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    Y me quieres decir que el calor afecta a la fibra de carbono?  A partir de 80º se funde la espuma, pero la fibra en si aguanta una barbaridad y una resina epoxi normal un máximo de 180º. Lo de las fundas me parece una autentica chorrada, la única diferencia que hay entre una buena pala y una mala, es que las que tienen un proceso en vacío son mas resistentes exceptuando las de HEAD, que por alguna extraña razón siempre tienen sitios dónde hay burbujas para facilitar las roturas.

    Fibra de Carbono:


    Tela de fibra de carbono.
    Las propiedades principales de este material son:

    Muy elevada resistencia mecánica, con un módulo de elasticidad elevado.
    Baja densidad, en comparación con otros materiales como por ejemplo el acero.
    Elevado precio de producción.
    Resistencia a agentes externos.
    Gran capacidad de aislamiento térmico.
    Resistencia a las variaciones de temperatura, conservando su forma, sólo si se utiliza matriz termoestable.

    Resinas epoxi[editar]
    La importancia de las matrices epoxi está en la capacidad del radical epóxido para reaccionar con una gran variedad de otros radicales orgánicos y formar enlaces cruzados sin la aparición de un producto condensado. Las resinas epoxi se caracterizan por tener baja retracción, buen comportamiento a temperatura elevada (hasta 180 °C) y buena resistencia a los agentes químicos.

  • Reply Tomeu Cerdà January 23, 2019 at 11:14 pm

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  • Reply Antonio Rules October 1, 2019 at 8:20 am

    ¿Podrías hacer el vídeo de tu opinión sobre la reparación de palas? Compré una pala Siux elite carbon Oro II con una raja en un lado, me costó 3 euros en un mercadillo y estoy pensando en repararla yo mismo viendo algún tutorial de youtube y con kits de reparación que veo que venden en ebay (resina epoxy, catalizador y fibra de carbono) o que me la reparé alguien. Gracias.

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    Manu, mi duda es la sguiente: Quiero comprar una pala de 400 euros pero que ahora esta en oferta a 99 eur….pero esta pala es del año 2015, mantiene las propiedades estando a 2019. Gracias.

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