Culture at ADP Romania

October 9, 2019

How would you describe the culture within
ADP Romania? In ADP we can feel a very collaborative approach,
no matter of your role is, everyone is focus to achieving the same objective, each associate
has the opportunity to express their ideas in workshops, in meetings and we achieve to
work at the end as big team ADP. ADP culture is around the value of each person
counts, I feel that it is people centric culture, I really believe that we live by this value,
each person counts every day, I feel it and it’s in line with my own values and let’s say
is something that reflects back to our stakeholders, our partners and our clients. I think is a open culture, we are encourage
to speak our mind and leadership here encourage us to take calculate risks. ADP has a very open culture based on diversity
and inclusion, myself and my colleagues we feel that people are value above anything
else, we feel that we’re encourage to achieve our potential and we have a culture that drives innovation. The culture is light and serious on results,
we find that you are encourage to innovate and bring about ideas so that you can bring,
not on the company but yourself and your team forward. I would describe ADP culture as diversity,
innovation, respect and development. Ready to innovate with us?

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