Custard Pie Craziness! 1972 | The Archivist Presents # 33

December 7, 2019

Have you ever been in a custard pie fight? I’d really love to throw custard pies around with gay abandon like the ladies in this next film do. I’m going to keep my eye on the International Custard Pie Championship website to see when registration opens Who wants to be in my team? Wait for it! It was custard, custard all the way, but not a drop to eat in the great world custard pie throwing championships held at Coxheath in Kent The Horsmonden Honeys battle it out with the Coxheath Birds The Honeys, in the striped shirts , throwing from left to right just like Wimbledon! The men are there, only for the beer, they leave the rest of the contest to the girls! custard pie throwing ,a great way to work off some of that excess energy Cor! the world champions are the Coxheath Birds, the team who pushed
the custard pies through the air with the greatest of ease! We’d love you to subscribe to the British Movietone channel for regular

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