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Cyprien – Le mariage homosexuel

February 17, 2020

A few days ago, I was invited to my cousin’s wedding and her wife. It’s funny because when I talked about it with my friends, they all told me the same thing Next week, I have to go to a wedding… Oh that’s boring an homosexual one. Ohh That’s awesome! So, I had to tell them It’s whatever, it’s just a normal wedding in 2013. The legal union of two people who love each other, that’s it. But I admit, for real, it’s pretty awesome. And before the marriage, I wondered, What are they going to wear exactly? A dress? A suit? Well, I didn’t really know anything about it. And when I asked my cousin, she told me: You’ll see at the wedding. And on the wedding’s day, each of them had their own dress. A white dress and a black one. So when I saw them, I told them: Ahhh, white, black, the yin, the yang, complementarity, union. Not bad. No, it’s just that I like white.
And I like black. It’s a little yin-yang anyways. No, it’s a matter of preference. Ok, ok. It’s yin-yang. And actually the one thing I could not wait for, during this wedding, was when the mayor should say: I declare you husband and wife. What was he going to say then? I declare you wife and wife? So I was waiting for that, for what he was going to say. And on behalf of the law, oh yes I declare you… go ahead, say it say it, say it, say it, say it, say it …united by the bonds of marriage. What? No! We felt that this wedding changed the mayor’s daily life He even tried to make a little joke Anyways, I’m very happy for this marriage Since I will be able to kiss (French greeting) two married women, instead of just one. Jean Louis Menier has always dreamed of being a comedian and make large crowds of people laugh in grand Parisian venues under family pressure, he stayed in his town where he ended up as the mayor sometimes he reconsiders his chilhood dream, what plunges him in a deep depression Oh, I forgot a small detail My grandmother disappeared right before the wedding.
(She did not pass away,
she was lost.) Just before the wedding, she disappeared. Neverless, it was in a very small town Very tiny, impossible to lose anyone So, what were we supposed to do ? Should we cancel the wedding, to find the grandmother? Or should we carry on the wedding anyways without the grandmother? That’s what we finally did, so I spent the entire ceremony like this: Ah it’s lovely to see my cousin so radiant. Perhaps that I don’t have a grandmother anymore ! We found my grandmother just after the wedding She was in fact in the opposite marriage, in a church, which was occurring at the same time I have no idea how she ended up at the wrong wedding. It would mean that she spent 30 minutes, in the wrong wedding No problem ! Ah, my granddaughter has finally chose a man and she has changed her face.. and all of my family has disappeared… Wait…. aaaahh Alzheimer ! After that, there was a party in a ballroom, with pretty much everyone even the mayor, because it was a tiny village and we had to do something, that I hate : write something in the guestbook. I still tried to play it cool, but I still wrote shit ! Long live the newleyweds ! Shit ! I forgot an extra “E” (for females, you have to add an extra ‘E’ at the end of certain adjectives in French) What are you writing, cousin? Oh nothing Oh come on, let me see No no no no, It’s not finished yet I’m finishing So I signed the guestbook with a weird handwriting, to make people think I wrote like this all the time. You see, I have this handwriting that’s kind of weird.. it’s pretty funny… Apart from that, it was a great wedding It was touching and at the same time it was fun Everyone was nice Even the mayor Ha I have to go, I leave you… “well” (In french it makes a pun. “Laisse” & “bien” make the word “lesbiennes” which is “Lesbians” in English) Ah I just have a last word for you, internet people To thank you, simply, For a few weeks, my youtube channel has reached the head of the french rankings and I’m very honored to be the first French Youtuber! It’s all thanks to you and just by doing these little clicks, you’ve allowed this to happen So to thank you all, I will be making many other videos Bye!


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