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Daniel Caverzaschi – tenis en silla de ruedas

August 29, 2019

This is Daniel,
he has a degree in Economics and he is a professional athlete,
we are going to talk with him about abilities, sacrifice, the success achieved
and the success yet to come. Hey, Dani,
our Paralympic tennis player, how are you, how’s everything goin Very well, and how are you?
-Very well, are you training hard? Yes, of course, always. Well, your career is amazing, you are one
of the youngest athletes, our promising young star,
I guess you’ve been told this a lo “Young and good-looking”,
you probably hear this a lot. Well, more or less,
they don’t call me “good-looking”, but sometimes I’ve been said
that I am a “promising young star” and well,
I try to do things my own way, and now I’m happy with everything
that I have achieved, regarding both my studies
and tennis, this is the first year that I am
playing tennis as a professional, and I want to see how far I can go
there are many things that I have to improve
in every aspect, and well, I have to be focused,
and this is what I’m trying to do, to improve…
-Well, you are already improving, you are 23rd
in the worldwide ranking, if I’m not mistaken,
and number 1 in Spain, aren’t you? Yes, that is my ranking right now,
and I’m very happy. You started at a very early age,
at 11 years old, Yes.
-in a clinic here in Madrid. Yes, at Madrid Tennis Federation,
where I trained later, and as I told you,
I played all the sports, my parents took me everywhere
to do all kind of things, and I always loved sports,
I tried playing tennis, and I loved it
from the first moment, and then, a coach named Carlos Rodríguez,
to whom I will always be grateful, gave me free lessons,
I started to train for free during one year or so,
and he saw that I was young and I had great potential, and the
I started training more seriously, from the age of 15, 16, little by little, until now. When you get serious,
you certainly do, and you always work flat out, you have just finished your degree
haven’t you?, Yes.
-at the University of Warwick, a degree in Economics.
-Economics, yes, I’m really happy.
-And you have graduated with first-class honours,
in other words, you always… Yes, I worked so hard
during the last two years, I graduated last year, in July,
and it was really hard, especially the last year, as I had to combine it with tennis And now, Rio 2016,
how do you feel about it? I feel good, the truth is
that I’m really excited. Well, good luck,
-Thank you very much. we hope everything goes well, I hope so.
-and you all know that our Paralympic athletes
are “killing it”. Liberty Seguros, sponsor
of the Spanish Paralympic team.

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