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November 11, 2019

Hi! Amar sent this for you. Amar! He has sent it for you. Somebody should
love me for a moment. Even if it’s fake. Amar! See this useless TV! You don’t
understand polite language. I don’t know what all things… Take your medicine on time. And today please
don’t eat junk food. Lost vagabond traveler. Why do you wander around lost? My heart, smile. Enjoy life. Lost vagabond traveler. Why do you wander around lost? Why is the earth round? Why are there
problems in the world? Why is the earth round? Why are there
problems in the world? Smile and laugh.
Forget your sorrow. Learn how to be happy. Lost vagabond traveler. Why do you wander around lost? My heart, smile. Enjoy life. Lost vagabond traveler. Why do you wander around lost? Keep your foot
firmly on the ground. Life is a deceit. Endure it. Keep your foot firm on the ground. Life is a deceit. Endure it. What is good? What is bad? What is right? What is wrong? If you think about all this,
you won’t be able to live. Vishwanath! Did you see IPL
cricket match last night? Yes! What girls! It was great! Girls! Did you see Dhoni?
He was hitting sixes! Our players are in all the teams. I don’t understand whose
side to take. It’s so confusing. This is not confusion.
This is called fusion. – Fusion? Of Indian and
international cricketers! This is the future of cricket. Got it? I don’t think he understood. Sir! Boss has called you. You have still not met boss? Good morning, teacher! Amar! Rohra file… Done?
– Yes. Tally? Good! Take this.
Complete the credit list. In order of priority. Sir, I have my
doctor’s appointment at 5:30. I had to collect some reports. I am suffering from a
stomach problem, sir. 5:30! Two hours before
the office finishes. If you have to go,
then you have to go. Thank you, sir. Listen! Complete the file. Take it home. Complete it throughout the night. And take these files. Take it. Complete credit list of
three years. Take it. You said you have to go, right? And listen! Send water for me. Yes, doctor. Ms. Swati, doctor
has called you inside. Hi! How are you? I am good! Do you know? I was
just talking to Priya? Yes! What happened?
– To whom? To you, dear. This is the
third time I am seeing you here. Nothing. Stomach problem. What did Dr. Khan say? He said get your gastro copy done. This is what Dr. Khan
told my husband too! Ulcer in the stomach. Here. But after doing the test,
do you know what the result was? Stomach cancer.
That too second stage. Sorry to hear that. Okay, Mr. Amar, doctor
is calling you inside. No, I am just bored. Forget all that now… My report… – Yes, your
reports have arrived. It’s… You said it’s ulcer. Yes. I did say ulcer.
– Yes. Mr. Kaul, it’s… a little, a
little more complicated than that. Do I have stomach cancer? Mr. Kaul, you should have
come to me much earlier. You want to have a glass of water? Please. You mean to say I
have stomach cancer? I’m sure there is some
misunderstanding, doctor. Maybe the reports got mixed up.
It frequently happens. Did you double check? How can I have
stomach cancer, doctor? I am only 37 years old. I never smoked. I never drank. I don’t eat spicy food too, doctor. My maid at times adds
more pepper in the food. But mama too eats it. She
doesn’t have any problem. Look, Mr. Kaul. Stomach cancer is frequently
detected in the late stage. Many times it’s
detected in the 3rd stage. And by then it’s very late. Unfortunately this is what
has happened in your case too. At that stage there is very
little medical science can do. Are you sure? I am sorry, Mr. Kaul. How much time do I have left? The world seems forlorn, still. My dream, so innate. The world seems forlorn, still. My dream, so innate. Within the shimmer of
the city lies darkness. Sorrow is hidden
behind every smile. If this is true then let me
live each moment to its fullest. And smilingly I
will say to sorrow. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Life, don’t meet me as a stranger. Life, don’t meet me as a stranger. Worship is
included in every prayer. Worship is
included in every prayer. Life, don’t meet me as a stranger. Worship is
included in every prayer. Why are you woebegone? Cheer up! Do you know,
you have so much work left? Cool. So you didn’t do the
work I gave you yesterday. No, right? Sir, I am not well. Look, Mr. Kaul. This is an office. It’s not a KG classroom. That you said sir, I was not well.
My stomach was paining. So I didn’t do my homework. God! Namdev! Sir, Namdev has gone to the
airport to pick up your wife. I see. Come here. He can’t do anything.
He is messing up everything. Go. Handle it. Do something.
– I will do something. Come. Listen! I had ordered for juice! Find out whether
it has come or not. Were our problems less, Amar… …that you have put
us into more trouble? What did boss say? This is last year’s
outstanding account. The credit list has
to be checked. Got it? That too within an hour. His father is in Delhi.
With a sword in his hand. You have spoilt my mood. Really!
Somebody makes the mistake… …and somebody else
has to pay the price! My day is ruined! Come on! Tonight I will
alleviate your sorrow with rum. Toast?
– Toast. The cure for our sorrow.
Let’s go there. Great! Give me my rum. Sir, the stock got over. Shall I serve you
another brand? It’s good. Another brand! Fool! Change your wife,
your house, car… …but never change your brand. Got it? A brand
shows a person’s stature. What will you understand? Go and tell the
manager that Jagtap has come. And he has said to serve his
brand from the stock at the back. Go. I swear, sir. There
was only one bottle left. I just served it to a customer. Shall I give you a punch? My brother’s friend is an
excise inspector! Got it? I will shut down your bar! Sir! You can have mine! I gave it to him. Why should I take it from him?
He seems to be a simpleton. Leave! Come on! I just had a pack.
– Wow! What are you looking at? I’m looking for an
‘L’ board. Learner. Already you are drunk. I’m drinking for the first time. Before dying I wanted to
see what it tastes like. If you have not drunk then
you have not lived your life. Maybe that’s why I am dying.
– Give me ice. I would have died if
I had not got my brand. Thank you. You seem to be the type of man
who drinks when he is tense. Why are you tense? Mister, I just told you.
I am going to die. Why are you harping about dying? I am going to die.
They all are going to die. His death is written in my hands. Give me one…
– Pass me the coke. Are you drinking for
the first time? – Yes. Do you smoke?
– I don’t smoke. Girls? Once I watched a blue
film when I was in college. Have you ever gambled?
– Never! Have you ever fought with somebody? In the 5th grade
I pushed my friend. He had taken my lunch. It’s better you die. I mean look at me. My liver has shrunk
due to drinking. Still I come here everyday. Ask him. Look at me. I have a wife at home.
Still I have two girlfriends. One in Kandivli.
And the other in Antop Hill. Saw my guts? I took a loan of 3.5
lakhs from the bank. I have not repaid a penny. Saw my guts? I forged my father’s signature… …and seized a
plot worth 30.5 lakhs. Saw my guts? You look like
Munnabhai film’s Jimmy Shergil. Woebegone! Not a coward. But a dying man. What do you want? What should I do? I want that you learn
to live before you die. Like this. Sir, I want a long vacation.
Because I am going to die. How irresponsible of you, Mr. Kaul! At the time of year ending,
life ending! Who will do the work? Who will do it? Who will do it? I said Samosa (Fried snack).
And not Laddoo (Sweet). Mama! You won’t reform even after dying. You are making a list?
Make it! Make it! Make your things to-do list. What have you done in your
boring life besides this? Drink more! Boring man! This is not
the effect of liquor! It’s the effect of
your boring life! But who are you? Don’t you recognize your face? I am you. I admit that grammar is not proper. But I can’t give you a
better introduction. You see… I am you. Relax! Relax! Relax!
Mr. Amar Kaul! This had to happen someday. The man who lives
with his own self… …finally talks to
his own self too. I won’t live for
long to talk to myself. I heard you are going to die. Did you tell mama? She won’t be able to hear it. Yes, which mother would be
able to hear her son’s… She really won’t be
able to hear it. Her hearing aid is
not working properly. Even if she heard, she
won’t be able to understand. If she understood, she
won’t be able to tolerate it. Fine! Fine! Did you tell Vivek? What’s the use of telling him? He never supported me in life.
What will he support me in death? Fine. Tell me. What’s your plan? Will you someday
just place your head… …on your own lap and die? No. I will fight. You will fight? I see. With whom? The doctor? No. Death. All your life, you
couldn’t fight with life. And you will fight with death! Look, you died a long time ago. Got it? And this… its just
the printout of your death. What do you mean? I mean… what list
were you making just now? Buying bottle gourd. Not zucchini. Giving the account to boss. Buying hearing aid battery for
mummy. Repairing the geyser. Sitting on the donkey.
Blah! Blah! Blah! A person will die of
boredom by reading your list. So what should I do? Tear my clothes and
roam around naked? And shout…
I am dying! I am dying! Sister, I am dying. Brother,
I am dying! I knew… nobody will understand. But you are… I am 37 years old. I remained an accounts
manager all my life. I didn’t marry. Don’t you know what all
things I endured in my life? You are not born with a
destiny like Shah Rukh Khan. Fine. Whatever little God
has given you… enjoy it. What are you trying to say?
What do you mean? I mean to say, according to me,
your biggest ambition in life is… …repairing geyser urgently. Look, I too have many ambitions. There are many things in life
which I want to do. – Like what? Like… I want to buy a new car.
I want to take a foreign trip. And… That’s it! Now you have understood! Make its list. ‘Things to do… …before I die.’ New car. Wow! Foreign trip. That’s better! And love… Iove… Airbag, sir. Front and back. Cup holder. Cigarette lighter. Integrated rests on rear seats. And yes, power
steering and power window. For your safety. My safety?
– Yes. Sir, if you want, I will
take you on a test drive. No! What’s the price of this car? Sir, you can take the car by
giving a down payment of one lakh. And the rest in installments. EMls. How many EMls? Sir, for 48 months
meaning four years, 18,907. Four years is too long.
Any shorter term? Yes, sir. Two years
which is approximately… Yes! 35,215.
– Shorter than that? One year. Don’t you have any
plan for three months? Sir, we don’t have any
scheme for three months. You see, I want to repay
it all within three months. Okay. I will just check. It will be around
3,15,000 for one month, sir. And it’s not a very
advisable thing to do. 3,15,000! I think I will have to
use my provident fund. I will meet you later.
– Okay, sir. Thank you very much.
– Thank you so much, sir. Pleasure, sir. Thank you. Thank you, man!
– Fantastic, Savio sir! Excellent! I want to learn Kal Ho
Na Ho’s title track. Kal Ho Na Ho! Every moment… That one!
– Oh! That Hindi film! Very nice! Sir, will I learn this?
It’s my big wish. No worries, man.
I will make you a rock star. In seven months. Savio will make you a
rock star in seven months. Sorry, Savio sir. But can’t
you do it in three months? Fool! What do you think? I am sitting here and running
a crash course or something? You thought you will come,
put the guitar in your pelvis… …and become Elvis! Playing the guitar is an art. No matter how much
time you take, it’s less. Sorry, Savio sir. There are ways to go there.
Why don’t you understand? Since the time I
have become sensible… …I have been going to dance bars. I’ve got work! I’ve got work, Mr. Amar! Please! Concentrate!
Give your time! Otherwise, I will be in trouble. Please! Concentrate on your life! Listen!
– Yes, sir! Did you get the files? Yes, sir. Namdev just kept it here. Fine. It should be
finished by tomorrow. Tomorrow? But sir… Hello. You too! He says and
you listen to him. He orders you around
and you do his bidding. He exploits you and you get scared. People suppress the
weak ones. Got it? Like button, bell etc. This is Amar Kaul’s problem. People bully him and
he allows them to. What? Nothing. What? Nothing. Hang on! What?
– Nothing. What? Nothing. You fool! You are a coward!
Do something! Got it? Otherwise… Namdev! I gave the car loan file
to boss. What’s its status? You ask him. Okay. I will ask him. Sir… Car loan…
– It can’t be done. Why, sir?
– What do you mean? Have you seen the
state of our city? There is so much traffic. It takes me one and
half hour at least… …to come here from Shivaji Park. And so much pollution! I don’t want to add
to the city problems. Mr. Kaul, before asking for a loan,
think how much money… …the company has
earned because of you. First earn and then ask for a loan. Be an asset to the
company and not a liability. What? Nothing. Nothing. Then go out.
And throw this in the dustbin. Make the report and bring it. I have to send the report to
the headquarters by evening. Sir, would you
please take a look at it? I want you to give it a look. Let’s have a look. Take it outside. Sir, here. Good morning, sir! Good morning!
– Good morning, sir! Sir, I sit here. Where is it, Mr. Kaul?
Where is it? Here is Acme chemical file. And…
– Yes. This… What! You deleted this! No. This… Now I have deleted it. Permanently. Mr. Amar Kaul! I am
going to cut you into pieces! Mr. Dasgupta.
– Yes. What? Nothing. Nothing! Nothing! God, I don’t want
anything from You. I just want my husband! What do you mean left it?
Do you get jobs easily? Don’t do anything good! Now what will you do? I will buy a car, mama. Poor Saloni! I just want my husband’s love! Amazing, sir. You organised
your finance so quickly. Being an account
manager has some benefits. Congratulations on your new car!
– Thank you! Just sign this insurance
cover note. Then we are done. Here.
– Excuse me! Does it take you two
weeks to repair a car’s AC? I have been calling at your
service centre since long! No response! Is this how
you treat your customers… Hi.
– Hi. I want to see my car
right now! Come! Sorry about that, sir. At times there is overload of work.
– Its okay. Do you know him? Yes. New car. Congratulations, sir!
– Thank you! Key of your new car!
– Thank you! Congrats! This is my favourite colour! Red! Excellent choice, sir! Here! Now shall we go for a test drive? Sir, now what test drive?
Now the car is yours. But I didn’t drive it. No problem. Come.
Let’s go for a drive. Sir, actually my shift is over.
And I have to go somewhere. That’s even better.
I will drop you there. No, no, sir!
– In the new car! No, sir! It’s out of
the way! Let it be! It’s okay. I insist.
If you don’t mind. Okay, sir. Because you insist. I will just come, sir. One minute. Thank you! Sir, the car which you have
bought… very good choice. Sir, this car’s rack
and steering wheel… …are perfect for
close manoeuvring. I can see. Hey! Shameless! Blind auto driver! I have just bought a car.
Gradually I will learn abuses too. Sir, all this is common. Sir, do you know, you have
a CD changer in this car? Yes?
– Yes. There is a four way speaker. Hang on, sir. I will show you. If I say that… Just a second. Hello. Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. I will see you. Alright. Bye. Sir, drop me ahead to the left. My boyfriend is waiting for me. Sir, not here. Ahead. Near CCD. That’s it! He is right there. Thank you for the ride, sir.
– You are welcome. You stay here? No. Actually we have come here
to see a house on rent. Anyway, sir. Congratulations
once again! Remember that your car’s first
servicing is after three months. Okay. Thank you so much,
sir. See you. Come on! Let’s go! Hi!
– Hi! Who’s he? That’s a friend who dropped me.
– Right. Okay. Ready?
– Yes. Alright. I should have bought a bike. You fool… forget a bike.
Even if you had got a Boeing 747… …still you would not
have enticed her. Did you forget Neha? Neha. Amar Kaul’s first love. And Amar Kaul’s second love too. And Amar Kaul’s third love too. You fool, do something soon.
You don’t have much time. What? Yes! O my God! Mama, what are you doing? How come my heart is so big? Mama, this is not your heart.
This is my stomach’s x-ray. Your stomach? What happened to you? Nothing. A small problem, mama. Problem is not in the
stomach. Its here. You and your superstitions. I should get my x-ray done! The maid which you have kept… …we don’t come to know when
she comes, adds chillies… …in the vegetables and
when she goes away. It means today again somebody
didn’t eat food. Mama, let’s do one thing. Today we will have dinner outside
and we’ll go in our new car. Our car? Yes, mama. Our new car. My son! Well done! Let’s go.
– Come on! God! You are great! You have done a great deed,
son! Very good, my son! You have bought a fabulous car! Your papa used to… Isn’t it good, mama?
– Yes. Let’s go and have dinner. Let’s have some delicious meal! Put the seat belt, mother.
– Belt. Belt! Belt!
– Mama! Come on! Mama, it’s a belt! It will get stuck. Mama, don’t worry. Okay! Okay!
– Yes! Mama, if you wear the seat
belt then even if… …there is an accident,
still nothing happens. I see!
– Okay! I will die when I have to die. Very good, my son! Very good! Brown girl in the ring. Brown girl in the ring. Are you calling a waiter! Fast, man! You shouldn’t be scared of the
guitar. You should strum it. So much time you are taking.
I have to go now. I have to reach at 6 o’clock. But sir, now its only 3 o’clock. I don’t own a car like you, man. I have to change two buses and
one local train to reach there. Vasai is far away from here. Let’s go. Will you drop
me to the bus stop? Savio sir, forget the bus stop.
I will drop you to Vasai. I just needed a small
favour from you. You said that your niece works
in a telephone company. I wanted somebody’s number
and address, Savio sir. You can’t do anything! You can’t! Amar Kaul! Neha! I couldn’t recognise you! Really?
– Yes. Liar! Amar, I am so excited to
see you! Look at you! How much weight you have lost!
How did you do this? I still can’t believe it!
What were you doing here? Me?
– Yes. I came to meet somebody. Really?
– Yes. Anyway. It’s a great surprise. Do you remember Shraddha society? Of course! And you remember
that watchman Gangaram! Every night he used
to drink and sing… Do you remember? We had put his bottle
in the water tank. You hid it there. Yes! Whatever! And what was that secretary’s
name, he was so grumpy. Uncle Tandon! Yes! He was saying… Kids! Today the water
tastes different! O God! Whose call is this?
– You have not changed at all! You too! Hello! Yes. I am coming to meet you. I am just reaching, mother. Okay. Bye. How is your mother?
– Fine! She will be so excited
to see you, Amar. Here? Yes. Just up! Up! Left! Come on! Let’s go inside! What are you hiding? You like this flower
a lot, don’t you? You used to put it in your hair. So silly I was, wasn’t I?! Mummy!
– My child! How are you? Had your meals? What did you eat? Maggi.
– You had maggi! You had maggi! Say hello to uncle.
– Hello. Uncle, what is your name? Amar. And what is your name?
– Trishana. Trishna. Not Trishna. Trishana Here. Is she harassing you?
– No! Not at all! When did you get married?
– In 2000. You know, Varun, my husband… …he is an investment
banker with ICICI. Banker weds banker. Capital gain. Mother, look who has come! Amar! Aren’t you the one who fell in
our colony’s gutter on Holi? It was the first time that a fire
brigade came to our colony. With a long rope three men entered
the gutter to pull him out. Mother, you too. Here, dear.
– No. Eat it quickly. Amar, you have not eaten
anything. Eat it. My appetite is full. So Amar, what do you do? I was an account manager in
a pharmaceutical company. I left my job a few days ago. Between jobs. Are you
planning to go abroad? This is what I am planning. Amar won’t say anything. He was our colony’s secretive guy. He used to do everything secretly. You know, every evening,
we used to meet… …in the compound
of our building… …and we used to play dumbsheras
(game). That guessing game. Yes. I know. We played
in Delhi too. Not like Amar and me. I was the master. And Amar was
the partner. Right, Amar? He would give the clue.
I would guess. I would guess. He would
give the clue. We were just too good, Varun!
Just too good! Yeah! Undefeated chums
of Shraddha society. Correct! Correct! You
don’t believe me! Give him any name. Give him any movie’s name.
And see how he does it. Neha, you too. Amar, just relax. We will show
these people from Delhi. Come on! Okay, Ms. Mumbai! Come on! Four! Hindi! Second word! Bye! Bye-bye! Hindi! Hindi! Hindi! Alvida (Goodbye)!
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna! Wow! Thank you! Excellent!
– Saw that? Amar says everything without
saying anything. Here. Have Kulfi (lce-cream). I remember. You like
it a lot, don’t you? Aunt, you too…
– Eat it. Come! Come! Come! She is tired! Amar, this is for you. Isn’t this when we all
had gone to Aksa beach? Yes. When was this? You know we had gone for building’s
picnic. Remember? Adi had bought a new camera. And we clicked this photograph. It’s so sweet, isn’t it? So nice! This…
– It’s for you. I have another copy. Thank you, Neha.
– You are welcome, Amar. I am pleased to meet you all.
Thank you for the dinner. Do keep in touch.
– Of course. Now don’t vanish again.
– I won’t. Promise. Bye.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye. So Mr. Lover Kaul!
Did you tell her? Yes. Yes! You are bluffing! Again
you couldn’t tell her! You are a coward! You can’t do anything! Coward! Coward! Coward! Coward! Amar! I want to say something to you. My daughter… is really sweet. My husband… is very nice. Thank you. This rain… Is really nice. This house… is great. Amar! Three words! English! Third word! Me! Me! You! You! You! First word. I. Second word! Amar! Jhulka. Hello! Gun master G9!
– Who is this? It’s the season to sing. Sing and play. To bring a smile on a sad face. To make smiling faces cry. This life, this world.
Its all ours. Of crazy people. Old friend. Gun master!
– G9! I love you!
– You are mine! Gun master G10! Where the
hell have you been, man? I am in Mumbai. How
are you? Foreigner! It’s been such a long time!
How have you been? I am fine. Did you get married? Yes, I got married. And you? No. We must meet, Amar. Hello! Hello! Amar! Hello, Amar! Rajiv!
– Yes. You want to meet, right?
– Of course, man! Fine. I am coming. You are coming here?
– Of course! Wow! When?
– Very soon! I want to meet you. Hello! Hello, Amar! It got disconnected. Who was that? Amar Kaul. My school friend.
He was my best friend. I told you about him, didn’t I?
He is coming here. I cannot tolerate cold easily. Excuse me, ma’am. Thank you. Keep it down. Thank you. Do it in this. Excuse him. He is travelling
in a plane for the first time. But, he has hit two birds
with one stone. Yes. A foreign trip… and Rajiv Jhulka. Amar and Rajiv,
best friends since childhood. Best buddies and pals. Rajiv, you keep the bigger one. Thank you. – Welcome. Rajiv, you keep the bigger one. Thank you, Amar. Okay. You keep the bigger… – You
keep it, you keep the bigger one. They shared everything in life. Everything! Except… for their fate. Excuse me, sir. My friend likes them a lot. Yes, the flight has landed. He should be coming out now. Amar! G9! I have come for you! How are you? I am fine, how are you? Rajiv Jhulka, chutney and bread. Amar Kaul, where is my rice? Why have you become so thin? But you look so fit. I am a doctor,
I have to maintain myself. Why are you wearing a sweater?
Is it going to snow here? You know mummy, you are going to
a foreign country… …wear the sweater
and the suit too. Look, what I brought for you. Tamarind sweets. You like them a lot, don’t you? You like it. And how is sister-in-law?
– She is fine. Wow. – Welcome. Such a big swimming pool!
– It is a lake. We can go swimming in the evening.
Do you want to come along? You forgot, I still
don’t know swimming. And this… The water is spilling from
the pot… seems completely Indian. Fishes. – There is a tortoise too. It is such a splendorous house. Is it yours? – Yes. Seems like people often
fall ill here. Take a seat. So, you have arrived. That’s my wife, Aditi.
– Sister-in-law! No, no. Aditi, that’s Amar. Nice to meet you. Take a seat. – You sit too. Amar Kaul. Rajiv and I were
in the same school. And, in the same society too. Shraddha society, Vile Parle.
Remember. Vile Parle, east. And now, Rajiv has come so far. How did you do all this?
How do you feel? I didn’t do anything,
it all happened. To tell you the truth,
Amar, everything is fine… …but there is no fun living
in an unknown city. We miss India a lot. We yearn so much to speak Hindi. Don’t worry, now I have come here. I will talk only in Hindi.
– Promise. Don’t you come to India? I do, sometimes.
But I don’t get time from my work. Oh yes… you…
– I’ll be there in half an hour. You are a doctor too.
Both of you are so busy. Such a big house. You don’t get time. Amar… – What happened? I will have to leave,
there is an emergency operation. Oh yes, it is your duty. Please, of course.
– You will be okay? Of course. I have set up your room upstairs. I will show him around. – Okay! Bye, see you. We will meet in the evening.
– Of course. We will drink. Bye! – See you. This is my first foreign trip. Really. I never travelled
out of India before. This is my first foreign trip. Is it for business or any work? No, I just came to meet G9! Rajiv! – Oh yes. I call him G9! Gunmaster G9! Gunmaster G10! Both of us were
very active members… …of the Mithun Chakraborty
fan club. We would never miss any of
Mithun’s movies. First day first show. Rajiv and I! He is my best friend. And, you should meet your
best friend sometimes. That’s why, I came here. And… this is my passport
and some money. If you can keep them safely…
– Of course. Amar, I am so sorry. I didn’t even ask you anything. Would you like to have something? Tea, juice. No, no, no sister-in-law,
don’t worry. I have eaten in the plane. They feed you so much,
that now I have developed gas. But, just get me a glass of water. Of course, I will be right back. Amar, I have kept water for you. Thank you sister-in-law! Salvatore. Are you sure?
But Salvatore is… Cancer medicine. Your friend is suffering
from cancer. Oh God. But, why didn’t he tell me? Don’t you see, Rajiv? See what? You haven’t met him for 12 years. And now, suddenly
he wants to meet you. So, what are you saying? Don’t you remember,
my uncle had arrived? I am missing my nephew!
I am missing my nephew! And ultimately, what did he say. Free treatment for kidney failure. Free doctors. Stop it, please! Amar is my friend,
he is not like that. And if there is any problem,
if he doesn’t have money… …we can afford it, can’t we? Calm down!
Why are you getting angry? I was just… Did he eat? I will call him but please
don’t say this in front of him. Please. Amar… – I am not hungry,
you have your food. The world seems lonely, still! My dream, so innate. The world seems lonely, still! My dream, so innate. Darkness within
the shimmer of the city. Sorrow is hidden behind
every smile. If this is true then let me
live each moment to its fullest. And smilingly
I will say to sorrow. Goodbye! Goodbye! No, no you go! I don’t want! Not interested! You go! See, I don’t want! I told you! I am not interested. I don’t want! Please go. I am so sorry! See… I didn’t mean it. This is life! This is life! It was about to end in four months. Then why all this? Things we did and things to do. New car. Foreign trip.
Guitar. Rajiv Jhulka. Jhulka. It’s a joke. Everything is a joke. Everything is a joke. Why am I doing it? Why? I know… I know what to do? I know what to do? Sorry, mama. You don’t know what
has happened with me. Everything is going wrong. O God, what is this? She doesn’t even let me
die in peace. I told you to leave me alone. Good sandwich. Where am… I from? I am from India. Mumbai! Do you know Mumbai? Bollywood. Yes, Bollywood! Somebody should love me
for a moment. Even if it’s fake. Somebody should love me
for a moment. Even if it’s fake. Someone expresses his love
for just two days. Someone expresses his love
for just two days. Even if it’s fake. Somebody should love me
for a moment. Even if it’s fake. Hello, Rajiv,
this is Amar speaking. Where are you, Amar? That day you left just like
that without saying anything. Sorry… I was… but,
I am absolutely fine. And I am having a lot of fun.
Don’t worry about me. But, do you know
how worried we are. We have been looking
for you for three days now. Where are you? Just come back. There is no time left
for me to come back. My flight leaves in the evening.
– What do you mean you are leaving? I saw you after 12 years,
how can you just leave like that? You are needlessly
getting emotional. There is nothing like that, Rajiv. Just come back home, okay.
Please. Look, I wanted to meet
you and I did. I wanted to see a foreign
country and I did. This is my life’s most
memorable trip. And, I am very happy. And I want to go back happily. I have given sister-in-law my passport
and money to keep it safely. Will you please bring it
to the airport? Give my regards to sister-in-law! There is no time, otherwise
I would I would have personally… Okay, I will be there. God! – What happened? Is he alright? He is leaving. Somebody should love
me for a moment. Even if it’s fake. Where is my shirt? For me! Even I play the guitar. I like it, thank you. I go back, to Mumbai. I go back. No, I never come back. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! What is this? It is a strange place.
– Your passport, ticket. Oh yes, passport, wallet. Rajiv, there’s some money missing,
did sister-in-law… Do you want some money? I was just joking. You traveled so far to meet
and in this condition. And I’m really feeling sorry. Fine, on that note, treat
me to a coffee. Amar. You keep the bigger one. It’s an old habit. Do one thing. Cancel your ticket,
and come with me. There are many
cancer specialists… …I will get your treatment done. Trust me.
– Rajiv, what are you saying? You are a doctor too.
And where are you from? You are from India. The best doctors in the
world come from India. India is great. Don’t worry. Don’t worry! Did sister-in-law like the
bag I brought for her? Fax me all the reports that
the doctors give you. Okay. I will consult my friends. Fine.
Promise. Fine, now I will leave. The flight has been announced. I might miss the flight. Bye, Amar. Bye buddy. Okay, see you Gunmaster G9! See you G10! You said it. Bye. Amar! Keep fighting. Hey, lover boy. Tell me something,
do you remember Neeraj Paudwal? 3rd A! The one who did
the Horlicks ad. My photo is in the papers! My photo is in the papers! Wow! Look, my photo is in the papers. Has your photo ever been
printed in the newspaper? See, you still remember. He never let me forget. Because of him, I would
think everyday… …when my photo will be published
in the newspaper. But, there is a point in this. When your photo is published
in the newspapers… …your saga can continue
even after you are dead. Isn’t it? Photo… on… the front… page. When all of this has happened… …then, maybe this dream
will come true too. May be. Have fun. Goodbye, lover boy. Why are you looking at, Savio sir? It is an imported one,
I have brought it for you… …absolutely duty free.
– Thank you. But I prefer whiskey. I always say, when the
spirit is so white… …something is not right. But, what I can do is…
I will give it to Mario. He will like it very much.
If you don’t mind, that is. Who is Mario? My younger brother. The one who lives in Vasai.
Keep quiet. Why are you getting tense?
I am going to meet him today. Doesn’t your brother
ever visit you? In ’87 he fell off
the local train… …and lost both his legs. Poor man. But, now he is fine and cranky. And after two glasses of Vodka…
He’ll be flying man. Thank you. Do you have only one brother?
– Yes. Only one. Savio! And Mario! Brothers in arms. Action. Why are you staring at that aunt? Look at me. Take a look at me. I have a car, bungalow,
bank balance. I have laptops, computers. Mobile phones, 10 mega pixels. And then, I have your
punch line too. I have a mother too. Actually, because of the
parade every morning… …outside the police quarters… …mother cannot sleep. And that’s why, these days
she sleeps in my house. Because I have an AC! I speak English. Cut! Cut! Cut! What happened? Great sir.
– Arun. – Yes sir. Sir, it is getting a bit loud. Loud! Hello. You have to be a bit loud,
it is a T. V serial. T. V serials have to be loud. Even the AC is not working here. But still please attend to it. If you do it a bit subtly,
it will be really nice. Hello. Who is this? You have called on this number?
– Who is this speaking? I… can I talk to Vivek Kaul. Sir is in a very important
discussion. Call him later. Look, tell him that
it is very important. I told you, he is in a very
important discussion. Do one thing, leave a message. No, I want to talk to him
personally, no message… If it’s so important,
then send your resume… …and your photographs,
everything in the office. Do you have the address? What nonsense? He has become such
a big director… …that he can’t even talk to
his brother for two minutes? Selfish person. Go to hell all of you. Has the connection got cut off?
What has happened to our T. V? This is too much now. This Amar… he doesn’t
even charge the battery. And all the… Action. I… I… have mother. I know that she is constable
Kallu’s mother. Chintu’s mother. Pappu’s mother. But mother is after all a mother.
You are strange. Suresh sir, just a second. Sorry. Give sir the script.
– Yes. Yes, tell me.
Mama is fine, isn’t she? Okay! Thank you. It’s very hot. And there is a lot of traffic too. How is your shooting going?
– Fine. Mama watches your serials a lot. Where is mama? She has gone to the temple. Vivek, why don’t you
keep mama with you? Keep her with me! Why? Is mama feeling to
affectionate towards me? She is your mama too. And she feels like staying
with you too. Look, mother is growing old… …and we have some
responsibilities. Just a minute, brother.
It is your responsibility too. Which responsibility
did you fulfill? Who broke the relations?
Me or you? Just forget what happened? Vivek, it happens.
It happens in a family. It happens in every home. Brother, your family doesn’t
throw you out of the house… …for one mistake. And what was the mistake?
I didn’t do anything wrong. I married the girl I loved. And Dorice and I are very happy. I agree, whatever happened
was very wrong. And I am happy to know that you
are very happy with Dorice. But, what about mama? Listen to me. I want mama to stay with
you for a few days. Brother, but I don’t want it. Why don’t you? Why don’t you want it? Isn’t it your responsibility? Aren’t you her son? That’s strange. What has mama done for me? And you tell me.
You are my elder brother… …why didn’t you take
a stand for me? Why didn’t you support me? Mama didn’t like Dorice. So, why didn’t you say
anything on my behalf? Mama and you threw me
out of the house. That’s it. What else could I do?
Throw mama out. She is stubborn and
you are stubborn too. And I have to suffer. Like I have to suffer
the consequences. Don’t I want to
achieve great feats? The big director. Brother, is this why
you called me here? I have left my work to come here! And you will always be a loser. Till today you could never
do anything for yourself… …and you can never do
anything either. You want money, don’t you? Tell me if you want
some money for mama. I will send a nurse,
I will send some money! Just tell me. You just wasted my time
by calling me here. Listen. I don’t want your money. I don’t want your favour either. I am telling you this, because… …after me, mama will
become very lonely. I won’t live much longer
to be with mama. And she can’t live
alone in this flat. Do you understand what I am saying? If you don’t, then think about
it and try to understand it. I won’t live much longer
to take care of mama. But no one in our family history… Did you take a second opinion? It has happened, Vivek. But are you sure, only two months? Let it be, two months. 21/2 months. What difference does it make? The point is I
don’t have much time. And, irrespective of whatever
happens to me… …what will we do with mama? You know, only you can handle
her insanity other than me. Mama is… Does she still struggle
with the T. V remote? Everyday. She can never
recognise any button… …except for that of the shirt. Whether it is the remote button,
the phone button… …or the lift button. You remember, when she took us… …to papa’s office
for the first time. Maalamaal Towers, 19th floor.
– Yes! And, as soon as she
entered the lift… …she pressed four buttons
consecutively. The lift stopped working. And after that, she pressed
the fire alarm too. That was the most embarrassing
day of papa’s career. And the fire brigade arrived
in 10 minutes… …and you were crying
away like a girl. But, I was just
seven years old brother. But I remember, you held
my hand and said… …don’t worry, I am there. I will not let anything
happen to you. How old were you? Is your mathematics weak? I was 11 years old.
– 11! No, I won’t let you die. I won’t let you die, brother. You won’t die brother. I won’t let you die, brother. Mama, what is he doing? Lie down quietly. Who says you have stomach cancer. That fake doctor and
you know nothing. Baba, please carry on. He is a very learned sage. Nirmala, your aunt.
He has cured her. Mama, aunt Nirmala had gastritis
and not stomach cancer. And, what do you have? Keep quiet. She was so scared
before coming here. And now, she plays tennis. Mama… Stop it now, mama. All this is of no use. Nothing is wrong with
you, understood. We have already faced… …the biggest bad luck of
our life 20 years ago. When your father passed away. Bad fate doesn’t follow all along. Understood that. And that too, because some
fake doctor has said it. Listen to what your mama is saying. Nothing has happened to you? Come on, change your clothes. Come with me. Where? There is a witch doctor in Vashi. Who conducts by-pass surgery
with his fingers. Fingers… I told you, nothing
is wrong with you. Look, take a look at him. Can anyone say that anything
is wrong with him. Mama, I…
– Amar! Get up, son. Listen. We will use the lift. There is no time to waste. Look at your hand. Is it Raksha Bandhan (festival)? Yes sir. I have made bonds with
many witch doctors. Look, this red one…
Swami Vibhuti Prasad. This, the Nagadewale
Baba (sage), Aatish. This is the witch doctor
Trimbakeshwar Maharaj (sage)… No, he had given this ring. Ganteshwar Maharaj. I don’t know, sir. One life, so many baba’s! But, since when did you
become so superstitious? Not me, sir, my mother. And she is not this superstitious…
…she just recently became one. Why? Any problem in life? Yes sir, life is my problem. That’s why, I came to learn
guitar from you at this age. In Muqaddar Ka Sikander,
he went with a smile. I want to go playing. Mother! My mother! Dear mother… mama. Mother! My mother! Dear mother… mama. Fate will change. The bonds of sorrow will break. Even Gods yearn for you. You are full of blessings. My mother! My mother! Dear mother… mama. Mother! My mother! Dear mother… mama. We will be fortunate again. Life will be filled
with joys again. With you, I am not afraid. You are full of blessings. My mother! My mother! Dear mother… mama. Mother! My mother! Dear mother… mama. Very nice. How did you like it, mama?
– What? My song, my first performance. I didn’t hear it. This useless, Vivek.
He forgot to bring the battery. Vivek.
– Brother, why are you telling me? I asked you to get the battery. I will have to do everything. Mama, give that to me. Here. Put on. I am the most innocent. I am your dear son. I am the most innocent. I am your dear son. Life is very complicated, mother. You are Amar’s entire world. Your scolding seems so nice. Whenever you catch my ears,
it hurts, my mother. My mother! My mother! Dear mother… mama. Mother! My Mother! Dear mother… mama. Mama, where are you going? That… he has come,
I am going there. Who, the one at Vashi or at Virar? He is a Godly man. Go up, he is all alone. Brother! Brother! I am here. Where did mama go? She has gone to meet
an electrician. Do you know what this
electrician does? He mixes many herbs… what is
the frogs younger one called? Tadpole.
– Tadpole. He thrusts it inside the tadpole’s
mouth… all the herbs. And after that, he thrusts the
tadpole in the patients’ mouth. And after that, the tadpole… …does a world tour
of your entire body… …destroys all your ailments. Even cancer. Can you believe this? Come on, come inside and lie down. I am fine, Gopi. I like it here. You know, in the beginning
when I bought this flat… …it was because of this view. And I thought that, everyday after
arriving from the office… …I will sit here comfortably
and have coffee. And how many times did I do that? Not even once. I would come here only
to dry my towel. And I would see only the
stain on the towel… …and nothing else. And now. And now, I sit here
as long as I can. For hours. See that fountain. It opens up every evening
at 5 o’clock. And at the same time… …children come there to play
football on the ground. And that basketball court. Only on weekends they
play basketball there. Other times, they
use it for skating. And also fight sometimes. Same like you. Life is so beautiful,
isn’t it Gopi? Rajiv, this is for you. Amar left it for you. For me. You remember, he would
always complain… …that no one ever
gifts him anything. But he made sure that he
left gifts for everyone. Everyone. Wow. For his music teacher Savio he has
left an honorarium, his car. He gave him his car. And the girl, Garima who
sold him the car… …he has given him
his house on rent. Really. You were giving something to Neha. His childhood memories!
Photo album. And for his boss Das Gupta,
he has left behind his guitar. By the way, this is not for me. This is for a lady called… I am just the courier boy. He must have made a list.
What to gift someone. He had made a list. His last list. Things to do. New car. Foreign trip. Neha. Guitar. Boss’s boss. Mama. Rajiv Jhulka. Love.
Photo on front page. Not bad, 9 out of 10! 10 out of 10! Just a minute. Look… he had already
arranged for this. No! Do you have pen?
– Yes. 10 out of 10! On 3rd page, isn’t it? Can I keep this list?
– Yes. What are the 10 things
I want to do before I die? Firstly, your family…
leave them happy. Leave them comforts
and securities… …so that they don’t have
to face problems after you. Firstly, I wish that…
I want this to happen. That, there should be peace
in the entire world. There are no more bombs,
people live life peacefully. Whatever I would do, would
be very close to… …what Amar Kaul does, because
I figured out that… …if I was going to end my life. Now even I would
want to actually… ..more than anything
to set things right. Before I die, I want… …go to a place where
I never went before. I want to do something beautiful
for my parents. I want to do something
for my mummy and papa. Get together with all my friends. Who I have been in touch with
ever since I was a child. One week get together,
before I die. I want to live life. I want to have kids. Two kids, and… preferably twins. Adopt a girl along with it! Make people laugh. Make my mother very happy. I am trying to be
a very good father. I would like to be… friends
with my son and my daughter. When they are 25-30!


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  • Reply Lokesh Mishra October 20, 2019 at 5:11 pm


  • Reply VIPIN JAIN October 24, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    Supv mve

  • Reply VIPIN JAIN October 24, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    Producer supv ..achi mehnath ki hai producer ne..

  • Reply Syed hujjatullah hussaini Hadi October 24, 2019 at 11:04 pm

    I was crying while watching this movie
    Very emotional movie
    And hats of to the artists specially Amar
    Very good acting

  • Reply Amandeep Singh October 25, 2019 at 8:25 am

    Life hai to sab kuch hai.

  • Reply Vinu S October 25, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    Very very nice movie must watch before die

  • Reply ANANDARUP BANERJEE October 25, 2019 at 8:47 pm

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  • Reply Walter D'souza October 25, 2019 at 11:52 pm

    What a beautiful movie teaches us a lot of things we take for granted in life. A simple movie with a beautiful message. One of the best movies I would say of all. Actually it cannot be described in words as to how good it is. THANKS TO ALL THE TEAM, ACTORS, SUPPORTING CREW, DIRECTOR, AND OTHERS for making this lovely movie. Definitely going to watch it again and again.

  • Reply Ali Hasan Pugal October 26, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Achi movie h Bahut hi shandar story h Bahut se log es bimari se juj rhe h or onko pta h ki onki moot kbi bhi aa Sakti h ,,, superb actor Vinay pathak shab…..

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  • Reply ENAMUL Hussain October 30, 2019 at 10:02 am

    How sweet.. emotion.?

  • Reply Music & Singing lover Ashish kaul October 30, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    Excellent Movie People should watch more Movies of Vinay Pathak instead of khan's and other actors He always gives a Real message to Everyone A brilliant acting by Vinay g .I will make list of his movies and watch it on Net .but if there will be Some Release of him I will definitely watch it in Theatre always .I will also make To do list forever.

  • Reply Music & Singing lover Ashish kaul October 31, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Everybody should Realise what they are doing and what for A great message to those who forget society and Culture

  • Reply Aamar Bashair November 2, 2019 at 1:15 am

    1:13:34 great sence of life

  • Reply vijay pathak November 3, 2019 at 3:12 pm

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    People came to see comments so that they can decide movie is worth their time or not, but so fed up with Houytia who started disclosing story

  • Reply Shibam Das November 9, 2019 at 7:42 am

    All foreign girls.are not bad

    Like all indian girls are not good

    It's just depends on how we see each others

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