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David Dobrik | Before They Were Famous | VLOG SQUAD Biography

November 7, 2019

what up guys it’s David and Jack and
Jack here and we’re just Jack I’m gonna be doing a crazy a super crazy ass
challenge before David Oberg would become one of the biggest youtubers on
the planet purchasing a multi-million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills with
a shiny red Ferrari park outside and having a net worth of an estimated 16
million dollars at the time of this recording what’s up guys i’m david
dobrik and today i’m here with jennifer lopez or JLo I still haven’t asked her
what I could call it what kind of call you Jennifer Jennifer it’s on her
earring before Dave would go on to win a Kids Choice Award presented to him by
his childhood idol Josh Peck he’d wouldn’t blogger of the year at the 2017
Shorty Awards breakout crater at the 2017 Streamy Awards and then again for
best first person to 2018 no Liza Liza won it last year so it’s really cool to
Filan Liza’s footsteps I’m probably gonna get my own youtube original show
now maybe I’ll be on Hulu you guys just gotta look out for me I’m coming up like
Liza’s before David would collab with some a-list celebrities including John
Stamos kendall Jenner Josh Peck Marana Cosgrove riley reid little pump Howie
Mandel Kylie Jenner and more before David’s Oberg would clock in over 14
million YouTube subscribers and receive over 300 million views per month and
even get a Chipotle burrito named after him today we’re finally talking about
David motherfucking don’t brag ladies and gentlemen now I’m not entirely sure
why it took me so long and piecing this video together but David is a creator
who needs little introduction so for this video we actually have a bit of an
exclusive we reached out to David but he was too busy so instead we have someone
who’s known him since he was well about that high and that well they helped us
out by answering a bunch of our questions what’s going on guys it’s poo
michael crichton’s documenting the life and career david dobrik prior to babe
here for you of course before they’re famous no they’ve actually done a few
other members of the vlog squad in the past of talking jason nash
Trisha Paytas although I probably shouldn’t be mentioning her name she got
kicked out as always be sure to let us know who’s next in the comments down
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Bell boom David Julian dobrik was born on June
23rd 1996 and cosig Slovakia and there’s no way I’m actually pronouncing that
correctly so here you go cause should say no David doesn’t recall a whole lot
from his childhood but he remembers growing up in an apartment in Slovakia
and being close with grandparents now the town it has a population of a
quarter million and well we only found a few black-and-white photos that was
grandpa he was a designer and even designed a fountain out there it was
born to parents Pavo Tobruk who earned his living as a photographer so I’m
pretty sure that’s where he got his creative eye from now his mother or her
details are yet to be known by the internet so dobrik I guess he’s just
surprising her with animals at home and not getting into too much detail he also
got three siblings there’s Esther Sarah and Toby we like
spending time with each other basically how much do you guys love David tell me
when to stop okay have you told your siblings that they’re soon gonna be an
aunt or uncle oh yeah really girls with two pet bunnies when he was a little kid
but well they had an unfortunate fate and then when I moved my hand uncle
ain’t done this is serious they’re gone now why did they eat them that’s just
how they work in Slovakia you don’t really keep bunnies as pets but I did
know when Damon was in the fourth grade while him and his family they up and
left to solve a Kia in search of the American Dream they found themselves
permanently residing in Chicago Illinois with a little stint in Toledo Ohio my
god if he stayed in Ohio well he might have become the third Paul brother it’s
everyday bro I’m gonna be your Sean you might be the biggest ball athlete
in the hood he attended Vernon Hills High School and he excelled at many
subjects but the one that stands out amongst the rest was his athleticism and
tennis playing ability now a former teacher she describes him as a class
clown who always loved to be the center of attention and even when far is enough
to say that he was a bit of an attention or to be honest like I’m really happy
that you’re successful kind of shock new hero before they’re famous we’re
bringing you an exclusive now our researchers managed to get in
touch with his high school science teacher and tennis coach miss etting our
hope I’m saying that correctly though she was kind enough to actually take the
time and answer a few of our questions now we asked her how was David in school
to which she replied my first time meeting David was during his freshman
year in high school as his tennis coach what I do remember is that as Justin
Bieber hair game was strong many of us called him Bieber to which I’m sure he
hated he was the stellar tennis player playing
varsity won doubles as a freshman and every year after he was an all-state his
junior and senior year the goofy kid you see in the vlogs and listened to on the
podcast is the same kid I remember walking through the halls of the HHS now
we all know how generous David is with his money today and after watching him
dish out top-of-the-range cars too literally all of his best friends well I
wanted to know how lavish he was back in the day
David is a great human that’s for sure as his former teacher coach I have not
been the beneficiary of anything along the lines of a car or cash but when I
was in LA and filmed the vlog I’m in with him he did however buy me my first
ever in and out experience which I thoroughly enjoyed the kids got a good
heart I mean I’d be over the moon to get a free free you know burger although I’m
on a never-ending diet and to wrap up this little conversation with his Vernon
Hills High School teacher well we asked if you could rewind time and give him
one piece of advice what would it be she closed off by saying I was one of the
main forces trying to get him to go to college which clearly was the wrong
advice for him knowing what I know now I would advise him to make sure he has
solid people around him and plan for his future when the blog squad calls it
quits he’s so funny and creative he would be a huge asset to any managed
advertising fun out on the west coast who is that some juicy information is
the vlog squad nearing an end now another one of his teachers has actually
said that he wasn’t a good student or even good with the ladies it was to the
point where oh no I mean you didn’t have the attention span to pay attention to
any individual I remember specific times were you like make a girl laugh and like
she would smile at you and then you’d be on the next thing like you’re you were
like doing a thousand things at once you wouldn’t like my god he also recently
posted this picture from one of his high school dances and he said that this date
she left him to go to the dance with the entire high school football team ouch no
David it did take Spanish classes but doesn’t know how to do much more than
ask if he can go to the bathroom or to go to the library don’t it he’s also
admitted to cheating on his tests in high school but even with his lackluster
performance will his teachers seem to Lava the David Ober charm it never fails
no David has said that he misses high school sometimes because of how often he
got to see his high school friends and because he likes having the structure of
class schedules but with that said oh he didn’t really like school ever fun David
he occasionally he used to light fireworks often surrounding
neighborhoods well technically he was just the one to
convince other people to set off the fireworks while he watched just like in
my vlogs I’m always the guy that like manipulates people and tells them to do
stupid yeah yeah and apparently in terms of talent Willie learned how to do this
at some point and never let the talent slip my free let you catch that are you
kidding my last trick I’m gonna need a volunteer shoe right shoe please could
you step back a little maybe then you stand up are you ready oh yeah let’s see and one it’ll be worth it once we get it
right in 2013 after the app vine started gaming and following online
well David he uploaded his first ever vine and would begin what would become
an incredible journey to super startup and at the time well he started out by
making six second videos now some of his earlier vines while they look like this things on vine they were a slow build as
he started off only posting once a month and was getting miniature bread deals
for about 50 bucks now alongside posting videos he had to balance working a
part-time job at a retirement home to save some money in order to chase his
dreams of moving West Los Angeles after working in the retirement home for just
over a year well David had managed to save all of his money into a separate
bank account which he would never touch the entire time when it came time to
make move to LA he had $1,600 saved what he told his parents that he was moving
to lala land well they jokingly remarked what are you
gonna do move to Hollywood to which he replied yes exactly
Hollywood Boulevard and that’s exactly what he did now David and two of his
hometown buddies they rode tripped over 2,000 miles in his old silver 2004
Toyota Corolla which had a busted-up side door that would actually barely
close was fucking socks dude his trip to LA
sparked something inside David with him decided to make the move to California
shortly afterwards to pursue online video making full-time right now I’m
heading the big mix to make a youtube video I don’t really want to but his
mom’s paying me to be friends with him so I gotta do it I guess finally making
its a Hollywood him and his three friends they met up with another friend
who flew in from Minnesota and they found a small two-bedroom apartment to
rent on their limited budget boys moved in another first supermarket experience
purchasing peanut butter and bread well that was on a ration and it definitely a
realization moment that things in LA well they were super expensive and if
that they wanted to make it well they would have to go all-in with money so
tight David would have to put his YouTube channel on hold after posting
just four videos he would then turn his focus on to making some quick cash now
David he would upload and resell sports finds from unbranded themed pages on
vine now he would make about 60 bucks a day doing this that’s how he kept
himself afloat for the first few months earning between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars
per month and at that time well the kid tought he was loaded I don’t know how
much I was maybe fifteen hundred two thousand a month and I was you’re good I
was like I was like I cannot believe this I would go to Jimmy John’s every
day which I couldn’t do back home and sometimes they get to number five videos
cuz I literally what I was just like I don’t give a fuck
fast forward a few months and he befriended zane and heath who had
roughly around three million followers on vine at the time but unfortunately
the platform it was dying a slow death and a lot of these influences they were
jumping ship over to youtube and they were projecting a lot of money into
production value for their comedy skits to which david said there was absolutely
no chance in hell he was gonna do that he then bumped into what would soon be
his future girlfriend liza and she was filming her blog now we thought that the
concept was way cooler than these big productions and it was more ron
you know just a little camera documenting your everyday life so we
picked up his camera and began posting himself and his friends getting up to no
good at shopping malls and creating short comedy skits he kept doing it just
for complete fun sake and not even thinking about the money those YouTube
videos were slow to get started racking up just five to eight thousand
collective views in the first three to five months not great considering the
substantial vine following he had amassed by March of 2016 his channel had
gained over 200 thousand subscribers by August of 2016 well David’s channel had
over 1 million subscribers now the production quality of his videos
increased and the ideas for the videos got even crazier in augs the 2016 he
also created a second channel called David Ober – and all of a sudden videos
they started to blow up today his videos boast anywhere from between 3 to 15
million views now it’s important to note that there was never really a viral
video moment for David it was just general growth overall that is until he
posted his breakup video with Liza which was seeing the world over Liza cheated
on me and I found him in her bedroom no David he has some pretty famous
friends from all his YouTube and vine buddies that he creates videos with on a
weekly basis Ilya I have Liza I have Alex I have the other Alex I don’t like
to make one of them the best best friend because then the others gonna mad at me
the other actually a few buds from his blog squad that I’ve interviewed in the
past and I need to make videos on ASAP I’m talking Tati and Scottie
so boys if you’re watching this video I promise I’ll get that done there’s not
enough time today we’re only doing David now he’s also managed to get himself
hooked up with a pretty well-known American family now Kendall Jenner she
DM David and then wound up in one of his videos and more recently while her
sister Kylie she teamed up for another video than Kardashians they need
everyone’s clout no David cuts down about two hours of
footage from each of his vlogs into four minute and 20 second videos now the
original he wanted to do only 420 vlogs total before retiring the game why 420
because for time my 420th blog was supposed to be my
last Wow and and that never ended up coming true because we didn’t end up
selling the show we were trying to sell so and now I’m stuck with vlogging so
you guys have me for a couple more months he also has a podcast called
views and his co-host is jason nash now he had a big deal with netflix in the
works for a potential show called david’s frat house where he would buy a
frat house with his friends without even going to college and they would try to
compete with real-life rats but unfortunately well the show and it ended
up falling through it’s very difficult to go into Netflix and be like hey I’m
David and I I promise I can I can make a good show and then they look at you like
you’re a youtuber you can’t fuckin do that as for the future really is a fear
of getting older so he doesn’t like to focus too much on what’s next he’s happy
doing what he’s doing and so thankful to have his dream job with a loyal audience
that keeps watching him in the millions now we got a feeling that there are some
pretty big things in the works for David maybe it’ll become the next Shia LaBeouf
and uh well then he’ll land in like some kind of Transformers film they’re gonna
remake that soon anyway I just he looks like Shia LaBeouf to me am I the only
one who thinks that I swear to God really Emmett answer the rest of the
story I think we’re gonna wrap this one up here because this is before they’re
famous my name is Michael cretin this video has been a long time coming so
thank you so much for sit and put waiting and being so patient one more
thing that’s it for today’s video thanks for watching make sure to LIKE and
subscribe tweet me at McCrudden em both someone told me to do that


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