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David Goffin in Road to Roland Garros 2015

November 9, 2019

– Hi David!
– Hi! – Where do you want to go? – To the passerelle, please.
– Passerelle it is. David, I would like to introduce my car, this car. – Ah really?
– Nice to meet you. – Welcome aboard.
– That’s a little strange. David, you hit the ball really early, do you think your brain works extremely fast? I don’t really know, but I think I’m used to it, because I was rather short when I was young, so I had to find ways to win matches. I have to say that compared to other players, well, the ones I drove around, I saw guys who were almost 7 feet talll.. So you’re pretty short, but when you smash the ball, you go for it… Well, here I have room for my legs – for sure…
– Yeah! – Some don’t have enough room in here…
– Exactly. How does it feel, to face a player on the court who’s over 6 foot 6 inches tall? David against Goliath, I heard that a million times… I’m a pretty energetic guy, – The power really matters,
– Endurance, power, I have that. My explosive strength makes the difference. I think it’s great there’s still room for short players. Or else I wouldn’t be here. Do you have a little ritual to calm down? Yes, I never walk on lines. I try to avoid lines as well. – Really?
– Yes. – That’s better…
– Especially solid lines… – Yes…
– Right! And I heard your girlfriend plays tennis as well? That’s right. The car knows everything, apparently. I’m a smart and curious car. – A little nosy, at times…
– That I can tell. Could she beat you? If I let her win, maybe, yes. – Maybe.
– Very nice. Which you do, of course? Of course not! David, I have something to ask you. Yes? Could you please give me a hug? – A hug…?
– That makes me feel great. You can remove your seat belt.

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