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Doctor Kebrle about Petra Kvitova´s convalescence – EN subtitles

December 8, 2019

How it looks with Petra Kvitova´s injury? ……so I guess, it is no fun. yes….yes, it is a big problem And she had injury on her wrist? no, no, no…She grabbed a knife through all the fingers Through the so-called no man’s land area, which was considered like one of the worst options for possible injuries really? I though, she had it here… no, no, no…and if she should here, she would never have played in future so…she did come to you with injury…and? I went to surgery room when doctor Kolář called me, that Petra is hurted hurted….because some attacker cut her yes, but at that moment I don´t know any details and then Petra called me personally and asked me, if she can arrive to our hospital I said her to she go to closest hospital so Ambulance took her to Prostejov hospital and there was just my friend -doctor who know more about hands..he called me and said what exactly happened and it made me sick…so I said that she must arrive to us YOU were SICK? yes, because her doctor said me what injury it is. so we can see now, what you are doing so you were scared because it was injury in no man´s area? yes, I learned what was going on If you are injured by one tendon, you have a five percent chance that complications may occur during convalescence that tendon bursts She had cutted the seven tendons, so there is a cumulative chance of 25 % that one of the tendons will not work. so it means, that it won´t be ok, it will be trouble it will be end with tennis in my case it would not be such problem also in your case it will be problem… why?………………………..

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  • Reply WAEL MOOSA April 25, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    thank you so much for all the effort you put in translating these videos for #TeamPetra.
    we so much appreciate it.


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