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Dominic Thiem über Kristina Mladenovic | Stachi trifft | myTennis

October 23, 2019

[Musik] Domi, we are back again in this beautiful location. This training camp is almost a tradition for you Tell us, is it work? Is it fun? Or is it both? I’m here for the seventh time now and things changed in a positive way, I would say. because the first three times I have been here I was on the ranking at 500 or 600 and I stayed at a little room with Günther half an hour away, gewohnt so eine halbe stunde zu fuß von [Stachi] That’s how the time is changing.. [Domi] Yes, that’s how the time is changing. And at this time we walked here every morning by foot, where I played with Ernest Gulbis And the last couple years, since my ranking is much better, I’m staying right here in this hotel. That makes it much more comfortable and since than, every day is really hard but I can relax pretty good every evening and most of the time I’m fit for the next day! [Stachi] You are always learning, are you doing something different this year? We saw a lot of pictures, there was the military training, that is kind of a a test of courage, What did you learn about last year? Do you make shorter periods? Or more intensity? How is it? [Domi] It is pretty similar to last year because last year it worked out pretty well I went out of the training camp in a very good shape and that’s why we didn’t change to much. Due to David Goffin da ist oft haben wir ein bisschen öfter we had two shorter training session, than one long one. But otherwise it didn’t changed to much. The fitness as well, just because last year worked out pretty well. [Stachi] We did this cool thing with the live training, everyone can watch it. A lot of people wrote: “Goffin is a really nice guy, we always thought he is quiet and arrogant” Domi, you know him for a longer time. He is really a great guy, right? [Domi] Yes exactly! I have never thought he is arrogant! [Stachi] Because you know him! [Domi] Yeah right, I know him almost my whole life He is a nice guy. Sometime he seems a little shy but he is totaly fine. [Stachi] You really went out of daily life, after the season, which was really hard, are you doing really nothing during your vacation or do you always have to do something? [Domi] I flew away for a week I didn’t do anything, only two or three times fitness with Kiki but nothing else. Than I played soccer and paintball one time. [Stachi] Okay, with some friends? [Domi] Yes, with some friends! Most of them are free right now. At this point I started moving myself again to get my body a bit more energy again. because to get the body from 0 to 100, isn’t good. That already went wrong last time here, went I got sick. so I’m trying to build it up slowly. [Stachi] Do you meet other players during vacation? It seems like all the players have the same destination.. Angie, for example is diving over there do you meet other players over there or not? [Domi] All on the maldives. Some always meet I have been there the second time, and was lucky to be the only one on the island. [Stachi] What is also good sometimes. You talked about Kiki, how big is the topic ‘tennis’ in your relationship? I think you are lucky, that you both are tennis players, because I think you would see each other not to often if she had a different profession . Maybe 15 to 20 weeks if it’s going well. Are you guys really talking about tennis or are you trying different things? For example, you are at a tournament. It is almost impossible to avoid it, right? [Domi] Then we are talking about tennis, during the vacation as well. Not necessarily about our tennis but about different view, stories, gossip and so on. That is definitely the topic, we know the best! We both know almost every player, also funny stories so we talk a lot about tennis and sometimes about her and mine tennis. In London she was with me as well and she had to practice over there, because our vacation was after that, and of course I tried to help her and other way around. She has some qualities, I don’t have and also other way around. zu produzieren und umgekehrt ist genauso [Stachi] I have to ask you a question may wife wants to know… Kiki gave an incredible interview about what she is appreciating about you. That sounded like a man of her dreams so you can be proud about that. What are you appreciating about her? I don’t find it easy. Of course she is a tennis player as well and she knows your life She is acceptating it and understand it more than others. So what are you appreciating about her? Why does it fit so well? [Domi] I like her character and her appearance, of course! [Stachi] Yes, that’s right. I can understand! [Domi] And it just happened, it has everything what is important to me in a relationship and in love. I’m not a big fan of looking for a relationship on the internet. And that just happened to both of us, she actually wanted exactly what I wanted and then it slowly developed and I think that’s why it works so well. And of course, because we both know very well about each other and also the profession, over the other his lifestyle. [Stachi] And you can also estimate each other. She knows when you need your rest. [Domi] Exactly and of course, because it never go out of stories, so it never gets boring which, of course, it is important for the future!


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    Dominic kann ma einfach net net mögen.

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    Viel Erfolg für die australien open 💪💪

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    Liebe deine Videos

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    Boah understanding Dominik's accent is challenging, ich muss meine Deutschkenntnisse verbessern!

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    Please, is it possible to get the subtitles in English? Thank you so much!!!!

  • Reply Fabie CRU January 18, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    thank you so much for the english version!

  • Reply Tress Braga January 19, 2019 at 7:38 am

    I personally think he trains too hard. He tries to punish his body when training, but by the time he arrives at the Australian Open he is injured. Also, I don't think his girlfriend has positively affect his tennis. In fact, his performance has gone done since they started dating.

  • Reply YOUNG CACON January 20, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    The problem is I don't like Kiki, but I like domi, and then. I don't like both of them

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    Kiki do you love me?

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    „… dem Anderen seinen Lieblingsthemen…“ Österreicher halt! 😂😂

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    Class act!

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    Irgendwelche Österreicher hier??? 😂

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    also manchmal ist stachi schon ein creep. Wie er da sitzt mit seiner Kappe und sagt, ihm fiele es nicht so leicht zu sagen, was er an der Freundin von Thiem gut fände… WTF?

  • Reply Ninja Mike June 15, 2019 at 12:57 am

    Why is the title in English?

  • Reply Ninja Mike June 15, 2019 at 12:58 am

    She’s too old for him. She snatched him up quick cougar style

  • Reply Sriram Ilango June 15, 2019 at 8:00 am

    Wow. Dominic's German is so different. Is it because of a slang from Austria?

  • Reply Ricardo Shaw June 15, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Federer; Nadal and Thiem when on centre court and played their quarter final match knowing that the women's semi final match was being moved to smaller courts because of them, funny how no-one vilifies them. basically you are just another white male who has a problem with a strong black women who has every right to this kind of attention Dominic Thiem as good as he is cannot claim to be as popular and as commercial has Serena.

  • Reply Serge Ceyral June 15, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Warum arbeitet die Kiki mit DT nicht ? Sie könnte viel viel besser werden (Technik, tempo verhânderung, konzentration and kampf). Sein spiel bliebt so primitiv…

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    English please

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    I don't understand why people post videos with English title and description when the video itself is in another language

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