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Don’t Call it a Slofie – This is Only a Test 517 – 9/12/19

October 23, 2019

for Thursday September 12 2019 welcome
to this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com hello and welcome to this auspicious
Thursday as it’s another big week for this podcast we had last week’s Dragon
Con recap with Kishore Hari here in this room that was my week president
accounted for and before that I talked about Star Wars Galaxies edge at
Disneyland parks and early for that well no this is Jeremy’s week is Jeremy I
don’t appreciate that I do not appreciate I am NOT the Apple fanboy in
this show I know it’s not anymore oh you’re an Iran you’re on notice Apple if
anything I claim the week that I went to pin burg and I regaled you with the
details of my pin ball competition yes and the D division and and now that we
are four weeks after that yeah we’ve cycled back and it’s back to your week
things that annoy me my week right I mean who here in this room watch the
entirety of the Apple live event I did oh there you go you’re the only one
qualified I do know about it i watch most of it but welcome everyone here
president county florida Jeremy yes – sure yeah how are your weekends oh no
one remembers hey you know what it is Wednesday norm I can’t remember the
weekend oh we had a great time last night as you’re listening to this at the
tested event oh yeah oh my god well we’re talking about at the end of end of
show we played a stunt runner last night yeah we couldn’t hear cash or but we saw
him we did all play together yeah you saw me cross the finish line at like a
half hour after you this is a VR game I guess it’s not exclusively VR anymore so
it’s rec rooms available on everything it’s true but it’s the new mode for rec
room where we basically are playing American Ninja Warrior yes
there were you missed a hilarious moment where I dropped one of my controllers
and I kept falling for a while because it had landed on the ground and
depressed into that like focus oh no cone and so I was stuck on this bouncy
thing yeah I was like I was wondering if you’re watching me from the finish line
I so we just heard you I went on a minor road trip small road trip this last
weekend I remember that as well I was for a wedding when
– a wedding drove the car charge it at some interesting places found maybe my
new favorite supercharger spot in California you think a hundred years ago
when cars were new people like I went on a road trip and I filled it with
gasoline and well it’s my new favorite lien hey you joke at that
but back you know not a hundred years ago but back sixty years ago people did
go on road trips across America and pick their favorite places to stop and fill
up on gas and look at the roadside attraction that was a big part of
Americana I’m just saying it sounds so a model and Asian tiki bar but the
dinosaur park this is Monday and stuff I mean it’s going to be seen as such soon
but now it’s not it does kind of seem novel it is no because there are only so
many of those spots in in the world right now where you can we can find a
place that charge your car okay be doing so what makes this electron fill-up
station so much better than what other data it’s at a historic hotel called the
Madonna oh no I’m familiar with it you’re
familiar so you know how amazing it is there was a supercharger there I did not
know that I had never been I did not know that place existed every room is
different they went to the gift shop and the best way describe is a place stuck
in the 60s you could hear the twin peaks’ music playing The Shining music
it’s it’s it is it is encased in red marble and pink tufted leather and fake
giant roses and it’s place where you a ghost band you can imagine haunting the
entire the dance floor but yes there is an inn that exists there it’s run by the
creator by the Madonna family I believe and the best part is that every room is
different and if you go to the gift store you can buy a postcard showing the
room you stayed in did you stay there no I wish we wish we stayed there probably
no they take me they fill up months in advance oh really okay so I probably
didn’t have that opportunity we had friends who stayed there and they loved
it apparently the stake there the steakhouse is really good oh yeah it was
packed for people even their cafe this is on highway one right this is on 101
oh is it I don’t I’ve never been but yeah we have
talked about it oh okay so you looked up as a place of interest no I highly
recommend even stopping there and when you have to be there for about
45 minutes to charge up a vehicle then it’s a perfect amount of time to do a
little stroll around take some pictures use their bathroom in which the men’s
restroom they have you pee on rocks nah yes you pee on a slab of granite doesn’t
show giant slab of granite yes it is an experience into itself and huge ornate
there’s even a wine cellar down there and it’s a proper supercharger not your
standard 240 offer it’s a impacted supercharger it’s a
place where if you go there you’ll most likely be capped by the supercharger –
only 80% because there will be other cars waiting they don’t want you to fill
200 even though if you really needed to you can override that until 200 just
what an ad for this place do you want to charge your car do you want to pee on
granite that’s right do you want to listen it’s like twin peaks’ music well
it’s all happening the Madonna Inn Resort and Spa look it up okay should we
go on to some Apple news yeah top story this week can we agree on one
thing before you do this let’s shelve the snark for once like
it’s been 24 hours we’re recording less 24 hours after the event and my Twitter
feed is just people making fun of of silly things from the keynote and I
think it’s boring at this point I feel like I’m at a hardy family meeting yes
we’re gonna have a family meeting about criticize a overly criticizing dumb
memes from or really talking about memes from the event like because I think if
you dig down there’s some interesting stuff yes yes Father
okay great lecture oh so the snark children where do you want to start norm
oh good question we can go through the way they went the road and yeah we’ll be
kind of giving our thoughts and opinions we’re not gonna be relaying that what
they announced though I think more interestingly is what they did not say
and we’ll try to kind of point out the things that were not exposed the subtext
of it all are you saying they didn’t say anything interesting no I think the
balance means were interesting but I think what they didn’t say probably a
little more telling okay about their thoughts on their business strategy of
their thoughts on this hardware generation that’s I think we’re where we
can have some interesting discussion let’s start off with the TV stuff and I
guess so that the arcade also goes along with that they’d be kicked it off with
the arcade stuff right yeah I feels right right so we have that launching
this week this is their subscription service they’re big
you know services are a big part of their business now and they’re gonna
launch this next week next week September 19th
they’re Apple arcade plus $5 a month $4.99 a month my dollars a month
essentially yeah and that’s all includes shared playful entire family first six
people six people first month three a hundred exclusive games with new games
every month 100 plus why am I not excited about this at all because your
kid doesn’t play games yet the nice thing about this service to me is that
all of the games are ad free yep no in-app purchases yeah required now I
don’t know if that’s gonna that means they’re gonna allow them or not I’m
hoping not oh oh that’s such a tea I thought it was just gonna be no in-app
purchase I’m gonna go with that and be disappointed otherwise those two
things alone plus of obviously 100 games for five bucks a month I’m in like
that’s great I don’t know what the age ratings are gonna be they haven’t
announced that yet so I you know I’m sure that they will still abide by any
kind of parental controls you have on there like no 17 plus games but it
sounds great because my kids are constantly getting all these free apps
that are so so inundated with advertisements you know every time so
there’s a cultural thing this is for people who actually go into the app
store and buy new games every week and actually cycle through and try the new
thing I’ve done that a long time I don’t know I don’t feel compelled me neither I
mean it but I’m not playing games elsewhere either because it’s mean VR
mostly I paid for super Mario run which is basically double its two months of
this service right ten bucks yeah yeah so you know I I thought the underwater
game looked cool I was not sold on Frogger and it this is
all gonna be about what are the games like and so I I would probably wait a
week and see some of the reviews as a piece of title get a free month yeah I
guess when do you want to like pull that put yeah that button they had a big wall
they they put up of logos from different companies and they touted a bunch of
developers they’re working with including developers of very popular
successful apps or games like Monument Valley they even said will write and I
don’t know if we’re gonna get a the SimCity of iOS onto this yeah but you’re
not gonna I mean is that realistic to expect that that game doesn’t exist
right and do kids wanna play anything but fortnight yeah fortnight’s way down
in popularity right it’s pretty far down in popularity I don’t know there’s
there’s gonna be there’s probably gonna be a handful of good games in here
they’ve only announced like you know 25% of what the 100 are going to be at
launch they have even announced all of them I’m sure that those 75 they haven’t
announced aren’t gonna be huge deals but you know the fact that the that the game
pads are gonna be supported by iOS that’s huge like so all of these games
have that to their advantage they could have been designed from the ground up
with gamepad controls in mind and yet they designed the demo they
showed for their Infini blade-like RPG was just a touch it’s true no stick
and I their problem sure I bet none of them will require gamepad but they can
have they have the option of using the gamepad which for a lot of designers is
a good thing and it’s also cross-platform it I think every game
will support iPad iPhone and Apple TV or at least that’s part of their
advertising and this is a big question is this a thing for the expect most of
the users to be playing on mobile where presumably most of you are playing games
on iOS or is this a TV play TV console or can everything they showed somebody
was demoing it on a phone so I would think this is a phone play I actually
wonder if exclusive is actually gonna be a bad thing in the long run because
it’ll limit the kind of titles that are gonna be included in this well they’re
timed exclusives but though it is time to inclusive okay that’s a addresses up
but you’re right I mean I don’t know I’ll be very it’s interesting to to
wonder about how much of this did Apple actually bankroll they could have
bankrolled all of these games and it would have cost a fraction of what it
costs to do one of their TV shows and for that you for their Apple TV plus
service and that we’ll get into that later that’s the same price like the
subscription fee for the app for the TV is five bucks a month arcade is five
bucks a month I mean I could imagine Apple looking at this and just saying
this is a this cost us nothing we could bankroll all of these to the tune of
half a million dollars each and it would cost us you know fifty million dollars
but they don’t need you because games are cost less than those type of TV
shows the type of games are making here than when you talk about Frogger the
type of simple plate you’re gonna play for a week right weight feels like
they’re designing games and they’re pushing games that they want to play for
a week or a month so they can quickly move on to next thing and get kind of in
the cycle of playing new games kind of reminiscent of what like play date is
doing except late it’s even more limited one game a month and then you get the
water cooler talk I don’t think are gonna get that here necessarily no no I
don’t need you’re not gonna get the kids in the playground what are you playing
on an apple OK’d plus they might I wouldn’t be surprised if like every kid
has this because of the low price and so they’ll
all be like suddenly they have this hundred new games to play so they’re
gonna be talking about have you played Frogger and now I hated
Frogger I like the underwater game and it’s you know worse is gonna spread that
that’s how these kids decide what to watch and what to play it’s it’s that
not none of these leg round talk after this point none of it none of these
reading description these games feel like the killer apps for this service
know something’s got a surface to the top right it’s gonna come out next week
and if word comes out two weeks later that everyone’s got gotta play this one
game and then you know for all all the stuff thrown at the wall that one game
will be the thing that will sell the service I don’t know whatever just like
fortnight whatever kids are doing is what’s gonna exactly whatever whatever
they get and if there is one or two games that the kids are playing
that’s what’s gonna push the service and not the fact that there are a hundred
games a hundred is just thing just then try to hit that mark but I’m still not
excited for you guys are gonna subscribe to it would you rather Apple did one
game a month no if they if it was curated so point if it was yeah if it
was Miyamoto yeah Miyamoto designing one game a month
that’s five dollars that’s hardcore games like an eight-year-old doesn’t
it’d be like yeah Miyamoto designed this let’s get in there ten dollars a month
maybe I don’t know III feel firmly out of touch with what’s popular and I’ve
see the games that my son plays because the other kids are playing them and I
would never play these games so you you alluded to it earlier but the five
dollars a month I think is partly lower than what most people expected which is
in line with then their Apple TV plus offering which also probably lower and I
think we will get to the content in a second but the subtext here is that
Apple knows they’re not in a position of strength they their strength is scale
and when they’re talking about five dollars a month which is undercuts not
only Netflix under and CBS all access and all the other in Hulu but under cuts
Disney which is already aggressively pricing Disney Plus at $7 a month $70 a
year in the u.s. five dollars a month feels like they know they don’t have a
strong and offering that need they need to have price be their selling factor
especially since it’s a month or free and
you’re for free if you buy any apples if I ant again available to the entire
family and also yeah so they want to make it you feel like it is for that one
coffee a month you can get you your bought into an ecosystem because with
you know over 100 million of the billion these users out there hundred 100
million people sign up for Apple TV plus that’s that’s a lot of money that
becomes a viable business but they actually talked about content they had a
screen shot they show the trailer they show the trailer for the they have two
flagship shows it sounds like these two big shows the first is what is it the
morning show Steve Carell the Steve Carell Jennifer Aniston the politics
think of it is the newsroom or a some type of some type of comedy drama but
set in a workplace environment it’s not the office I think it’s gonna be closer
to something like studio 60 or newsroom it’s kind of behind the scenes you have
a morning show the Steve Carell do comedy anymore he’s dramedy yeah
emotional comedy he was on the opening episode of kill the click Kelly Clarkson
show this week which i think is a funny deep at least was Witherspoon Jennifer
Aniston Steve Carell that’s their big one and then see is there a big genre
show I’m curious what you guys thought of this and this is Jason Momoa just tie
between Aquaman filming a big TV show I know I just lectured on on no snark but
I would like to have a pass on that for a second because this looked bad the
dialogue felt like weighty and awkward in the trailer look like a sigh I mean
and I really hate to use this analogy because there was plenty of great like
sci-fi channel shows but it looked like a basic cable show not an HBO pregame
channel really but in terms of the dialogue in terms of song I mean
visually sorry it looks like they put the money yeah of an HBO show behind
visual does the the story and the plot necessarily at the concept of a basic TV
so this a basic cable show it seems like the plot is everybody is in the future
is blind yeah and then children are born with a new power to see DCs a dark power
and yet maybe they may bring the turmoil into the world and so
they’re hunted and Jason mowers of the family of the clan
I mean if we give them the babies they might leave us alone I stand with him
there’s no real failing in this show there is there’s the queen who wants to
kill that yeah maybe there are monsters that we don’t know the bigger thing is
the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple spent up to 15 million dollars in
episode for these shows for for all mankind for see in the morning show and
that is equivalent to how much HBO spent on the final season per episode of Game
of Thrones now with Game of Thrones you think
that’s I if you want to be an apples and oranges or apples an apples comparison
of like 15 million means this quality but it’s not that because Game of
Thrones at that point had reached seven seasons eight or eight seasons of
experience did all the production team built in all the cogs of scale of of
getting producing a show up to that point yeah let them leverage that if you
throw you can’t just throw fifteen million dollars which is a ton of money
per episode at a whole new property in which they need to develop story
building pay for talent which I’m sure took a big chunk of that and just say
that’s gonna be a good show so he was depth go what I don’t get so the morning
show one is the one I understand that has probably broad appeal in terms of
its nature or format who’s in it the Jason Momoa thing feels like bird box
right and and the the for all mankind I’m excited about that
but that’s such a narrow slice like it’s an alt history show well it reminds me
of the very early days of Amazon Prime and all the head was Magna high castle
and all history genre show and then they moved into here’s a period piece with
Marva stmas Mazal and an apple has Dickenson Achor period piece with about
and maybe consent it feels thin it feels like an Amazon overtime put these
pillars in with Grant or with the Jack Ryan show and of course with big things
like Good Omens there is no good omens okay here but you guys got to
recalibrate a little bit because and I hate to come to Apple’s defense about
this because I’m not sure I’m gonna subscribe to the service but Tim Cook
did make the point that for the cost of a single you know cup of coffee as you
put it or the or the movie rental as he put it you can get all of this like all
of the all seven shows that all shows episodes of every ever be yeah but you
know but your isn’t there is there a free month of this too
there’s a free month of this and a free year yeah that’s if you if you buy
something and you buy a phone which they know people are gonna do well yeah I
think that’s more about the numbers that’s more about like giving away
magazine subscriptions it’s like it’s fifty bucks though like let’s not
oversell what a free year of this actually equates to question though will
that stack if people are buying new phones every year well they just keep on
getting Apple TV plus for free if we see this advertisement again next year you
get a free year when you buy a phone tells me no that’s a bad part of yeah
iPhone upgrade deal well that’s the thing they’re basically that free year’s
amortized in the cost of this into their subscription service the phone as a
subscription service becomes a bigger thing where they want you and this is
kind of jumping to the end they would rather see a world as opposed to you
spending $700 on a phone every two years and buying maybe you know air pause and
watch every three years they would rather you pay them hundred dollars a
month and get a new phone every year get a new watch every year and get all these
services cuz okay that’s that’s more reliable income and at scale hundred
dollars a month in people’s minds feels much less than here’s a thousand dollars
for a new thing every year products at a service so I’m probably not gonna get
this I don’t know I don’t know are you excited are you gonna watch these
episodes one thing I’m excited which one are you gonna watch oh yeah there’s one
thing dude yeah you want to put up that that photo they they have it these they
have this mosaic of the shows they’re developing and includes the things we
mentioned morning show see for all mankind Dickinson there’s also
documentary the elfin Queen about the extinction of elephants there’s a muppet
thing and then yes there are three children’s family-friendly shows one
is help stirs you know so creator of Sesame Street and is about I think it’s
it’s starring puppets or Muppets there’s Snoopy in space it sounds good
which is a you know Snoopy as the peanuts brand Snoopy has had a long
relationship with NASA in the space program I did not know that and Snoopy
and a helmet is an iconic iconic image so that’s great and then ghostwriter oh
right yeah you excited about this I still AM excited about it
tell me about Ghost Rider did you not know about ghost writer is it a comic
book no this was a PBS show really in the mirror Lee 90s okay early 90s PBS
show educational show yeah about a team of kids who solve mysteries
with the help of a ghost named ghostwriter it’s a ghost he’s a ghost he
wants to write with it you know what he runs to write to us this is a nice
writer so this is about our special teams again it’s about Tina it was
preteens basically poets that sounds good but it it was meant to help you
like read encourage you to read because ghostwriter would build a read and then
also display words like super money only the kids could read the words except
this is more middle school than it was like elementary like Super Why is okay
so typical serie would be a kid is lost in the subway station trying to find
help he’s trying to give clues where he is and so we’re right on the ground yeah
words and ghostwriter to read it and then relay those clues to the other team
members is Ghost Rider voiced by levar burton coach murder has no voice oh just
displays words and it got real dark because you would find out I think in
season four or five you’d get the origins of who Ghost Rider was and it
turned out Ghost Rider was a runaway slave oh right
damn yeah but the new show apparently has nothing like that according to
Apple’s description the ghost riders reinvention of the original series it
finds for kids teaming up to release fictional characters from their books so
more Indian in the cupboard then ghost writer I’ve never never dived with that
title yeah it’s not play well okay it has not aged well what’s this that’s
all right but I’m down with Ghost Rider Ghost Rider I’ll check that out yeah so
Apple TV plus again what isn’t launching like a November first I want to say it’s
right that’s right yeah yeah free month by your phone get that
for a year yeah good timing keep we’re gonna you know you’ll have your standard
culture blogs and TV sites reviewing EWTN review the show wait for the
reviews is what I say yeah I don’t want it it’s even less about the money
because like the free month on the free year you know the first year costs
essentially nothing for you to buy a device if you plan on buying a device
you can buy an Apple watch and you’ll get a free year but it’s more about the
time commitment do I want to put 10 hours into a show that is not gonna pay
off for me or it’s not about freaking crazy and there’s so much good TV right
now so much good content but it’s five dollars like right but it’s again I’d go
back to what I said 30 seconds ago it’s less about the money and it’s about the
time come this is the same time Disney Plus is coming out and we’re gonna watch
the mandalorian or am I gonna watch see yeah yeah when does Disney Plus come out
it’s around right well yeah so apples beating them to market yeah barely
interface is something they didn’t talk about too so this is the other the
subjects well things like what is interface like gonna be for this on
mobile and on TV presumably you know you we know what HBO looks like we know
Netflix looks like everyone does it their own kind of way kind of and they
used to do it when Amazon launched prime they did it to mask the library the back
library they didn’t have a bit as big a library as Netflix and so it was really
a gateway and some renting stuff for Amazon it’s Apple TV Plus really gonna
be these six shows these eight shows and then really it’s gonna be an entryway
into renting movies right now Apple TV Plus would be much more interesting to
me if it was $5 a month and it gave you one free movie rental off iTunes you
want so much yeah I do it’s competitive out there sell me on
the service a hundred million dollars for each of these shows a billion
dollars to launch I don’t mind paying more if the content is worth it and so
I’d rather pay zero and not watch it then $5 for something I may
watch a few episodes up okay all right let’s keep going okay hardware a quick
mention they didn’t they revamped the iPad yeah a little bit the bare-bones
the entry-level yeah the entry-level iPad $330 same
price but the screen is now 10.2 inches it supposed to nine point seven inches
it is still in the more entry level processor you want to see a ten fusion
chip so it’s not your it’s basically a three generation old chip but it’s more
than capable and it has a new attachment for their new keyboard so it’s not the
old attachment but it’s still lightning cable not USB see for this one and you
know this will be a students could buy it for $300 this is still their big
moving into Chromebooks play trying to get students to use it in high schools I
actually dug the low-cost iPad I feel like that’s a part of the market that
let’s be fair let’s not call it low cost because you can get Android tablets from
much cheaper for a high entry level we’ll call an entry-level in the Apple
ecosystem yeah they also touted new iOS new iOS for iPad for both that version
and also the pro versions coming out later this year they’ve like staggered
releases for all different iOS versions now that’s okay 13 and then 13-point
ones coming out like two weeks later women iPad OS doesn’t get updated next
week – I think end of the month as iPad OS interesting yeah okay and no mini
update and it is a September yeah September 30th release date they just
updated the mini that’s right so compared to this that’s only they didn’t
have a direct comparison for this or mini yeah where the pro I mean it’s like
I I think the pros a I think most people
should know whether they want the pro or not okay
the pro is so much more expensive it is a different form factor it’s a bigger
screen 11 and 13 inches all of them have pen support now like if
you’re it’s pencil whatever Apple pencil support now but if you if you’re like
looking for your first tablet you’re not going to spend $1000 on the iPad
you should probably look into either the iPad Mini or the if you want to iOS if
you want I pad iPad Mini or this new $330 entry-level iPad but you can get
the Pearl unless you’ve like you know you’re gonna feel you’re an artist and
you know you’re gonna be able to maximize all that processing and and the
pencil features and the screen size okay that’s weird and that’s where what was
that a identification and then Apple watch this was a this the second big
hardware update first reactions and then we’re gonna science this a little bit
you know this is probably the most in terms of reality distortion field
I felt the biggest reality distortion field effect on this on this
announcement because the guy came out and they’re like Apple watch Series five
$400 and now a screen that stays on all the finally a watch for the screen that
saves on anymore like yes yes we don’t have to you know wiggle our wrists
anymore to to see what time it is we can have the watch say on amazing new
display technology is this Newark I just want to know I’m seeing reality
distortion field but thinking about it 30 seconds later or 30 30 minutes later
it’s the same watches last year functionally as a compass and their
compass compass yes sweet compass techno which is if you are a runner if you have
GPS and compass and you’re in directions if you use your watch as in for its
health features out and out in the world yeah and the compass is probably gonna
be helpful to you also it’s made with 100% recycled aluminum now I don’t think
people care about that okay maybe you don’t care about that an Apple cares
about that but yeah I mean it’s the same processor it’s the I mean they do add
they said they added some tiny tweaks of the processor to work with this new
display but the big thing is this new display because it has the same quote
unquote all-day battery life of 18 hours example dozen on Neptune I’ll be curious
to see if it actually lasts less than the old watches though because the
screen is always on I have questions like how are they dealing with burnin
because in this is still an OLED screen because that’s the whole reason
why we’re told it wasn’t just battery life it’s burning you can’t leave one
image on oh that’s all the time for a good question they did not address that
at all let’s talk about this technology of the screen sure you did some some
research so I think this is the actual interesting part here so the I have an
image up on the if you’re watching the video from an Apple patent and they they
just started throwing out acronyms so they were like this is the first Apple
device that features LT Pio technology and so this has everything to do with
their AMOLED screen and power consumption and controlling the supply
chain for all of this so right now Samsung dominates the
market on typical OLED screen development and you know when you get to
like larger sizes like TV sizes like LG controls that market Apple went to
AMOLED which means it has an organic layer those AMOLED screens were
typically constructed with thin film transistors that used I let me get the
acronym Li L TSP which is just basically low-temperature silicon based
transistors so what was developed about like 15-20 years ago in the lab and now
Apple is pivoting to is this L PTO which is basically low-temperature polycrystalline oxide and what they’re
doing is combining the thin film transistors with a more efficient
semiconductor called Indian gallium zinc oxide which is often used as a different
semiconductor in different applications and so what you get is sort of the
flexible OLED component with better what’s considered elect what’s called
electron mobility basically they’re getting better power transition more
efficiency in the electrons sort of moving through the gates because of this
indian gallium zinc oxide compound and so morphing them together into this one
allows them to get essentially better battery life with the same sort of
control elements but now that works really well with an
AMOLED screen so now they have a fully controlled supply chain that’s separate
from Samsung supply chain for it so not only are they getting better power
consumption because the integration of this they’re getting full control of the
manufacturing process where they’re not sort of competing that’s the play here
this is gonna end up in the phones that’s that that was a big room right so
and this is what this was about 100% right and that’s where the rumors
were last year that this the LTP oh it’s an acronym never gonna stick TFT
technology was rumored to be making into phones because you can get five to ten
percent power and frisson see increase on this and as we’ve seen the pass with
iPod products you know they can do these at smaller scale to scale their
production for this and and they did with you know the hard drives and the
flash tribes on the nanos that then made it into the iPhones and so this seems to
be for the watch scale manufacturing watch is this flip to prepare for
iPhones they threw this in so LTPS is really good I don’t understand the
science of this and if somebody else can explain LTPS is really good at handling
low frequency so like sub 30 Hertz refresh rates just because of the nature
of how it works LTP o is really gonna do well at like the higher refresh rates
like a 60 Hertz why you need 60 Hertz on your watch I will never know and I it’s
got to keep it smooth on the phone I can understand that higher refresh rate
being actually kind of useful which is the rumor long-held room refer for next
year that you might get iPhones that go above 60 Hertz 90 Hertz phones which so
I think that also has a play there they said on stage was that they got the
power efficiency by having a display that can also be variable frame rate
much like the iPad you can have them go up to 60 Hertz but when they’re
presumably in a low-power dim mode they can run as low as one frame a second
right which is all you need if you want to just have the the ticking second
mm-hmm yep still does not answer the question how we reporting pardon I
understand that their screens dimmed down and it looks to me like some of the
watch faces even take on different designs with you know let more contrast
more dark pixels maybe they shift one pixel left and
right yeah so I’ll be curious you just like is that an issue slightly maybe in
the low-power mode the watch faces all have a low-power animator animation
settings yeah to avoid burnin yeah maybe zone or or
and here’s the silicon way to think about it they don’t care and they allow
burnin to happen so that people have to buy new watches every two years
mm-hm okay I can have you trade in your Apple watch if you want to trade in your
a novel watching you spent maybe like eight hundred dollars on its three years
ago to buy a new new watch you know they might give you for that I want to say
maybe $50 $50 yeah $50 because they’re selling the
two-year-old Apple watch for 200 yes yeah the series 3 yeah it’s now been
which again you can’t call it cheap because $200 is a really freaking nice
non Smart Watch if you were good on any like store and buy a $200 watch really
nice watch for 200 bucks but that’s the two-year-old entry-level doesn’t even
quote cheap doesn’t even do a lot of Aria grams I know you know they’re the
really leaning into saying the forward did you enjoy that show cardiograms
electrocardiogram did you enjoy the commercial where it talks about it tells
time oh and it goes and everything else it does I thought was good commercial
it’s good to our shop ok moving on from watch fine let’s talk about the phones
ok as expected a new cropping three new phones and much like they did last year
in retiring the iPhone 10 and we’re completely replacing it they did
something different last year right they previously they had taken the flagship
phone of the year before and made that the mid-range phone and last year did he
knew that iPhone 10 was retired completely just replaced with iPhone 10s
and 10’s Macs and the tennis and tennis max of course and then 10 R was the
mid-range phone was in whole new model and how they’re doing the same thing
this year by not having the 10s or 10x max be part of the
lineup anymore now it’s the 11 the 11 Pro 11 Pro man it’s a little confusing I
would say this is oh definitely a little confusing to people who don’t follow
technology maybe don’t watch these events and they have a 1 they want to
get the new iPhone 10 they’ve read it is a brand 100% of branding strategy if
they went if they want if they knew the iPhone 10 was like the hot phone it’s
good sweet screen OLED all this business they’d probably go for the 11 the 11 no
but that’s not the new iPhone 10 or 10 no yes and the 11 is basically the
replacement for the 10 are exact this year so which is a completely different
screen it is and it different size but I think what they found out was the 10r
was really well selling last year largely because of price it’s yes here
are seven hundred and fifty dollars a lot of people found that to be a sweet
spot for a quote-unquote new generation iPhone when the reviews came out for the
10 are one people are really happy with the battery life they didn’t seem
bothered by the LCD as much in comparison to the the OLED screen yeah
no certainly not as premium and then you know the black levels not as dark but it
was fine screen but they really liked the extra battery light the best battery
life an iPhone last year was in the 10r and also was a cheaper to buy and also
the same processor it lost all the big difference that your weren’t paying for
was the camera you didn’t have that second camera it’s a single camera but
using software they allow the portrait mode with the single camera whatever
that worked I sold really well but there’s still perception that the 10r
was an inferior was the was the bargain phone right was the the compromise phone
because our comes before s no totally okay all right 10 are 10 s it’s like the
the S type is the best one our type is a maybe not as good and it was like if you
can’t afford the 10s you get the 10 are I think they’re changing up their
marketing and branding this year where they really want people to think of the
11 as the standard phone as the one to get and if and then right that elevates
the 11pro of them Promax to a more even though they are the same prices 10 s and
10 x max you get a better sense of prestige
because they know the people of the money will pay for I’ll buy that 100%
but I do think it’s going to be confusing I think there’s people out
there that think the iPhone 11 is the follow-up to the 10 and they’re gonna
think it’s the same phone but better and it’s not but it is better you don’t
think the 11 is better than 10s a 13 chip much faster best CPU best GPU yeah
wide-angle camera but you just told me that it was considered the bargain phone
become perception sample right but the reality was the 10r was fine I think
it’s a much better value I mean it is and they cut the price down by 50 bucks
but it it doesn’t yeah fine we’re on the same page yeah yeah I think that they’re
gonna do really well this year because a lot of people even more people are gonna
consider buying the standard 11 phone and the people who have the disposable
income will find more value perceptional value reality distortion field value in
buying the 11pro and 11pro max because they all feel more ëletís and they’ll
feel like that’s a more premium experience even though really like I did
when I bought the 10 the big difference well the 10 was such a big difference
over the 8 at the time right you could think if you got a 10 and an 8 hubbard’s
the 9 right well 7 8 9 if you dad joke sorry if you bought the
10 like that was the first one with nosh that was first with edge edge screen and
right with the face-to-face ID dual cameras right with the 10 are in the 10s
it was tougher to differentiate between those and really no I didn’t want to
diminish like they’ve done a really good job member the 5c came out yeah remember
the 5 5s and 5c yeah that the plastic coated right Oh Johnny is talking about
polycarbonate intentionally bright lovingly talking about yeah probably
cabinet it lasted one generation because people didn’t buy it well people just
felt kind of in our except the 10r turned out to be much better success
because all the reviews ended up being really great about it and it got the
great battery life ain’t the thing I actually don’t understand is why they
have the 8 it’s still part of the whole thing is the entry level because I it
looks different it like I actually think it’s for the home button like I think
that they’re like honest to god I know many people in my parents generation who
want that home button hmm and you just don’t want to deal with this wipe up
yeah but I mean they were kind of ruthless around the headphone jack so I
thought they might just be equally ruthless on that yeah yeah it also leads
into the rumor that Apple’s next year’s phone the one that is presumably on now
that they’re on a three-year design refresh 10 10 10 s and 11 that that one
5g that one may have an bring back touch ID under the screen that’s one of the
big rumors and this year really is about the camera system so we have a whole new
dawn left the new lineup behind us it starts off on the high end with a pro
in the pro max that Pro moniker it’s the first time they’ve put it on the phone I
think is gonna really work for their marketing purposes for people to feel
like they’re getting the extra value on a expensive ass expensive phone matte
finish matte oh yeah is it matte finish yeah yeah if I finish art green all this
stuff I saw I saw a hands-on where they said the the finish actually does a
really good job of preventing fingerprints how about the grip one of
the problems was the grip enos of the old phones was it was too slippery was
easy dress yeah only a fool would carry a phone not put it in a case yeah no the
only careless cases are for the careless cases are for the kaehler’s yeah yeah
it’s nothing to do with carelessness has to do with being clumsy if you don’t
understand the joke that’s happening right now as norm screen is cracked and
he never uses a case you know I live with the screen as a complete aside I’ve
lived with this crack screen now for almost some three weeks up to a month
and I’m okay with it how have you survived it’s it’s totally
fine I actually thought it was interesting that their commercial that
they aired for the new phones really features heavily people being careless
with their phone dropping you yeah dropping it like accidentally dropping
it like in between the car seats or into a bag of and into your purse and having
it Kalai around with all the stuff in there you know I’m sure in an alternate
reality where Apple had successful manufacturing with their sapphire
screens must be a big thing they still do sapphire screens on the high-end
Apple watches they would lead in that even more I feel like once they get to a
point where they can actually do sapphire screen phones
then they’re gonna really really market the hell out of that now book care might
let you you know they might promise the unbreakable phone we’ll see if they need
to once again they say this is the strongest class ever right just like
it’s the fastest processor ever just like it’s their best phone ever well
that’s different no think you’ll love it yeah can we talk about the Catena
specifics about the cameras okay so as we mentioned the 11 the standard
gonna be probably best for most people who want an iPhone phone has a new
wide-angle camera has two cameras now there if you talk about focal length
equivalents if you use a 35-millimeter camera full frame camera you think of
that 35 mil is a very standard focal length on phones really been about 24 to
26 millimeters so the standard standard single camera that you’ve had on most of
I phones and most Android phones is about 24 to 26 millimeter it’s wide
enough to get close to things the minimum focus distance is good but now
they have a really wide a 13 millimeter equivalent is huge wide-angle lens 100
120 degree field of view if you look at a full-frame camera or even aps-c camera
buying a camera lens that goes that wide is can be pretty expensive like I have a
16 to 35 mil and this goes technically wider than a 16 you rarely want to shoot
more than wider than like 20 mil because that is an almost fisheye it right and
things that if you look at their sample images all the subjects are in the
center if you look at that dog portrait mode the dog is in the center let those
wide landscapes where you have like the silhouetted subjects they’re in the
center because with that wide-angle lunch once you put the subjects close to
the edge if we don’t do lens correction the lens distortion correction
it looks warped people get stretched out toward the end rooms look weird now I
will say that not only is a wide-angle lens like this gonna be great for
landscapes it’s also be great for interiors that’s it you can be to make a
room a small room like this look really big you know if you’re renting your room
out on Airbnb or if you’re a realtor that lens can work out great for you
it’s gonna save you from having to do panoramas in some cases yes and I’m
really curious can you do like you’ve seen those kind of fisheye panoramas can
you do a fisheye pan or ramen right the kind of spherical globe
videos or photos with this new 13 millimeter lens I dug the interface by
the way where you could see the wide-angle kind of behind the camera
control I think that’s clever too because currently you have you can tap
between the two different camera lenses on an iPhone 10 or whatever but there’s
no indication of what that you know that’s a much better visual indication
that you’re missing information like if you want it’s there for you but not
necessary you’re missing but it’s yeah the option the framing yeah the framing
of the of the image that you get also then come is combined with the extra
image and that ties into how they’ve kind of mesh the computer vision right
where previously if you’re switching between the two lenses on your 10 plus
you’re tapping between you know one X multiplier and there are 2 X all right a
2 X from 25 mil to about 50 mil 52 mil yeah now you can slide between that you
can do that now but you can do it seamlessly even more seamlessly and knut
Nvidia yeah it’s more they call it more as oom as opposed to a switching between
lenses they’re exchanging the image between lens because they’re always
gathering images at from both so I want to point out that in addition to the two
lenses that you just said the ultra wide and the wide angle the pro has a
telephoto lens so it adds a third lens to this equation and what’s interesting
to me about that is that they didn’t add though the well that the telephoto is
they’re on the 10 and 10 s yeah that’s what we have already right but they’re
taking that away from the 11 left 11 never had it remember the 10 are never
had that telephoto oh it never did Ted 10 or was only one pick one oh that’s
right yeah that’s interesting so that’s why the the legend is in every way an
improvement over the 10 are ya know fair enough fair enough yeah but the
sintering that the 10 has two lenses and they’re they’re a different
configuration than what they have on the 11th they are now I think that we have
an image that shows that I mean we don’t have that image but Phil Schiller put up
an image that that showed the the three lenses and they have if you want to know
the specifics the ultra wide angle is going to be on the on the the one that’s
on the right yep the bottom one is the telephoto it’s a
52 focal length is larger increase the
aperture so you can take more light in f26 element lens and the standard they
called the standard wide camera lens also 12 12 megapixel 26 mil equivalent F
1.8 which is pretty good and then the ultra wide angle is F 2 point 420 degree
field of view so what do you think that that means that they I mean sorry but
back to the 11 for a minute yeah the fact that they dropped the telephoto and
they what the fuck they did not opt to put in a telephoto yeah that they went
all true wide instead of telephoto they think that more people are they shooting
indoors like is that why because that’s the use case I think more I think
they’ll they’ll find that more people will find the ultra wide more useful
yeah I also think that this is an AR play because I think the a a wider angle
lens combined will give you better slam kind of computational vision for AR apps
yeah I think you’re absolutely right about that it would I wonder if that’s
part of their thinking do you need stabilization on the ultra wide or you
think you get that when they have used the images together you get kind of
stabilization built in when it’s wide like wider angles are by nature a little
more stabilized and then the video stuff was interesting too not only can you do
your zoom now from on the on the pro from ultra wide to telephoto seamlessly
as you’re shooting a video there’s also the interface now where you know you can
add you know click the button start recording video insulin that’s a UX
thing UI thing but that that appears to take the place of rapid-fire photos so
you can’t hold down a button because that’s what I do now like I hold down
and shake and then it’ll take a question yes I wonder if that’s an option in the
menus but now the processor is strong enough to be recording two videos
simultaneously well that’s crazy but it’s only up to two streams and you use
filmic Pro was the app they demoed this and it looks like in filmic Pro they
have the ability to kind of do select which feed you want to pull the image
from so the third-party app that it’s not gonna be out of the box but
apparently the SDK will support ya allowing to pull from any of these four
cameras you can pull two streams simultaneously Reef cameras on the rear
of the phone and one the front and so you can
either film both a wide-angle and a telephoto at the same time or you can do
the rear camera and the front-facing camera yeah so you can do kind of a
documentary style interview back and forth I think a lot of people probably
wonder why would you want to record both wide and telephoto simultaneously yeah
you can do a lot of editing tricks if you have both of those footages you can
cut between them and and basically cover up a jump cut where you would have
otherwise noticed that right there was a cut there right and previously you would
do that just by cropping in yeah exactly but now you have this better image
quality because you’re not the crop yeah well given that there 4k you still could
crop in you still yeah 4k 60 yeah the front-facing camera now is bumped up
to 12 megapixel from 7 mcpixel ‘s and also just high frame rate so oh wait
hold back to start on this one Apple is encouraging people to take high frame
rate selfie videos what were they calling the slow feet stop it this is
for selfies although I will tell you this is the one thing that made my
twelve-year-old laugh about the whole event like I kind of heat I picked him
up from school he was like what happened today and I told him about this stuff
and I was I was not this is the moment if you have an air compressor in your
shop if you have a fan high-powered fan this is your moment to shine I don’t
know who’s doing this like isn’t that front-facing camera basically for
obviously selfies but also for face timing you’re not face time in slo-mo
why you shouldn’t slow-mo from the front camera slow fees but what why do you
gotta see yourself doing slow-mo it doesn’t make a new trend in turn the
camera fee but you can’t see yourself I don’t you want to I don’t know I don’t
know Jeremy I don’t remind us okay the other interesting stuff obviously
Google’s had huge success with their night site feature on their Android
phone this looks good on the pixel phones and Apple’s really lagged behind
even though Apple the sensors and the on their cameras have been good the
nitesite computational photography image on the Android side has been really
almost a killer app it’s been a it just a totally reinvented the camera
even before they you know made that into a feature with a trademark on it their
low-light photography was better than iPhone in my experience this is to be
using a different technique though than nitesite which was just live like long
exposure although this is long exposure it sounds like Apple has another like a
night mode which will take about a second to process so it is computational
photography and it’s gonna be smart bracketing but aren’t using multiple
exposures it at a lower you know lower exposure higher and then higher shutter
and then slower and then combining them and picking out the details that work
best was image so your subjects needs to be still I thought they were using some
of the infrared data though which I don’t think nitesite on the Android does
there’s no information on the back camera back oh it’s only front-facing no
I was wrong yeah bodis yeah they did rework their image pipelines have depth
data I think you’re talking about some type of depth data maybe the the way
they do portrait mode yes that was interesting yeah I think because you can
now take portrait mode portraits of pets and inanimate objects mm-hmm
so that image pipeline is that’ll rework they say there’s submit that’s the
semantic rendering so they they they’re their database and their processing will
allow the system to understand what type of subject it is and which details to
pull forward you’ve had some of this in the past that’s how I portrait mode
sometimes can recognize that it’s supposed to be hair that’s supposed to
be in focus as opposed to something in the background it’s 50/50 whether that
stuff really works and then there’s a feature coming later in the year called
deep fusion I think this is gonna be cooler than people think
so the sample image they put out I think didn’t do a great job demonstrating
looked like a very standard you know photo of a person wearing a sweater
plus a filler kind of built it up he really built it up and like even on
stage like you had to paint a word picture to describe what benefits you
yeah getting yeah but the benefit was because it wasn’t about portrait mode it
wasn’t about lighting it was about detail yeah it was about compression so
well uh and synergy like taking all of the lenses information and synergizing
them into a single photo I think that’s what that but
in effect what you’re getting and why he’s oom din to one part of the sweater
is that this type of image if you took it from a standard camera that used
standard JPEG compression the standard image pipeline yeah would be very noisy
at those parts right you wouldn’t get a lot of the fiber detail it would choose
to compress because it is if you’re storing a 12 megapixel image that you’ve
got to compress somewhere presumably this means that once the deep fusion
stuff comes out you get more processed detail and the JPEGs look much better
yeah I didn’t I didn’t get that it would affect your JPEG compression at all I I
get the impression that it was just really about fine details and mimicking
a higher resolution sensor by combining the three different sensors together so
the equivalent of a 20 megapixel picture sure yeah but but obviously not 20
megapixels but it would be like 20 megapixels shrunk down to whatever your
iPhone which resolution is it goes to 12 back to compression yeah I don’t know
it’s it is I think it’s compare this is their way of not see I took this picture
in a third-party app like halide that lets me take a raw image yeah right the
raw image would give me all that detail mm-hmm and I could use noise reduction
to you know software noise reduction to kind of refine it right if you’ve taken
if you take this image that they you know someone with a very detailed
sweater on a standard phone and you and then you save it as a JPEG as your phone
would only do and you zoom in it would look crunchy there is like a look – hmm
smartphone photos that just look crunchy on the pixel love them like video a
little bit like video and not even like compression blocks but the way like
lines it’s like it’s it’s a smoothing algorithm right the lines are not as
resolved as you would get on a higher megapixel image but on a raw picture you
would get all that detail this just simplifies the process so you don’t have
to go through that raw process you don’t have to manually do anything and it does
save you a nice compressed image with high detail and do you want you know in
portrait mode where you have the controls and you can sort of change like
bouquet and stuff do you want controls I don’t use a control I know they’re not
going – they don’t would you want it with them
oh I would love that they just I have they have not done depth sensing on that
scent on that camera yet like that’s – all of that is still just the
front-facing camera so that’s that’s the big camera update that’s it from the
Apple event oh we should mention the processor is like 20% faster
yeah a 13 you know they made a it’s they’re very they’re you know obviously
this is moving toward them making an ARM chip for four laptops
faster every year yep it’s gonna be still lightning cable no USB see I think
that’s notable still basically USB 2.0 speeds if anyone soul does data transfer
over over a cable over lightning no don’t the iPad pros use USB see doesn’t
something yeah iPad pros use USB see that’s very strange
I know is it yeah and then will include 18 watt fast charger and that charger is
a USB C to lightning connector Oh hilarious
baby steps so you can technically connect your phone out of the box to an
iPad pro and charge it that way oh because I don’t have that cable yeah
yeah if it lightning to USB nice yeah and we’ll the iPhone 11 be able to use
that faster charger although it doesn’t come with one I don’t know okay yeah all
to be tested that’s it for the Apple event really are you gonna buy anything
I think I pretty my watch my watch is three years old and it’s very slow to
get those LT POS going yeah I’m really interested in the
always-on display and the burning potential oh you can tell time then
right now there will be an option to turn off the always-on display first
people don’t want it cuz some people don’t want it and I’m sure that new
theater mode that you swipe up from the bottom to activate will just turn off
this completely the material science geek in me is really interested in that
titanium Lake treatment they did I want to know more about that when the watch
hey ceramics back yes sir if expect that’s right a Neum and ceramic if you
want to spend over a thousand fourteen hundred dollars on a wash the last year
probably two years are you gonna get a phone though I said in previous podcast
I would not no phone here no no phone here we’re
we’re me are you at 8:10 oh you’re at 10 sorry the 10 should be a
three-year-old phone don’t like that crack the screen you’re gonna get it the
screen place from the new sort of addresses that’s what I’m thinking I’m
surprised you’re not getting the new phone only because the pro is just
basically a souped up camera and that is like that’s norm stuff finally I’m with
cash or I assumed your beak you were gonna be tempted by that camera I’m
tempted by the camera I mean I have bought lenses that cost more than that
phone but you can still use those lenses 10 years later right that’s true
but you know life is short baby is only gonna be one year old for one year
exactly yeah oh sweet wide-angle lens oh we’re I’m not trying to convince you at
all I would just sort of you know having that sort of three camera in one
situation and being able to test it just see I just want to correct something I
said it like five minutes ago you said about the bokeh oh and why why aren’t
they making more features that take advantage of that cool depth sensing
that is in portrait mode that’s on the back camera they use the main camera for
that for that function they don’t need the IR IR just makes it easier yeah so
why aren’t they doing more with that that would be an interesting like that’s
magic being able to control the depth of field and you could do that only on the
iPhone you could do it on 10 10 s yeah but it’s all the you can’t do it on the
10 you yeah you can’t but there’s third-party apps you have to download
pretty able to do it and it’s all all the information there it’s really neat
depth stuff so I’m surprised that they’re not making more magical apps
from that that’s all yeah all right before we continue on the next segment I
won’t let you know that this is only a test this week it’s made possible with
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minutes remember when we talked about Apple TV
plus and one of the news shows it’s coming out of Dickinson Emily Dickinson
for a period drama as play portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld yes well she might be
stolen away the actress to the Disney side because Hailee Steinfeld is now the
frontrunner for Marvel Studios Hawkeye TV show
Disney Plus show to play the role of Kate bish yes good casting Hawkeye I
think it’s great I think it’s really good Testament very good casting I mean
she definitely has the acting chops for great in True Grit and most recently in
bumblebee and I think she would pair well good Protege for Jeremy Renner’s
Hawkeye if you haven’t read Hawkeye annual 4
which is matt fractions take on hawkeye where he’s teamed with Kate Bishop this
is really like snarky Hawkeye very different art style kind of almost like
telltale videogame kind of comic image style is really great reading if you
want to prep for this Hawkeye series its Jeremy Renner in the show he is in the
show playing Hawkeye well so he’ll be passing the mantle down to a new Hawkeye
Kade Bishop and Hailee Steinfeld is a university or universe to do crossing
actor because she’s also the voice of spider going into the stoppers I will
not I will not Jeremy drop in those knowledge bombs and guess what that’s it
for pop culture news awesome all right well Apple announced a bunch
of new stuff no I’m just kidding there’s there’s
still some stuff they look this is a big announcement for me and I probably me
alone is that four related yeah oh what I’m probably more excited about this
than anything I’m not gonna buy anything that was announced yesterday but I’m
using this already they announced a iTunes well Apple music is what it is
I’m sorry it’s not iTunes at all it’s Apple music now on the web so if
you’re an Apple music subscriber and I gather there’s a lot of them I’m one of
them because I was a beet subscriber became Apple music I’ve been I like it I
use it all the time in the car but I am on a PC and so I I don’t know if you
guys try to use iTunes on PCs but it’s a horrible experience like it doesn’t
launch for me half the time it doesn’t shut down half the time I don’t like I
never use it on the PC but now you can on the web betta music and you
can access you’d log in you got your whole library anything you’ve uploaded
to the to the service all of Apple music is there and you can stream to your
heart’s content and uh I’m I quite like it I’m so glad
they finally come around to putting Apple music on the web I mean they Apple
music was uh built off of the backbone of beats music yeah and didn’t they have
a web player yes yeah so is this just a version of that it’s obviously that
would spend many years and so they have made it from the ground up they actually
opened up Apple music to third-party web integration and you could access Apple
music via third parties but I it just seemed kind of strange that Apple didn’t
do it themselves now you know they have so that’s great
all right so well Apple other last Apple bits of news you know the products just
came out but where are we talking about next year Bloomberg had a story about
next year’s iPhones and we talked about the potential of bringing back touch ID
under the screen and also a reduced notch in next year’s phone once they get
that sensor smaller but the other big rumor is an iPhone 5se
replacement a smaller iPhone could be coming looks similar to iPhone 8 and
would have a 4.7 inch screen imagine that that’s small the screen on a phone
4.7 inch tree why don’t they just bring back a flip phone what is this we’re
back in the day the Dell which phone was that the 5 inch Dell phone the first
thing when the first Android phones in two thousand thousand ten in god we were
so stupid back then hey if a flip phone is good enough for Captain Rogers it’s
good enough for me that’s the spirit it’s a it’s good enough for Ironman even
Wow no he got oh yes right right hey you either used to use Google Docs all the
time do you care about your word counts yeah my college student I think only
college students or you know grad students care about my word counts
really no no I have documents at work where it’s like there’s limited word
counts really yeah in certain sections yeah well Google Docs it’s something
that’s in their Google for business suite already but they bring it in
rolling it out to everyone will now let you see a real-time board count this is
like word doc microsoft word features circa 1998 sort of 2000 this is gonna
stress every author I know know isn’t that I it’s a terrible terrible feature
it’s one of those things that you were better off not knowing it in real time
word counts were terrible i smarts to bitch about it
there was a new Nintendo Direct this past week yeah I mean just like every
other Nintendo Direct there’s more Smash Brothers characters announced I didn’t
think that was that big of a deal but Luigi mansion which I like that game oh
yeah is getting a party mode but most
importantly we’re getting overwatch and it’s like overwatch legendary edition or
something is what it’s called okay I mean I’m really excited about
overwatch on switch no I love overwatch it’s a fantastic game I mean it’s I
don’t know certainly is replaced tf2 is my favorite you know it’s WOD shooter I
love it I imagine it was a challenge to put on that hardware oh I’m sure the
port was exceptionally difficult and I wonder if it
is going to run as well on the new light which is coming out about the time the
game is coming up why wouldn’t it I don’t know yeah I just don’t know what
the internals is I don’t remember what their Nintendo switch online which is
the subscription service you need to pay to play online but you also then get
access to a library of free games launched last week with its nest library
20 stems you get to play including things like Star Fox Kirby’s
Dreamland three Super Mario Kart tomorrowworld
two super tennis legend of zelda links to the past pilot wings f-zero among
many others and if you want to spend 40 bucks or 30 bucks you can also buy a new
snez controller which charges over us PC it’s a wireless Nest controller for the
switch link to the passwords I think my second favorite Zelda game I never
played it Oh what yeah that’s the one that we’re making right I think so it’s
coming out this month really that’s soon well yeah yeah the series ending way too
quickly yeah but it’s Link’s Awakening oh that’s the one that’s on the switch
that’s the one that they’re remaking oh yeah okay that’s the old Gameboy game
yes there you go I never played any game boy games what yeah I never had one
really yeah no I didn’t have a Lynx I had no portable game console should we
get you one no I I mean like what you want was a little my wife had one and so
I have hers you know each other back then no we did not but she kept her
Gameboy so I knew she was a keeper okay did you have a neo geo no dude who have
you had that well you can have one soon because Neo Geo has release say or SNK
is putting out a Neo Geo arcade stick Pro with you got a 20 pre-loaded games
have we gone too far like with all the Dreamcast hype last week on the
anniversary I was like have we gone too far
yeah that was this past week because well 28th anniversary Dreamcast is a big
deal people want that treamcast many how was it only 20 years though I mean only
20 years a long time I feel like Dreamcast was a longer drinka 20 years
ago 9999 hmm nine nine twenty nineteen two days
ago three days ago I will say just on that topic the Africa who was Gary or
somebody retweeted somebody’s question like what was your quintessential
Dreamcast game and I didn’t see anybody mentioned Virtua Tennis for me that was
the first game I ever mistook for live footage whoa yeah I remember going over
to next-gen magazine yeah somebody had it on I thought it was a tennis match no
it did not look that good didn’t it did to me like I’ll be obviously I just I
wasn’t fooled for like days not like a lego movie hey we don’t have to discuss
that but yeah I will give them props for today son did you know how they made the
Samedi the first game of the make to fool me and I think it was real was
Madden for ps2 three really piss must have been ps2 yeah Madden piece in it
was more about the animations it was about the sideline animations between
plays and the movement the characters I have felt more realistic yeah very
smooth animation yeah of course at all all looks like garbage town but what was
your favorite Dreamcast game Crazy Taxi yeah that’s a popular one Crazy Taxi he
was pretty pop I was Gary played that on stream he hooked up an old knife and so
it had the original music I had forgotten the soundtrack to that
game hey we didn’t talk about the biggest thing to come out of Nintendo
Direct well maybe always even talk about
internet correct but they just released a youtube video about it it’s the ring
this halo ring thing we’re young oh the new controller yes this motion
controller that you attach your joy cons to and then you kind of vigorously yeah
squeeze it does it jump is it only compatible with one game I mean what is
it for the idea is that it looks like it’s going to be compatible with for
fitness application so much like the low is that the platform that you stood on
yeah the Wii Fit the Wii Fit that’s right this feels like a shake weak for
the switch and there’s even a thigh band that you put
joy Khan on that you then wrap around your legs Wow full body tracking yeah
no it’s not full body tracking it’s 180 degrees well the the fact they know it’s
on your thigh will allow it to approximate if it knows how high your
hip is then it could approximate it doesn’t know height but if you if you
input in how tall you are and you know how where your hip is if you telling
everything about you then it can give you some positional tracking with your
thigh movement yeah or an also force feedback it ends and a little bit of
Rumble feedback right on your side oh I got shot on the thigh again every night
joke I think some of the some of the Wii Wii Fitness apps are actually not that
bad but I don’t know what this looks like for the switch and then moving on
last bits of technology news hey LG TVs are getting g-sync support through a
firmware update this year’s LG TVs so you get up to 120 Hertz smooth frame
rate if you plug your r-tx card into playing games on these TVs now you could
you could totally block people do a lot of people do and then oh the Equifax
Equifax settlement this is it’s important if you filed a claim to get
$125 you probably won’t get it I mean I thought they were gonna get in me you
yes what do you do you have no this is her or that you spent money on I filled
it out to stick it to Equifax cuz I was not gonna let them not have have the
full settlement apparently they only had like thirty
five million dollars set aside to pay people their hundred twenty-five dollars
yeah and 120 million people signed up the math doesn’t work out doesn’t work
out and so yeah they have now said there’s no way anyone’s getting anywhere
near that and in order to pay people a little bit more we’re asking everybody
to verify that they were 100% honest with us and tell us who your purser vez
some sort of protection credit monitoring credit monitoring yeah
they’re asking what kind of credit monitoring service did you have in place
cuz you said you had one so when they know now though know that
99% of people applied for Liars well what you if you do nothing you get
nothing so that’s the problem the alternative is to amend your claim
and take the free credit monitoring instead screw that noise no no last bits
of news this ship you have been in pop culture we got a new Lego Star Wars set
a new UCS model kit it is a four thousand seven hundred eighty-four piece
of gum Troy come on this is for you I have the video in the background does
this bring back some nostalgia of that time when you lost your mind
and you took a fully built and functional Star Destroyer and crashed it
into the dead star yes yes I want to do it again this is so this is a revamp the
there was a previously you see a Star Destroyer that was about 3,000 pieces
and it was done released in 2002 but this is not only more pieces 1500 more
pieces but bigger as well so this is this the biggest UCS ever mmm number of
pieces white now Falcon is still I think I’ll guess 6000 pieces this is 46 48
hundred pieces essentially look at this camera shot this is a good this is well
shot yeah like watch this camera somehow goes between the fins of the Star
Destroyer this is a small lens whatever this part I mean I suppose they could
have been right up on it that also been CG that’s I don’t this is real isn’t it
they’re not gonna seat you this it’s probably really nice it’s well shot yeah
well shot well shot a cropped in maybe so it’s 43 inches long
yeah that’s big mmm that’s three and a half feet yeah that’s huge and it really
it’s I don’t know it’s kind of it’s I love Star Wars but this is a monotone
build well that was a big complaint with the 2002 release of the UCS territory
that it was a really repetitive build yeah and structurally it didn’t feel
that strong because the star is unlike the super star store it has a lot more
volume it’s a little more it’s taller right I still think that you see a super
stardestroyer is a better looking ship but this one
not only is it you know 43 inches long $700
it also comes with a tiny 10240 a what a tiny blockade runner a what 10 to 4
blockade runner the Princess Leia ship oh yeah
alright it kind of it captures cool a tiny 1/4 scale wow that’s awesome
yeah like you build or it’s like a mini I know you build yeah it’s awesome yeah
so 700 bucks out soon the big star wars lego set for this haul okay before we
continue on because we’ve got to wrap up in a little bit I’ll let you know that
this is only tests also made possible this week by bombas when’s the last time
you refresh your sock drawer if you don’t remember it’s pie time for an
upgrade Bhama socks are made with comfort innovations like arch support a
seamless toe and a cushioned footbed which is sock speak for super
comfortable they come in hundreds of different colors and styles making them
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would let them very much bombas has a new line of merino wool socks are made
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obama’s will donate a pair to someone in need and pomace are what feet daydream
about go to bombas comm / tested and get 20% off your first purchase that’s be
OMB a slash test for 20% off your first purchase bomb is calm / test now it’s time for a moment of science
all right a really quick moment of science this week so last week the
Indian Space Agency tried to land its first moon lander on the moon this is
their first attempt the lander crashed this is a this is a two-part mission
there’s an orbiter going around the moon and then a lander named Vikram that that
came down about a mile from the surface of the Moon it its trajectory went off
of track indications are from this morning from the Indian Space Agency
that the ISRO that it’s just it did land but it’s just on a tilt and it’s out of
communication and that’s based off of information from the orbiter looking
down on it but astrophysicists have said that given the distance the orbiter has
and its resolution of its camera it’s probably not seeing more than a couple
pixels of information about the lander so they can’t that you should not you
should take that with a grain of salt that there’s still a high likelihood
that it’s that it’s crashed either way even if it’s on a tilt reestablishing
communications going to be exceptionally challenging at this point all that being
said us Russians all crashed a ton of Landers when they were first trying to
attempt to go to the moon this is nothing but a massive success they got
something man yeah I haven’t gotten anything on the moon have you gotten
anything I’m not even one I probably couldn’t even get a laser beam on the
moon that’s awesome I believe that you actually could but all that being said I
think it’s a phenomenal achievement and if you read anything that says the word
failure associated it’s wrong I understand they did this really
inexpensively to like 150 million dollars the entire mission yeah I mean I
think those numbers don’t account for some of the ongoing kind of monitoring
and maintenance components of it but yes it was relatively cost-effective
computers and episodes of Apple TV plus moon sea or land or land moon lander on
the moon I think the latter that would make a
great head up of episodes documentary second is I had a story about vaping
last week about mysterious illnesses tied to it
well things have escalated really quickly so right after the podcast last
week the FDA and the CDC came out and basically said stop vaping just stop
like these illnesses are not tied to bacteria or viruses so it’s not a
contaminant in that way there’s some indication that people that have gotten
sick either but just like off the street with THC in
it or there’s some vitamin E component what the CDC said was that you should
take those reports not holistically as as representative of all the cases they
just don’t know what’s happening here and so they’ve recommended just stop
just stop until we figure it out the Trump administration this morning is
saying they’re gonna move to ban any flavored cigarettes great this morning
this is the right response I can’t stress this enough like if you hear the
stories box did a podcast yesterday about it people have permanent lung
damage the ones that have gotten sick I feel bad for parents with kids who came
of age in the past ten years for this reason because I you know there just
hasn’t been enough negative press about this mmm and the in the other thing is
that you might may not know is like companies like Jul which are sort of
fashioned in their advertising independent companies they’re owned by
r.j. Reynolds so they’re owned by by big tobacco companies and they put out
wildly irresponsible statements about the safety of their products that are
not validated by the science right now imagine that the VR minute
virtual reality this week a couple of new VR releases want to talk about one
we got battle wake from survey oh s— which just came out this week and good
news for people were interested in that it is crossed by between desktop and
quest people didn’t know you’ve asked endure cases not out on quests yet is
them coming the quest coming the question yeah es VR and quest Wow
but we played a bunch of it and I quite enjoyed it yeah it’s it’s a good time I
think it’d be even more fun with more people yeah we only did the two of us
because it was before it was out but it was it’s it’s a blast it’s like a you
know it’s not a first-person shooter it’s more of like a third-person
pirate-ship shooter it’s really innovative movement because yes you’re
you and you talk about it after you played at GDC but on the deck of the
ship you are controlling the ship with direct hand control so you are moving
that big wheel yes and the grip that the points where you can grab on to it all
feel really good really natural and you can sort of grab that wheel in any
position but exactly you’re also extremely happy time you you know and
then with other hand you’re firing because you fire off the bow the stern
you’re not far exactly from your hand you are whichever direction your face
you’re right you’re pointing kind of the place that you want you then you’re the
Kree ship the crew to fire at but effectively you’re firing from you yeah
it so it’s like you’re willing the ship to fire and you have a direction you
face your hand but then you’re steering with the other hand yeah but then you
have to use both hands just here sometimes because as emergency breaks
left and right which are extremely helpful yeah the biggest point I’ve
heard so far and I definitely felt they want for this while playing this is that
I want to be able to slow down or speed up the ship right right you can speed
boost and I think you can pull both emergency brakes to break yeah and stuff
there’s no like fast speed now those no throttle there’s no throttle and I think
that’s intentional they want people always to feel like they got through
moving and navigating it around well the those marketers do not relent
you know and also I’m glad they didn’t have the winds actually affect the ship
it’s not a sailing simulator you can go in a dress holy arcade game I think up
to ten players in multiplayer it takes itself lightly that’s a sense of humor
it’s Arkady yeah it’s funky and it looks
like the water physics are great and the ship is fully at the whim of them but
the camera perspective isn’t so they do a good job of letting you feel like
you’re on a ship that’s riding these tumbling waves without making you
nauseous yeah very comfortable I found there’s also of course stunt runner that
came out so wreck remover room stunt runner we played that we talked about
that had a bunch of fun with it yep the user created maps are not
available yet the the map creator level creator so I think that’s supposed to be
in a week’s time I don’t think I’ve been more excited to see what the users
create in rec room yeah until add this mode like this is exciting
speaking of user-generated Maps I’ve been playing a lot of cloud lands um and
later on that is so much fun we have used it yeah I started using it because
I finished a campaign mode nice you beat all the courses I beat all the courses
it gets pretty challenging late in the series Jeremy and I played against each
other one night he only beat me by 30 strokes
I’ve never beat stun runner I’ve never beat enormous don’t runner ever what
didn’t you just lose by like two seconds less no it was more like I’ve never even
come close to beating norm he’s just weird I’m really good at the game yeah
you’re really good at games yeah we’ll see you notice better my had a far from
home a vr experience that was a not great no the first one was very remember
when Zach came all we talked about the the the homecoming one was okay but it
gave you made you want to do web slinging right and in the far from what
homeland does you didn’t sign you don’t care for it but all right
really yeah okay a lot of different philosophies when it comes to web
slinging in VR right there is a what’s the game called not not winland yeah
Windland is a version of web slinging there’s also that one that gumball
gumball well there’s dead like there’s a jet island which officers jet island
people love because that’s very momentum based right and this one and that’s what
actually swinging this one I think is more Quinlan’s in that it’s pulling you
as you as you go right and that really encourages you that you need to really
let go and release so when Linds works best when you’re being pulled by the
grapple and then letting go and it’s using momentum Jed Islands is all about
physics that’s might can be uncomfortable for some people but the
spider and far from home experience the VR experience got index controller
support so it’s free and it’s worth trying if you have the index controller
and then speaking of interesting locomotion mechanics and swinging
there’s a video that pops up from a developer on on reddit a game that
they’ve been working on for two years it looks like yeah and I’m trying to pull
the thread right now to pick up the name of it but it has a really interesting
locomotion mechanic where you are also grappling and pulling yourself with
these kind of like these these energy beams okay but they let you then climb
on giant Titans so you can actually have these giant creatures walk toward yes
you will climb up their legs on that and going on its back yeah there’s gonna be
then shooting I’m trying to get a trying to get the name of this I don’t have it
right now it’s it wasn’t out yet is it early development early development yeah
they’re showing some shown some first footage 408 I do have it it was the
first thing you know nor show nuts it is called check it out you can go rise of
the Titan there goes a viewer title and it’s on you could add it to your steam
wish list but watch the trailer I thought it was interesting and I want to
try out this kind of grappling on a giant walking tightened mechanic me too
last bit of VR stops talking about we ever we have some announcements to make
well we have a announcement to make tested we actually have been working on
this for quite awhile and we put out our first VR app it’s on the quest oculus
quest in oculus go and it’s called Adam Savage’s tested VR it’s a VR video
series where we go to the space we went to the spaces of eight different makers
and documented their build processes and their projects with VR 180 video and our
goal here was to try to get the sense of a one-day build that we normally would
have shot with Adam and we did do a one-day build with Adam in his cave in
this format but also then take you to the workshops of makers all
around the United States a very diverse group of members making all sorts of
stuff something face is very familiar to tested viewers and some folks that we’ve
been big fans of and then we that we reached out to so they generously
welcomed us into their space and Joanne I film there for a couple days at each
in all fairness I know a lot of people who are love VR have feelings about
three 180 video but yeah this is worth checking out because you guys didn’t
just take a couple GoPros and tape them together no you spent some time
researching the best possible camera to set up with yes the best possible at
prosumer camera it’s all it was all gear you can buy off the shelf but it’s all
you know there are a lot of considerations and it was a big learning
experience we did this whole thing with support from oculus as a kind of a
how-to experiment into what this type of filmmaking would look like because we
have so much experience filming with flat screen cameras but not a lot with
the VR cameras and it was a huge educational we learned so much Joey’s
gonna be up here by time you listen to us he is gonna be up here I’m gonna do a
podcast with him on still entitled about his production work Oh awesome so that’s
a buy time you listened list be out on the oculus quest store and it’s free you
can download it and watch all all the episodes I like free that I think does
it for the podcast this week Jeremy I know you have jury duty well I’m not
selected yet but they want to take a look at my face okay so I’m gonna go
downtown let him see just don’t look biased look neutral
yahudah look super biased exactly defend the devil on my shoulder and you the
saint ass yes anything else you guys want to promote talk about no I gotta go
alright thanks for listening we got an outro this week we’ll hawk back a cosplayer crossover it was probably
the third most popular outfit I saw there was a lot of Bob Ross’s yeah that
was just walking around robotic or is he walking around this one if he was
walking around there were a robotic Daleks all over and for people listening
the Dalek is lower half of the costume with the top half maybe more traditional
bob ross of the wig and the paint palette is that robotic or is he walking
around but it’s not Davros the Dalek it’s Bob Ross the Dalek let’s go over checkmate see you next


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