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Double Touch – Beliebtes & rasantes Tennis Kleinfeldspiel, Kleinfeldübung, Tennisübung Doppelspiel

November 30, 2019

Today I`m going to show you “Double-Touch” another very good small-field game for 4 players for warmup. You want to know more? Then stay with me. Nice to see you again. My name is Martin and I´m going to show you a nice small-field double game today. You see a lot of things are happening here, I`m working on the background of my videos… to make my youtube channel a bit more professional. Too bad the softlights are not here yet… …but I didn`t want to let you go to the weekend We are talking about double touch. It`s perfect to warm up and also that popular like “Monkey Tennis”… …which I already showed you in one of my last videos. Its also popular but a bit more ambitious, that mean that it might be too difficult… …for young kids, that have just started playing tennis, especially did not learn how to play doubles… …. or are not good enough in playing volley. But for a bit more advanced players it is a good game and my kids love it. The fun factor is the focus in this game, but I would also count tactics, volley practice and teamwork… …as the focus of that game. Let me show you the rules and how Double Touch is being played! You can also play double touch a bit more less difficult, maybe for players that are not that good… …in playing volley. Maybe for kids you can allow having more than just one contact for every player or…. …letting the ball jump twice on the ground. It`s up to you how you mix up the rules. I just wanted to show you the main game rules. And I`m exited what you think about this game. Write it down in the comments, or maybe you have another tennis game you like to show me. You are welcome! Dont`t forget to follow my channel to be up to date for folling videos. Yours, Martin.


  • Reply Martin Kares Tennistraining November 29, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    Did you like this drill? You have any whishes for a next video exercise? Let me know!

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