Drake Reportedly Has Another Release Lined Up to Accompany New Record Deal

October 19, 2019

What’s up, guys? Frazier here for Complex News. As it’s looking more and more likely that
Drake will be leaving his longtime label of Cash Money, Variety reports a “well-placed”
source as saying that Drake just might have more music up his sleeve, despite recently
dropping his fifth studio album Scorpion. This rumored music will reportedly drop to
coincide with the official announcement of Drake signing to a new label. Though the piece of info is tantalizing, there
isn’t much in the way of details, like if this “release” will be a full length album,
EP, or just some loosies. Adding fuel to the fire, Drake rapped that
he would be departing his current label situation on the Scorpion track “Is There More,”
saying: “Soon as this album drop I’m out of the
deal.” Speaking of record labels, a judge has allowed
for a lawsuit from Aspire Music Group, the label that initially signed Drake back in
2008, to move forward after a motion to dismiss their lawsuit was filed by Cash Money. Aspire Music Group is claiming it hasn’t
been paid profits from Drake’s albums. Aspire says they signed a deal with Cash Money
and Universal Music Group to receive one-third of the net profits from Drake’s first six
solo albums and a third share in all copyrights. Legal drama aside, Drake’s Scorpion has
been doing extremely well. All 25 tracks have made it to the Billboard
Hot 100 chart and seven of the album’s songs are in the top 10. The album also debuted at the number one spot
on the Billboard 200 and has reached an astronomical one billion streams in its first week. Oh, and the project went platinum the day
it dropped. Wherever Drake ends up record label-wise it’s
pretty safe to say that he’ll be doing just fine in the finance department. That’s the news for now, but for all the
latest news on Drake, subscribe to Complex News on YouTube. For Complex News, I’m Frazier.

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