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October 9, 2019

Before Drew Brees Would Be Drafted By The
San Diego Chargers Before he would become the NFL’s comeback
player of the year in 2004. Before He would become a Super Bowl Champion
With The Saints that included a Super Bowl MVP performance during the 2009 season. Before Brees would break NFL records for career
pass completions, career completion percentage and career passing yards. Before he would break the record for most
consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Before Drew Brees would have more than 3.2
million followers on Twitter, more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram and close to
2 million followers. And Before he would become the 3rd best 12
year old tennis player in Texas That’s right, bet you didn’t know that
one! But he’s since hung up his racket to become
one of the most well respected players in the NFL. Both for his on-field performance and the
person he is off the field. I’m a Saints fan so I might be a little
biased. But Drew has had a long journey to the top. He didn’t start playing tackle football
until the 9th grade and it took him two years before he was even able to see a start. Even after a stellar high school career, he
was overlooked by all of the major football schools in Texas, even getting into a little
bit of a beef with Texas A&M. But as you know, he overcame every obstacle
along the way to reaching the ultimate goal of a Super Bowl. But we’ll get into all of that in this video. This, is the story, of Drew Brees. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day,
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question for you? What was the nickname that Drew’s teammates
called him in college? Let me know your guesses in the comments below
and I’ll see you after the intro. Let’s go! Drew Christopher Brees was born on January
15, 1979 in Dallas, Texas. Drew’s father was Eugene Wilson “Chip”
Brees the second, that’s a long name but he just went by Chip. He was a prominent trial lawyer in Texas,
and his mother Mina Ruth was an attorney as well. So you can probably bet that he grew up in
a strict household. Drew has also had football in his blood since
day one. He was even named after Dallas Cowboys Wide
Receiver Drew Pearson, who is a part of one of the most famous hail marry passes of all
time: For the win!!! His mother Mina was an amazing high school
athlete, who excelled in four sports, was all-state in three and was a baseball cheerleader
at Texas A&M. That’s where she met Chip, who was a basketball
player for the Texas A&M men’s team. Drew’s uncle Marty Akins was an All-Southwest
Conference quarterback at Texas. Drew’s parents divorced when Drew was 8
and his younger brother Reid was 5. Mina remarried to a district court judge Harley
Clark. The two were together for 10 years. While his dad remarried to Amy Hightower,
whose father was a congressman and later became a state supreme court judge. Powerful family, but Drew says that during
the divorce, it was a very challenging period for him and his brother. The two would split their time between their
mom and dad’s places but had trouble adjusting. Drew’s grandfather Ray Akins, was one of
10 men chosen out of 100 to be a soldier who fought in the battle of Okinawa. It was one of the bloodiest battles in World
War 2 history and out of 153 men in the battle, only 3 survived. Drew’s grandpa was one of them. Later on, he ended up becoming a football
coach. Brees said speaking of his grandfather: He was probably one of the most incredible
people, incredible man, you would ever meet. They just don’t make them like that anymore,
honestly. Akins was an offensive lineman who played
college football at Southwest Texas University in the late 1940’s, and upon graduation
he was offered a position on the Chicago Bears. And get this, while his grandson would years
later sign an NFL contract worth 50 million dollars, Drew’s grandpa was offered a whopping
6, uh, grand by the Bears. I know… Times have changed. But as tempting as that offer was, Akins instead
took a job as a high school football coach. He coached for 38 years and became the third-winningest
coach in Texas high school football at the time of his retirement with over 300 wins! Brees said that watching his grandma and grandpa
together gave him the model marriage to look up to. He spent his summers between the ages of 5
and 10 attending his grandfather’s two a day preseason practices at Gregory-Portland
High School. Brees says he looked up to the players on
his grandfather’s team and he looked up to his grandpa’s success. Drew’s dad also would play catch with him
for hours on the weekend so he grew a love of football. Brees also grew up feeding cows and fixing
fences on his grandfather’s ranch every summer. But besides playing football and working with
cows, Drew’s mother introduced him to Tennis. And before long, he became one of the best
junior tennis players in Texas. He was actually ranked at number 3 in the
US Tennis Association’s age 12 group. But he DID have trouble beating his mom in
a game of one-on-one tennis. Drew always loved football, playing flag-football
at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, but he wasn’t a world-class prodigy like some of
the other people we cover on this show. In fact, he didn’t actually strap on the
pads until the 9th grade when he attended Westlake High. But even then, he only played for the B team
in his freshman year. A year later, he became the backup on the
junior varsity team. before finally becoming the starter after
their QB suffered a knee injury. It was time for Drew to step up. And boy did he ever step into that role. Brees went 28-0-1 in his two seasons starting
for the varsity team and lead Westlake to a championship that included the offensive
MVP award. In those two seasons, he threw for close to
5,500 yards and had 50 Touchdowns. But despite all of the stats and an undefeated
varsity career, despite his coaches telling universities that Brees was the most accurate
passer they had ever seen, he was completely overlooked by most of the major schools in
Texas. Brees had his sights set on one particular
college. He said: If A&M had offered me a scholarship, I would
have gone there in a minute. And Drew was lead on to think that he would
be receiving that offer. According to Brees, he was contacted by the
assistant coach who took him to lunch and said he would schedule a visit for Drew. But a couple weeks before he was supposed
to attend, when he called up A&M to confirm, they put him on hold and then never called
him back!!!! Sounds like that one girl that you always
wanted and then thought you had a chance, only to find out they were never interested
in you in the first place and were already dating someone else. I feel ya Drew The coach who gave Drew the run around later
said that Drew was by far the best player out of the three quarterbacks they were looking
at. Easy to say that in hindsight buddy! Finally, two schools decided to give the kid
a shot. Purdue and Kentucky. He chose to roll with Purdue because of their
academic program. Since birth, Drew has always had a big brown
birth mark on his cheek that’s still noticeable today. His friends growing up would tease him about
it calling it turd, leech or roach. Seems mean. His mother thought that she had caused the
mark when he fell on her right side on a patch of ice not too long before delivering Drew. She would say That’s where an angel kissed you. When Drew got to college, his birth mark became
a source of some good jokes between him and his teammates. At first, his teammate and best friend Ben
Smith thought Drew was wearing a cheerleading sticker on his face and thought to himself “man this guy is lost!” He remembers one night seeing Drew dancing
with a girl at the club and the girl wetting her finger to try to wipe it off. Drew said “it ain’t comin off” and all
of his friends lost it laughing. The
team even came up with a name for the birthmark called “Per-nick.” That’s no cap. See what I did there… Kap Per Nick? Alright anyways… The birth mark was named after a walk on wide
out Matt Pernick, who had wild hair much like the hair on Drew’s birth mark. That was elaborate. But as for Drew, he had his own nickname that
we’ll get to later in this video. Multiple members of his receiving core spoke
to Sports Illustrated about how there were always moments where they couldn’t even
see Brees, but somehow he still managed to find a way to get them the football. Nick Saban, who was an NFL assistant for six
years and coached against Drew in college at Michigan State, said at the time: Brees reminds me of Joe Montana. He makes you feel that, play after play, you’re
about to do something big against him, and then he does something big against you. It’s incredibly frustrating for a coach or
a team. Brees studied industrial management at Purdue
where he maintained a 3.2 Grade Point Average, but he was also focused on studying game film. Brees would head to the football team office
after his classes, arriving as late as 11pm on some nights. He would study game film and learn how to
improve with every tape. His first start came during his Sophmore season. In his senior year, he lead the squad to a
Big Ten Championship. They also made it to the Rose Bowl for the
first time since 1967. In 2000, he won the Maxwell Award for the
nation’s most outstanding player of the year and was also 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting
after coming in 3rd the year prior. In 2001, Drew Brees graduated from Purdue
with a degree in industrial management and was also a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. In his career with Purdue, he set 2 NCAA records,
13 Big Ten Conference records and 19 Purdue University records! That included a Big Ten conference record
in passing yards with close to 12,000, TD passes with 90, and he tied an NCAA record
for longest pass with a 99 yarder to teammate Vinny Shutherland. So after a more than impressive college career,
Drew Bree was projected to be a mid to late first round draft pick. But many teams were worried about how short
Drew was compared to most NFL quarterbacks. He was barely 6 feet tall. People were also worried that his college’s
offensive scheme was the real reason for his success. So Breese slipped to the second round and
was selected by the San Diego Chargers in the 2001 NFL Draft. San Diego originally had the first pick in
the draft but traded it to Atlanta, who went with Michael Vick. Who is also one of my favorite players of
all time… Well, before you know, the whole, thing. But Brees had a long road to the top in the
NFL as well. After a handful of seasons with San Diego
and winning the NFL’s comeback player of the year award, he headed to New Orleans,
where he became what we now know as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Plus, he won the city of New Orleans a ring. Which is most important. But that’s all in a day’s work for the
guy who was known as Cool Brees in high school. But as for the rest of the story, well you
know the story because this is before they were famous. Dream Good Live Better, I hope you have one
Hecht of a Day, and I’ll see you in another video.

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