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DRIVE TO TENNIS | Tennis Server Tracker

November 9, 2019

The service speed on the ATP Tour is now a classic, as well as scores, and first-level statistics. It is a data that will integrate like the others, a huge computer network, which will therefore follow others statistics, as well as the unforced errors and winners points. Peugeot therefore has a number of radar “displays” that are set up on the court, for the public, for the players and coaches. And of course the most important is to have a valid rate, which corresponds exactly to the reality. So for that, we have a cooperation with the video referee, which takes us the speed in video capture. And in addition to that, you will see the radar sensor, which will be integrated into the PDA of the Referee, who will activate and deactivate the head according to the phases of the game, to take into account only the service. World records are between 240 and 250 km/hour. if a player exceeds the 250 Km/hour, it is a world record. Weirdly every time world records were broken at the service, we must know that it is beaten during the beginning of the match, when the arm is still fresh. For professionals, it is often during the first few games that the strongest services appear.

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