Durant Dunks on Heat, Game 1 NBA Finals

October 2, 2019

titsworth locked out here in culver city
california ricks from what you have one oh five ninety four when for the father
in game one yesterday it was just eight year to the day at the miami heat loss
gain six indian n_b_a_ finals in twenty eleven
kevin durant obviously did his thing the scoring
champ is pastor thirty six point seventeen of which came in the fourth
quarter twelve or twenty field goals eight rebounds according to a liar since
the eighty-eight n_b_a_ merger only allen iverson scored more in his
first n_b_a_ finals game then kevin durant russell westbrook also
didn’t think twenty-seven points eight rebounds eleven assists through three quarters check out this
shots are very quickly on roughly westport field goals were surprisingly inside the payt uses the second player
to record at least twenty-five points and least tennis says in his finals debut the other guy well you may have heard of
them michael jordan thirty six points and for
the since in nineteen ninety one the jewel of their rent and westbrook house for miami forty one to forty in
the second half of thunder plus eighteen over miami in the second half as well and the to
combine four forty feel goa tenths of a thunder nine nl at
home in the playoffs the supporting cast not great but ok james hardened five
points surgeon doctor ten point six rebounds mc
allison by the way eight points all of which were within one feet all this field goals that is we
want their fisher also made eight khana plays off the bench and certainly provided the
spark that old woman sitting needed to keep the momentum rolling in the second
half their down thirteen at one point in the first after their fisher unit on a place it’s a big shots of the
levy at six points the thirty-seven-year-old veteran derek
fisher seeking another and hearing the free throws you could also say were surprising local
the city-wide to the line an astounding number of times more then miami did miami fourteen of eighteen from the line
alta loma city twenty of twenty seven from the free throw line the bride james
let’s talk about and thirty points eight career-high in any n_b_a_ finals game
for the m_v_p_ however he was just two a six in the fourth quarter compared to
the rance six of ten from the field not gobbles up a los piece the which onto the brian james
after kevin durant guarded him for three quarters he gave up seventeen durant did when he guarded the bron battles of the los at the six foot seven to guard small forwarder who has a large wingspan
six foot seven guy from sweden only allow the bronze for seven points in the fourth quarter and
it turned out to be a good move per head coach scott brooks now according to u_s_ feel
the brunt james when he was guarded by the rhetoric the recorder seven of
twelve again supple oster to of seven to lean away then ok gained nineteen points you certainly expect more from him especially only going seven and nineteen
from the field shade that is seventeen points highest
in the playoffs thirteen in the first evan chris bosh
came off the bench four ten points as well now the fast break points in favor
local maseri twenty four two four every heat loss has contained this statistic in which
the fast but it the best breakpoints are in favor of their opponents now this
could be a meaningless tappan the thundered are undefeated since it will
wane posted his goes first week mu uh… his sweater so now he fans tell
me what you guys think should chris box start in game two i certainly think he should he came off the bench jackie put up
nineteen ingane seventy of the celtics holden holder must hold this series we
have in the n_b_a_ finals against the best team in the western conference in his jacket
of the reason left and right idvd stark and he will try to get his
get his personal game going inside the pain and closer through the basket
avenge acinar three pointers left and right let me know your thoughts on all this
guy’s you could read those at the advert from best ones get read on the air and
also please do follow me again ever from face-to-face in the
description below bigger comment in the comments section below and also please do as a painter n_b_a_
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