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E01 – Gregory Penn – 50-Year-Old Tennis Player Still Competing

August 31, 2019

this is kind of irrelevant but you know how many dependents do you have well really depends who’s gonna be watching this film got friends at work the IRS nestled in the beautiful town of Springfield Illinois are the stomping grounds of local tennis legend Greg repin the in 1985 he reached a career-high ranking of 844 in juniors he was a hotshot all eyes followed his forehand unfortunately at the age of 25 he was forced to leave the game of tennis today he’s 50 years old a lot grayer but still fighting to regain the reputation he once had as an athlete what do you eat before uh before you play a match usually don’t eat anything at one time uh my girlfriend brought me a couple big bags before uh before I played one match he wouldn’t say but I suspect that McDonald’s is part of his pregame my film crew called this footage of Gregory’s tennis bag I’m serious about this comeback though really trying hard up even though I did loose like six one six one seven like nineteen-year-old last time I play like a month ago try got top abutters Mark Boal even top five four worth fifty but uh you know those will satellite tours around the worlds those that make it up let me add or do I have to get a real job while he’s only won eight matches on the ATP Tour he’s managed to earn over $200,000 throughout his career I used to be pretty good I mean I wasn’t I was a serious crash when I was like 25 and they told me I can never walk again all his friends and many fans to tragedy and we hope to a speedy conclusion to this investigation but now I’m all the way back walking I got she run and I was like I was like a tough Alison when I got hurt and I was making my move you know back then announced 25 years later just I’m great don’t you know don’t let it oh yeah when asked if there are any weaknesses in his game he was reluctant to answer next question yeah I was on federal disability after that accident for a long time and but then they caught me playing tennis and they took it away and I take medicine the stuff I don’t know if it’s officially my called like Doug bean or someone comes to tennis I object giggle intercept them and get more information and update my knowledge on that part I don’t know hopefully the drugs I’m taking will qualify within the tennis organization rules as it turns out or of the eight drugs Gregory is taking are considered illegal substances in the sport of tennis can you still play the best of a five-set match well I prefer to one two three I can it takes a lot out of me but I’m working at it I might get there I give up another shot yet Gregory Penn is the embodiment of and while I cannot say with any conviction that he will reach his long-held dream of being a top of 100 player on the ATP Tour he is an inspiration to everyone look out world record Gregory pen


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    Inspiring story, all the best Greg!

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    what is this…

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    Lmao what

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    has he ever even hit a tennis ball?

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    I'm sure this is a joke, i can't find anything on Google about Gregory Penn Hahaha

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