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E1 Felix vs Shola ( LTA High Performance tennis coach )

February 9, 2020

Hello everybody is Felix and Lucian here
from the tennis Brothers welcome to a new series of 50 tiebreak to 10 matches where
we will play Junior Pros ATP Pros coaches and even club players all to
raise awareness for our charities which are aiming to help lives of children
through tennis. Cardiac Risk in the Young C-R-Y is a charity that wants every
young person to have the choice to have their heart tested. If you’re aged 14 to 35
and live in the UK – then you can book a free heart screening. The second charity is
Tennis4theworld for helping disadvantaged communities by sending
donated tennis equipment to children who can develop and extend their skills in
tennis and also just keep them off the streets. Please find more information in the link below and if you have any people or
friends we would like to help us and support us then make sure you tell them. Also we are honored to have Marcus Buckland – former sky sports presenter
and now anchor man at football and tennis at Amazon Prime video who’s going
to be commentating over all of our matches. A big THANK YOU to Bidi Badu
and HEAD for sponsoring the series. Your support will help the charities to
saves lives through tennis. Please find further information below the video. Enough said – lets bring on the first match!!!! Hello my name’s Shola Roper. I’m a
high-performance tennis coach currently the boys 14&U, 16&U and 18&U Middlesex captain. My favourite surface is grass courts simply because
on the grass courts you can finish the point really quick and also my best shot
my favorite shot is the backhand cross-court So guys Felix here – I’m playing against my
ex-coach. My favourite shot is my forehand cross…and my favourite surface this
one right here hardcourt. So master vs. pupil – experienced
against youth and a mouth-watering matchup 16 year old Felix Mishker is a
2003 born player dual nationality English and German with a passion for
eating burritos – facing him a man instrumental in the success of Middlesex
over the past few years and a key component in their rise to becoming
2019 national county champions Now it’s the usual rules in this tiebreaker to
ten match. The players will change ends every six points. Its first to ten but
if it gets to nine all you have to be two points clear to win.
Felix talking about his forehand – this serve is going to have to function
extremely well too if he is to pull off the upset. So here we go – Shola to serve
first. I think this is gonna be fascinating little bit of an edge
between the two of course as Felix mentioned he was coached very well by
Shona for a number of years… and that’s the sort of thing that Shola was
teaching him – clean forehand winner high kicking second serve and hit beautifully
to get off the mark Now this first service is going to have
to work I think for Felix today. Oh such of gamesmanship from Shola… he just
wonders back to move a ball. Second serve… Felix likes the forehand he just
over hits that one slightly nervy start the early mini break for the coach.
That’s better from Felix forcing Shola to stretch on his forehand side and he
is off the mark…I should mention that the wider aim of playing this tiebreak
series is to raise awareness for two charities. I’ll give you a little more
information about those in just a moment. The return is a little wild the first of
their charities Cardiac risk in the young helps
prevent young sudden cardiac death through awareness, screening, research and
supporting affected families. You can get more information by pressing on the
screen. oh I thought he was gonna get there it
wasn’t the greatest of drop shots and Felix’s quick halfway there he looked as
though he’d get to the ball and reply with interest and had he done so I think
she surely would have been in trouble but not to be… and then it’s 4:1. That’s a..that’s a slightly lazy return… dare I described it thus from Shola. And so is that… and from 4:1 we are back
to double-quick time the other charity that I want to mention is It’s a charity based in the United Kingdom that collects
unwanted tennis equipment and clothing and distributes it to schools colleges
and social development projects around the world. We’d also like to thank
Virgin Active Chiswick Riverside for allowing us the use of the courts.
What a comeback suddenly from Felix and this is a terrific return absolutely
nothing that Shola could do about that from for one we’re back to 4:4. Shola’s tennis philosophy is that
anything is possible and that’s based on very dramatic stage in his life. He had an
accident in his teens and was told at one stage that he may never walk again
but thanks to perseverance a very good mental attitude and a guardian angel as
he describes his physio at the time Vivian. Not only did he start walking again
but he’s playing tennis to this sort of level. What a match this is turning
into nothing between the players at the halfway stage. Oh that is brilliant
that is brilliant from Felix the first volley wasn’t good enough
it gave Shola an opportunity to pass him but the second one here at the net
is worthy of the fist bump that he treated himself to afterwards. and that’s another terrific return as
well… low to the feet of Shola and so the players will change ends when Shola
remembers to change and that would that was a couple of quality points from the
young man who says Rafael Nadal is his favorite player. Love’s Rafas work ethic
and he’s looking eventually Felix to go to the United States on a tennis college
scholarship and who knows may be than following Rafa’s footsteps thereafter.
That’s just what Shola needed at this stage. Good first serve on the stretch
there was nothing that Felix could do about it. This is bubbling up very nicely. Shola worked with some terrific coaches over
the years says a player simply has to give their best at all times It wasn’t Felix at his very best there
and Shola likes to use a quote from the coach John Wooden who said that
players with a fighting spirit never lose a game they just run out of time…
which of these two is going to eventually run out of time I wonder. Well
as I’ve mentioned a couple of times Felix needs to keep the first serve
percentage high here maneuver himself into a promising position Oh a little wild on the backhand side
from Shola we heard him say before the match that the backhand is his favorite
shot his best shot the backhand cross-court but an error there takes
Felix potentially to within two points of victory. Well maybe the adrenaline was
just starting to flow wrong foot on the return… not to be and then lock together
again Well he did well to get the serve back into play but he was wrong footed
Shola saw where he was going went back behind his opponent and as a
result of that shot we have a first match point Okay Felix what are you made off – match
point down second serve… He trusts himself and he hits a clean winner and
the match will continue they’ll change ends again… the return perhaps a little
conservative the midcourt ball put away …and how’s that for a response having
faced a match point on his second serve he wins two in a row and ace their wider
Shola’s forehand…and now in the blink of an eye it’s a match point for Felix. Oh clutch play from Solar dugout the
little half body then steers the winner up the line. How are your nerves at such
a key moment in the contest and we’ve got a a mini classic here – match point
for both players – what’s coming next? The return is wide so a second match point
for Shola again Felix is on serve. and again he’s match point down on
second serve and again he trusts himself this time with the off forehand Shola
wrong-footed and that’s two very well-constructed points when match point
down by the sixteen-year-old. Shola a very experienced performer he’s been a
forefront of his profession for more than 10 years and as a result of his
knowledge of the game he’ll appreciate just how good that forehand cross-court
winner was to bring up another match point for Felix! and again oh he can’t quite
capitalize the return drifts long and the match continues Shola has been to
numerous international ITF and Future’s events with performance players but his
nerves will be jailing at the moment. Oh a degree of exhibition tennis about
that but at the end of it all it’s Shola who comes out on top and it gives him a
third match point will it be third time lucky? oh the balls come out of his pocket he’s
missed the volley and it is Shola who is victorious by 14 points to 12 what a
match let’s get some reaction from the tennis brothers. We hope you enjoyed the
first of our 50 Tiebreak to 10 battles that we’re going to play this year.
Please help to spread the word by sharing this to your friends and also
subscribe to our channel to not miss any more tiebreaker battles coming up and
make sure you tune in next week see me playing my next opponent

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