Elajjaz: Dark Souls[40] Remnant: From the Ashes[3] (CC CHAT)

October 1, 2019

Doully92: Pog Tirabolos: pepeD Llyfrgell: PepoDance wandering_pleb: pepeJAM Myowa_: pepeD DragonflyJoe: pepeD Lexikun: BBoomer Hexarift: Hellooo ElaJAMMER Veddy_: Lexikun Pog Reddinator: horace PepeHands Akytami: pepeJAM Doully92: gachiHYPER JERK IT OUT gachiHYPER dekkah: BBoomer Clap WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Dark Souls: Dark Souls Remastered – All bosses speedruns 🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram 1marcio080: @Elajjaz whats the taste of a butterfly Lexikun: FreakinStinkin AvemStercore: yakuza 7 unveiling today Pog scp_david33: First kunjiru: AvemStercore what Pog jack_van_charro: lets go kunjiru: also hello chat elaH NaughtyPedro: nymnG Kyucmbr: FIRST xNoury: i was here Pog FXYun: Pog not late Lanshii: AlienPls opiq7: HI Kyucmbr: elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi PunOko PunOko FXYun: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls AvemStercore: @kunjiru actually on the 29th but it’s today for europe KororoX: critroleBees kunjiru: Kyucmbr elaHi Raftelle: elaHi duumed: BBoomer ffy_: gachiBASS JERK gachiBASS IT gachiBASS OUT gachiBASS FXYun: elaHi Rammsnake: PES OST Pog opiq7: BBoomer lyinoa: hey ! UltraWindow: Popoga demifiendll: Pog jack_van_charro: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER Hopsinka: ElaClap Valinore: @Rammsnake Pog souldedeh: once a boomer, always a boomer BBoomer Omenpapa: that chat war πŸ™‚ senior_thijs: Sup boooyyzzz thijsHands thijsHands ffy_: FeelsWayTooAmazingMan I GOT A GUN kunjiru: AvemStercore damn I can’t wait Pog thanks for the info Loki_nG: pepeD FXYun: ela1 ela2 ElaClap FXYun: ela3 ela4 ElaClap souldedeh: !AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady eremiter: ElaClap Hexarift: ElaClap Raftelle: ElaClap Montanaontario2392: ElaClap wandering_pleb: ElaClap souldedeh: ElaClap JimthePill: ElaClap Jaargan: ElaClap it’s here NoodLeWrencher: BBoomer Valinore: @Rammsnake actually fifa 2004 ost OpieOP Doully92: AlienPls kunjiru: ElaClap kaiju_boi: ZULUL Fielix: Hi Loki_nG: ElaClap Hopsinka: pepeJAM opiq7: yo… JimthePill: BBoomer dekkah: ElaClap Doully92: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: elaS ComplexGhost: good morning fellas! elaHi Tiliger79: pepeJAM Lanshii: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls yo eremiter: yo 1marcio080: @Elajjaz whats the taste of a butterfly souldedeh: what’s that horace emote? Llyfrgell: monkaW Aesvoodka: hi Veddy_: pepeD kunjiru: yo FXYun: ela12 Yooo AvemStercore: monkaW yo NoodLeWrencher: BBoomer 👍 kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz Welcome back ElaClap Loki_nG: Yo elaWut soft1445: BBoomer tobyas0811: ElaClap KororoX: critroleFire ComplexGhost: ROBERT MILES ThweeB: Hi ! HeyGuys scp_david33: !remnant notdiri: YOOOOOOOO ela12 WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Hopsinka: ElaPls Loki_nG: pepeD kaiju_boi: WeirdChamp not playing the zulul remix saoblow: AlienPls Doully92: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls Llyfrgell: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance FXYun: pepeJAM kaiju_boi: AlienPls souldedeh: BBoomer Cecilff2: EljanPls NoodLeWrencher: BBoomer kaiju_boi: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls notdiri: ZULUL GWA GWA GWA Raftelle: AlienPls Dijaxtra: pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM FXYun: elaCool NoodLeWrencher: BBoomer booming in with the tact juumanden: EljanPls Dijaxtra: pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM Lanshii: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls Kyucmbr: 37-Monats-Abonnent (3 Jahre-Abzeichen)10 Gift Subssaoblow: AlienPls 26-Monats-Abonnent (2 Jahre-Abzeichen)Doully92: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls 13-Monats-Abonnent (1 Jahr-Abzeichen)Direct Relief – Charity 2018Llyfrgell: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance ComplexGhost: pepeJAMMER Pudelinaa: Pudelinaa subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 20 months! wait wasn’t it like 19 months one week ago elaHmm WrestlerBot2000: @Pudelinaa After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM kaiju_boi: pepeJAM 👍 Lanshii: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls kunjiru: BBoomer good ol’ song souldedeh: BBoomer Clap NoodLeWrencher: BBoomer is literally booming with the beat lol MasterMalpercio: pepeD opiq7: BBoomer dekkah: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER kaiju_boi: BBoomer 👍 Hopsinka: any Remnant today? umayfuentes: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid Johnnybabs123: pepeD ComplexGhost: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER souldedeh: what about Crypt of the Necrojammer pepeJAM pepeJAMMER Valinore: BBoomer memories from when we were young PepeHands senior_thijs: WR today or shirt offffffff Warelod: @Hopsinka After some DS runs afaik kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: MaN Lexikun: MaN of Medan kunjiru: Horror gamez Pog Hopsinka: nice ElaClap MambukOo: pepeJAM NoodLeWrencher: MaN of Me NaM kaiju_boi: pepeD souldedeh: necrojammer pepeJAMMER WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Remnant: From the Ashes – Part 1 – ZeProxy: ds time boys! kaiju_boi: BBoomer pepeD BBoomer Veddy_: elaChug saoblow: Pog NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird opiq7: BBoomer ! Doully92: elaHAA Lexikun: elaChug Hopsinka: monkaS Ph4ntomi: #AD kaiju_boi: Champ Cecilff2: BBoomer Clap notdiri: ela12 kunjiru: Pog souldedeh: elaChug Pog FXYun: elaK batmanfromsweden: Gamer dekkah: elaK Johnnybabs123: pepeD umayfuentes: elaChug elaChug elaChug Visualocity: FUEL UP ela12 Montanaontario2392: elaK ShadoStream: TriHard Strimm PogChamp NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands I see Horace Aeonll: Pog 👉 elaChug souldedeh: PogU 👉 elaChug Doully92: elaK Hopsinka: Kapp NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird good zeke_r0: elaK Llyfrgell: elaWeird senior_thijs: INSAANE souldedeh: PogU 👉 elaChug PogU 👉 elaChug PogU 👉 elaChug PogU 👉 elaChug Veddy_: cb elaWeird Levander94: Levander94 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! ela12 WrestlerBot2000: @Levander94 What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Duhrakos: Duhrakos subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! YOOOOOO elaH WrestlerBot2000: @Duhrakos If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM captain_elsewhere: yeah last one you had 3 and you did 2 allready MartyrDefiled99: f shax912: pepeD Warelod: !AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady souldedeh: what’s the emote code for Horace emote? souldedeh: Pog Zealot90: pepeJAM zamsugger: pepeD ppHop pepeD Warelod: ! AYAYA FXYun: AYAYA wandering_pleb: (ditto) kaiju_boi: !AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady souldedeh: ! AYAYA dragothicx: AYAYA HYPERCLAP kaiju_boi: BBoomer Doully92: BBoomer Leniz_: cirAYAYA Visualocity: Gwa gwa gwa ZULUL zeke_r0: !AYAYA #WEEB WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady Warelod: WEEBS UNITE AYAYA cloudfilmer: pepeD Raftelle:wow classic @me πŸ™‚ Llyfrgell: ela13 perry_1903: elaOk girlfromjapan: ela13 BitRun: ela13 Lexikun: @UltraWindow yes πŸ™‚ Doully92: W OMEGALUL W Spellyew: ela13 kaiju_boi: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : Reddinator: AYAYA nevville: AYAYA osef2195: AYAYA Clap mizoreeee: Sheolith also what i didnt even know was there are 2 types of ear wax most people have like oily wax and then there is wax that hardens really fast and i got the 2nd shit elaYes It_is_alive: AYAYA Keazengg: AYAYA Mr4Fawkes: what about Yakuza 3 tho? dragothicx: @UltraWindow true πŸ™‚ animegirlspitt: AYAYA UltraWindow: AYAYA Turbulist: AYAYA BitRun: W OMEGALUL W Ph4ntomi: imagine not playing classic BBoomer perry_1903: elaYA Montanaontario2392: AYAYA randomweeb69: AYAYA myfavoriteweeb: elaBlush Spellyew: AYAYA Boojob: give wow wotlk PepeHands Detroit147: AYAYA Axe_Cell: Classic had 1,2 mill viewers at some point Dickety: wow classic DansGame UltraWindow: wow classic is just how i remembered it BBoomer standing in line to kill an npc RegoleSlayer: still no +5 Golem PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Remnant: From the Ashes – Part 1 – Sheolith: elaISee mizoreeee Thanks for sharing the info. I’m gonna look into that too I guess ayaya_ayayaayaya: AYAYA It_is_alive: Kapp BitRun: elaK Doully92: Paying to queue up in an online game LULW Zorann59: Half of twitch plays WOW Classic right now LULW Bartulf: nice shield Dickety: i too want to play login queue simulator Spellyew: clintAY tomba_pls: perfect rtst setup Pog TaLLaHaSsii: AYAYA 195iq: well you died a few times already this run LUL mizoreeee: Sheolith no problema elaOk 🤙 Lagunaab: probably got asked already but will you do EDEN @Elajjaz ? UltraWindow: the division 1 launch LULW Iamtid: am dead here πŸ˜€ seems to be the new thing ryogrande: adn we died about 5 times so far Rankansen: not dead mizoreeee: FAK DuckerZ MasterMalpercio: rooD DoltishMeteor: D: chuckiegun: f word D: BitRun: just dont be behind 4Head Irocam: is the strimmer dead yet elaHmm ? Kaploomp: you gotta be more positive this run you got it bro PlsGiffExp: @Ph4ntomi all the people playing the classic BBoomer are playing into Blizzards hands, other mmos are better at this poinr Lagunaab: kewl VanguardOfCalamity: @Elajjaz Could be good.. get all of the bad RNG outta the way elaHmm Allebin: Allebin subscribed at Tier 3. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 4 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @Allebin Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Doully92: Let’s see how he does with Voidwalker PepeLaugh perry_1903: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: LULW Golden04: Pog PontusIndeed: Pog Dickety: Pog It_is_alive: Pog taberzz: Pog phisker: LUL Lagunaab: Champ KappatainHindsight: Pog Veddy_: LUL Step_An: Kappa Nynomastro: Pog Turbulist: Pog Rankansen: pog dragothicx: BKH BTW Kapp Zorann59: Pog Montanaontario2392: ElaClap ExecutiveBear: Pog Leeegit: WTF Pog Mazig: Champ girlfromjapan: btw xD randomweeb69: PepeLaugh Kambri0: ElaClap umayfuentes: BlessRNG Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4 sviat93: ElaClap Spellyew: Pog GOD RUN UltraWindow: 20s of RNG manipulation Chag jabbathefuk: Chag mizoreeee: Does ur dad also go to the gym ela elaHmm ScubaSteveRL: @PlsGiffExp its about the nostalgia nevville: The Englishman within me is really craving a proper queueing simulation like wow classic elaHmm girlfromjapan: elaHmm 195iq: he has a stopwatch ela, and when youre behind he gives you sweet halberd LUL perry_1903: Chag teh urn? juumanden: ElaClap rangriz: I don’t know how people can stomach watching MMO.It’s boring as hell to watch for me elaWeird Allebin: No prob man. elaEZ captain_elsewhere: just had a mediocre rib-wich PepeUff Step_An: @Elajjaz I like to watch your food posts with all cool stuff while eating my simple dishes πŸ™‚ Lagunaab: @rangriz it is unless they do something special Nopileos: hey @elajjaz elaHi hey chat elaH ryogrande: @nevville what the cavemen in you craving for xD mizoreeee: do you work out together sometimes elaA ? Irocam: 20 seconds behind elaK Nazzet: @Nopileos pepeL It_is_alive: @Nopileos pepeL Dickety: 20 seconds btw Nopileos: Nazzet elaH Nopileos: It_is_alive elaH Zorann59: I believe in you Ela elaDM Spellyew: @nopileos elaH Turbulist: Nopileos elaH Nopileos: Spellyew elaH captain_elsewhere: pepeL perry_1903: Nopileos pepeL perpetual_fest: @Nopileos elaH nevville: @ryogrande elaFeels Nopileos: perry_1903 elaH Tywona: PepeUff SerVersta: Remnant today ? Nopileos: perpetual_fest elaH Nopileos: Turbulist elaH Bullet_: I’m cooking up some amazing pelmeni who wants some? elaHi 1080p200fps: @nopileos elaThirst / mizoreeee: Bot spam elaYes mocaffe: Zoomer perpetual_fest: @Bullet_ me πŸ™‚ Nopileos: 1080p200fps elaThirst / PlsGiffExp: .. Doully92: MaN ? UltraWindow: @Nopileos nrdyE It_is_alive: @Bullet_ Me πŸ™‚ / Irocam: MaN Ryoken9: MaN of Medan perry_1903: MaN kaiju_boi: @Nopileos ElaClap / Nopileos: MaN thirdcase: I found dark souls in closet the other day and now im grinding again @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Nopileos: UltraWindow elaHYUG CaptainOutOfTen: Night stream Pog Doully92: FeelsWeirdMan Smolnikow: @Elajjaz meme stream friday when? mizoreeee: Just make ur Room dark 4HEad ryogrande: all night stream? Zorann59: Horror Marathon Friday @Elajjaz ? MasterMalpercio: a “few” runs Kapp SloppySleepyDoll: just fuck up your sleep schedule 4HEad Myowa_: 4am stream Pog kurikame_: Just pull the blinds down Ela CaptainOutOfTen: Hi Ela, hi chat elaOk / captain_elsewhere: start at 7 end at 5am ? elaC Nopileos: kaiju_boi ElaClap masterr876: just start with remnant and you should be able to finish it GoodGuyEvil: @Elajjaz if you read this it seems that you can read FeelsGoodMan Nopileos: CaptainOutOfTen elaHi Bullet_: @it_is_alive @perpetual_fest c9ke over then elaH nevville: !weather Doully92: You need blackout blinds Ela saugo: horror friday ? elaHmm DancingLight: Start late stay late perpetual_fest: @CaptainOutOfTen elaH Lagunaab: i’m guessing the game isn’t that long anyways, take your time to enjoy it during the night no ? It_is_alive: @CaptainOutOfTen pepeL Bullet_: come Nazzet: @CaptainOutOfTen pepeL nevville: where is weather bot Smolnikow: @Elajjaz meme stream friday when ? BTRNDL: elaBlind captain_elsewhere: pepeL Nazzet: !weather Lagunaab: !weather masterr876: !weather FennekHeart: FennekHeart subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak! beep beep I’m a sheep WrestlerBot2000: @FennekHeart I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM spike_the_space_cowboy: it doesnt look good tbh Nopileos: SUB HYPE FennekHeart Pog Doully92: PepeHands nevville: it doesnt to anything Lagunaab: rip nevville: PepeHands SerVersta: meme stream jump king Spellyew: πŸ™ Smolnikow: PepeHands Nazzet: Weatherbot is dead 4Shrug kyeooh: real or fake? Tasarion: so hot weatherbod has died monkaS masterr876: nice bot kaiju_boi: weatherbot is kill PepeHands masterr876: !weather masterr876: ConcernDoge Zorann59: Blair Witch is not long too unfortunately nevville: weatherbot died of dehydration PepeHands Lagunaab: elaREE i cant see the weather in gavle elaREE Valinore: weather is cancelled Pog hille666: PepeLaugh Dyres: too loud monkaW Clock_wrk: ela1 ela2 Clock_wrk: ela3 ela4 Nopileos: Clap Spellyew: never meme stream πŸ™ jag302b: what do u think of remnant so far ela? kaiju_boi: Clap Lagunaab: what if hot weather is cancelled ? Champ Nazzet: Clap nevville: Clap It_is_alive: Clap Turbulist: Clap perpetual_fest: Clap phisker: Clap Neptix: i use to be an adventure like you then i took an arrow to the nee Valinore: Clap Faddei: WHY IS THE WORLD ON FIRE @Elajjaz hallo from Denmark 1080p200fps: Calp Sunprayer07: Hi there Elajjaz and chat elaH elaHYUG Montanaontario2392: Clap Da_Flanker: I don’t expect much from Man of Medan given that it’s made by Until Dawn devs, but it could be so bad it’s amusing at least Veddy_: it was bugged yesterday because of too many requests for gävle … so maybe fear took it out elaHmm Tasarion: ElaClap 100africaner: too loud @elajjaz Nopileos: Sunprayer07 pepeL Nazzet: @Sunprayer07 pepeL perpetual_fest: @Sunprayer07 elaH Bullet_: @elajjaz did you know you have another Tekken tournament to look forward to this weekend? elaH perry_1903: Sunprayer07 pepeL It_is_alive: @Sunprayer07 pepeL uberhox: @Elajjaz you don’t have AC? kaiju_boi: Pog Wiktor7219: Pog perry_1903: Chag Da_Flanker: Kekken Pog Zendry: summer jam mediwick221191: FOGGERS Bullet_: yea summer jam Turbulist: Elajjaz Watch on stream Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: @Dyres yopur screams are gonna be louder when i takz your ass MaN MrLismos: @Elajjaz u should close window in the afternoon ela, even if its windy is still hot air. WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: Zendry: all the big NA players and Knee, etc will be there Dickety: @uberhox not that much reason to have AC in sweden ThePepoScythe: I wonder If we’re gonna see some Awais Honey again, that guys’ Pog Lagunaab: tekken tourneys with Steve Chag Dyres: spike_the_space_cowboy gachiHYPER JFK4w3s0m3: !remnant ThePepoScythe: uh uh UH gachiBASS WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Zendry: TWT FeelsGoodMan Bullet_: it should be elaHmm kaiju_boi: Chag souldedeh: hey ela, Blasphemous devs just released a demo on Steam if you wanna check it out PogU Doully92: Pog perry_1903: Chag Sunprayer07: no elaFella PepeHands Golden04: Pog mizoreeee: PogU Valeriant: Pog mctuvaleterligi_: Pog Lagunaab: @ThePepoScythe wee woo waaan beat drop Nopileos: Pog It_is_alive: ElaClap Zendry: PogU Jaargan: Pog Nynomastro: elaS perry_1903: ElaClap Aeonll: monkaW young_baba: Chag 195iq: OOOOH THATS LIT Valinore: noice Spellyew: Pog Leeegit: Pog Powerline888: GOOD JOB TheEnlightenedOnE: pepeJAMMER kaiju_boi: SourPls Aeonll: SourPls Nopileos: Pog Pog chomikko: I think there is TWT event every weekend, till 5th of Oct (included) bangbakes: YOOO HOLY SHIT HE DEAD souldedeh: SourPls Fearswe: !weather perry_1903: SourPls ThePepoScythe: lagunaab Imagine Tekken without Steve PepeHands perpetual_fest: SourPls WrestlerBot2000: Weather for Gavle, SE: Few clouds with a temperature of 29.4 C (85 F). Wind is blowing from the South-East at 9.65 kph (6 mph) and the humidity is 36% Turbulist: SourPls Aeonll: PepeLaugh Doully92: D: Turbulist: LULW MrRoboto_0: SourPls Lim3Fru1t: Pog its back perry_1903: PepeLaugh Jaargan: when is pat coming? PepeHands Golden04: PepeLaugh Nopileos: SourPls souldedeh: what are you doing here FeelsPepoMan TheMasterToaster: 4HEad Veddy_: 30°C monkaW kaiju_boi: ela12 I’m sourplsing Lagunaab: @ThePepoScythe Steve is a legend masterr876: you arent allowed to watch streams, youre a streamer cyberdelicious: PepeLaugh Spellyew: SourPls TorvaM: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan what are you doing here masterr876: you stream or you sleep masterr876: 😡 WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! ThePepoScythe: Yeah the guy knows how to bring in hype atpGood It_is_alive: Weatherbot is alive Pog Doully92: @Elajjaz What are you doing here? WeirdChamp d3sirio: Streamers either stream or sleep, didn’t you know? You’re not allowed to do things Kapp TrapHustla101: Who is your favorite player and character from TEkken? @Elajjaz d3athbringr: yoooo Ela and chat ela12 / captain_elsewhere: tell that to nem… oh wait masterr876 elaKek spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz i saw you gachiBASS in a raw gachi stream TrapHustla101: What about MK11? Dijaxtra: Streamers watching other streams elaWeird smh perpetual_fest: @d3athbringr elaH UNIMVGINE: Its like seeing your teacher outside of school man perry_1903: d3athbringr yooo elaOk / It_is_alive: @d3athbringr pepeL Da_Flanker: What are you doing watching a stream instead of streaming elaREE kaiju_boi: @d3athbringr ela13 / mizoreeee: always @ Elajjaz with an AYAYA at him and he will show up HungryforSomething: jdcr king? Lagunaab: knee is Pog kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER TrapHustla101: Lil Majin is Awesome. Doully92: gachiHYPER Veddy_: gachiHYPER perry_1903: gachiHYPER TheMasterToaster: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER Sloaks: gachiHYPER mr_wick007: why don’t you stream tekken ??? just for fun BTRNDL: high fuck me Jaargan: gachiHYPER Lagunaab: Channel is Poggers too Kambri0: gachiHYPER 1080p200fps: @d3athbringr \ ela12 MrZukasa: gachiHYPER It_is_alive: gachiHYPER saoblow: what about super akouma @Elajjaz bangbakes: i would fuck you at a high level ThePepoScythe: Awais honey has a sick akuma kaiju_boi: gachiBOP Dyres: LULW Nazzet: gachiHYPER WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER mrPotatoBringer: hey people It_is_alive: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Odins_pecs: gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz do you like what you see ? VaN rihoto: Lel Da_Flanker: gachiHYPER TrapHustla101: You watch Aris’ streams? eliastheepicgamer: stream it anyway PepeHands masterr876: dont we all gachiBOP Bullet_: Jdcr doesn’t play king @hungryforsomething perry_1903: mrPotatoBringer elaHi Sunprayer07: thats okay gachiBASS It_is_alive: @mrPotatoBringer Hi tanyagSirCat UNIMVGINE: Just play Eddy LULW Nazzet: @mrPotatoBringer pepeL BTRNDL: well you suck at a lot of games but you still stream them Ela elaK chiime_: hello elaH eliastheepicgamer: tekken streams are cozy Rionok: is this a real or fake halberd? Nazzet: @chiime_ pepeL Bullet_: always Horne PepeLaugh It_is_alive: @chiime_ pepeL perpetual_fest: @chiime_ elaH captain_elsewhere: do fgc tournement players get drug tested ? perry_1903: chiime_ pepeL Onionmaster32: @Elajjaz Are you going to kill the king today in remnant? mrPotatoBringer: @perry_1903 @It_is_alive @Nazzet tanyagSirCat Keepo kaiju_boi: not using chloe AYAYA Veddy_: real bkh Bullet_: horny captain_elsewhere: elaHmm Step_An: chomikko: What do you think of Ulsan’s gameplay? TrapHustla101: Ela prolly watches Aris’ streams. BitRun: why is there a date by the OnS split? chiime_: Nazzet It_is_alive perpetual_fest perry_1903 elaH Rionok: @veddy_ thanks πŸ™‚ miscusi: @Elajjaz check this sir_art_alot: good afternoon ela and chat elaH pepeL d3athbringr: we wont blame you ela, u have 7k hours on ds and still die to OnS elaKek Tasarion: why not D: Nopileos: sir_art_alot elaHYUG Doully92: monkaTOS kaiju_boi: Tested for G Fuel LULW Boomdedz: FGC Drug tests no LUL Expleco: PEDs D: It_is_alive: @sir_art_alot pepeL spike_the_space_cowboy: Dungeon master Dungeon master i decided to go ? @Elajjaz Nazzet: @sir_art_alot pepeL UNIMVGINE: Adderall is like candy in FGC Valinore:=) Tasarion:=) TrapHustla101: Who asked that weird question? HungryforSomething: @Bullet_ he does, have you ever watched lil majin king vs armored king? Zendry: If e-sport had drug testing OMEGLOL Boomdedz: everyone would get DQ’d for being stoners LUL chiime_: How are you eja elaH Doully92: VaN Bullet_: they’d all be positive on THC atpSuspect chiime_: ela* mocaffe: If you put as much time in tekken as you do in speed runs you could be a world champion @elajjaz perry_1903: VaN ? kaiju_boi: Pog sea shanty umayfuentes: elaSmile sir_art_alot: @Nopileos @It_is_alive @Nazzet pepeL Sunprayer07: VaN RisingBeats: How are ya doing today, @Elajjaz ? Jaargan: VaN kaiju_boi: VaN medica2: hey chat, is there room in ela’s guild in ff14? Nopileos: VaN It_is_alive: VaN Nopileos: medica2 elaHi Expleco: VaN TrapHustla101: I didn’t know Ela fucked with Tekken. That’s lit. SilentNewbee: VaN mctuvaleterligi_: VaN RantingDuck: VaN ? illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Dickety: tank queue btw πŸ™‚ Sunprayer07: VaN VaN TrapHustla101: How you feel about Law? @Elajjaz TrapHustla101: I’m a Law main. Doully92: Ela thinking tanks have to queue LULW medica2: @Nopileos elaHi SomeoneJustFarted: @Elajjaz stream it on shamona Pog ElrosenDel: tank q LUL infa_xd: i started playing tekken like 2 weeks ago too, you need to strimm it again elaB Nopileos: medica2 elaH TrapHustla101: Oh lit, how you feel about MK11? 195iq: the very first street fighter was the shit Reachf0rtheSky: VaN Clap MasterMalpercio: rooD 📣 LA HEE d3athbringr: mk9 was Pog Swaglordnito: Hi Ela, hi Chat! TrapHustla101: You mean the 2nd one. @195iq Nopileos: Swaglordnito elaHi mr_wick007: have you played mk11 online ? F1oyd: imagine not being into fighting games since jojo’s bizarre adventure heritage for the future came out in arcade F1oyd: smh It_is_alive: @Swaglordnito pepeL Uprisingg: @Elajjaz can we see again that you play sekiro? shimune: @Doully92 idk bro, im waiting for amdapor keep as a war for 40 mins right now. shits ridicilous somteimes Efrondil: @Elajjaz when did you start getting into gay porn? HungryforSomething: @Bullet_ like i get it that armored king is different to king but the almost have same mechanics if im not mistaken Clock_wrk: @Swaglordnito pepeL SloppySleepyDoll: MK11 LULW captain_elsewhere: ive been semi into fighing games since streetfighter alpha/zero 3 UNIMVGINE: Tekken Tag Tournament back in the day Kreygasm mizoreeee: MK11=Geras , Sonya , Jacky ResidentSleeper ThePepoScythe: F1oyd and then you see petshop players atpRtsd b0nglord: LULW\ Doully92: @shimune Amdapor Keep is infested with RMT (Gil sellers) apparently=/ perry_1903: gachiHYPER kratosmuscle: why mortal kombat 9 because of kratos @elajjaz kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER UNIMVGINE: gachiHYPER Aeonll: gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiHYPER Jaargan: gachiHYPER Artanyel: @Elajjaz just finished Horace PepeHands Uprisingg: KappaPride Krovak_: @Elajjaz Poorly translated ? AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Golden04: gachiHYPER tomba_pls: is moveswapping patched in ds remastered? BitRun: gachiHYPER It_is_alive: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER TrapHustla101: Ela gonna play MK11 when Spawn comes out. Clock_wrk: gachiHYPER Swaglordnito: gachi is manly Expleco: It started as a joke gachiHYPER Sunprayer07: gachiGASM F1oyd: @ThePepoScythe and then I irl 1v1 them Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Cecilff2: @Artanyel PepeHands DREAMOCASTER: I played soul calibur yesterday with a friend, was lots of fun elaA eremiter: meme streams PepeHands shimune: @Doully92 im talking bout dungeon. also, alliance raid queues are also long af TrapHustla101: Everybody gonna play MK11 when Spawn comes out. mizoreeee: The MK11 Joker looks like a fucking Saints Row Character you made LULW TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh 💨 CompatiKaiser: IKEALUL TrapHustla101: I’m mad they put joker in the game. @mizoreeee Viridiz_: lacKEK WrestlerBot2000: “If I die this time, I’ll jump out the window.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 37 poopito: @Elajjaz what are those numbers n the ons and gargoyls splits? captain_elsewhere: yeah he looks awful mizoreeee elaKek Dickety: LUL SerVersta: PepeLaugh ThePepoScythe: The MK11 joker looks straight out of a porn parody atpRtsd ncharduken: irl dodges LULW STK91: STK91 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 27 months! WrestlerBot2000: @STK91 After 27 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE STK91 elaA Swaglordnito: LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: terminator tho Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh Tirabolos: PepeUff 💨 Mazig: LULW mizoreeee: TrapHustla101 there was no need for him at all tbh absolutely_not_haram: real man watch gay porn Lagunaab: smough is friendly today elaOk Veddy_: what a weird ons elaWeird nevville: Oof this fight TrapHustla101: Right. @mizoreeee captain_elsewhere: i wonder if the mk11 joker is supposed to be based of the wanker in gotham elaKek UNIMVGINE: His character design is the real joke pepeLaugh miggonaut: hey pals 👋 👀 TheMasterToaster: ricardoFlick Nazzet: @miggonaut pepeL kaiju_boi: @miggonaut elaHYUG It_is_alive: @miggonaut pepeL xdreigor: My sub prime is up i can finally resub Pog Lagunaab: Pog Sloaks: POGGERS It_is_alive: Pog Powerline888: NICE absolutely_not_haram: Pog Dickety: F run Nopileos: Pog Semub: Pog mizoreeee: Might as well throw pink panther into MK11 at this point when we get this bad of a joker Nazzet: @xdreigor 🔫 woopsAYAYA Do it Skiller567890: Any plans on another meme stream @Elajjaz young_baba: what a bad fight Feelsbadman miggonaut: πŸ™‚ Sunprayer07: Elajjaz a beat the dragon today in remnant it was some tough shit MaN TrapHustla101: That’s fucking awesome that Ela is into FGs a bit. powder_mountain: real or fake? xdreigor: xdreigor subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! elaYA WrestlerBot2000: @xdreigor I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Valinore: you did well elaPat Krovak_: @Elajjaz Poorly translated for sekiro was released like a month ago. Lots of dialogue in that game Step_An: real perpetual_fest: @powder_mountain real Cecilff2: PepeHands Nopileos: SUB HYPE xdreigor PogChamp TaLLaHaSsii: Kreygasm young_baba: FeelsBadMan F1oyd: Still no Kiryu in Tekken which is absolutely absurd captain_elsewhere: money shot elaGasm WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Nazzet: @xdreigor ✌ woopsAYAYA powder_mountain: 2 real halberds in a row wow! TrapHustla101: @Elajjaz You be watching Aris’ streams? xdreigor: Finally i can dab on them plebs again elaSneeze TrapHustla101: My bad if that’s an innappropriate question. captain_elsewhere: F1oyd theres a big reason for that sega has massive beef with namco goes way back ffy_: its ok this run will WR anyway Lagunaab: uncle arnis SloppySleepyDoll: atpGasm F1oyd: @captain_elsewhere I didn’t even know this lore, gotta look it up ThePepoScythe: Gamblor streams atpCap Viridiz_: atpGasm Allebin: @xdreigor Imma dab with you bro, lets hit the juul after elaSneeze LordCommanderRiptide: heya guys doomgaze82: what are the big differences in speed running between DS and DSR? loraineeee: elaSneeze any dabbers It_is_alive: @LordCommanderRiptide pepeL HEIL_MODS_: elaSneeze Sloaks: Hagrid FeelsGoodMan d3athbringr: elaSneeze Semub: elaSneeze TrapHustla101: I really want Lil Majin to win one major for this game or Rip to be top 8 contender again. 1080p200fps: @loraineeee elaSneeze Myareska: Elajjaz Say something embarrassing so this run gets WR pace FeelsOkayMan Clock_wrk: elaSneeze Nynomastro: elaSneeze Nopileos: elaSneeze Jaargan: elaSneeze Life796: Dabbing elaWeird Sunprayer07: @Elajjaz no elaFella ? PepeHands TrapHustla101: I need more Law representation. Montanaontario2392: elaSneeze masau9: elaSneeze BitRun: elaSneeze perry_1903: elaSneeze dab on em nOob1que: Sup chat ela7, sup Ela ela7 jaxtoday: @Elajjaz i miss watching dark souls 2 runs, but you probably don’t miss doing them lmao Nazzet: @nOob1que pepeL It_is_alive: @nOob1que pepeL Da_Flanker: nOob1que essiSmile / captain_elsewhere: dear crist all boss run ds2 monkaW young_baba: @Elajjaz Any big timesaves? Seikisu: elaChug kaiju_boi: @nOob1que ela7 d3athbringr: @noob1que pepeL masau9: @noob1que ela7 SpencerR545: booyah Nopileos: @nOob1que ela7 Nazzet: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER g3rshw1n: Real halberd this run? TrapHustla101: Which characters in T7 you don’t lie seeing? Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER Jaargan: nut gachiHYPER captain_elsewhere: nutt hugg gachiBAS Lagunaab: i love ds2 but ds2 doesn’t love me back LULW Sunprayer07: gachiHYPER captain_elsewhere: gachiBASS TrapHustla101: Me personnaly it’s Jack. Nazzet: gachiHYPER woopsHug miggonaut: sounds like fun tbh πŸ™‚ Suney: Hey Cuties AYAYA Nazzet: @Suney ✌️ AYAYA TrapHustla101: I tolerate Anakin cuz he MERICA. 1080p200fps: real halberd elaGasm d3athbringr: @suney Step_An: real videogame weapon Pog Lagunaab: jack is elaPuke IAmDiabeticus: @Elajjaz You doing some more The evil within 2 today, brother? Shrimpess: AYAYA / Miss_Gani: Hello chat and Ela pepeL bigpeanut99: @Suney AYAYA / d3athbringr: elaYA Nopileos: Miss_Gani elaHYUG doomgaze82: why are DSR runs slower than DS runs? did they fixed glitches? I asking that myself since week when I watch you run πŸ˜€ loraineeee: pepeL Nazzet: @Miss_Gani pepeL captain_elsewhere: i still have to platinum ds2 ive dont DeS and DaS but i stopped when i got to ds2 elaKek Da_Flanker: Miss_Gani pepeL IAmDiabeticus: @Miss_Gani Heya! Justinteezy: they’re hardly played anymore.. its all geese kazumi steve now Life796: I rather see those 2 then Kazumi and geese captain_elsewhere: done* MiekStep: dragunov hasnt really been played since season 2 though @Elajjaz elaBlind C0pyc4t: how can you be in anor londo before fighting the gargoyles? Step_An: doomgaze82 no moveswap TrapHustla101: Tekken 7 speed run when? carciSmug Lagunaab: I’m an edgy lee main myself he’s so rare I feel speshul elaOk TrapHustla101: Story mode. captain_elsewhere: 🥚 Dickety: green after this Pog MiekStep: Fuck Geese kaiju_boi: DuckerZ ? Zendry: Goose and Akuma ResidentSleeper TrapHustla101: Geese is OD. xdreigor: But is Leese Pog SloppySleepyDoll: @C0pyc4t sen’s skip IAmDiabeticus: TheThing Miss_Gani: @nopileos @nazzet @Da_Flanker @iamdiabeticus pepeL Bullet_: G ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper S E TrapHustla101: Nah Akuma is hype. @Zendry Lagunaab: geese is very gachi tho justcallmecharles: aren’t people bored of seeing devil jin? he’s the most played character right Landfer: everything red… real halberd? elaHmm chiime_: Miss_Gani elaH MiekStep: I’m a Chloe Player in a Country full of Chloe Players Kappa Aeonll: elaD kaiju_boi: D: Simon_iO: D: Veddy_: elaD Suney: D: Lagunaab: Super AKOUMA on akuma Pog Nopileos: elaD Jaargan: D: Boomdedz: People complaining about 2019 Akuma never witnessed or had to play against 2016 Akuma atpRtsd Redonkules: D: WOAH 1080p200fps: elaD TrapHustla101: TELL EM AGAIN. @Boomdedz Jaargan: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW competitivepie: LUL paleblood_13: elaKek Dyres: OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: Champ Actually dead Suney: PepeLaugh CompatiKaiser: OMEGALUL Swaglordnito: LUL Miss_Gani: @chiime_ pepeL Nopileos: LUL d3athbringr: @landfer hell yeah its real halberd pepeLaugh mycatsonfire: LULW mr_wick007: Tekken dlcs characters are super hype though pokedoh: OMEGALUL Step_An: πŸ™ sviat93: PepeLaugh Kambri0: LULW Montanaontario2392: actually dead Pog bigpeanut99: PepeLaugh TrapHustla101: LOL. @kaiju_boi fredlfesl88: BibleThump EVIL WITHIN 2 WHEN BibleThump xdreigor: You wanna return to the era where everyone spammed Xiaoyu and Devil Jin? WeirdChamp captain_elsewhere: actual literal mald elaKek ThereIsNoDerp: reset OMEGADOWN Jaargan: gachi in time? gachiHYPER g3rshw1n: @elajjaz When you say fake halberd, what does that mean exactly? kaiju_boi: ElaClap I RULL MIYAZAKI 1080p200fps: elaKek real halberd elaKek ded majin_dalton: Oh boy I actually made it to a stream for the first time in like 2 weeks lol hi chat and ela! mka1996: ez wr ThePepoScythe: xdreigor please no NotLikeThis Suney: + 14 monkaW ncharduken: muscle memory LULW Shedled: Wow servers down ): Lagunaab: @majin_dalton HeyGuys IAmDiabeticus: @majin_dalton wooo! ThePepoScythe: Just PB 4Head Aeonll: JustDoIt Nazzet: @majin_dalton welcoe back pepeL Suney: Kapp Llyfrgell: elaK Montanaontario2392: elaK ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh mycatsonfire: MIYAZAKI! THE BUTTON CaptainOutOfTen: JustDoIt bigpeanut99: elaK Clock_wrk: elaK thePUNisher5: elaK Nopileos: elaK TrapHustla101: LO! IS THAT KEENAN THOMPSON? kaiju_boi: 5Head Redonkules: 4HEad d3athbringr: @majin_dalton pepeL WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Jaargan: Y OMEGALUL L OMEGALUL UNIMVGINE: No YOLO FeelsBadMan AndyIsDead: Hello ela and chat elaH Nopileos: AndyIsDead elaHYUG umayfuentes: elaOk miggonaut: just dont die LOL Nazzet: @AndyIsDead pepeL HungryforSomething: you know you will still greed despite all this PepeLaugh icedcoffeeboy: you cant do it youre a gambler bro Veddy_: anyways PepeHands 1080p200fps: just don’t die and PB elaK kaiju_boi: @AndyIsDead elaH Nazzet: Just 4HEad Suney: PepeHands anyways Lagunaab: inb4 3rd halberd in a row Rupertac: Hey Ela and chat xx Mr4Fawkes: now watch as you get a good start and no halberd IAmDiabeticus: @AndyIsDead herro! Nopileos: Rupertac elaHYUG Nazzet: @Rupertac pepeL BroqRox: Why every time I look at the stream, ela is creating a new character bikeTroll xdreigor: You did say it already but yw again LUL WrestlerBot2000: Trap|Clip No.31| kaiju_boi: elaK then do it TrapHustla101: Yo chat, who all here plays T7? Miss_Gani: @andyisdead pepeL Tempest__42: Tempest__42 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! Suney: Kapp WrestlerBot2000: @Tempest__42 Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Boomdedz: @TrapHustla101 I had to play against two Akumas back to back at Canada Cup 2016. Managed to beat them both and lose to a Ling but the Akuma matches were a nightmare Jaargan: elaK Nopileos: SUB HYPE Tempest__42 elaA icedcoffeeboy: thrill of gamble is worth it Llyfrgell: elaK d3sirio: Uhu elaK kaiju_boi: 4HEad It_is_alive: @AndyIsDead pepeL Nazzet: Kapp frimpy2: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob Jaargan: JustDoIt miggonaut: mhm, sure πŸ™‚ crazybliss92: elaK kaiju_boi: ela12 yolo Nopileos: elaK elaK Croissanito: Croissanito subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 26 months! Sorry lad santzoCult your I’m dead shield needs some rest for now Pogojamp: so why do you continue a run if you get a fake a halberd if that run doesn’t count? Aeonll: JustDoIt WrestlerBot2000: @Croissanito After 26 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Life796: 4HEad Just play safe loooool It_is_alive: @Rupertac pepeL akmannen: just yolo more πŸ™‚ Nopileos: SUB HYPE Croissanito elaA miggonaut: i agree πŸ™‚ TrapHustla101: Akuma use to have TODs easier in 2016. @Boomdedz Nazzet: Just use condom 4HEad justcallmecharles: bruh you have to gamble if your going for WR look at mario64 runners or sunshine runners they literally have to do all the risky strats to get that WR Redonkules: 5Head xdreigor: Just get a PB 4Head AndyIsDead: ARE YOUR PepeLaugh S READY CHAT IAmDiabeticus: Is Asylum Demon and Stray Demon the same model? saugo: elaKek kaiju_boi: 5Head elaPlan d3sirio: Let’s see it then CoolStoryBob Nopileos: AndyIsDead pepeL ncharduken: yolo>pb 5Head Croissanito: Nopileos MrDestructoid / Faddei: 5Head Kishiinn: 5Head Ahh yea Life796: 5Head elaPlan icedcoffeeboy: exactly UNIMVGINE: 5Head pro tips Llyfrgell: elaHmm yes Boomdedz: @TrapHustla101 yeah for sure. Also his DP was wayyyy better Montanaontario2392: 5Head ElaClap icedcoffeeboy: keep repeating it Uboran: hhh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Ready miggonaut: just yolo and still dont die, easy wr πŸ™‚ TrapHustla101: !wr Nopileos: Croissanito MrDestructoid / dukenukem641: 4D chess 5Head 1080p200fps: 4Head elaPlan TrapHustla101: This game isn’t optimized? ThePepoScythe: Yeah ela just BLJ in darksouls, it’s EASY 4Head justcallmecharles: i mean yeah this game is pretty optimized at this point as well TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Remember that they’re adding an extreme version of the final FF14 trial in like a month elaGasm Gkrasos: i think you try to go for the rekky from the start insted of pb @Elajjaz LordStayFrosty: true speedrunner inside, cant hold back on trying to get that one second anytime Ela πŸ™‚ thats why you ll straight WR when it happens ! (I believe) girlfromjapan: @1080p200fps xDD Shedled: YOO chad and @Elajjaz how is your morning or night kaiju_boi: because no one wants to run this trash PepeLaugh Lagunaab: don’t you miss Tomb raider run ? mr ps3 player here ? elaOk Nazzet: @Shedled pepeL UNIMVGINE: Super Mario 64 Optimised, Ocarina of Time broken IAmDiabeticus: watching Cheese play SM64 is a blessing It_is_alive: @Shedled pepeL Shedled: lol chad hark85: super mario bros 1 is probably the most optimized game in existence TheMoltenGuy: elaK Pizza_Bread: elaK d3athbringr: elaK derealchiken: 4Head Hollyw000d: What happened to sig 1080p200fps: elaK Nopileos: elaK Semub: elaK justcallmecharles: surely through you, Lobos, and distortion this shit should of been pretty optimized right? TrapHustla101: Yo Ela, how you feel about Pokchop? Pizza_Bread: yes Ela, believe it elaK Shedled: sorry i called the chat chad ): TrapHustla101: That man is funnny asf. ThePepoScythe: If you wanna see perfect optimized runs watch fire emblem ones, bring a pillow though atpCap Rupertac: @elajjaz ever watched Beserk. just finished watching it, and it has a lot of similarities with SoulsBorne kaiju_boi: @Shedled don’t be sorry elaDM Nifran: Tetris is the most optimized game in existance 1080p200fps: @girlfromjapan elaOP BitRun: @Shedled BibleThump xdreigor: Hey at least is not Super Mario Bros were the record is pretty much unbeatable Kappa ibisa_: Hey @Elajjaz and chat Kappa Nopileos: ibisa_ elaH akmannen: AYAYA faster frimpy2: D: Lagunaab: @Rupertac you mean DS got inspired by berserk LUL Croissanito: Lobos doesn’t speedrun and Dist barely plays DS1 elaHmm It_is_alive: @ibisa_ pepeL IAmDiabeticus: @Rupertac Read Berzerk instead. Best drawings you’ll ever see in your life hands down girlfromjapan: 4HEad UNIMVGINE: Space Cadet Pinball is the most optimised game of all time pls Mawakute: Better route but still no WR. PepeLaugh Shedled: Bloodborne remaster LUL kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh ncharduken: go fast strimer AYAYA labasfej: the most optimized game for speedrunning is Goldeneye imho elaHmm kaiju_boi: ElaClap Lagunaab: that reminds me i need to read latest chapter paleblood_13: PepeLaugh Pizza_Bread: optmized PepeLaugh Nazzet: @ibisa_ pepeL ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh BitRun: @IAmDiabeticus where can i read it? Just google berzerk? xdreigor: Lobos is a Final Fantasy streamer tho elaYA Suney: PepeLaugh bigpeanut99: PepeLaugh derealchiken: LUL Dyres: nymnO Nopileos: PepeLaugh Dreshi: elaK ShinoEleven: PepeLaugh girlfromjapan: LULW pokedoh: PepeLaugh TrapHustla101: LOL! Suney: LULW cyberdelicious: OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: OMEGADOWN PTIMIZED dragothicx: PepeLaugh eliastheepicgamer: so bad PepeLaugh dukenukem641: gachiBASS gang bang Montanaontario2392: PepeLaugh Mr4Fawkes: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh ibisa_: REKT PapaToasty: OMEGADOWN iiwii119: SAFE 4Head Rupertac: @lagunaab most likely LULW Nazzet: @QUOTE_ME_IF_RNGS_FAULT PepeLaugh scaglione: PogChamp PogChamp 1080p200fps: LUL Keywielder01: F runnatikk: PepeLaugh k_arm_4: 10k hours BTW elaK ThePepoScythe: Optimized resets PepeLaugh justcallmecharles: fair enough i guess tbf Mario64 is also a 20yr old game. Lots of time for making strats. This originally came out in 2009? Shedled: @Elajjaz are you gonna play blands 3 or nah kaiju_boi: sumSmash girlfromjapan: Come on Ela~ WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! UNIMVGINE: Safe PepeLaugh? 3:19.34 mocaffe: streamer look at the clock IAmDiabeticus: @BitRun yeah it’s all over the place. Mangastream is where I read it if I remember. Most people who read it, it ends up being their favorite manga mr_wick007: you can do this Ela girlfromjapan: ahh so funny 😂 TrapHustla101: @Elajjaz You like Pokchop? BitRun: @IAmDiabeticus aight thanks daddywojo: Shit – I looked away for 4 seconds. Whappened? AchillesFeel: elaOk J0hnnyBlade: Pog chop justcallmecharles: justcallmecharles subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 1 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @justcallmecharles If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM TrapHustla101: Pokchop is funny asf. Nopileos: SUB HYPE justcallmecharles PogChamp McDumb: wow refugee reporting in dclaraYAYA WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: amorphisiss: 64 is a lot more platforming movment then enemy attacks dream_the_cast: Negan sometimes TrapHustla101: He still plays Josie. mizoreeee: We need new FFZ emotes like ppOverheat TrapHustla101: But allso Neegan. zeke_r0: @IAmDiabeticus they delete older chapters though, if you want a backlog you use mangadex Croissanito: we need Nepazaki now that he’s playing Dark Souls again elaYA Clap Pizza_Bread: boss fights and skips mocaffe: mostly rng in super mario there is no rng mizoreeee: DS speedrun is running skips bossfigths IAmDiabeticus: @zeke_r0 Do they? o.0 Weird. Then yeah mangadex is the way to go. Good looking out ! TrapHustla101: Best video of Tekken is Pokchop vs Real Law. paleblood_13: Clap2 squilRNG TrapHustla101: People need to watch that on Youtube if y’all haven’t. TrapHustla101: Start with TTT2. Montanaontario2392: ela1 ela2 Montanaontario2392: ela3 ela4 Nopileos: Clap TrapHustla101: Winterbrawl. shuuuro: shuuuro subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! WrestlerBot2000: @shuuuro You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM amorphisiss: indeed kaiju_boi: ela13 Clap Skejven: Clap Nopileos: SUB HYPE shuuuro POGGERS It_is_alive: Clap TheMoltenGuy: Clap Croissanito: ela13 Clap mocaffe: any pregario emotes in chat? justcallmecharles: yeah coin RNG but that shit is nothing compared to AI rng in this paleblood_13: ela13 1080p200fps: Calp ela13 Nopileos: Clap perry_1903: ela13 Clap Semub: ElaClap chris9696bkr: @Elajjaz Hey elaH say it back elaMad zeke_r0: @IAmDiabeticus not sure if anything changed just remember that i was looking for an old chapter on their site and couldn’t find it spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Is there a speedrun of MGS? randomweeb69: ela13 Clap Ubernautls: @Elajjaz watch it on your dinner break girlfromjapan: ElaClap Dexbuild: Elajjaz Liebe:3 ? Dreshi: Ela would probably not even say hi to us IRL FeelsWeirdMan holoqh: I’m enjoying this parasocial relationship so far though Nopileos: DanDeeper pepeL Nazzet: @DanDeeper pepeL captain_elsewhere: same here krazyshark pepeL It_is_alive: @DanDeeper pepeL chris9696bkr: @Elajjaz we are fwends? elaH nevville: @KrazyShark sharku elaFeels 1marcio080: KrazyShark naroWink sviat93: FeelsGoodMan Clap Pizza_Bread: @xdreigor i don’t even have a phone PepeLaugh Zendry: pepeL kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: LULW majin_dalton: Can’t wait to tell my parents I made a friend elaBruv mycatsonfire: @DanDeeper pepeL Jaargan: @KrazyShark dude no PepeHands don’t even say that PepeHands perry_1903: KrazyShark pepeL ScotchDream: @icedcoffeeboy not your buddy, pal icedcoffeeboy: im not your buddy guy BroqRox: LULW Kawfeeine: PepeLaugh Dijaxtra: I finally have a friend BibleThump z3r0wan: Man, that’s KappaPride Montanaontario2392: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: HandsUp AH FUCK YOU LEATHERMAN TheMoltenGuy: @spike_the_space_cowboy can you believe what this guy is saying PepeHands TrapHustla101: What’s in that jug? Myareska: If you were a real friend, you’d give him your credit card details elaOk KingOfWatch: @Elajjaz sup @chat sup KrazyShark: @captain_elsewhere krazys2PAT @nevville krazys2PAT @1marcio080 krazys2PAT @Jaargan krazys2PAT @perry_1903 krazys2PAT nevermind time for pats AYAYA icedcoffeeboy: @scotchdream not your pal buddy too_lazy_for_this: @KrazyShark Damn, Sharku, I feel you FeelsBadMan Scary shit Dr_Jan_Itor: KrazyShark it’s my dad for me FeelsBadMan he smokes like chimney peepoSad kaiju_boi: G-Fuel elaOk spike_the_space_cowboy: @TheMoltenGuy PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: why are us ultra weirdo’s allways mommies boys PepeUff strange coincidence AndyIsDead: sodaC who wants to be friends elaThirst Veddy_: C-Fuel Pog chris9696bkr: c=cock vitamins gachiHYPER WITO: @KrazyShark elaGDM KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy krazys2PAT @too_lazy_for_this krazys2PAT @Dr_Jan_Itor krazys2PAT @WITO krazys2PAT Zefii: Subs even PAY to have Ela as a friend PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @WITO yeah same here dude, he smokes too much TheMoltenGuy: @KrazyShark stop patting me WeirdChamp too_lazy_for_this: @KrazyShark blackufaLove KrazyShark: fuck wrong person WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: mizoreeee: KrazyShark when do you gonna lawsuit ela for copying ur pat emote btw ? It_is_alive: @too_lazy_for_this PogChamp artgam2Potter artgam2AGHeavyHorns KrazyShark: @Dr_Jan_Itor yeah same here dude, he smokes too much * ExecutiveBear: water wit c-men vita-mens gachiGASM KrazyShark: @mizoreeee wait he’s got a pat emote? Pizza_Bread: @captain_elsewhere becuse mommies love you no matter what, dad just wants someone who could be a better version of themselves too_lazy_for_this: @It_is_alive blackufaLove KrazyShark: @mizoreeee krazys2PAT Jaargan: I’m paying for you to notice me @Elajjaz FeelsGoodMan be my friend WITO: @KrazyShark I don’t know who we are talking about but yes he does. xdreigor: $5 to be friends with the former WR holder what a steal Pog Veddy_: elaFella when? elaYes should somebody make a strawpoll what to delete @Elajjaz elaHmm kaiju_boi: delete elaFella PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @WITO LULW i meant to @ dr janitor igneek: hi chat AYAYA mizoreeee: KrazyShark the one from discord yes he wants to add it elaHmm justcallmecharles: oh i didn’t realize a gamplay footage video of Dying light 2 came out. How we feeling about it chat? captain_elsewhere: elaHmm Pizza_Bread Nopileos: igneek elaHYUG perry_1903: elaFella elaYA KrazyShark: @mizoreeee oh shit lemme check Nazzet: @igneek ✌️ AYAYA saoblow: remove elaYA mizoreeee: REMOVE elaYEEHAW chris9696bkr: elaS It_is_alive: @igneek pepeL Wiktor7219: elaD DeNils: remove elaK chris9696bkr: @Elajjaz remove elaS Anioldlaubogich: how u doin today Ela miltDuck @elajjaz eremiter: elaGun elaWOW elaISee elaB elaBlush randomweeb69: AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: elaMad ChickenMuffins: Remove elaYEEHAW Smolnikow: elaSneeze kaiju_boi: elaSneeze LAST SPAM elaSneeze Jaargan: 👉 elaYA MrLismos: remove elachig asm987: remove elaGibe, oh wait PepeHands Myareska: @Elajjaz elaYEEHAW ? nevville: no remove elaK Zefii: ElaBlush perpetual_fest: REMOVE elaYEEHAW Nazzet: @saoblow 🔫 AYAYA dexusb: REMOVE ME elaISee Dr_Jan_Itor: KrazyShark FeelsBadMan kuchinawa00: elaYA WITO: remove elaS Lexikun: remove elaYEEHAW GenuineLGN: elaBruv 👈 FeelsWeirdMan him 2sp00ky: remove elaYA captain_elsewhere: you were supposed to remove nepsmug during the charity acution 2 years ago elaK perry_1903: Sarge PepeHands 2sp00ky: it sucks dekkah: elaYEEHAW Aeonll: PepeHands SARGE VineWood0604: elaYEEHAW LAST SPAM ViveLaDissidence: Sarge PepeHands Jaargan: elaYEEHAW PepeHands Dr_Jan_Itor: DON”T EVER REMOVE elaYEEHAW kaiju_boi: PepeHands Sarge ain’t comin back AlexAnderman1994: elaYes elaGun elaYEEHAW marshalmv: WAS? PepeHand KrazyShark: @mizoreeee ohh i see chris9696bkr: @2sp00ky no elaB d3sirio: Killing off Sarge’s memory PepeHands 1080p200fps: remove something weeby Lagunaab: i just read last berserk chapter … are we waiting another year to see what’s next ? WeirdChamp UltraWindow: sneeze can go randomweeb69: remove elaYEEHAW mizoreeee: elaYEEHAW is a good emote but we dont need it anymore tbh DenZve: elaYEEHAW LAST SPAM, YEEHAW dexusb: REMOVE ME elaISee @Elajjaz ta_no_kami: elaWeird remove 👉 elaYA Pizza_Bread: RIP SARGE PepeLaugh Nazzet: @WITO not pablo PepeHands squashlord: sarge doesnt exist anymore PepeHands AndyIsDead: REMOVE WEEBS EMOTE elaB kurikame_: When will Sarge come back? ;_;7 OrbitalSloth: so now youre the one complaining LUL AlexAnderman1994: @KrazyShark AYAYA 2sp00ky: @chris9696bkr make a better one πŸ™‚ Anioldlaubogich: elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW zorry4badinglsh: LAST SPAM elaYEEHAW Clock_wrk: elaYEEHAW d3athbringr: Sarge PepeHands KrazyShark: @Dr_Jan_Itor elaHYUG let’s be strong mocaffe: I refuse to believe sarge is dead FeelsBadMan Nazzet: @squashlord he died of toxic PepeHands chris9696bkr: @2sp00ky no πŸ™‚ KrazyShark: @AlexAnderman1994 krazys2PAT UltraWindow: sneeze is only reserved for when ela dabs Jaargan: wait is new vegas dead? F PepeHands elaYEEHAW 1080p200fps: elaYEEHAW Valinore: last elaYEEHAW partner ExecutiveBear: remove elaChug , ive never seen fortnight once on this channel, not sure why the fortnight emots Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz if you remove yeehaw i will unsub elaMad 2sp00ky: @chris9696bkr its ugly πŸ™‚ Cheapcat: the yeehaw emote was for RDR2, wasn’t it? randomweeb69: Final elaYEEHAW spam PepeHands d3sirio: elaISee is kinda usless tbf GenuineLGN: elaYEEHAW sarge is going to the great ram ranch in the sky chat PepeHands captain_elsewhere: sarge is oficcialy dead PepeHands majin_dalton: No please don’t give up on sarge elaFeels elaFeels HolySnipz: Not the Pablos PunOko PepeHands kaiju_boi: Any naked cowboys in chat? elaYEEHAW xdreigor: Just get more subs for more emote slots Kappa chris9696bkr: @2sp00ky elaB elaGun mizoreeee: ExecutiveBear PepeLaugh squashlord: @Nazzet T OMEGALUL X I C Hogbinladen: last elaYEEHAW perry_1903: Remove elaYEEHAW I dare you elaMad elaGun Simon_iO: elaChug WHERE ARE WE DROPPING GAMERS justcallmecharles: you take the weeb emotes you basically kill of half of Ela’s communtiy boys WITO: @Elajjaz when will you bring back halloween elaSmile ? girlfromjapan: HYPERCLAP SergoQq19: elaSmile KrazyShark: @mizoreeee hmm idk, was expecting it to look much better in small size. maybe the black outline is too thin? 🤔 kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh 2sp00ky: @chris9696bkr elaS Dr_Jan_Itor: KrazyShark let’s elaHYUG Nazzet: πŸ™‚ chris9696bkr: 5Head AlexAnderman1994: JustDoIt ViveLaDissidence: He’s gonna drop yeehaw like he did Bustin PepeHands Pizza_Bread: elaB elaISee elaBlush elaWOW elaH so many weeb emotes, jesus VineWood0604: I will miss elaYEEHAW mizoreeee: if you remove elaK people will witch hunt you Sozu_: Sozu_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Remove elaYEEHAW we already have elaGasm elaSmile zeke_r0: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: @Sozu_ You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM KrazyShark: @mizoreeee or maybe im the one doing too big lines LULW krazys2PAT Aeonll: elaSmile Nopileos: SUB HYPE Sozu_ POGGERS kaiju_boi: LUL Anioldlaubogich: ela1 ela2 CommanBear: remove the weeb garbage paleblood_13: PepeLaugh yukisilonis: monkaS FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz remove elaS because it’s never used, or elaISee because it serves no purpose Anioldlaubogich: ela3 ela4 Sephirothang: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: OH GOD ELAGIGGLE elaWut Fixiiheart: kanYe TheMoltenGuy: halloween elaSmile was garbage Nazzet: @Pizza_Bread ✌️ AYAYA ✌️ It_is_alive: PepeLaugh Myareska: What about elaGiggle PepeLaugh Jaargan: in halloween? PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: does he mean eleGiggle ? Dijaxtra: do not touch OG elaSmile 😡 KrazyShark: @FitoBurrito I use it PunOko chris9696bkr: @2sp00ky elaB elaGun ! justcallmecharles: probably around Halloween maybe? UltraWindow: CommanBear nepSmug McDumb: elaGibe PepeHands It_is_alive: Kapp ExecutiveBear: PepeLaugh Nazzet: gachiOnFIRE GhostChimera: so in december? Lexikun: halloween elaSmile was the best spike_the_space_cowboy: Holy fuck Sarge got betrayed worse than in Vietnam zeke_r0: elaK ded Simon_iO: Pog captain_elsewhere: i mean elagiggle ? Pizza_Bread: not dead Pog FitoBurrito: KrazyShark shut up weeb BitRun: elaK gen_scooty_puff: Halloween elaPablosolo Veddy_: we will know if this is a wr run if ela has to pee in about 40mins elaHmm star_light: I trust chat πŸ™‚ and I don’t have friends for coop πŸ™‚ Emzero: solo is meh for me Nazzet: @KingOfWatch AYAYA woopsAYAYA AYAYA woopsAYAYA wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh ta_no_kami: yeah it’s fun, but i’m sure i’ll enjoy it more when I’ll play it with my brother miggonaut: sponsored chat, dont believe them spike_the_space_cowboy: @Lalilulelo25 PATRIOTS 😡 majin_dalton: Ela will get rekky while nerdy cries alone elaFeels Jaargan: the big tiddie thots are fishing for more money with sub only streams PepeLaugh fkn twitch enabling them Nazzet: @star_light PepeHands Dr_Jan_Itor: sub only stream for one big circle jerk with the boys billyReady mystickingfisher: good for speedruns also Riinegan: @Elajjaz how does the game change in co-op ? more health monsters ? Merafil: firs tlocation is hard solo…rest game is pretty easy rexrexgum: @elajjaz why don’t you do speed runs in the original ds1 kaiju_boi: Ela is sponsored by chat PepeLaugh Suney: PepeLaugh Nazzet: OMEGADOWN 1080p200fps: sub only stream: jump king race=ez money elaPlan Nopileos: kaiju_boi elaH Lalilulelo25: @spike_the_space_cowboy la li lu le lo ? Evillution: PepeLaugh 🔪 mohikanin1: @Elajjaz alos in 30th is astral chain are you gonna play it? MrZukasa: ohnYes ohnYes NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER i saw it KRSpirit: HandsUp Nazzet: gachiHYPER Veddy_: gachiHYPER garenbush: gachiHYPER noxcorvus: wtf Golden04: HandsUp too_lazy_for_this: SAW IT Emzero: gachiHYPER Jaargan: monkaW i saw it dragothicx: HandsUp Darth_Umbra: gachiHYPER Montanaontario2392: I SAW IT gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: @Lalilulelo25 surveillance camera ? jabbathefuk: gachiBASS Suney: gachiBASS RicHaya: gachiHYPER It_is_alive: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER Ascalon_1: GACHIhyper jimjak94: THat’s one very pretty ascii penis not going to loe ViveLaDissidence: Jaargan Watch out , staff is here , reminder you’re talking to a protected class PepeLaugh dunnowtw: gachiHYPER Zokua: gachiHYPER reVr0x: gachiHYPER DenZve: gachiBASS captain_elsewhere: dear crist elaKek GluteusCortex: design a game for coop, make double sales EZ TheMasterToaster: LULW NoodLeWrencher: cmonBruh karkkipapa: LUL kaiju_boi: LULW I RULL Golden04: PepeLaugh DEADSINCE1991: LUL star_light: OMEGADOWN Lagunaab: we are sponsoring you ela when are you writing all our names on your overlay ? Kapp justcallmecharles: @tidooh then I would just recommend a simple small bayoney with a holster, small compact ,easy to maintain and is quick to be pulled out if necessary WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : garenbush: LULW ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER It_is_alive: Saw it gachiHYPER troublematicc: ppHop Larg0s: painted guardian strikes again LULW Swaglordnito: LUL Mr4Fawkes: gachiHYPER mohikanin1: @Elajjaz also in 30th is astral chain are you gonna play it? rexrexgum: @elajjaz why don’t you do speed runs in the original ds1? Lalilulelo25: @spike_the_space_cowboy LUL karkkipapa: Pog justcallmecharles: @tidooh bayonet* Zefii: Nice rull PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: allready did them rexrexgum Dr_Jan_Itor: pocket PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: why not πŸ™‚ Suney: Cute Chat AYAYA Jaargan: @ViveLaDissidence what can they do? PepeLaugh I’m a girl, it would be a hate crime LULW rexrexgum: oh ok DEADSINCE1991: Jump King 1st Person PogU Nazzet: @Suney woopsAYAYA randomweeb69: AYAYA mohikanin1: @Elajjaz also in 30th is astral chain are you gonna play it? spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz people still posting big cock ASCII even though its perma gachiBASS legends ViveLaDissidence: Jaargan Well I wasn’t aware PepeLaugh tidooh: @justcallmecharles Thanks mate>elaFella Lexsed: PepeLaugh Aldairon: elaFella elaFella elaFella WrestlerBot2000: | | | Snapchat: notelajjaz | Semub: elaFella summer___: elaFella raider_unkindled: monkaW RantingDuck: MrDestructoid Evolving frvits: it’s learning monkaW samplevampire: elaHi Hey everyone angryj0nes: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella dobtf2: L I T E R A L L Y Kappa_Bee: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella dami_exe: elaFella Tomowatt: FeelsAmazingMan New emote elaFella Kal1m3r0: delete this elaFella nevville: right ela elaFella Kappa_Bee: elaFella elaFella elaFella Veddy_: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella CasuaIPlayer: elaFeels Levander94: elaFella summer___: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella Veddy_: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella KaitoKidShadow: elaFella why does this guy have a big hat saoblow: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella DaniDuck: elaFeels FORE HEAD SLAP Pog OneLastSin: crossbow op Veddy_: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella WerewolfB: oh no the pat emote is live Nazzet: elaPat is cute bingPat Kappa_Bee: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella captain_elsewhere: that emote looks like its from futurama elaHmm Vendetta1v: Stiff arm elaFella dokus09: elaFella Xurker: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella samplevampire: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella ThatLuluTho: Unicorn frog PepeLaugh DaniDuck: elaFeels * Dyres: OMEGALUL ☝️ this emote Veddy_: elaFella elaFella Semub: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella KrazyShark: elaFella krazys2PAT pat time elaFella krazys2PAT pat time elaFella krazys2PAT pat time elaFella krazys2PAT pat time elaFella krazys2PAT pat time DaniDuck: elaFella * Veddy_: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella Cecilff2: Pog 👉 elaFella dekkah: elaFella Hopsinka: LUL ExecutiveBear: elaFella bi4rep1: PepeLaugh LukeSkywhiskers: Welp Dyres: LULW Tomowatt: kill self elaFeels 🔫 paleblood_13: elaFella Donthy: PepeLaugh Veddy_: elaFella elaFella elaFella Nopileos: elaFella zWettah: PepeLaugh Kevintaku: elaFella Caterasan: elaFella DigitalZips: PepeLaugh crazybliss92: ellaFella KrazyShark: krazys2PAT elaFella krazys2PAT elaFella krazys2PAT elaFella krazys2PAT elaFella krazys2PAT elaFella krazys2PAT elaFella maluk24: danHeh Hajitaib: LULW dekkah: elaFella elaFella elaFella MarfMeff: PepeLaugh neededbadly: aaaaaaand that’s 1 CasuaIPlayer: elaFella OneLastSin: PepeLaugh WolfEJ2309: OMEGALUL ZULUL Veddy_: elaFella Aldairon: elaFella rihoto: upgrade armor prob Nazzet: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: what emote got killed Kappa_Bee: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella Cullas: elaFella angryj0nes: elaFella Nopileos: elaFella elaFella CasuaIPlayer: elaFella elaFella elaFella Felinestep: rekt SeemsGood deeshtroyed SeemsGood MordeLafoca: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella fmlswn: when you supposed to use new emote SaintNep: gachiHYPER elaFella akmannen: 1/10 of the dungeon PepeLaugh Dyres: nymnWeird samplevampire: pet elaFella pat elaFella pet elaFella jusapoika: elaFella DaniDuck: elaSneeze Tomowatt: elaSneeze Valinore: elaFella nevville: @KrazyShark everything is petting each other elaREE dekkah: elaFella JinM0: elaFella Nopileos: elaFella WerewolfB: it looks like you’re dislocating his skull backwards crazybliss92: elaFella KrazyShark: @nevville summer___: @Elajjaz what emote died? perpetual_fest: elaFella cheesusnotagain: VODFRIENDS nymnOkay ⏩ 2 HOURS KrazyShark: @nevville krazys2PAT elaFella * Diomago: elaFella REMUSXXXL: elaFella RonsuDE: elaFella is sooo cute BibleThump WerewolfB: when zoomed in FleetOfPigeons: @Elajjaz that crossbow from the unclean. is fuckin OP. MrDarkVoice: elaFella fabulwesen_: elaFella what the fuck is this emote? Cecilff2: elaFella Nopileos: elaFella elaFella frvits: AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS cheesusnotagain: VODFRIENDS nymnOkay 👉 ⏩ 2 HOURS Kappa_Bee: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaOk Bootch: 4HEad KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Veddy_: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella Kal1m3r0: elaFella elaGun dami_exe: its a head pat elaFella Doully92: elaFella Xurker: @cheesusnotagain FeelsGoodMan Vendetta1v: FBRun elaBruv elaFella kiosek_6_: Will be Evil Within afterwards? dekkah: AYAYA akmannen: thats a pat emote if ever seen one nevville: @KrazyShark can finally pat you back elaFella elaFella elaFella KaitoKidShadow: selfslap Veddy_: elaD dekkah: AYAYA elaFella KrazyShark: @nevville nice krazys2PAT CasuaIPlayer: AYAYA elaFella dami_exe: no its not Lucasnesk: NotLikeThis Kappa_Bee: elaDM elaFella elaDM elaFella elaDM elaFella elaDM elaFella Nopileos: ela I mean in general you often forget to use stuff like alternative fire modes/consumables and stuff like this in games. No offence and now I don’t even complain anymore Veddy_: elaFella LickMyPretzel: WeirdChamp weebs frvits: AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS DamnDutchman: 4Head Clap akmannen: why do the streamer lie chat? dami_exe: its a head pat elaFella Bootch: elaFella chick3nball: forehead pat samplevampire: elaWut elaGun elaFella Xurker: nerdy calling somebody else a weeb PepeLaugh rihoto: TaBeRu Bombycilla: Pats KaitoKidShadow: pat my ass TheMasterToaster: oh look, surprise, only weebs use elaFella WeirdChamp bi4rep1: @Elajjaz you both sould use aoe heal amulet since its narrow area and you dont even need that stamina with light armor πŸ™‚ KrazyShark: elaFella i feel like the outline is too thin elaHmm sviat93: Nerdy and his sadistic weeb girls AYAYA Veddy_: elaFella nevville: @TheMasterToaster there there elaFella crashfort: PATTHEFELLAWEEBS MaN PATTHEFELLAWEEBS MaN PATTHEFELLAWEEBS MaN FappyMcFlappy: yeah the outline is too thin you should just remove it J0hnnyBlade: Nopileos WeirdChamp streamer not using their arsenal and Im mad Hopsinka: heal consumable is so good Veddy_: KrazyShark your outline is thin elaFella SaintNep: gachiHYPER 🍆 elaFella Nopileos: J0hnnyBlade basically Tomowatt: PunOko I got work to do Xurker: nothing sir this is a free country PepeLaugh thrilloftill: @elajjaz Remnant for the rest of the stream today? Tiliger79: BBoomer dami_exe: elaFella is adorable, just don’t know when to use it Doully92: BBoomer Dyres: J0hnnyBlade nymnH nymnOkay Sohei4649: BBoomer LickMyPretzel: BBoomer Freddieze: is this when we start doing copypastas about ela not laying properly? Thrisper: elaFella KrazyShark: @FappyMcFlappy yea its hard to idk, see? LULW Nopileos: BBoomer captain_elsewhere: man these 30 second farts get a bit exausting PepeUff KrazyShark: @Veddy_ im fat FeelsBadMan Nemz38: @Elajjaz Nemz38: Nemz38: Nemz38: KLBEANS: BBoomer Nazzet: BBoomer 🤘 Expleco: Her too BBoomer Veddy_: KrazyShark elaOP Xurker: the only anime i watch is THE MOOMINS JinM0: elaFella + 🍅=elaMad Hopsinka: i like how this game is pure gameplay REMUSXXXL: @dami_exe when patronizing someone PepeLaugh Dyres: OMEGALUL Hopsinka: no bulshit Bootch: KrazyShark elaWOW elaH FappyMcFlappy: PepeLaugh Darth_Umbra: Exposed Veddy_: EXPOSED KrazyShark: @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW @Elajjaz EXPOSED LULW akmannen: OMG we have proof @Elajjaz nicky_altosaxophoney: LUL wtf Dyres: LULW that post WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: garenbush: LULW Valinore: LUL paleblood_13: exposed elaKek asm987: EXPOSED PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: LULW dami_exe: @REMUSXXXL but I never patronize anyone FeelsBadMan frvits: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh Thrisper: D: Dyres: OMEGALUL Tomowatt: elaMad Y U LYING J0hnnyBlade: Dyres pepeL KLBEANS: PepeLaugh gtF_: LUL frvits: EDITED elaK Dyres: EDITED LULW Vendetta1v: LULW E X P O S E D LickMyPretzel: NANI Fafebobo: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: elaK KaitoKidShadow: elaK Ennuigi: elaK Doully92: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaK tilionm: LULW Veddy_: EXPOSED PepeLaugh Nemz38: LMFAO ExecutiveBear: EXPOSED AYAYA Darth_Umbra: elaKek Sounami: @Nemz38 LULW figment_hf: OMG ash totally xposewd u souldedeh: monkaS Caterasan: Elak RantingDuck: monkaW Bootch: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: NANI!?!?!?! Tomowatt: monkaS Kirage47: LULW WrestlerBot2000: 4Head|Clip No.22| The Surge 4Head skip Hopsinka: LUL Nopileos: monkaW hpbearman: elaK Dyres: LULW REAL KLBEANS: LULW KrazyShark: @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW Doully92: LULW Tiliger79: LULW Fafebobo: LULW LickMyPretzel: hahahahahaha paleblood_13: LULW Doully92: LULW LULW LULW saoblow: LULW KrazyShark: @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW @Nemz38 CALLED OUT LULW arialist: LULW Dyres: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Hopsinka: ROFL Dismal_Arkt: OMEGALUL souldedeh: edited PepeLaugh Fafebobo: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp raider_unkindled: elaK figment_hf: u lie dekkah: OMEGALUL RonsuDE: LULW Nemz38: hahahahahah Draconyite: OMEGALUL saugo: LULW Vendetta1v: LMAO KaitoKidShadow: elaK nah tyree372: that means nani right J0hnnyBlade: LULW TheMasterToaster: Pog nymnCorn drama Veddy_: Nemz38 WeirdChamp nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW garenbush: LULW Clock_wrk: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Sohei4649: WeirdChamp Tomowatt: AYAYA KrazyShark: @Bootch krazys2PAT Glenshane: LULE AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh REMUSXXXL: LULW Reddinator: LULW JAMMnX: u edited ela Bootch: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp WerewolfB: WEEB LULW gint271: elaK akmannen: I trust nemz πŸ™‚ Shaanbear: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Geixo: OMEGALUL LukeSkywhiskers: LUL CmdrLegion: LMAO Dyres: photoshopped LULW Epicziemniak: Nemz38 elaWeird TequilaIcarus: LUL JimmyLuongOfficial: LOL Flaze_35: ela photoshopping discord?! OrbitalSloth: thats alot effort for a lie ExecutiveBear: LULW LULW LULW LULW Glenshane: LULW captain_elsewhere: AND IT DOESNT SAY EDITED elaKek Ennuigi: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm Hajitaib: LULW Succmeister1337: LULW ThePain0815: PepeLaugh Thrisper: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Meximus322: PepeLaugh Astroft123: exposed Auramoth: LULW figment_hf: Ash does true true Kirage47: Hahaha Vendetta1v: LMAOOO hpbearman: AYAYA Tomowatt: AYAYA Clap Sohei4649: PepeLaugh MoeDaEngineer: LULW teslife: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp Felinestep: LULW Dismal_Arkt: Why cant I see LULW FeelsBadMan nicky_altosaxophoney: feet gate Hopsinka: what are these feets ? Bootch: @Nemz38 exposed saoblow: @Nemz38 elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird MrLismos: @Elajjaz but isn’t vafan basically NANI??!!?? quichemeesh: cryNani Nazzet: Fake news LULW tyree372: that means what though right? IAmThurmal: LULW akmannen: its word vs word OrbitalSloth: what a cunt lol LickMyPretzel: lmao WerewolfB: @Elajjaz WEEB LULW @Elajjaz WEEB LULW LightmareLive: OMEGADOWN he was honest in his stream though Dyres: you photoshopped that LULW Felinestep: NANI???? AYAYA Baronjohn96: LULW Bounce1987: nice photoshop @Elajjaz Ryuwashi: Jebaited tyree372: so its the same JAMMnX: still trust nemz more Knur_therealhog: !discord cheeseball4u: The internet is a LIE WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! Nemz38: Ela just edited that WeirdChamp KaitoKidShadow: i still trust Nemz more than you REMUSXXXL: @Nemz38 d0XXed fumaczi: ela edit it for sure Thrisper: but but Mods dont lie !! D: ExecutiveBear: Ela is weeb confirmed AYAYA Gene7ik: Lot of effort for a lie @Elajjaz MoeDaEngineer: NANI dami_exe: @Nemz38 Didn’t even got throough the effort to put the edited mark there LUL Bootch: so is nemz the weeb now? elaHmm NetQvist: Can’t believe it, @Elajjaz photoshopped his own discord FeelsBadMan Nopileos: ela probably just edit it himself elaHmm MoeDaEngineer: AYAYA captain_elsewhere: it doesnt say post edited tho figment_hf: Why does Ella like feet so much pls nice chat? Hopsinka: nice friends u have Ela Baronjohn96: Nice photoshop Elajjaz functionoverflu: we still trust nemz more LUL sviat93: Nu, pogodi! hentai nerdy? WeirdChamp childhood ruined Ennuigi: how low of ela D: Dyres: I trust nemz πŸ™‚ souldedeh: elaGa hamsX: so scummy WeirdChamp Flaze_35: cute edit! AYAYA Whazankey: BAN NEMZ :rage: WerewolfB: Nice fake discord client LULW arialist: rip streamer LULW garenbush: elaGa brunolm: cute ELA AYAYA akmannen: ela is triggered why would he be if it wasent the truth chat πŸ™‚ AlexAnderman1994: elaGa Kirage47: Ela playing the victim smh OrbitalSloth: @Nemz38 all jokes aside, thats pretty dirty… wow Gigantio: @Elajjaz photoshop WeirdChamp Thrisper: Strimmer bullying his mods PepeHands Doully92: PepeLaugh Skelysia: @Elajjaz you probably deleted messages elaB leifyness: elaMad elaMad elaMad captain_elsewhere: why making fake evidence when there is allready a mountain of evidence against ela elaKek Felinestep: i bet he said “NANI?” and then edited it, accusing the poor mod of editing it… FeelsBadMan Xurker: NICE WORD WORD NERD figment_hf: Nemz is english voice, he can be trusted Nemz38: monkaW Wuxia: i bet he said “NANI?” and then edited it, accusing the poor mod of editing it… FeelsBadMan ChemtrailsArePoison: nemz got ownt Hopsinka: @Elajjaz u can change skin of hunter set Flaze_35: Nemz has 100 speech, i can’t help it PepeHands WerewolfB: AYAYA Baronjohn96: i bet he said „NANI?“ and then edited it, accusing the poor mod of editing it… FeelsBadMan Doully92: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh figment_hf: double edit brunolm: sure Kappa Vendetta1v: RPF;;; Vendetta1v: ROLFOSALFOLOLOLOL Kaspu: AYAYA Thrisper: @Nemz38 elaHYUG eliastheepicgamer: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: hahahahahahaha KaitoKidShadow: LOL Nazzet: PepeLaugh akmannen: PepeRage Fafebobo: ElaSmash Reddinator: nrdyKek paleblood_13: elaMad nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW eyskyaldi: ElaSmash KaitoKidShadow: hahahahaha Tomowatt: elaGasm RantingDuck: PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: elaMad SeekerAloy: elaMad neothax: PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaMad JouniKari: OMEGADOWN Tiliger79: PepeLaugh Nostraz: PJSalt CasuaIPlayer: PepeLaugh Nemz38: tbf I did think you actually said nani LUL Vendetta1v: OOLLLOOLOLOLO Dreshi: AYAYA Xurker: and i was like VA FAN grunbeld: ElaSmash Doully92: LULW LULW LULW frederic60110: rooSip Bootch: elaK MoeDaEngineer: @Elajjaz maybe you are the one who Photoshop it not @Nemz38 ExecutiveBear: elaMad alejandropaezcasas: elaYes Hevnoraak: ElaSmash Flaze_35: PepeLaugh Deli_Ninja: LUL Nopileos: elaMad elaMad Shadfire77: elaWeeb KaitoKidShadow: elaMad seydanator: elaMad Glenshane: elaMad Fafebobo: elaK we never do that LickMyPretzel: lmfao Dismal_Arkt: ElaClap elaK figment_hf: Ash is love Kasta very much tilionm: LULW Thrisper: MALD elaMad ReverendVerse: Is ela is saying he’s not a weeb? arialist: LUL Darth_Umbra: elaMad brunolm: cute ELA AYAYA IAmThurmal: Raidou_XIV: AYAYA Clap Expleco: You admitted to watching AoT earlier LULW Tomowatt: LULW ElaClap Vendetta1v: Hahahahahaaaaaaaa dekkah: elaKek LickMyPretzel: this is too funny KLBEANS: PepeLaugh sviat93: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: elaClap Kaspu: @Elajjaz Nymn also called you a weeb yesterday PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: Bullied PepeLaugh Felinestep: NANI the fuck?! DansGame fumaczi: so ela ha time to edit it Nopileos: chat is still against you ela, don’t bully helpless people elaFeels crashfort: ban him PunOko ban him PunOko TheErdbeere: just accept that you are a weeb OrbitalSloth: @Nemz38 lies angryj0nes: ElaClap Xurker: @Elajjaz this chat believes you in everything though πŸ™‚ Hopsinka: @Elajjaz u can change skin of hunter set Nemz38: PepeLaugh Ela mad he’s a weeb riut2: The lengths ela will go through to deny it says more about his weebness than the screenshots Moegitto: elaWeird Nani? Thrisper: I WAS FLABBERGASTED D: Tomowatt: elaKek Whazankey: ree DICK ulous gachiBASS akmannen: I believe ela πŸ™‚ this time FappyMcFlappy: xqcM OrbitalSloth: now look how he reacts… what a cunt LUL Nazzet: (sponsored viewer): I trust ela Kapp matlej85: chat they are both weebs so no problem elaBruv KaitoKidShadow: yes souldedeh: yes LickMyPretzel: yes Glenshane: yes ExecutiveBear: yes Darkred28: Yes Fatamerikans: YES Abbynaire: yes Xurker: no Kjorthar: yes Tiliger79: no xuukiii: yes Nopileos: matlej85 pepeL Thrisper: D: GreenMicerunning: yes JinM0: yes πŸ™‚ Nemz38: nah captain_elsewhere: YES CasuaIPlayer: yes Dismal_Arkt: Yes Hopsinka: yes vapefrog: yes Nopileos: YES tyree372: no Raidou_XIV: yes Fafebobo: VoteNay alejandropaezcasas: no eliastheepicgamer: yes Kapp Dyres: xes Hevnoraak: yes Bootch: no LULW Dreshi: Yes Bholorak: yes dekkah: yea crashfort: VoteYea Lexsed: AYAYA nevville: no WarZone101: YES gint271: Yes yoeli: yes zWettah: yes Shadfire77: no Max6086: yes angryj0nes: YES AYAYA Deli_Ninja: yes Sozu_: YES ThatLuluTho: Ofc Thrisper: yes πŸ™‚ priviligedpolarbear: yes Kirage47: LULW Xurker: attack on titan is normie anime LickMyPretzel: You can bet your fucking ass i would REMUSXXXL: Yes LULW holloWFortune: Nah, that’s pretty normie TheErdbeere: yes Armody: No scooooba: yes brunolm: YES AYAYA CUTE ELA AYAYA Dyres: yes LULW Nopileos: yes nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA one of us Burger__eater: AYAYA Clap akmannen: No Ive seen it and im not a weeb Saithiria: yes ReverendVerse: ReverendVerse subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 37 months! Ela is denying that he is a weeb? We all know the true story Ela… elaK Emzero: nah Wuxia: yes Axe_Cell: AoT is normie WrestlerBot2000: @ReverendVerse After 37 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM KaitoKidShadow: not me Ryuwashi: VoteYea vapefrog: no Nopileos: SUB HYPE ReverendVerse Pog rikze5: bUrself Cecilff2: absolutely blob_: you are a weeb anyways nevville: i did Saithiria: nemz Ennuigi: OMEGA YES Tiliger79: PepeLaugh RantingDuck: VoteYea vapefrog: and? souldedeh: cute nemz AYAYA Lexsed: D: DigitalZips: elaD Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: Pog NEMZ AYAYA Armody: LULW Baronjohn96: VoteYea Fafebobo: Nemz38 AYAYA garenbush: LULW TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh tyree372: normies vvatched and enjoyed attack on titan @Elajjaz nicky_altosaxophoney: Pog priviligedpolarbear: you both are weebs Sozu_: PepeLaugh MoeDaEngineer: AYAYA Glenshane: D: LickMyPretzel: So you’re both a weeb then eliastheepicgamer: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp Thrisper: you J0hnnyBlade: PepeLaugh here it comes Moegitto: Yes, you are a weeb elaYA elaISee Saithiria: nemz is a weeb RantingDuck: D: zWettah: AYAYA nemz WerewolfB: LULW KaitoKidShadow: CUTE NEMZ AYAYA brunolm: YES AYAYA CUTE ELA AYAYA CUTE NEMZ AYAYA Nemz38: it doesn’t make you a weeb Sounami: @Nemz38 AYAYA Mawakute: Fuck nemz anyway. PepeLaugh Dreshi: NEMZ cyrAYAYA Xurker: NEMZ38 AYAYA REMUSXXXL: @Nemz38 ya fucking weeb elaWeird Ryuwashi: VoteYea LUL TheErdbeere: nemz is a weeb LickMyPretzel: both weeebs* Nemz38: I explained this alejandropaezcasas: elaISee Kaspu: @Nemz38 Normie WeirdChamp holloWFortune: Nemz the weeb FeelsWeirdMan Bootch: Nemz38 AYAYA captain_elsewhere: LULW 1marcio080: lies nemz doesnt stream Hevnoraak: LUL Just_a_Vivi: OMEGALUL fanHEIBAI: both weeb streamers sviat93: @Nemz38 AYAYA RantingDuck: snitching PepeHands ChemtrailsArePoison: this chat is full of millennials DansGame DansGame 5Pat5: elaWut ExecutiveBear: LULW nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA nemz kun Raidou_XIV: @Nemz38 AYAYA Clap Flaze_35: AYAYA one of us AYAYA Thrisper: FIGHT D: lenoxx: AoT is not weeb WerewolfB: @Nemz38 ifrostBRO arialist: LUL angryj0nes: @Nemz38 Cla2 AYAYA TheMasterToaster: Nemz38 PepeLaugh weeb Wuxia: @Nemz38 AYAYA 26camels: CHECK MATE Ennuigi: that´s easy you and nemz are noth weebs LUL hamsX: LULW Dynamite_Pete: weeb Fatamerikans: @Nemz38 CUTE AYAYA Hopsinka: @Elajjaz what site u using for watching attack on titan ? BigBadSoup: super weeb drama D: Felinestep: weeb and mad… PepeLaugh waad PepeLaugh PNateBeta: AoT is pretty mainstream Draconyite: distNom these bantz MoeDaEngineer: LULW amemiyaTF: doesn’t matter whatever you saw AYAYA frvits: A OMEGALUL T Gigantio: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp KaitoKidShadow: NEMZU AYAYAjorts Nopileos: gachiHYPER crashfort: @TeenyTinyRedhead KonCha Larsn2k: LULW OrbitalSloth: but i do tyree372: JORTS ARE FOR HAIRY BALDING VEIRDOS SonicatorTV: TeenyTinyRedhead elaWOW teeny elaFella elaH silver6ird: wth why is elaFella so cute BibleThump Thrisper: JOrts only worn in 70s gay porn tho elaHmm SerVersta: PepeLaugh aGuyWithSpicyMemes: LUL Kaspu: JEANS DansGame KrazyShark: @quichemeesh krazys2PAT WrestlerBot2000: “One sausage doesn’t make you full.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 79 mibutwhole: spread em gachiHYPER Fafebobo: TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL elaFella Lim3Fru1t: Ahhh 4HEad angryj0nes: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: @Nazzet @crashfort @SonicatorTV Hey guuuys elaWOW elaH pepeL Hevnoraak: LUL Tomowatt: VoHiTo hot pants KaitoKidShadow: sounds stupid J0hnnyBlade: Thrisper gachiAPPROVE TeenyTinyRedhead: @Fafebobo hey elaH pepeL tyree372: @Thrisper he is right 8Kisama6: btw if u wanan snipe u HAVE TO give the hearth to the lady 26camels: fucking zoomer silver6ird: he’s adorable BibleThump LickMyPretzel: elaFella paleblood_13: elaFella chris9696bkr: @Elajjaz horror game after remnant? Levander94: elaFella ShivaQQ: you should wear leggings @Elajjaz gachiBASS quichemeesh: KrazyShark thief! cryNani SonicatorTV: elaFella AlexAnderman1994: @KrazyShark elaFella Larsn2k: Jorts is so BBoomer LUL Nopileos: elaFella souldedeh: elaFella Lim3Fru1t: You are all good fellas elaFella Doully92: gachiHYPER wandering_pleb: what emote died for elaFella ? Gigantio: I wear Jorts! they are cool elaEZ seydanator: elaFella chris9696bkr: @KrazyShark elaFella Aldairon: elaFella tyree372: vvhen you dont look close it looks like he has a dick on his head Thrisper: @J0hnnyBlade billyReady Lanshii: wandering_pleb yeehaw Expleco: This game is so gachiHYPER aGuyWithSpicyMemes: its comming for your jorts IKEALUL wandering_pleb: FeelsBadMan Tomowatt: ElaPls SPRING! randomweeb69: elaFella noice TeenyTinyRedhead: elaFella 👈 elaWOW GenuineLGN: chat is now in patting mode elaFella Nazzet: bingPat Lim3Fru1t: elaFella souldedeh: carried PepeLaugh Doully92: elaBruv seydanator: @tyree372 it’s not a dick? chris9696bkr: 3Head SonicatorTV: TeenyTinyRedhead i know right, its amazing elaFella Tomowatt: LULW LickMyPretzel: buy the crossbow ela elaREE it has a nice sound to it Sounami: LULW randomweeb69: @chat elaFella wandering_pleb: I will miss the cowboy bastard elaFella TeenyTinyRedhead: @SonicatorTV elaFella chris9696bkr: @Elajjaz elaFella Tomowatt: x kill self FeelsBadMan 🔫 Clock_wrk: elaFella Minty_The_Bear: Minty_The_Bear subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 28 months! Keep being awesome! Nopileos: SUB HYPE Minty_The_Bear elaA WrestlerBot2000: @Minty_The_Bear After 28 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kevintaku: wait what did we lose for elaFella ? monkaW TyrantZedd: TeenyTinyRedhead elaFella Cheesecoffee: elaFella SonicatorTV: randomweeb69 elaFella TeenyTinyRedhead: @TyrantZedd elaFella WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: silver6ird: elaFella you’re all getting pats chat elaFella Thrisper: who created elaFella ? it sucks DansGame KrazyShark: i’m touchy elaThirst TeenyTinyRedhead: elaSneeze Meximus322: elaFella Tomowatt: Pog NERDY SonicatorTV: silver6ird so are you elaFella KrazyShark: @Thrisper krazys2PAT ikr LickMyPretzel: Yeehaw is gone chris9696bkr: @Elajjaz Good underrated metal band? Thrisper: ela13 dekkah: elaFella KrazyShark: @Thrisper sup thristy nevville: @silver6ird elaFella you’re getting one akmannen: its a pat NeptuneDweller: ur 15 meter armor probably isnt ideal here too @Elajjaz SonicatorTV: Thrisper WTF elaMad elaGun silver6ird: @SonicatorTV elaFella Tomowatt: monkaS TeenyTinyRedhead: Yeehaw got removed chick3nball: definitely a pat Kevintaku: why does he look so happy then CMAN222008: 4HEad sumSmash quichemeesh: cryPat party crashfort: D: Armody: elaFeels KrazyShark: @Thrisper Thrispy* Sohei4649: 4HEad ElaSmash ? LickMyPretzel: WTF ELA dami_exe: @Elajjaz Don’t lie to yourself man, it’s a pat mibutwhole: its defo a pat LULW rikze5: sumSmash elaFella ExecutiveBear: elaFella silver6ird: @nevville elaFella wandering_pleb: elaFella Tomowatt: LULW tyree372: thats a penis on the forhead ScotchDream: lay on hands GenuineLGN: elaFella low impact consensual patting is what it is nevville: no its not Ela elaFella AirRinAberrant: Headpats elaFella souldedeh: elaFella Burger__eater: It’s a weeb emote LULW nicky_altosaxophoney: then why is he so happy gachiBASS LickMyPretzel: You’re so mean Ela Cheesecoffee: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella silver6ird: so that’s why he’s smiling Thrisper: @KrazyShark pepeL ela13 Lanshii: stop trying to cover up, weeb dekkah: AYAYA elaFella J0hnnyBlade: DansGame elaFella chick3nball: it’s a little fella that did a good job randomweeb69: looks like a pat to me elaFella seydanator: sure, just like elaSneeze is not a dab… silver6ird: elaK Nopileos: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I MISS EVERY SHOT elaOk DIE TO A SINGLE ENEMY elaOk AND NOT USE MY WEAPON MODS elaOk KrazyShark: @Elajjaz needs more OUTLINE man, i can’t see shit V1PMONKEY: elaFella SerVersta: PepeLaugh ExecutiveBear: it’s ok little buddy elaFella Meximus322: elaFella elaFella chris9696bkr: elaFella is cute AYAYA frvits: AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS AYAYA elaFella HEADPATS LickMyPretzel: IT’S A PAT Artheno: progress? POGGERS Tomowatt: elaFella akmannen: use the amulet that clears it when using a dragon heart LickMyPretzel: END OF DISCUSSION Dyres: Then why the fuck it smiles LULW KrazyShark: @chris9696bkr krazys2PAT Thrisper: @Nopileos Clap i like chris9696bkr: @KrazyShark elaFella elaH randomweeb69: AYAYA elaFella TeenyTinyRedhead: @KrazyShark Heey sharkuuu elaWOW elaH elaFella atomicdestruction: elaFella oddonePat lampkinator: elaHAA Semub: ela1 ela2 Semub: ela3 ela4 elaFella Nopileos: Clap Lanshii: Dyres it’s pepega aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh nevville: Clap KrazyShark: Clap eremiter: Clap Clock_wrk: Clap Hevnoraak: Clap Blue_Ventum: Clap boogeyman551: Clap KrazyShark: @TeenyTinyRedhead Redhed chan krazys2PAT chris9696bkr: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Meximus322: elaFella Clap Nopileos: Thrisper thanks wandering_pleb: ElaClap aGuyWithSpicyMemes: LUL SeekerAloy: elaCozy MrRoboto_0: LUL Worhtaed: cantaPat Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh silver6ird: i’m on light mode and it looks fine, probably a dark mode thing KrazyShark: @chris9696bkr krazys2PAT chrisboi Nopileos: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I MISS EVERY SHOT elaOk DIE TO A SINGLE ENEMY elaOk AND NOT USE MY WEAPON MODS elaOk ArmstrongQ: LUL KrazyShark: @silver6ird ah perhaps Artheno: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh rikze5: Kapp Noktis86: enclaseHey Dyres: Kapp KrazyShark: @silver6ird lemme check chris9696bkr: @KrazyShark Sharki boi AYAYA elaFella aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Lanshii: silver6ird dark mode elaPuke chris9696bkr: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: elaFella pats for everyone elaFella MrRoboto_0: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh WITO: (sponsored viewer): GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Lanshii: silver6ird i mean *light mode elaPuke Onionmaster32: The pasta is so good PepeLaugh randomweeb69: @teenytinyredhead elaFella LickMyPretzel: Imagine using light mode OMEGADOWN n3verbloom: @Elajjaz yo, when you’ll be playing The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan? FlintTheManiac: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh easyeasy: YOOOOOOOOOO ELAJJAZ AND CHAT ela12 ela13 elaH / TeenyTinyRedhead: @randomweeb69 elaFella Nopileos: easyeasy elaHYUG silver6ird: @Lanshii i was typing “finally someone who understands elaHYUG ” BibleThump angryj0nes: IKEALUL easyeasy: Nopileos ela1 / KrazyShark: ah i guess it looks kinda better with light mode? elaFella but who uses light mode LULW Dyres: easyeasy nymnH Thrisper: @easyeasy pepeL Lanshii: silver6ird i don’t understand FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: easyeasy ela2 / TeenyTinyRedhead: @easyeasy elaH pepeL elaFella Fatamerikans: ! CORRODED ! TyrantZedd: KrazyShark I use light mode elaOk silver6ird: @Lanshii i have very sensitive eyes ok elaWeird easyeasy: Dyres Thrisper allo allo ela12 / TeenyTinyRedhead ela1 / SonicatorTV: easyeasy elaFella elaHYUG randomweeb69: elaFella is a fine addition to my emote collection AYAYA wandering_pleb: elaFella TyrantZedd: easyeasy pepeL V1PMONKEY: @TeenyTinyRedhead @easyeasy elaFella KrazyShark: @quichemeesh krazys2PAT nani Tomowatt: Pog Over 1k silver6ird: @KrazyShark i do elaWeird easyeasy: SonicatorTV ela12 TyrantZedd V1PMONKEY allo ela13 / TeenyTinyRedhead: @V1PMONKEY Heey elaH elaFella KrazyShark: @silver6ird oof Thrisper: IM FLABBERGASTED elaMad AlexAnderman1994: cmonBruh chris9696bkr: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh easyeasy: KrazyShark Sharku ela12 / KrazyShark: @TyrantZedd oofas Justepic123: elaFella quichemeesh: KrazyShark stealing pats i see cryPat silver6ird: reading white on black is hard for me ok PepeHands LickMyPretzel: I don’t think it looks that bad in dark mode KrazyShark: @easyeasy krazys2PAT yoo rikze5: ZULUL MrRoboto_0: PlsEla aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Onionmaster32: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Kaspu: ZULUL chris9696bkr: ZULUL Dyres: ZULUL Lim3Fru1t: Perfectly fine for me in dark mode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ AlexAnderman1994: ZULUL Nopileos: ZULUL nevville: one more coffee with chat before i go to work elaFella KrazyShark: @quichemeesh i made it krazys2PAT>:3 easyeasy: Kaspu nepSmug hi / Onionmaster32: anyone has the pepe pointing at a graph pasta? easyeasy: nevville YOOOO fella elaFella / wandering_pleb: elaFella Kaspu: @easyeasy naroSmug / quichemeesh: KrazyShark cryNani Tomowatt: ElaPls Spring randomweeb69: @nevville enjoy elaFella chris9696bkr: gachiHYPER Thrisper: i RULL Lim3Fru1t: gachiBASS Lexsed: With corroded that guy can easily one-shot aGuyWithSpicyMemes: gachiBASS TheMasterToaster: elaFella looks like a ball with a face being picked up PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @quichemeesh it’s from some old comic nevville: @easyeasy easy! elaFella elaWOW How you doing today? Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @TheMasterToaster LULW Artheno: did they kill undying king? LickMyPretzel: elaGa AlexAnderman1994: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh MrRoboto_0: Pepega Clap Lexsed: Top tier AI LULW VH_Attila: AI OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: @Artheno nah Lanshii: bullying FeelsWeirdMan WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! Onionmaster32: poor derp PepeHands ThatLuluTho: Target PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: elaGa ❓ Artheno: PepeHands boogeyman551: we did it cirCola JimmyLuongOfficial: AI doesn’t seem to be the smartest in this game. A lot of damage, but doesn’t seem too intelligent. Thrisper: about time elaMad Lexsed: Cure or checkpoint Tomowatt: AI: ElaPls This way PlsEla No, this way aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Hopsinka: if u get hit by something big u insta dead Moegitto: @boogeyman551 cirNilla easyeasy: nevville noice, i’ve played Blasphemous, game is kinda clukky but it’s noice, you ela12 ? jpoe1995: @Elajjaz equip cleansing jewel and use a dragon heart, it cures all debuffs in game akmannen: @Elajjaz remember you have a necklace that can clear statuses when using dragonhearts Onionmaster32: Pog MrRoboto_0: Champ LickMyPretzel: Chag Flaze_35: Pog angryj0nes: ElaClap wandering_pleb: Chag Tomowatt: elaFella GOOD WORK Nopileos: Chag boogeyman551: @Moegitto cirPat Lexsed: @Elajjaz Better heal, corroded halves your armor JouniKari: this is more of a rull simulator than dark souls FatGod700: that not fun Hevnoraak: FeelsPepoMan silver6ird: elaGa Justepic123: Pog Tiliger79: FeelsPepoMan Hopsinka: yes VH_Attila: Pepega ? ThatLuluTho: FeelsPepoMan Pixel_hearts: Hi ela hello tchat elaH pepeL Veddy_: elaGa Nopileos: Pixel_hearts elaH AlexAnderman1994: elaGa wandering_pleb: elaGa ❓ Nopileos: elaGa Doully92: FeelsPepoMan WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Thrisper: FeelsPepoMan 5Pat5: FeelsPepoMan Onionmaster32: 5Head Pixel_hearts: Nopileos elaH BleekStone: Pepega randomweeb69: elaGa easyeasy: nevville it’s a demo of this game, you can donwload it till september 1st Nopileos: Pixel_hearts elaH Thrisper: smrt FeelsPepoMan easyeasy: Pixel_hearts hi ela12 / JouniKari: FeelsPepoMan=5Head 5Pat5: @Nopileos elaH Nopileos: 5Pat5 elaH randomweeb69: FeelsPepoMan Pixel_hearts: easyeasy ela13 / rikze5: gachiBASS Baron_Nuttschlap: dude needs better weapons Thrisper: monkaS TheMasterToaster: gachiHYPER Thrisper: I RULL ThatLuluTho: ElaPls Nopileos: 5 hours and no progress PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: kaito m awau nevville: @easyeasy hmm clukky elaHmm Been reading 100 pages of a new book and gotta do some work in a bit, also first day of a diet πŸ™‚ RonsuDE: PlsEla Kakyoinree: @nopileos yes ResidentSleeper KaitoKidShadow: Nopileos what is this Evil Within? LULW Sounami: LULW Lexsed: Jebaited Tomowatt: Jebaited RonsuDE: Jebaited Clap Thrisper: LUL Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Nopileos: KaitoKidShadow evil within has negative progress Tomowatt: monkaS Nopileos: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I MISS EVERY SHOT elaOk DIE TO A SINGLE ENEMY elaOk AND NOT USE MY WEAPON MODS elaOk ThatLuluTho: monkaX volkeeh: OMEGALUL KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh CallMeKong: RULL VH_Attila: VaN FUCK YOU Doully92: LULW Lexsed: RULL LULW volkeeh: RULL Tomowatt: x kill self FeelsBadMan 🔫 KaitoKidShadow: HE GOT HIM Hopsinka: LULW Onionmaster32: MALD PepeLaugh Naniyo: OMEGALOUL WolfEJ2309: LULW Nopileos: LULW CMAN222008: LULW easyeasy: nevville SeemsGood Lanshii: MIYAZAKIIIIII Kentoron: X angryj0nes: I got it, dies right away LULW easyeasy: KaitoKidShadow hi ela1 / Artheno: PepeLaugh Prince_Leo1: LULW Cecilff2: @quote_me_if_i_rull Ciaphas72kt: LULW got it LULW Naniyo: OMEGADOWN RonsuDE: @quote_me_if_I_rull Destmand: D: me? MrRoboto_0: D: notdiri: PLEBS D: Bestorio: PepeHands matlej85: OMEGADOWN Justepic123: PlebsLULW Sounami: nice throws LULW Nopileos: the hammer throw is really hard to dodge it always feels like the hammer is just teleporting onto you Konnamies: PepeHands Thrisper: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I MISS EVERY SHOT elaOk DIE TO A SINGLE ENEMY elaOk AND NOT USE MY WEAPON MODS elaOk TeenyTinyRedhead: @KaitoKidShadow elaWOW elaFella Tomowatt: elaWOW You can do it, Nerdy! Lexsed: Pog Nerdy carry PlayTherapy: discount thor ded easyeasy: nevville you want to gain/loose weight, gain some muscles elaHmm ? RonsuDE: Carried Pog Kakyoinree: sup nerd lacOkay seydanator: CARRIED again PepeLaugh Cheesecoffee: elaWOW Social_Phobia111: Social_Phobia111 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Social_Phobia111 After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Social_Phobia111 PogChamp Artheno: Nerdy carrying Pog Kakyoinree: sup nerd elaOk Glenshane: Carried PepeLaugh Justepic123: GO NERDY GO NERDY IS THE BEST LET ELA REST Pog LickMyPretzel: WTF jay_nelo: best wait to gain muscle is circuit training ThatLuluTho: Yeah gear 5 price is nuts akmannen: its 70 euro here Nopileos: I wonder what the next boss will be and which one would be worse for ela and nerdy Tomowatt: monkaS Sniper shotgun GenuineLGN: even if they were the same price ho would enuinly buy gears5 over doom eternal FeelsWeirdMan Thrisper: GoW 5 monkaS I fell old FeelsBadMan VH_Attila: @Elajjaz would you play even without sponsor ? Thrisper: feel misterbudlo: @jay_nelo Not really. Muscles need rest LickMyPretzel: 70 euros is wayyyyy too fucking expensive jay_nelo: 18 minute workout; 5 exercises, 20 seconds on 15 seconds off. go through the 5 workouts, 2 min break, and repeat circuit 3 times fakeyfail: @Elajjaz if you didn’t know, any door which requires a key (like the one in the basement which you can get the submachinegun through), you can open without the key by putting your back to the door and facing downwards. Tomowatt: PepeHand Turrets Lanshii: VH_Attila he said he wanted to play anyway Hopsinka: he has dot around him Sergantuss: Gears 5 is all about Xbox. Im kinda sure thay dont care about PC that much figment_hf: Gömma sig bakom skämskudden VH_Attila: @Lanshii oki Thrisper: F alex9k: gachiBASS Bigpotatoemoths: Has he fought the burning boss yet? Leo_Fara: ElaPls jay_nelo: resting restores ATP (energy) in the muscle so you have to overcompensate with more reps to tear the muscle easyeasy: ElaPls RustleVoda: he’s the one enemy you shouldn’t use turrets on LUL ScienceSloth: ElaPls WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Tomowatt: elaFella Good! Lexsed: Knocked down Nerdy with the explosions LULW wandering_pleb: elaFella jay_nelo: I gained 18 pounds, and lost body fat after 3 weeks eremiter: good boy elaFella Onionmaster32: ricardoFlick Artheno: ricardoFlick seydanator: ricardoFlick Hopsinka: ricardoFlick WerewolfB: cmonBruh Bootch: ricardoFlick Nopileos: ricardoFlick dami_exe: ricardoFlick easyeasy: ricardoFlick figment_hf: ella is great at shooting the bad guys tyree372: ricardoFlick randomweeb69: ricardoFlick quichemeesh: ricardoFlick Thrisper: elaFella Doully92: elaK easyeasy: PABLO FELLA elaA Luuchu: elaFella silver6ird: NO FELLA IS TOO CUTE don’t touch him KaitoKidShadow: haHAA flicking is so epic Ennuigi: elaGa elaGa elaGa wandering_pleb: elaFella LickMyPretzel: Wowee ? Tomowatt: elaFella Nopileos: elaFella quichemeesh: cryPat LickMyPretzel: PepeHands Lexsed: Wowee dog Doully92: Ela FeelsPepoMan Cheesecoffee: elaFella Hopsinka: LUL AirRinAberrant: Headpats elaFella Cecilff2: PepeHands DigitalZips: elaCozy Tomowatt: elaFeels no dog ScienceSloth: elaWeird Blackbird_SR71C: Ponyo? Kappa mibutwhole: get one VaN Thrisper: OhMyDog tyree372: pet ponyo chick3nball: good job little fella *pat pat* DigitalZips: Ela IS the weird guy TeenyTinyRedhead: or does he monkaW dunerinno: elaFella Tomowatt: Pog KaitoKidShadow: pepeHands no dog Cheesecoffee: elaCozy randomweeb69: elaFella silver6ird: ela doesn’t like dogs confirmed PepeHands akmannen: No PepeLaugh Doully92: Jebaited Hopsinka: Jebaited WerewolfB: u sure? monkaW Vendetta1v: LOL Thrisper: DogFace Deam23: elaFella Tomowatt: DansGame Sunlight wandering_pleb: elaGa easyeasy: TeenyTinyRedhead imagine if it was pablo and not pepo guy with funny hat PepeHands GenuineLGN: ah, so we go froma weeb channel to a furry channel, i… am not sure about that change FeelsWeirdMan cod_x_gods: PepeLaugh Mikkmerd: elaFeels elaFella TeenyTinyRedhead: @easyeasy It would be beautiful PepeHands IndianosMexicanos: KaitoKidShadow pepeL Vendetta1v: F that. Be free Thrisper: Maral had a dog FeelsBadMan elminster316: elaOk elaFella TeenyTinyRedhead: @Mikkmerd That is so sad PepeHands RonsuDE: How much is the dog in the window? PepeHands Podriquez: Yooooo, Ela & Nerdy and chat elaH Hope you all have had a good day, a bit too anxiety filled for me unfortunately elaFeels Tomowatt: ElaPls silver6ird: arf arf PepeHands easyeasy: Podriquez allo elaISee Aquila001: Aww the fella pat is in cohhWow VH_Attila: RULL Lexsed: FOR THE QUEEN lobosRage Leo_Fara: RULL Tomowatt: elaK easyeasy: no you did not πŸ™‚ DigitalZips: RULL elaK wandering_pleb: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: Cheesecoffee: elaISee Podriquez: @easyeasy, ‘ello ‘ello pepeL HappySmile123: elaFella Expleco: MIYAZAKI monkaW VH_Attila: He ”RULL” Kapp Mikkmerd: @teenytinyredhead better that way maybe elaA elaFella Tomowatt: elaFella Dismal_Arkt: Always rull elaK always dead elaK nothing he can do there elaK Thrisper: elaOk ? easyeasy: Podriquez elaFella elaHYUG DigitalZips: the roll in this game cancels like… every animation. I’m starting to think Ela doesn’t actually rull elaHmm Hopsinka: play super safe Dismal_Arkt: Pog elaFella Dijaxtra: elaFella OMG IT’S HERE BleekStone: he rull Pepega Dismal_Arkt: Its so cuuute elaFella Aquila001: Can someone pls pat me? cohhWow Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh easyeasy: Dijaxtra YOOO man ela12 / Podriquez: @easyeasy, whaaaaat, elaFella is a new one? Pog Onionmaster32: @Aquila001 shenPat HappySmile123: @Aquila001 elaFella seydanator: elaFella @Aquila001 easyeasy: Podriquez YES elaWOW Dijaxtra: @easyeasy elaFella heyyyy TeenyTinyRedhead: @Mikkmerd Yeah he looks so happy now elaA Mikkmerd: @aquila001 elaFella elaFella DC_Infinity: Hi Ela&Chat elaHi DigitalZips: Ahh. Figured something was up, even thought maybe a flakey wireless connection (has happened to me too) Nopileos: DC_Infinity elaHi LastSecondBloomer: Blind PepeLaugh HappySmile123: DC_Infinity elaFella Vendetta1v: @Aquila001 SMACK* elaFella easyeasy: HappySmile123 matey hi elaC / Hopsinka: ela looting instead of killing enemies xD EvaNoctis: @DC_Infinity elaH HappySmile123: easyeasy elaSmile / TeenyTinyRedhead: @Podriquez I’m sorry you had a day like that pepeL Hope it’s better soon elaH EvaNoctis: *NOTICE* This just a friendly reminder for chat to remember to hydrate yourself while watching Ela’s stream. Stay hydrated, folks ~ elaChug seydanator: IKEALUL Dijaxtra: monkaW easyeasy: DC_Infinity allo ela13 / Dismal_Arkt: IKEALUL Artheno: IKEALUL Tomowatt: PepeLaugh Don’t tell DigitalZips: OYEAH! bi4rep1: PepeLaugh INC Nopileos: IKEALUL cur_ley: azaxeHug MeltyMecha: MonkaS Expleco: I RULL monkaW Doully92: LULW Vendetta1v: OOOOO Hopsinka: LUL wideeggohappy: is this your first runthrough? seydanator: LUL DC_Infinity: LULW Lexsed: LULW DigitalZips: OH YEAH elaMad KOOL-AID Dijaxtra: holy shit LULW Dismal_Arkt: OMEGALUL Tomowatt: LULW Hasp36: LULW easyeasy: EvaNoctis MAH WATER FELLA elaChug / Nopileos: LULW 藍香腸: Fisted Artheno: LULW Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN Thrisper: LULW GenuineLGN: outskilled LULW akmannen: LULW we lost Leo_Fara: PepeLaugh VH_Attila: LULW DIDNT RULL SaintNep: Kill Self PepeHands Hopsinka: reset whole area LULW Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Dijaxtra: monkaW Istog: good thing you have hp build ela Kappa Dijaxtra: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Vendetta1v: ooooooooof wideeggohappy: F Blackbird_SR71C: Just why bi4rep1: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: NotLikeThis TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeHands Dijaxtra: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW cur_ley: LULW easyeasy: so bad PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Expleco: SO MALD PEpeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: OOFAS KappatainHindsight: PepeHands FlintTheManiac: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh VH_Attila: NO RULL LULW skybeaverking: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh seydanator: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: Buy crossbow Sohei4649: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Tomowatt: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Bestorio: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh GoblnintheFridge: im longer…. RonsuDE: Not dying today elaK wideeggohappy: sniper is so op if you build crots MrRoboto_0: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: LickMyPretzel: Crossbow will fucking wreck these guys Nopileos: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Dijaxtra: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh FlintTheManiac: LUL Artheno: the exit was just around the corner @Elajjaz Istog: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Mawakute: Nerdy, help me !! FeelsWeirdMan BUT…I rull…! FeelsWeirdMan Man, nothing I could do there… FeelsWeirdMan Artheno: PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: Hairline Receding LULW LULW LULW LULW imLunchy: ricardoFlick Aquila001: Thanks for all the pats chat, love you cohhL akmannen: It actualy was πŸ™‚ wideeggohappy: tru wandering_pleb: elaFella HappySmile123: Aquila001 bonus elaFella WrestlerBot2000: Forsen|Clip No.9| VI VON RonsuDE: Mine was a forehead slap elaFella Thrisper: id like to see your wares elaThirst Dijaxtra: elaFella Podriquez: @teenytinyredhead, aww, thanks elaH I hope so too, little by little to the better Aquila001: @HappySmile123 Thank you. Bonus cohhL TeenyTinyRedhead: @Podriquez Exactly elaH elaFella Justepic123: Kapp Tomowatt: elaDM garenbush: 4HEad LickMyPretzel: FailFish HappySmile123: Aquila001 elaH 8Kisama6: rdy for first try the doungeon wandering_pleb: elaFella elaFella elaFella easyeasy: elaFella slap that 4HEad Ibonok: Rerrol the world an geht more xp an buy a better Armor Dijaxtra: elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella Cheesecoffee: elaH elaFella giant_robots: elaWut elaFella bloodymeatballz: Any good? Justepic123: elaFella wideeggohappy: the bandit set is pretty sick Thrisper: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I MISS EVERY SHOT elaOk DIE TO A SINGLE ENEMY elaOk AND NOT USE MY CONSUMABLES elaOk DaniDuck: @Elajjaz didnt know you had a pat emote elaFella Kapp blob_: dont you have to beat all bosses and areas again if you reroll the world? WrestlerBot2000: | | | Snapchat: notelajjaz | nevville: elaThirst elaFella wideeggohappy: yeah you do bloodymeatballz: Looks like a gears clone. And that’s what I want Justepic123: elaFella @Thrisper Thrisper: LUL neededbadly: @blob_ no you can reroll any time you want Jamule: @Elajjaz please explain this elaFella Ennuigi: elaFella Wolegin: when did we get a cute pet emote? elaFella fakeyfail: world settings on that crystal easyeasy: nevville elaYes elaFella no lewding here matey Istog: finally we have a touching emote elaFella elaThirst DigitalZips: the Dark Souls of Gears of War Kapp GoblnintheFridge: its destiny meets souls Nopileos: it is destiny with souls like elements I would say dvirus55: no one plays gears so its a silly comparison in the first place HappySmile123: elaFella GoblnintheFridge: not gears Doully92: FeelsPepoMan wandering_pleb: elaFella LickMyPretzel: elaFella it’s a pat Tomowatt: elaFella Good fella! chick3nball: pat? Dismal_Arkt: ElaSmash elaFella ThatLuluTho: FeelsPepoMan J0hnnyBlade: there’s no cover=not gears CMAN222008: 4HEad ElaSmash nevville: @easyeasy Sharku is lewding all day elaREE NeptuneDweller: u start from beginning and the enemies scale towards ur gear score when u reroll AlexAnderman1994: elaFella Sohei4649: 4HEad ElaSmash 8Kisama6: that reroll all the world for now but there is a patch incoming for just instast one world blob_: neededbadly yea but what actually changes? like enemies and items respawn and you can get other npcs to spawn, but what about bosses? boogeyman551: cirPat notdiri: sumSmash elaFella Vendetta1v: 4Head smash smash. 4Head smash Jamule: @Elajjaz alright I believe you elaFella dami_exe: elaFella It’s undisputably a hit pat HappySmile123: ela Pat without space=elaFella bloodymeatballz: I guess I meant the animations/cover system bi4rep1: @Elajjaz this is more like diablo with 3rd person shooter mechanics Thrisper: elaK Mikkmerd: FrankerZ elaFella Flaze_35: it’s the attack on titan of counter-strike AYAYA randomweeb69: elaFella victor_maitland: he aint messing with this build FlintTheManiac: ela wants to be petted like a cute cat girl? Uwu Nopileos: is this still the same area? blob_: neededbadly also do you still have the travel points or are they lost too? Destmand: lul Hopsinka: LUL Destmand: LUL easyeasy: nevville UωU then lewd the shit out of this little fella Justepic123: still DYING TO FIRST ENEMY LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Thrisper: LULW frvits: @blob_ yeah, all levels and bosses reset and you have to start over, but you keep your level and gear, and all enemies scale to whaterver level you’re on LukeSkywhiskers: lol Nopileos: LULW Vendetta1v: STIFF ARMED elaFella Dismal_Arkt: Ela just wanted to sneak a pat emote past us elaFella floppy_and_moist: LUL Tomowatt: πŸ™‚ Nerdy, I mrcdvr: @Elajjaz You can see on left bottom in menu how’s your gear vs world Artheno: dying on first enemy PepeLaugh Ennuigi: insane , im dying LUL blob_: frvits I see thx, that’s what I thought Tomowatt: Pog DudeMcGuyface: you have to actually hit them PepeLaugh Hopsinka: why u calling them she ? Tomowatt: monkaS Music akmannen: imaginet hinking you will beat this game before friday with this pace πŸ˜€ Nopileos: frvits the scaling is something that always ahppens if you first enter an area not just on reroll aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh nevville: @easyeasy I have your permission then πŸ™‚ Imma try to harass Sharku as much as possible tomorrow elaFella WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! Vendetta1v: Spoopy bugs Vendetta1v: OOFG Holophraser: I just hate insect enemies, uggh Tomowatt: ElaK Hopsinka: LUL miggonaut: assuming gender HotPokket Artheno: elaBlind Kjorthar: im gay. again. Vendetta1v: Clotheslined Thrisper: again? easyeasy: nevville noice elaKek Hopsinka: are u ok nerdy ? LUL Skelysia: ELA THE ZOONER LULW vexi11um: ela is always leaving nerdy in trouble HappySmile123: 30 Pog twice as much than xbox Pog ObserverWardXXL: nuke shadows to low for better fps Keepo Vendetta1v: elaKek akmannen: when do we meme? nevville: I’m off to lurk, have a cozy evening chat elaFella elaFella Tomowatt: Kappa Chat not memeing Blackbird_SR71C: gachiBASS Longer than Billy’s schlong! not1kk: they think this is long LUL Dismal_Arkt: elaFella HappySmile123: nevville elaFella easyeasy: nevville elaCozy elaFella / Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Flaze_35: PepeLaugh Bigpotatoemoths: Damn I must have missed so much in this game. I’m in the same area and only have 4 hearts bi4rep1: @Elajjaz whats the problem tho ? 1 fps can only see 30 eyes πŸ™‚ nevville: @HappySmile123 elaFella randomweeb69: @nevville elaFella pepeL ArttAtack: this shit on ps4 is 10 fps aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: bikeman calls those Mimic bugs Hopsinka: wait really ? Tomowatt: elaREE NORMIES LickMyPretzel: elaREE normies!? Thrisper: D: Flaze_35: @Bigpotatoemoths there’s one simulacrum per world at least DudeMcGuyface: LUL Hopsinka: ps4 has 10 fps here? Dismal_Arkt: Normies? elaREE nevville: @randomweeb69 elaFella such a great choice of emote Thrisper: normies out elaREE HappySmile123: beg fella elaGa Vendetta1v: BIC BOI elaWut Hsnaketwitch: Big boi elaGasm easyeasy: bi4rep1 i thought it was only 24 eyes elaHmm you know, CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE ArttAtack: majority of the time yes Dismal_Arkt: Bie elaFella Pog daaanimon: D: Tomowatt: LULW DudeMcGuyface: F aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Ennuigi: πŸ™‚ Tomowatt: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I MISS EVERY SHOT elaOk DIE TO A SINGLE ENEMY elaOk AND NOT USE MY WEAPON MODS elaOk HappySmile123: elaK Vendetta1v: DA DA DUNNNN Emzero: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: elaK Do it LickMyPretzel: 10 subs dvirus55: hours later, they will finally reach boss Hopsinka: this game is so unbalanced on some parts Blackbird_SR71C: POGGERS akmannen: lulw only 10 Thrisper: elaK garenbush: Pog TaxmanX27: PogU HappySmile123: POGGERS Lanshii: Pog ez 10 Artheno: at this pace the game maybe done on Sunday elaHmm Vendetta1v: PogU Emzero: Pog REMUSXXXL: Chag Nopileos: PogU randomweeb69: @nevville best emote elaFella ThatLuluTho: Pog Cinerus_: Easy 10 Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh oh no no no Ennuigi: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK holloWFortune: Free subs POGGERS VH_Attila: @Elajjaz are you going to play it on nightmare too ? Dokiash: Pog Suney: Pog ressa2: Chag Sohei4649: Pog NeptuneDweller: lmao Thrisper: Pog kocal123: Pog LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh nerdy throw pls Nopileos: Pog Zylband: 20 and we have a deal Tomowatt: Pog daddywojo: mememe HappySmile123: Ez subs Pog notdiri: EZ NEWFROGS PepeLaugh Berdfess: lol IcewindPedro: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: coxSteven miggonaut: going for those emote slots, i see πŸ™‚ ArttAtack: gachyHYPER Blackbird_SR71C:=>10 minutes later “DOUBLE OR NOTHING CHAT, YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!!!” Mawakute: I’m gonna get gifted. Pog Thrisper: LUL Suney: “Safe” PepeLaugh Ennuigi: he´s gonna double it elaHmm HappySmile123: Blackbird_SR71C LULW millertime1232: GIFT ME=D POLEAASAAAE\ Dismal_Arkt: New emotes soon at this pace PepeLaugh easyeasy: Blackbird_SR71C elaKek too true kayadot: lets pull out Vendetta1v: Gotta pull out YeahBoi CMAN222008: bUrself Hopsinka: how u know its lady LUL notdiri: 50 emotes incoming PepeLaugh HappySmile123: bUrself ? Tomowatt: DatSheffy elaGun Thrisper: bUrself Nopileos: at this pace this dungeon will take 30 minutes HappySmile123: !subgoal WrestlerBot2000: @HappySmile123, 4650 subpoints, 6200 points needed for next slot (T1 subs: 1 point. T2: 2 points. T3: 6 points.) VH_Attila: maybe a Mantis ? victor_maitland: “the fly” starring Jeff Goldblum boogeyman551: i thought thats mosquitos cirISee garenbush: VI VON ZULUL TaLLaHaSsii: ZULUL sviat93: VI VON ZULUL Stobbel: @millertime1232 FeelsWeirdMan Blackbird_SR71C: Pog Tomowatt: elaB ArttAtack: reeeeeeeee Dismal_Arkt: elaREE aGuyWithSpicyMemes: ZULUL BleekStone: πŸ™‚ Tomowatt: LULW DITCHED Thrisper: IKEALUL SonicatorTV: ElaPls Dismal_Arkt: Leaving Nerdy again FeelsBadMan Suney: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: “I HAVE A BIG DONG, MAN” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 100 Suney: monkaW millertime1232: @Stobbel weid feelsaa men akmannen: 10 inc Vendetta1v: NERDY BOOLID BibleThump Thrisper: F cheeseball4u: gotta use that rattleweed gun mod aGuyWithSpicyMemes: LULW Dismal_Arkt: ZULUL easyeasy: ZULUL Chaocc: why is he running away so much lol Rakadetwo: funny how nerdy gets aggro when ela is standing there not shooting Kappa tyree372: ZULUL ArttAtack: mele them to death YeahBoi Nopileos: ZULUL Vendetta1v: ELA BOOLI NOW BibleThump Tomowatt: FOR THE QUEEN AlexAnderman1994: ZULUL HappySmile123: !englando @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: englando in chat, pls FeelsBlyatMan Hopsinka: Chaocc: because they insta kill him xD Moctavius: Hi everyone pepeL GoblnintheFridge: why do the interdimensional bugs speak english bi4rep1: @Elajjaz dude with hummer sounds like zombie from re4 LUL easyeasy: Moctavius YOOO ela12 / sviat93: SHOW me da WAE, for the queen ZULUL Moctavius: easyeasy ela12 / Vendetta1v: Desacked aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Doully92: ZULUL Vendetta1v: Bs KRSpirit: ZULUL Tomowatt: ZULUL xDece: lmao TaxmanX27: ZULUL Dismal_Arkt: ZULUL Nopileos: ZULUL ZULUL GoblnintheFridge: english is the universal language of civilization VH_Attila: Typical ”Gamer girl” garenbush: ZULUL easyeasy: ZULUL 🔪 Vendetta1v: cmonBruh ArttAtack: ZULUL HarmanSmith7: cmonBruh sviat93: They say “want a kool aid”? LULW Tomowatt: RE5 πŸ™‚ Clap WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: BleekStone: cmonBruh Tomowatt: FeelsAmazingMan NORMIE DOWN aGuyWithSpicyMemes: want a kool aid? ZULUL Artheno: ela is using the weakspot set but not shooting weak spots elaHmm Tomowatt: Pog nerdy is a beast Suney: Kapp Dismal_Arkt: elaMad shoot harder elaMad Tomowatt: elaK Onionmaster32: Shoot harder 🍅 Neon_TRY: Kapp Semub: u sure? elaHmm easyeasy: Artheno he is trying his hardest elaK WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : Vendetta1v: Liek once elaK Shendolin: Streamer pls seydanator: once LUL Hevnoraak: IKEALUL Kapp perpetual_fest: once Kapp Blackbird_SR71C: “once” elaK EvaNoctis: elaREE SHOOT HARDER aGuyWithSpicyMemes: once PepeLaugh souldedeh: IKEALUL easyeasy: elaKek HarmanSmith7: Git gooder Kappa Blackbird_SR71C: IKEALUL AndyIsDead: PepeLaugh NO WEAKSPOTS Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh +10 subs soon WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Remnant: From the Ashes – Part 1 – Tomowatt: monkaW HarmanSmith7: monkaX Freddieze: i remember earlier in stream where ela was talking about how fast the progress was today LUL Suney: I AM RULL ElaClap Dijaxtra: monkaX Dismal_Arkt: Always dead elaK JouniKari: nothing he can do chat Vendetta1v: Nothing he can do elaK EvaNoctis: “There’s nothing I can do.” elaK Dijaxtra: monkaW easyeasy: elaEZ Onionmaster32: Cla Onionmaster32: Clap DC_Infinity: Pog Clap Semub: maldio Pog ArttAtack: mindhunter show is so good i finished the first episode Dijaxtra: Pog ? TeenyTinyRedhead: @ArttAtack I started watching it too elaWOW really enjoying it elaCozy Suney: VA? LULW Darkred28: Pog dunnowtw: ElaClap AndyIsDead: VA ElaClap Nopileos: Clap Tomowatt: Kappa Good run PepeLaugh Neon_TRY: Kapp aGuyWithSpicyMemes: IKEA AIM IKEALUL angryj0nes: ElaClap Darkred28: So it’s over then LUL DC_Infinity: ElaClap victor_maitland: “we got this shit” famous last words Dokiash: elaK Hevnoraak: ElaClap TessilRx: elaHi Darkred28: Pog Tomowatt: Pog Suney: ElaClap easyeasy: damn Clap Prince_Leo1: Pog d3sirio: ElaClaphe has ikea aim aka bad aim Tomowatt: elaFella angryj0nes: ElaClap pretty good akmannen: Nice dungeon first try and everything きのこり隊: good turret Dismal_Arkt: V A L U E Vendetta1v: The 10 subs bet made him lock in sngKEK Xurker: @Elajjaz nice job ela elaFella fakeyfail: this part is complete ass if you go through on your own, even on easy d3sirio: ElaClap yeah okay performance I guess Freddieze: ohh u can watch them both at once, im dumb xD Radenlol: @fakeyfail depends on your loadout Lagunaab: imagine the smell on these caves elaPuke Dismal_Arkt: ZULUL play? Artheno: without IKEALUL aim its pretty ok Freddieze: thats awesome though victor_maitland: took forsen and hob ages to get through here TheBrinern: i did it pretty easily xmlgprorpx: nah pretty ez wideeggohappy: the end PogU Fatamerikans: you just buy the 1 heals Flaze_35: it was alright. just a lot of kiting backward. aGuyWithSpicyMemes: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Xurker: @victor_maitland when they played solo? NetQvist: @Elajjaz the game does scale like crazy on coop, solo is pretty easy on normal and hard. Nightmare gets harder due to oneshots tho victor_maitland: yeah d3sirio: Champ Clap WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! Hopsinka: first try Vendetta1v: subs elaFeels xmlgprorpx: hunters mark is kinda good here because it tells where enemies are SentNoodes: gachiBASS Moctavius: VaN Clap Dismal_Arkt: No newfrogs FeelsBadMan Simply__Scott: Simply__Scott subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 21 months! Wazzup REMUSXXXL: our subs PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: @Simply__Scott After 21 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Simply__Scott elaA Datbootyisnice: the value when you finish this on solo is INSANE Xurker: hunters mark is bloodborne u silly geese πŸ™‚ Psycho_XV: Is this game worth getting? Also, Hi Ela and chat! πŸ˜€ Lagunaab: A hoonter must hoont gulshan1: hit it in gachiHYPER Artheno: its time PepeLaugh Dokiash: no subs elaFeels TessilRx: elaHYUK Tomowatt: elaHYUK LickMyPretzel: elaHYUK Dismal_Arkt: elaHYUK REMUSXXXL: elaHYUG Fugimino: FIGHT IT MAN DO IT Nopileos: elaHYUK DC_Infinity: monkaW Cinerus_: FOGGERS gulshan1: elaHYUK bi4rep1: rare boss Shendolin: Not the beast REMUSXXXL: elaHYUK * Xurker: @Psycho_XV worth it with a friend Doully92: FeelsPepoMan WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Tomowatt: elaREE NO SUBS Fugimino: First try boss easy !!! Dismal_Arkt: FeelsPepoMan DC_Infinity: gachiBASS wideeggohappy: this boss is pretty easy Lanshii: so am i gachiHYPER miggonaut: this way you will never get those emote slots LickMyPretzel: TRUE LULW Destmand: CruW ? aGuyWithSpicyMemes: shits gettin harder gachiBASS randomweeb69: FeelsPepoMan Hopsinka: LULW Lagunaab: yeah except for the swamp part Kapp Psycho_XV: @Xurker Ahh okay. Is it boring solo or just harder? AndyIsDead: NOT FALSE LULW silver6ird: FALSEN’T LULW Reddinator: TRUE LULW cedeskiva: @psycho_xv, 110% worth, solo or co-op captain_elsewhere: man i allways get paranoid when planes fly low because it sounds like a nuke went off a long way away elaS tyree372: TRUUUUU 😂 👌 ghostofdesert: is this game worth playing ? people saying it has similar playstyle like darksouls , is it true ? LickMyPretzel: forshed Hevnoraak: FeelsPepoMan Lagunaab: forsh souldedeh: FeelsPepoMan mizoreeee: captain_elsewhere monkaW mrcdvr: @Elajjaz next world scales with your upgrades, if you upgrade a lot on this one, next world will be +3 lvl harder or something like that AndyIsDead: forsenT Xurker: @Psycho_XV it seems less fun cause theres less co-operation, id look at gameplay vids and read reviews tbh, personally im waiting on a sale Suney: FeelsPepoMan Artheno: forscht iron elaGa Flaze_35: @ghostofdesert it has ds elements but dont expect literal dark souls Beard_Of_Joy: she sells AYAYA REMUSXXXL: @captain_elsewhere they’re just covering the sound πŸ™‚ cheeseball4u: this game is fun. It’s totally worth $40 cedeskiva: any game is gonna be more fun co-op ofc @psycho_xv Mavez0r: what do people call not souls like nowadays Kaspu: People call everything a souls like LULW Moctavius: Everything is Dark Souls πŸ™‚ JouniKari: well it seems like a rull simulator djinn_94: PepeLaugh darius404: I’d say the general format is similar, but there are a lot of differences. V1PMONKEY: he doesn’t know elaKek N3atou: people call anythins soulslike these days Lagunaab: it has rolls it must be a dark souls copy Kapp xlRaptoe: Talking over Nerdy PepeHands mizoreeee: ignored nerdy PepeHands Sohei4649: CurseLit bonfire like PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: Is this the dark souls of shooters? πŸ™‚ AndyIsDead: EVERYTHING IS SOULSLIKE IN 2K19 LULW Larsn2k: Every game that has dodging is called Dark Souls-like LULW boogeyman551: game is hard cirISee … thats a souls ripoff thorwRage Flaze_35: @JouniKari it’s actually easier to just sidestep or sprint out of the way in most cases. cheeseball4u: It’s a healthbar, endurance bar like game where bosses have life bars Suney: Cute Chat AYAYA ElaClap Kirage47: Ignoring him Ela? Rude! LUL captain_elsewhere: porn Mavez0r elaC ? unless its dark souls porn elaKek Dismal_Arkt: TRUE LULW silver6ird: it’s third person and has bosses, obviously it’s a souls game elaOk Psycho_XV: @Xurker Yea. I might wait till next year and get it. Already keeping cash for Code Vein and GTFO xlRaptoe: And refillable potions Lagunaab: and rolls, don’t forget rolls Xurker: uhh those existed in the 1980’s Vendetta1v: They nerfed this chicks shit talking range alex9k: So MGS3 is a Soulslike too? farHmm Xurker: @Psycho_XV gtfo? Kaspu: Terraria is the best soulslike πŸ™‚ hpbearman: Oh yes. All the rolls cur_ley: has fog gate=must be souls like PepeLaugh neededbadly: for me “souls like” absoluitely requires a penalty for death… this game doesnt have that Sohei4649: FOGGERS ? wandering_pleb: FOGGERS victor_maitland: it has the similar structure as souls.. going back to a hub to upgrade Elemental1313: yes just some elements, like a scaling world, campfire/checkpoints, healing flasks, rolling, hard bosses, fog gates… captain_elsewhere: but fog gate bosses happened ages ago elaKek mizoreeee: yea thats true thats pretty true true V1PMONKEY: bows Chag Nopileos: but the weapon progression is very bloodborne like I have to stay, few weapons you can use every weapon as long as you upgrade it 8Kisama6: it is a souls like<. its a shooter souls like not the same frvits: as long it has rolling and difficult soulslike dismal_arkt: everything that rulls is miyazakis work elaclap tyree372: b0ss pls doully92: van scotchdream: dark genre defining. almost all games have features from silver6ird: takeitboi lagunaab: exactly xlraptoe: baus pog j0mppa: elemental1313: but totally nothing lanshii: thatlulutho: gulshan1: nopileos: lmfao jounikari: ok so can you tell me stuff isnt fappymcflappy: xqcleather psycho_xv: search up. og creators of pd:th pd2 remusxxxl: chuckiegun: nicky_altosaxophoney: dc_infinity: just vendetta1v: every time use to walk by her she would say in mood talk artheno: here comes pepelaugh billyready thesunlightbro: am i only person finds this game rather easy lol raider_unkindled: monkaw what makes whole losing your exp on death zulul cinerus_: flaze_35: guys invented crossbow. coincidence hpbearman: ds2 true since lose max health when die crazybliss92: creating own character or tehog: mod aguywithspicymemes: fuck em up gachibass v1pmonkey: elaree mak1roli: played nightmare thats predator nynomastro: well there fogwalls obviously duuuh bigpotatoemoths: smorc zug enjoy them ads justschwann: warchief horde xurker: damn pd never heard dariaste: troll wutface pedobear nostraz: soomoning neededbadly: no any penalty beyond having reprogress through level boogeyman551: peped proceeding hairline receding progress stalled now we are mald ronsude: elapls wait for kirage47: best sub him won get elaok tessilrx: jebaited demon ds1 ds3 bb nioh surge maybe some others cant think idk keep hearing people super hard difficulty pretty normal imo smash his chicken legs swiftrage sciencesloth: elathirst mouf cur_ley: cute ladies ayaya elathirsty wandering_pleb: hyperclap blob_: let take care : neon_try: d: ela nerdy taking ladys lul alexanderman1994: suney: georgmaulwurf: tis wow xd miggonaut: scratch mikkmerd: sekiro oh too thrall be handsup more please sloales: gotta hit backshots mizoreeee: top head if staff guess those aren players. difficulties isn label as. insane though. kappatainhindsight: an rpg with at least nazzet: wrestlerbot2000: checkout remnant different platforms these links pc https: xbox one: ps4: seems much easier coop oof andyisdead: tomowatt: lulw boss really struggled one world sets fire because burning mechanic wonky applies definitely shouldn observerwardxxl: swapping neck heal owo big iq cirowo novamoon: how do even compare souls. loose little hairlines soul sviat93: capitaloffense23: my seeds expleco: clap looks first try champ elablind elafella bounce1987: last weak spot seemed tummy bananaken: uwu gun reloaded armor corroded zendry: roll evade must soulsbourne weapon elements though then again scaling system completly does anyone know hours wondering left dublis: behind already told elasmile randomweeb69: finally pat emote checkpoints stamina bar... sell copies thebrinern: brain flintthemaniac: owl2019wreckingball ya mad af call soulslike. haha guns. ign he succ bit weirdchamp randomweeb69 cutie detected enfeebler: tykovka123: orbitalsloth: dem shit memes was things linked weakspot . fatamerikans: sacrificed hard. lighttwi: classic streamers priority login sort streamer privilege queue times everyone else bottom elakek feelspepoman elahmm cah1221: back point n laff literally called cuphead jinxed gachihyper fellow :v: pogu darius404: rull they times. asmongold had viewers got dc yesterday. in. phantom_ink: semub: g-g-g-g-g-good nrdye timihyuga: omeglol most seem wont surprised highest popularity ones shine angryj0nes: cover pepehands gonsfx: nope lawd comin gets solo experience carry died aguywithshitmemes feel need clue should look im misleading figuring out whether want play it.... wouldnt zelda shooters... adventure rph probably gif rakadetwo: reason avoid gas ikealul chip damage rotating pepo ah okay ty wat omegadown elarull monkas agree penalties death. otherwise playing halo cod where nuke levels without real consequence. kinda discord elaop cheeseball4u: music soo good certain stance akmannen: blackbird_sr71c:>Ammo AyoFamWuddupLOL: elaHmm WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: neededbadly: @hpbearman yeah, and when people say they hate souls like games, they usually mean the game is either too hard or they dont like losing character progress… hence the important distinction Vendetta1v: monkaSHAKE Dismal_Arkt: IKEALUL ThatLuluTho: Just kill it PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: monkaW RonsuDE: pepeJAM Suney: IKEALUL V1PMONKEY: @Lagunaab ElaPls PlsEla Lagunaab: choke time aGuyWithSpicyMemes: PepeLaugh d3sirio: Early pussy heal OrbitalSloth: get him up Neon_TRY: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: IKEALUL Kirage47: IKEALUL Artheno: time for wipe at 1% PepeLaugh bag4l1fe: no balls FeelsWeirdMan TheSunlightBro: I can say aside from a few small features like checkpoints (bonfires), dragon hearts (estus) and fog gates, this game plays almost nothing like dark souls. It has a little more a feeling if the division and gears of war had a kid in terms of gameplay Xurker: is ikea aim is bad what is good aim angryj0nes: IKEALUL silver6ird: carry down PepeHands Mikkmerd: dont be scared @elajjaz elaFella neededbadly: @OrbitalSloth he cant rez, he has no dragon heart charges Lagunaab: @V1PMONKEY that one but rotating would be great LULW Dismal_Arkt: Just kill him LOOOOL 4Head frvits: just shoot the boss 4Head Doully92: Champ LickMyPretzel: EZ Neon_TRY: Pog chuckiegun: Pog Hexarift: ElaClap Prince_Leo1: PogU Lagunaab: Champ REMUSXXXL: elaEZ BergPils: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog mentalvary: Chag Clap dariaste: GG MrRoboto_0: PogChamp Dokiash: Clap raider_unkindled: elaEZ Suney: Pog NicNacNinja: Pog aGuyWithSpicyMemes: Pog DC_Infinity: Chag Clap victor_maitland: will ela dare to face undying king , now this area has been cleared? Vendetta1v: elaEZ silver6ird: Chag Artheno: actually first trie POGGERS TehOG: best mod Pog Nopileos: Chag Dismal_Arkt: ElaClap first try Fatamerikans: carrying Pog JinM0: ElaClap absolutely_not_haram: CArried πŸ™‚ TessilRx: Clap angryj0nes: ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap AlexAnderman1994: Chag tyree372: ElaClap boogeyman551: first try POGGERS RockerLord: @Elajjaz are you gonna play Dark Pictures: Man of Medan tonight? neededbadly: the weapon mod from this boss used to be super OP randomweeb69: ElaClap wandering_pleb: ElaClap neededbadly: but they nerfed it twice LOL Nopileos: ElaClap Dismal_Arkt: For the first time Ela carried PepeLaugh Doully92: elaK Dokiash: carrying Clap Robilitoow: Robilitoow subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! Ela is love, Ela is life WrestlerBot2000: @Robilitoow After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Suney: Kapp Nopileos: SUB HYPE Robilitoow Pog SerVersta: PepeLaugh DC_Infinity: elaK Istog: elaK RonsuDE: ResidentSleeper BananaKen: OK Ela PepeLAugh NicNacNinja: elaK silver6ird: elaK VanitasAgito: elaK BananaKen: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: finally carrying nerdy Chag seydanator: elaK CornishXeno: ez boss perpetual_fest: elaK Nopileos: elaK wandering_pleb: elaK DigitalZips: Peach runs incoming PepeLaugh Defahgo: SAFE ha elaK mizoreeee: since you guys started playing much saver its getting more and more intense @Elajjaz dictamnus: elaK killsjoyz: @Elajjaz if i like the souls game would i enjoy this? neededbadly: the weapon mod is still okay, but it used to be straight up broken Vendetta1v: sngSMART Suddenly 200 IQ OrbitalSloth: @TheSunlightBro since when a checkpoints and healing a dark souls thing lol captain_elsewhere: gambling addict says he’s reformed elaKek Xurker: @Elajjaz we both know that wont last, mr adrenaline akmannen: I cant wait for whats coming up chat its going to be good πŸ™‚ TessilRx: elaK OrbitalSloth: are* Artheno: this boss is much harder on solo Beard_Of_Joy: better than deformed FeelsOkayMan Nickarargwa91: It’s a souls-like. Doesnt matter that it’s a shooter. Go look at the original Rogue and tell me how similar the gameplay is to Rogue Legacy, for example Mawakute: You stopped inting, that helps. PepeLaugh garenbush: monkaW Neon_TRY: D: summer___: IKEALUL Suney: D: LickMyPretzel: monkaW Warelod: @Artheno Everything is much harder on solo WeirdChamp Thrisper: is there something coming up? monkaW Talmk: elaD EvaNoctis: elaD kingbradley24: @Elajjaz I always wonder this about streams, do you mute while talking/reading chat? RonsuDE: IKEALUL easyeasy: elaHmm ? Mikkmerd: Nice aim lol Lagunaab: testing the hitbox size ? Hasp36: IKEALUL Beard_Of_Joy: POGGERS neededbadly: should we tell him about the hidden trait you get in co-op? souldedeh: he doesnt know PepeLaugh MyxeQ: Pog ress j0mppa: PepeLaugh he doesnt know AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh zyphersmash: WutFace neededbadly: Kappa raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Vendetta1v: Production silver6ird: nerdy doesn’t know PepeLaugh crashfort: D: sprakcity: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know mizoreeee: unless he checks discord PepeLaugh DC_Infinity: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh Emzero: PepeLaugh nerdy frvits: NERDY DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Kirage47: Ignoring him and talking to chat LUL kingbradley24: thanks fam @Elajjaz also hi chat elaHi Lanshii: he is not awayre PepeLaugh easyeasy: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Artheno: @Warelod i think the boss with the 3 pylons is easier on solo because you can just kite RonsuDE: PepeLaugh Nopileos: kingbradley24 pepeL tyree372: @neededbadly WeirdChamp no TessilRx: PepeLaugh sviat93: PepeLaugh TheSunlightBro: @orbitalsloth I meant more so the way they approached the systems. You rest at a checkpoint in this game similar to a bonfire and the dragon hearts work very similarly to estus flasks REMUSXXXL: he lack critical knowledge PepeLaugh Lagunaab: @kingbradley24 elaHi Thrisper: monkaW Semub: SMOrc Clap MiddyBear: Shrek? DoktorKimm: PepeLaugh he doesnt know PepeLaugh Warelod: @Artheno Might be Vendetta1v: ricardoFlick garenbush: ricardoFlick Hevnoraak: ricardoFlick Sohei4649: ricardoFlick Pixel_hearts: ricardoFlick ? Nopileos: ricardoFlick mizoreeee: 20 bullets left ” Running low” elaHYUK wandering_pleb: ricardoFlick DC_Infinity: ricardoFlick DoktorKimm: ricardoFlick ScienceSloth: flickening LULW silver6ird: 666 monkaW Doully92: monkaW Hevnoraak: monkaS TheyStoleMySpaghetti: monkaW Lanshii: monkaW raider_unkindled: monkaW easyeasy: monkaW Sohei4649: monkaW DC_Infinity: moankW DC_Infinity: monkaW silver6ird: EL GOBLINO monkaW Nopileos: monkaW notdiri: HandsUp Semub: monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaSHAKE kingbradley24: @Nopileos @Lagunaab pepeL Lagunaab: 666 and fire damage Pog Thrisper: D: OrbitalSloth: @TheSunlightBro oh you restart at checkpoint is a dark souls thing? lmfao DoktorKimm: monkaW Jorstad: gachiHYPER alex9k: gachiHYPER TessilRx: pepeSmoke summer___: is the flickening like the fappening but instead of leaked nude pictures its leaked pictures of ricardo flicking? TheyStoleMySpaghetti: monkaW x 2 WrestlerBot2000: “She touches her vagina when she does that, that’s so sick.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 89 OrbitalSloth: thats so dumb Vendetta1v: LULW n_three: SATIN djinn_94: Gnoblins Pog Pixel_hearts: Pog 666 silver6ird: stop ela he’ll come monkaW Thrisper: oh lawd he comin DigitalZips: This area destroyed my framerate too, on a 1080Ti Aldairon: @Elajjaz open the shortcut to the checkpoint Leetrandom: is he aiming with a controller? angryj0nes: IKEALUL cosmicdischarge: Fps here sucks @Elajjaz mizoreeee: is he insane at dodgeing or just IKEALUL elaHmm bashful_sam: @Elajjaz are you going to co-op Borderlands 3 too? TheyStoleMySpaghetti: El Diablo monkaW NetQvist: @Elajjaz drop the Effects graphics setting, it seems to help some people here WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! Lanshii: Leetrandom no PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: this map reminds me of the hunt showdown easyeasy: Leetrandom no elaKek ScienceSloth: avatar the game monkaW TheSunlightBro: @orbitalsloth I’m saying resting at the checkpoints obviously has dark souls influence. Not saying dark souls invented checkpoints lmao angryj0nes: VaN silver6ird: sorry for what gachiHYPER Lagunaab: Sorry for what ? Beard_Of_Joy: sorry for what? TheyStoleMySpaghetti: sorry for what gachiBOP easyeasy: elaDM Nopileos: DigitalZips I have a 2080ti and still only had 60FPS max but I think the bottleneck was the CPU Thrisper: monkaGun tyree372: VaN TessilRx: elaHmm elaPlan OrbitalSloth: sounds exactly like that. and its what it is Vendetta1v: @bashful_sam He said no plans for Borderlands LindAkito: Ultra AA LULW Lexsed: IKEALUL PC Dismal_Arkt: 10k PC LULW Nopileos: DigitalJib something really needs a lot of CPU power Artheno: the swamp is fps killer WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: DigitalZips: @Nopileos Yeah, seems some areas are real CPU intensive in this game, and even just randomly absolutely_not_haram: autoaim bubwub: blighttown bashful_sam: @Vendetta1v oh thanks sviat93: ZULUL Kambri0: ZULUL frvits: game has a swamp are with fps drops. this is what makes it a soulslike frvits: area* Dismal_Arkt: GWA GWA ZULUL Thrisper: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: Spanking|Clip No.36| Baboya_1: No I am next πŸ™‚ Ltdboomer: Glad i can skip this area on every playthrough now since i have everything from it Nopileos: DigitalJib the beginning with the rain was also really taxing for some reason I actually lowered my settings just to up them again after the area the first time DAILOedz: Pog garenbush: IKEALUL REMUSXXXL: IKEALUL Hevnoraak: IKEALUL Lexsed: IKEALUL Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh IKEALUL Nopileos: IKEALUL Vendetta1v: OOF Suney: IKEALUL Meximus322: PepeLaugh REMUSXXXL: LULW Mindwild: I am next πŸ™‚ easyeasy: PepeLaugh seydanator: IKEALUL DC_Infinity: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Thrisper: F Bounce1987: no he didnt TheMoltenGuy: ZULUL garenbush: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh easyeasy: fucking white knight LULW sviat93: UGANDAN enemies ZULUL Vendetta1v: FOR THE QUEEN elaREE Lagunaab: so they are white knights ? Holophraser: protect the queen TheMoltenGuy: GWA GWA GWA ZULUL LickMyPretzel: elaBruv for the queen randomweeb69: PepeLaugh Kambri0: action is coming ZULUL Thrisper: no he said forsen’s queen Suney: yes Coyotezilla: elaBlind TheMoltenGuy: elaYes garenbush: elaYes TheMoltenGuy: !dead He’s dead btw there’s nothing he can do WrestlerBot2000: Yeah, probably dead elaS Thrisper: foot fetishers monkaS SirPacos: just came… @chat did he kill undying king??? πŸ˜€ AyoFamWuddupLOL: elaBruv easyeasy: Thrisper elaYes ? Nopileos: elaYes WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: victor_maitland: running towards a sniper position with no weapon!! expert AI on these enemies elaYes wandering_pleb: elaFella blob_: here we are rushing again πŸ™‚ Vendetta1v: Melted LickMyPretzel: Your damage is pretty good Warelod: 89 scrap Pog Suney: IKEALUL MyxeQ: @Elajjaz Is that big blue guy also a Zullu Warrior? victor_maitland: the blue guys are smurfs bajramgg4: IKEA SHROUD Pog Lanshii: that is some FLABBERGASTING damage if you ask me Dismal_Arkt: Everyone is ZULUL warrior DC_Infinity: ZULUL victor_maitland: quit lolly gaggin easyeasy: 5Head 19 Dismal_Arkt: LULW garenbush: LULWE Lexsed: LULW Neon_TRY: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh Expleco: VAFAN LULW Nopileos: LULW easyeasy: LULW Suney: LULW garenbush: LULW d3sirio: TARGETED LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Sohei4649: LULW DC_Infinity: ElaClap Noktis86: enclaseBoden enclaseBoden tyree372: Jebaited absolutely_not_haram: elaK Meximus322: PepeLaugh akmannen: Take out the carry WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: sviat93: 🔨 Ryuwashi: in ya face LULW SirPacos: just came… @chat did he kill undying king??? πŸ˜€ Dismal_Arkt: Nothing he can do there elaK Naaslaarum: X FabulousChancetv: hai ppl o/ ta5hkas: what hardness level it is ? DidacoWolf: elaK easyeasy: elaKek Piesito0: 🔨 Yeet sviat93: PepeLaugh 👉 🔨 KrazyShark: @ta5hkas 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7 Mawakute: @ta5hkas Extra hard. gachiHYPER Lexsed: No I am Rull πŸ™‚ MyxeQ: DOOR STUCK DOOR STUCK NautilusV2: @Elajjaz @comradenerdy looks like Nerdy needs to get a emote like this PepeLaugh 👉 cbrCarry ta5hkas: but what world level? EvaNoctis: elaD Rodriwastaken: D: WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : ta5hkas: doesnt feel like hardest Suney: D: Expleco: This in sigleplayer PepeLaugh Kevintaku: i am rull elaFella BrokenCompiler: @Elajjaz Any plans for playing Hunt:Showdown again now that it’s released? Coyotezilla: He abandoned Nerdy LuL FabulousChancetv: is the game still entertaining after few hours? Doully92: gachiHYPER Rodriwastaken: LULW GhostChimera: me too gachiHYPER Mawakute: @ta5hkas Wasn’t talking about world’s level. PepeLaugh They’re only on hard cuz they’re pussies. Kappa mizoreeee: i guess they are less enemys with less HP in singleplayer Lexsed: gachiBASS Sohei4649: monkaW Rodriwastaken: gachiHYPER Expleco: gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Nopileos: gachiHYPER CMAN222008: gachiBASS Kevintaku: gachiHYPER aaaaah Larsn2k: elaGasm DC_Infinity: gachiHYPER Hevnoraak: gachiBASS Dismal_Arkt: elaREE Suney: gahciba AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Meximus322: elaREE mizoreeee: nrdyREE easyeasy: FabulousChancetv they are still playing it so maybe elaHmm Lexsed: Pog Neon_TRY: Pog REMUSXXXL: CLOSE monkaW Suney: Pog d3sirio: Champ superlight_: Pog Nopileos: Pog thenewlimon: Pog SonicatorTV: nrdyREE Sohei4649: Pog just in time Rodriwastaken: Pog REMUSXXXL: TOO CLOSE monkaW chuckiegun: EZ Clap Kevintaku: came right on time gachiHYPER EvaNoctis: Pog KrazyShark: @nevville @easyeasy excuse me monkaW tyree372: 2 seconds left Pog ElaClap Meximus322: FeelsLagMan WrestlerBot2000: | | | Snapchat: notelajjaz | FabulousChancetv: @easyeasy yea but you knoooooooow Expleco: PogU HELPED THE CARRY victor_maitland: closer than a gnats pube away from death MyxeQ: elaGasm Dismal_Arkt: Swamps in games PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: lag Axe_Cell: I guess he held up his promise of carrying today PogU Lexsed: IKEALUL PC mizoreeee: 10K PC with Swedish bambo internet PepeLaugh easyeasy: FabulousChancetv i didn’t rly liked the game, it’s awful in solo easyeasy: KrazyShark monkaW yes? Thrisper: FeelsLagMan Suney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Bounce1987: missed item in the hut valllentine: ela blind xlRaptoe: FeelsLagMan technoxob: forged iron :/ Doully92: WOODEN PC LULW sozeka: 20k PepeLaugh FabulousChancetv: @easyeasy that’s my thoughts, its coop or nothing it seems mizoreeee: excuse me it was 20K right ? Dismal_Arkt: More than 10k? elaK ta5hkas: @Mawakute me and my friend almost done with hard level, will jump to hardest after that GentlemansPickle: what processor and gfx card is ela using? elaHmm Rodriwastaken: WOODEN PC LULW PWN3D__: 40k pc Pog seydanator: IKEALUL garenbush: IKEALUL Semub: 100k PC Pog Suney: Va ElaClap thenewlimon: C D: Rodriwastaken: IKEALUL dvirus55: no this game is easier solo. most adds die one shot lifeisgames: that enemy called the police, 999 PepeLaugh Mawakute: @ta5hkas Hope you’re doing better than ela and nerdy the carry. PepeLaugh easyeasy: FabulousChancetv the worst this in this game are boss fights, shit load of mobs and boss, good designe πŸ™‚ mizoreeee: doesnt have 10K PC but 2 5K PC´s PepeLaugh SirPacos: @FabulousChancetv I’ve beaten the game solo and it was fun (boss fights were frustrating sometime but when u get Beam rifle even bosses don’t stand a chance xD ) Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh bigdaddykeno: i have a 0.5k pc BleekStone: i have a 0.05k pv DC_Infinity: Rulls? garenbush: IRL ricardoFlick Doully92: ZULUL Crash484: Yes Beam Rifle FTW. AkumaFtw: da queen easyeasy: SirPacos game might be fun but not rly for me :/ FabulousChancetv: aye got you ppl thanks for your feedbacks! bi4rep1: @Elajjaz hes probably talking about iskal (queen) mizoreeee: Do you know the way to the queen ? kingbradley24: are these guys just incredible tanks or are ela’s weapons shit? 4Head WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: rihoto: @Elajjaz u can upgrade ur dragon heart ta5hkas: @Mawakute knowing we there stuck on this level boss for like 3 hours. feeling liek to want to see it mystickingfisher: SMOrc ula quee easyeasy: mizoreeee do you know da wae elaGa ? BleekStone: this game feels repetitive MyxeQ: ZULU QUEEN! Xurker: da queen 🦔 mizoreeee: he didnt get the dead meme PepeHands mizoreeee: easyeasy you got it tho ela12 SirPacos: @easyeasy yea, I can see that… I myself didn’t really liked first time playing witcher even though most people like it (didn’t play 3rd game though) tyree372: SMOrc Groundwalker cur_ley: For the queen is a gears reference Astroft123: not really bleek. if u play co op is fine but solo a bit boring Xurker: @SirPacos try 3 lol its fantastic easyeasy: SirPacos tbh, first witcher is my fav elaKek Expleco: Its just chat PepeLaugh Nopileos: Expleco elaHYUG miggonaut: cqc sniper πŸ™‚ garenbush: IKEALUL Meximus322: IKEALUL Romanspring: @Elajjaz which difficult? Dismal_Arkt: Geralt in the first witcher is PepeLaugh cosmicdischarge: Btw give the heart to the Queen @Elajjaz Mawakute: @ta5hkas Looking forward to it then. PepeLaugh Suney: IKEALUL CMAN222008: gachiBASS victor_maitland: his ballsack? AlexAnderman1994: gachiBASS Xurker: yours isnt? darius404: Sack’s his weak point monkaS vulpitt: gachiBASS DC_Infinity: gachiBOP KaitoKidShadow: !weather Nopileos: gachiBASS mizoreeee: Romanspring Hard Meximus322: PepeLaugh Suney: 5Head Dismal_Arkt: OMEGALUL Doully92: LULW garenbush: LULW DkatoNaB: Pog DC_Infinity: PepeLaugh easyeasy: LULW akmannen: LULW MyxeQ: @Elajjaz Well YOUR Sack is your weekpoint @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: The remote server returned status code 408 Request Timeout Rodriwastaken: LULW Suney: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: elaD Nopileos: LULW Axe_Cell: PepeLaugh danteComan: OMEGALUL H silver6ird: D: KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh darius404: Pog Romanspring: @mizoreeee thx larxaHype good choice silver6ird: CARRIED Chag DigitalZips: Carried PepeHands mystickingfisher: spanked humans Dismal_Arkt: 5Head ascended Booooooooooth: Booooooooooth subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! Oi! KaitoKidShadow: !followage Nopileos: SUB HYPE Booooooooooth POGGERS WrestlerBot2000: @Booooooooooth Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @KaitoKidShadow, kaitokidshadow has been following elajjaz for 1 year 9 months 20 days 1 hour SirPacos: @Xurker I tried playing first and go through all games for the lore but couldn’t get even the first one finished πŸ˜€ it was kinda repetitive with Q unlock area and Q and unlock area πŸ˜€ KaitoKidShadow: lul Hevnoraak: IKEALUL Meximus322: PepeLaugh vulpitt: IKEALUL silver6ird: IKEALUL Doully92: IKEALUL Nopileos: IKEALUL Suney: LULW IKEALUL MeltyMecha: smacked up by that fella Rodriwastaken: IKEALUL mizoreeee: IKEALUL easyeasy: yes u are IKEALUL AkumaFtw: super IKEA PogChamp randomweeb69: IKEALUL Calypsia: difficulty? Xurker: @SirPacos honestly id try 3 or 2 first, 1 is too old and didnt age very well gameplay wise karsinintaksisi: karsinintaksisi subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! WrestlerBot2000: @karsinintaksisi If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE karsinintaksisi Pog KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER HARD Xurker: VERY HARD 🦍 👍 Lanshii: gachiHYPER 🎐 FrizzleXD: man fuck hard mode FeelsBadMan can’t kill ent lmao andrehunter1: @Elajjaz whats your honest opinion of this game? silver6ird: UHH gachiHYPER karsinintaksisi: oh cmon you gotta try to say my name! SirPacos: @Xurker or maybe try books and then 3rd game? summer___: Calypsia you can see this if you look at the skull under his minimap, bronze=normal, silver=hard, gold=nightmare karsinintaksisi: that’s why I sub… mostly. Xurker: @SirPacos if youre a reader then absolutely, thatll give you the best lore silver6ird: is that a botfly DansGame easyeasy: SirPacos first witcher has pepega gameplay but story is 10/10, second is quen spam fiesta and third is a little bit of both, you still spam quen (this shild skll if you don’t remember) but combat is much better Kirbachev: wat Vendetta1v: Jebaited SirPacos: @Xurker yea, and I think friend has all the books at home πŸ˜€ KaitoKidShadow: easyeasy elaOk / eyyyyyyy bruv WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! mizoreeee: elaD Vendetta1v: elaD Suney: D: Rodriwastaken: D: BleekStone: D: Nopileos: elaD crashfort: D: easyeasy: KaitoKidShadow i thought i said hi monkaW YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO elaFella elaOk / Xurker: @SirPacos yeh do that, itll also make you more invested in the games once you play them Lanshii: gasps StoshaGovnozad: @Elajjaz You came from up JoJoestarXD: AYAYA Clap hello chat AYAYA Clap Kirbachev: Chat has a lot of D going on Nopileos: JoJoestarXD pepeL Kirbachev: KappaPride akmannen: I was about to say action is coming πŸ™‚ KaitoKidShadow: easyeasy maybe you did, but i didnt! Suney: JoJoestarXD Hey Cutie AYAYA easyeasy: KaitoKidShadow maybe elaHmm im not sure elaKek Dismal_Arkt: elaGa KaitoKidShadow: elaKek Rodriwastaken: OMEGALUL Warelod: I saw cuties in chat AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: easyeasy: Warelod cuties ÒωÓ? mak1roli: 2000 dmg??? Rodriwastaken: Pog who is this guy? Mawakute: uwù Warelod: @easyeasy Yes AYAYA Kakyoinree: @JoJoestarXD elaWOW tyree372: ikea shroud Pog mizoreeee: elaWeird 👉 🚪 Cuties out victor_maitland: mo money , mo problems babulescu546: Hes a dark souls veteran Pog V1PMONKEY: did i hear lewd? elaThirst Kakyoinree: @mizoreeee elaB KaitoKidShadow: FeelsLagMan corepercentlives: Ikea closed, this like nice looking star bucks Olate: gachiBASS protoray: nothing except loot? cmonBrother easyeasy: mizoreeee nepSmug itns’t cute, it’s annoying cut emote, no cuties here sir MaN Doully92: ANYWAYS PepeHands Suney: PepeHands anyways rihoto: @Elajjaz crit dmg prob? chuckiegun: VaN DigitalZips: PepeLaugh SirPacos: @Elajjaz proc chance for burn and other elemental shit πŸ˜€ thenewlimon: gachiBASS ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh prove it tyree372: PepeLaugh Xcell94: what difficulty is this? WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Remnant: From the Ashes – Part 1 – Kakyoinree: sure elaK tyree372: hahaha PepeLaugh DC_Infinity: gachiBASS REMUSXXXL: prove it PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh Merkon_X: I remember this level in Resident Evil 5 victor_maitland: a huge village aka a town Dismal_Arkt: Please do it PepeLaugh mizoreeee: easyeasy only manly MaN here miggonaut: +0.75% chance that nothing procs 🙃 Felinestep: wait, they didn’t kill the king yesterday? LULW tyree372: no TheBrinern: proc chance is crits too mrfailatlife: hard @Xcell94 neededbadly: proc chance is not crits, thats crit chance REMUSXXXL: elaK easyeasy: mizoreeee if only manly MaN here then where the flippin fuck is SPIKE? neededbadly: but proc chance does affect devouring loop corepercentlives: yeah at this point it’s no challange at all – is it possible to delevel PepeLaugh DC_Infinity: Proc chance is 50/50 fumaczi: so 5% crit ring that do 300% damage can be 25% mizoreeee: easyeasy he was here earlyer MaN Semub: press X to read info Nopileos: no proc chance is not crits, it is stuff like hotshot Caterasan: @Elajjaz it effects anything that has a chance to trigger easyeasy: mizoreeee good VaN jpoe1995: king has a minimum baseline of +15 regardless of your gear akmannen: nerdy is master looter kingbradley24: ela is a leftwing extremist confirmed neededbadly: proc chance is stuff like hot shot, devouring loop, etc. Nopileos: fumaczi only 20% NeptuneDweller: devouring loop with high crit and proc chance is insaneeee Kakyoinree: cmonBruh Kakyoinree: why white link066: link066 subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @link066 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE link066 POGGERS fumaczi: @Nopileos isnt it 20+5 from ring? easyeasy: mizoreeee we still have a chance to destroy cuties from the inside MaN Jamule: bot bait inc SirPacos: I’ve been fighting with Undying King for like 5 hours with sniper and then killed him in like 4 tries when I switched to Beam Rifle xD Nopileos: fumaczi 15 from trait thenewlimon: ZULUL Kakyoinree: ZULUL JoJoestarXD: ZULUL NeuromancerDel: ZULUL easyeasy: ZULUL Nopileos: ZULUL Rodriwastaken: ZULUL Bounce1987: go to see the king @Elajjaz Kakyoinree: GWA GWA ZULUL mizoreeee: easyeasy if they show themself they will suffer MaN victor_maitland: in before they sign up to a no upgrades / nightmare run Jamule: chat MrDestructoid kingbradley24: @Elajjaz what’s all the medic symbols beneath nerdy’s HP bar KaitoKidShadow: Pog Grantelmann: today the evil within ? Elajjaz tito3211: @Elajjaz will you play EVIL WITHIN today ? notdiri: LULW bigdaddykeno: @Elajjaz evil within later? silver6ird: arf arf seydanator: elaFella bark bark atomicdestruction: I am a doggie OhMyDog Semub: elaFella mak1roli: This game is a better Evil within randomweeb69: elaFella Miku_no_Ryushon: elaFella JinM0: elaFella urnightolf: Remnant From the Asses gachiGASM Nopileos: elaFella AirRinAberrant: AYAYA Headpats elaFella Skelysia: that song is actually really damn cool Jamule: elaFella AkumaFtw: cantaPat AlexAnderman1994: elaFella Miku_no_Ryushon: elaFella elaFella silver6ird: elaFeels REMUSXXXL: elaFella pekkaatte: @Elajjaz are you going to play evil with in today? dream_the_cast: elaFella AkumaFtw: elaFella Nazzet: bingPat Grantelmann: did something die for elaFella ??? wandering_pleb: elaFella silver6ird: elaFella kingbradley24: thanks nerdy elaH Nopileos: elaFella elaFella KaitoKidShadow: im gonna be real i dont care for the pat WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: KaitoKidShadow: but yall do you akmannen: PepeLaugh Lanshii: Grantelmann yeehaw died Dismal_Arkt: @Grantelmann elaYEEHAW PepeHands akmannen: There is alot more tito3211: elaFella elaFella elaFella KaitoKidShadow: Dismal_Arkt nothing of value lost REMUSXXXL: @Elajjaz will you play blasphemous demo? Shendolin: not even last area ScotchDream: @Elajjaz new horror game now? Bakurretsu: @Elajjaz Yoo Ela, when will you play DarQ? Nazzet: bingPat Sarge 2019-2019 randomweeb69: elaYEEHAW is in a better place now along with the Sarge PepeHands TheDiotone: Pog Evil Within milfhunter_1992: FeelsWeirdMan ->elaFella Kakyoinree: Evil within Pog Grantelmann: Lanshii Dismal_Arkt well its pretty much a gachiGASM so its alright i still miss elaPablo elafeels Bakurretsu: Oh FeelsBadMan Grantelmann: elaFeels * tyree372: we love it do it more and you got alot left abto6ycc: Swarm mod comes with rapid fire bug Lynx_67: Is it sponsored content? kingbradley24: he meant he has no plans as in he doesnt know when he’s playing it chat, relax! Thrisper: elaGiggle easyeasy: imagine not haveing ahegao or OwO emote but having goddamn pat emote called FELLA FeelsWeirdMan Doully92: YES IT IS LULW KaitoKidShadow: yes it is Dismal_Arkt: elaK elaFella Meximus322: elaFella Lanshii: stop pretending ela FeelsWeirdMan Rodriwastaken: Kapp Suney: Kapp dunnowtw: YES IT IS LULW easyeasy: and this is not a dab elaSneeze elaK Thrisper: elaGibe PepeHands valllentine: it is a pat emote Lanshii: nemz was right FeelsWeirdMan ta_no_kami: how is this not a pat emote? SerVersta: What’s wrong with pat? J0hnnyBlade: dab on the haters elaSneeze Dusty_Degenerate: cirPat elaFella mrfailatlife: elaKek easyeasy kingbradley24: wth, what’s it supposed to be then? KappatainHindsight: What is it then? @Elajjaz NovaMoon: ofc elaFella is a pat emote. what else Flaze_35: AYAYA cute pats REMUSXXXL: it’s forehead slap plebs elaWeird Malefieus: @Elajjaz Man of Medan tomorrow or this weekend? equinoxx397: Devastator is so good with bandit armour LUL astherlu: elaFella cheeseball4u: Swarm is VERY GOOOD Nazzet: bingPat woopsPat atomicdestruction: elaSneeze elaK elaFella Type4J: How isn’t it a pat emote? elaWeird 8Kisama6: swarm is amazing dude Kransu: cirPat elaFella JinM0: swarn is Pog kratosmuscle: best mod TehOG: swarm is insane DigitalZips: Swarm is honestly good SirPacos: underground dungeons in this world were the most cancerous in whole game for me πŸ˜€ waiting for u to get there @Elajjaz 8Kisama6: prolly the best TheSpicyBooger: swarm is good randomweeb69: elaFella is a pat Meximus322: dabbin elaSneezeon the patters elaFella KaitoKidShadow: swarm is super bad mak1roli: Imagine imagining in 2019 FeelsWeirdMan Suney: Flaze_35 Cutie detected AYAYA hpbearman: elaFella Jamule: elaSneeze elaChug elaFella Thrisper: elaMad 🔪 Meximus322: elaSneeze * rihoto: @Elajjaz this shit reduced armor so more dmg LickMyPretzel: elaFella is a pat emote just like elaChug is a fortnite emote Lynx_67: Warm is one of the best mod if you put lots of points into Mod damage increase cheeseball4u: swarm looks underwhelming Try it KappatainHindsight: elaFella is 100% a pat justcallmecharles: i does kinda look like it should be called ElaGoodboy tbh tmdollas: Swarm is really good abto6ycc: hold f with this mod and spam lmb IlluZhion: swarm is like 3rd best mod in game @elajjaz equinoxx397: Swarm is actually really really good WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: easyeasy: Type4J his thinking it “It’s a fella emote cuz it’s a good fella, also he is geting smacked this hand on his 4head πŸ™‚ ” perry_1903: Hey fellas elaFella NeuromancerDel: JustDoIt MsBlackDahlia: Elajjaz pat me and tell me i am a good girl elaFella hpbearman: elaFella elaFella elaFella randomweeb69: @perry_1903 elaFella KappatainHindsight: hey fellas, a pat for you all elaFella Thrisper: elaFella @perry_1903 TehOG: swarm is aoe damage that will follow you around and auto kill stuff for 20 seconds Aytum: what ability is on the sniper? seydanator: @perry_1903 elaFella easyeasy: MsBlackDahlia YOOOOO PabloPls / Nucleoprotein: elaFeels FlintTheManiac: why do we have now a pat emote? does ela want some pats? elaFella equinoxx397: rooPat TyrantZedd: perry_1903 elaFella Lanshii: using phone on stream FeelsWeirdMan akmannen: I believe that you and nerdy will one shot the upcoming boss πŸ™‚ KaitoKidShadow: pat my nep ass nepSmug Nucleoprotein: elaFella * milfhunter_1992: @MsBlackDahlia WeirdChamp Raftelle: elaFella kratosmuscle: with swarm you can bully enemies LUL Meximus322: elaFella TyrantZedd: KaitoKidShadow nepSmug elaFella perry_1903: randomweeb69 Thrisper seydanator TyrantZedd pats for everyone elaFella boogeyman551: pat the rock cirPat MsBlackDahlia: easyeasy yooooooooo PabloPls / Jamule: elaFella easyeasy: KaitoKidShadow any fucking tiem man nepSmug MaN Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark pat the shark elaFella WrestlerBot2000: “I never died to Pinwheel.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 30 Ekoorb03: elaFella I like it. Thrisper: Isnt elaFella sexist? elaHmm Dismal_Arkt: HotPokket DigitalZips: elaFella good doggie Jamule: HotPokket easyeasy: Thrisper elaThirst elaFella now it is DC_Infinity: VaN Thrisper: ela13 boogeyman551: FOGGERS thenewlimon: PepeLaugh tyree372: its time PepeLaugh StoobieGacks: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh trenchrot: this dungeon is pretty hard KappatainHindsight: elaFella=ela_Pat (no space) d3sirio: FOGGERS Shendolin: The Beast Pog Nucleoprotein: hot keybar? elaHmm AirRinAberrant: I love me some headpats elaFella AYAYA Dusty_Degenerate: elaPat redlems: that boss like in DS: no trash mobs and you need to learn animations if you solo. TakeNRG Tarxis: Tarxis subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 35 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Tarxis After 35 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM mizoreeee: elaFella looks like he has a Dildo on his 4head MsBlackDahlia: Elajjaz pat me and tell me i am a good girl elaFella elaCozy REMUSXXXL: he lacks critical knowledge PepeLaugh Nopileos: SUB HYPE Tarxis elaA tyree372: yeeee haw KKona DaniDuck: PepeLaugh justcallmecharles: guys you’ve all been great tonight, and have been well behaved. Have a pat elaFella Bigpotatoemoths: This boss was really fun Jamule: elaFella WOW IT WORKS Axe_Cell: Oh no j0mppa: monkaGun summer___: the most cancer boss SirPacos: @trenchrot this dung was the worst for me Raftelle: I like to pet the rabbits elaGa elaFella easyeasy: mizoreeee elaKek how LickMyPretzel: hentai Axe_Cell: This one is as bad as king BergPils: PepeLaugh Suney: monkaW perry_1903: Tentacles elaYA tyree372: tentacles AYAYA Bakurretsu: Oh no no no PepeLaugh GaoissimoGao: Buggo boy Caterasan: How many times do you think he’ll die to gravity chat valllentine: hentai? AlexAnderman1994: AlienPls Dusty_Degenerate: elaFella Dismal_Arkt: bUrself Flaze_35: PepeLaugh Thrisper: @MsBlackDahlia pepeL DigitalZips: oh fuck yes, this boss DC_Infinity: AYAYA Saithiria: ahh this boss LUL technoxob: CUTE :O seydanator: AYAYA Podriquez: bUrself fumaczi: he dosnt know d3sirio: Cute queen AYAYA FrizzleXD: let’s see if he gets the axe Kappa Expleco: monnkaW MsBlackDahlia: Thrisper elaWOW hi pepeL Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Suney: AYAYA Nazzet: @Caterasan PepeLaugh TheBrinern: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: easyeasy idk just my fantasie i guess LUL Ibonok: crit trait incoming Expleco: monkaW J0hnnyBlade: bUrself DaniDuck: Ixillis AYAYA Aytum: PepeLaugh REMUSXXXL: that’s a big dress elaSmile dream_the_cast: moonlight butterfly Nopileos: waited all day long for this, hope ela doesn’t disappoint me Lanshii: IKEALUL kajindesktop: this gonna be fun perrito_scottex: monkaW butterfly easyeasy: mizoreeee MAH MaN ! cur_ley: just Pat the boss to death Ela Dismal_Arkt: The IKEALUL is real WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: perry_1903: elaThirst DigitalZips: no backseating, chat elaB JustSchwann: ahh yeah the hollow knight boss trenchrot: so much dmg Kappa Cecilff2: elaThirst miggonaut: this boss reminds me of hollow knight 🤔 summer___: elaThirst LickMyPretzel: upskirt? elaC Axe_Cell: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz the tip of the horn DC_Infinity: gachiBASS Nucleoprotein: its not bug PunOko @ComradeNerdy it’s a feature elaA Diephoon: this boss is ass easyeasy: elaThirst KappatainHindsight: LULW atomicdestruction: elaC tyree372: up skirt AYAYA captain_elsewhere: dont kill me chat elaThirst elaFella “come here my child, the staff of god needs polishing” Caterasan: @Nopileos Might be here for awhile Deli_Ninja: It’s the Girl from Hollow Knight PogChamp Brodama: don’t tell him PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: Anttena? akmannen: LULW Lanshii: captain_elsewhere FeelsWeirdMan TheMasterToaster: LULW Doully92: gachiHYPER j0mppa: gachiHYPER Hevnoraak: gachiBASS Blackbird_SR71C: gachiHYPER Ringguni: moonlight aliensorcerer TyrantZedd: elaThirst BroqRox: HE dosent know PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: LULW 7oxicshadow: buterfly boss from dark souls? LickMyPretzel: her? pFPhoenix: i love this boss. wiped about 30 times with my friend Aytum: LUL Rodriwastaken: LULW SerVersta: PepeLaugh Raftelle: YeahBoi Brodama: that was me gachiBASS Nopileos: LULW Dusty_Degenerate: cirGasm Sohei4649: gachiBASS Dismal_Arkt: elaThirsty AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER trenchrot: gachiGASM Nopileos: Caterasan this is what I hope for elaKek easyeasy: captain_elsewhere B-BUT IT’S HUGE elaFella Aldairon: waiting for the gachiHYPER Dismal_Arkt: elaThirst captain_elsewhere: im sorry i had to do it PepeHands Lanshii Brodama: RULL Flaze_35: PepeLaugh BergPils: he knows PepeLaugh Felinestep: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh don’t look behind you PepeLaugh Expleco: LULW perry_1903: ElaClap MIYAZAKI Doully92: PepeLaugh DigitalZips: PepeLaugh Caterasan: @Nopileos this fight is harder in coop IMO Cecilff2: PepeLaugh Suney: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh j0mppa: PepeLaugh oh no no KappatainHindsight: PepeLaugh REMUSXXXL: PepeLaugh Thrisper: Ixillis XV=Moonlight Butterfly elaHmm Aldairon: he now knows Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: 4 Kings Pog Axe_Cell: PepeLaugh seydanator: PepeLaugh Hevnoraak: LUL Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh oh no no no Brodama: PepeLaugh Clap corepercentlives: you saw or wanted to see πŸ™‚ DigitalZips: but wait, it gets better ThatLuluTho: Baby Ixillis AYAYA Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh MrIzvrashenec : death Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Doully92: LULW Felinestep: LULW TheMasterToaster: LULW f d3sirio: OMEGADOWN Deli_Ninja: LUL pFPhoenix: Pepe mizoreeee: LULW Brodama: OMEGALUL Hevnoraak: PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: LULW easyeasy: elaKek Podriquez: LULW Expleco: MIYAZAKI CAN’T HELP YOU NOW PepeLaugh TaxmanX27: LULW REMUSXXXL: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW Nazzet: dizzyREEE notdiri: 4 Moolight Butterflies LULW GaoissimoGao: She screm Cecilff2: elaREE DigitalZips: PepeLaugh technoxob: LUL perry_1903: LULW miggonaut: another one atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN Kransu: LULW Flaze_35: PepeLaugh Clap Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN Aytum: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: XVII incoming PepeLaugh Beard_Of_Joy: PepeLaugh ta5hkas: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ pekkaatte: this is the boss where forsen died like 100 times PepeLaugh DC_Infinity: PepeLaugh JoJoestarXD: OMEGALUL Nopileos: PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: LULW scorp29_and_abyss: LULW Dismal_Arkt: WAT DE FUK ZULUL angryj0nes: LULW Thrisper: LULW Bounce1987: its moonlight 4kings POG Piesito0: They go weak yes Shmoop1: Hi Ela and chat elaH pepeL how are my precious nerds doing today? BroqRox: OMEGADOWN solotravel: normal? hard mode? akmannen: That was just a warmup now its the real first try #letsgoteam Brodama: EZ PixelBob Pixel_hearts: elaREE easyeasy: Shmoop1 allo alo ela12 / perry_1903: Shmoop1 elaH elaFella Axe_Cell: Vod friends skip 3 hours PepeLaugh milfhunter_1992: gargoyle boss from dark souls LULW rihoto: @Elajjaz try swarm PepeHands corepercentlives: weak spot=Ela MingLee ThatLuluTho: rooBlind Nopileos: Caterasan really? only played it in coop and there is so much going on, is it less stuff in solo? FlintTheManiac: you need to shoot the boss πŸ™‚ SerVersta: PepeLaugh Felinestep: don’t tell him PepeLaugh wevie1: elaBlind Suney: PepeLaugh cheeseball4u: You have to kill them before you die easyeasy: DO THIS THING ELAJJAZ elaREE JinM0: kill the bosses ez astherlu: do that thing Shendolin: spam the advice away V1PMONKEY: @Shmoop1 elaFella scorp29_and_abyss: don’t die PepeLaugh DigitalZips: just shoot the weak spot for massive damage 4HEad Cheapcat: shot them with your guns πŸ™‚ KappatainHindsight: Just don’t get hit, kill boss and win 4Shrug AirRinAberrant: There there Ela, have some headpats to feel batter about your failure elaFella elaFella Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh JoJoestarXD: just shot them Pepega Nazzet: ricardoFlick the spoilers away REMUSXXXL: you need to pat them πŸ™‚ Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh BroqRox: skip 2 hours VOD squad PepeLaugh pauollo: You need to kill the boss @Elajjaz elaK randomweeb69: @shmoop1 pepeL TaxmanX27: ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM perry_1903: OMEGLOL BleekStone: spam the advice away FlintTheManiac: LUL Simon_iO: LULW TheMasterToaster: LULW Clap Sohei4649: OMEGALUL easyeasy: LULW good job Hevnoraak: PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN tyree372: you will figure it out on yuuz owwns atomicdestruction: oddoneRIP Nazzet: ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick Aytum: spoiling bosses FeelsWeirdMan REMUSXXXL: OMEGADOWN Brodama: PepeLaugh oh no no no no no BleekStone: ZULUL Shinobi_mx: lol Suney: LULW Shmoop1: @easyeasy @perry_1903 @V1PMONKEY @randomweeb69 elaFella KappatainHindsight: And don’t fall down LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird wh-wa-wha angryj0nes: LULW Sohei4649: PepeLaugh 👇 Thrisper: F Napalm_NP: dont shoot at all, maybe they will just go away Emzero: OMEGADOWN FlintTheManiac: ela here is a good tip πŸ™‚ dont die and deal damage πŸ™‚ Nopileos: LULW trenchrot: shoot them and dodge their attacks (big spoilers) SparkLynKitten: ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM ANTI ADVICE SPAM NaM technoxob: Cute Qeen 2 : 0 Felinestep: Forsan died like 30 times here PepeLaugh only from falling LULW IlluZhion: ntnt solotravel: are they on nightmare mode? or hard? Flaze_35: PepeLaugh 👈 tyree372: emote only on boss fights Kapp Xurker: @SparkLynKitten nice youre really helping πŸ™‚ Aytum: hard Calypsia: hard Brodama: any weebs? AYAYA Clap solotravel: k thanks BroqRox: they didnt beat the undiying king, you think they can do this one elaKek Bounce1987: @solotravel hard Jamule: try aiming πŸ™‚ Nazzet: woopsAYAYA summer___: solotravel you can see that by the silver skull under the minimap Aytum: shouldn’t be too bad on hard milfhunter_1992: OMEGALUL Flaze_35: weebs rise up AYAYA SparkLynKitten: @Xurker πŸ™‚ Kadrag: OMEGARULL Bholorak: AYAYA Clap randomweeb69: AYAYA Clap tyree372: @solotravel hard Calypsia: shoot harder Kappa seydanator: @Brodama AYAYA Clap MrWangers: @Brodama WeirdChamp pkeykey: i feel they will die a lot here quinE milfhunter_1992: pedophiles in chat WeirdChamp solotravel: @summer___ ohh.. gotcha Frosted15: elaK KaitoKidShadow: pat nepSmug ela1 ela2 nepSmug my KaitoKidShadow: nep nepSmug ela3 ela4 nepSmug ass FabulousChancetv: went away 2min and this is already the 3rd attempt? x) Nopileos: Clap easyeasy: milfhunter_1992 you mean Sharku elaC ? ThatLuluTho: ElaClap randomweeb69: Clap mysweatyth1ghsss: It should be pretty easy AlexAnderman1994: elaFella Dismal_Arkt: ElaClap Jamule: MrDestructoid Clap Nopileos: ElaClap Bakurretsu: ElaClap easyeasy: KaitoKidShadow elaFella pat pat KaitoKidShadow: nepSmug tilionm: AYAYA Clap randomweeb69: ElaClap sauceleawesome: Moonlight butterfly Kappa victor_maitland: never thought I would hear “upskirt” mentioned on this stream NoodLeWrencher: monkaTOS careful about heated gaming moments on the bridge Nazzet: FBBlock bldfBUTT nepSmug Brodama: @milfhunter_1992 it’s ok i’m a 2000 year old alien AYAYA Clap BroqRox: DED seydanator: @KaitoKidShadow elaFella good job Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: ty ty Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz To defeat this boss, you need to work together to reduce its health pool to zero while your own health pool remains above zero!!! GaoissimoGao: She screm again sauceleawesome: no 3rd person? Shmoop1: JustDoIt TheGuyOnAcid: if you kill them at the same time you get a axe @Elajjaz Doully92: ADVICE FRIENDS haHAA summer___: I JUST NOTICED Swedish streamer on a bridge monkaTOS monkaSHAKE Nazzet: Vod friends how are you PepeLaugh Derbaumdeskeksez: on which difficulty is he playing? Xurker: @sauceleawesome ??? REMUSXXXL: he’s learning monkaW easyeasy: summer___ o shit monkaW WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord it’s open for everyone! Axe_Cell: This will be an all nighter boys PepeLaugh technoxob: Queen 3 : 0 already perry_1903: Doully92 3Head / boogeyman551: cirCola KaitoKidShadow: summer___ monkaS sauceleawesome: as in player @Xurker Calypsia: @TheGuyOnAcid DanGame don’t Dismal_Arkt: @summer___ monkaSHAKE akmannen: I believe in our streamer friends πŸ™‚ Doully92: @perry_1903 elaBruv / DoktorKimm: reformed strimmer Pog Rodriwastaken: monkaW Xurker: @sauceleawesome oh thought u meant perspective lol DerEismann666: how much is this game? sauceleawesome: £30 MattDawg08: elaHi Piesito0: @Blackbird_SR71C just click on him until it stops moving LUL summer___: DerEismann666 40€ milfhunter_1992: @easyeasy Well I dont see his messages because of some special reasons FeelsWeirdMan Bounce1987: 40 € on steam in germany @DerEismann666 KatZina: ima aelectric grill, me and my grill girldfriend wants to play with you Blackbird_SR71C: @Piesito0 Pog Are you a pro gamer?! WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: pkeykey: 40 bucks quinE Nazzet: @Bounce1987 woopsD easyeasy: milfhunter_1992 LULW milfhunter_1992: @Brodama Well then its okay…I guess elaWeird Dismal_Arkt: elaREE NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh cur_ley: imagine dying to moonlight butterfly PepeLaugh JinM0: he doesnt know trenchrot: sniper rifle so garb easyeasy: milfhunter_1992 saying a person with Milfhunter as a nickname, but i guess it’s better than having a Furry name πŸ™‚ Nazzet: PepeLaugh Flaze_35: PepeLaugh perry_1903: PepeLaugh BroqRox: @Elajjaz ammo boxes are a must Nopileos: PepeLaugh akmannen: Yeah πŸ™‚ Irocam: kill self PepeHands seydanator: ja astherlu: yeah Aytum: PepeLaugh Piesito0: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah mrfailatlife: pepela Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh zuryci: ElaClap angryj0nes: to low lv here Jamule: ja Gwektro: ammo OMEGALUL mrfailatlife: PepeLaugh * hedge33: moonlight butterfly Xurker: @KatZina nice thats hot πŸ™‚ Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh perry_1903: LULW Bakurretsu: LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh nymnCorn now we chill and watch the malding commence, you can see a bush of hair just dropping to the ground everytime he dies d3sirio: PepeLaugh sauceleawesome: @Elajjaz you can start the fight by shooting the second boss to do a bit more damage to it at the start of the fight, but it’ll wake up ZeeylTV: LUL scorp29_and_abyss: LULW technoxob: 4 : 0 LULW Piesito0: Beam rifle is the play here tyree372: LUX ULT Pog PineBanana: PineBanana subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Moonlight Butterfly PogChamp WrestlerBot2000: @PineBanana I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM BroqRox: 4:0 Nopileos: SUB HYPE PineBanana PogChamp Flaze_35: a must PepeLaugh perry_1903: PepeLaugh nymnCorn valllentine: yea yea yea Jamule: elaWeird backseat garenbush: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh milfhunter_1992: @easyeasy lirikH akmannen: Dont spoil strats chat thebrokenbard: if you kill both of them at the same time you get a special item to craft with SenketsuKira: or a more ammo efficient weapon SirPacos: @Piesito0 does Ela have beam? akmannen: They will do it πŸ™‚ easyeasy: milfhunter_1992 pepeL nuclear2185: USE SPITFIRE FOR THE BLUE FLOATY THINGS THEY ONLY TAKE 1 SHOT Aytum: thebrokenbard spoilers FeelsWeirdMan BroqRox: PepeHands more than enough Calypsia: “should” PepeLaugh Calypsia: @nuclear2185 DansGame Jamule: someone shoot that guy elaWeird nuclear2185: devastator crossbow + spitfire izi boss fight cur_ley: Ela I think the problem is you guys keep dying 4HEad KatZina: if you shoot the cocoon it will spawn with 1/4 gone aswell @Elajjaz DolbyFire: atpLaw elaSmile atpLaw2 PineBanana: AR with hotshot here is EZ easyeasy: ela12 elaGun pew pew Jamule: just pew pew ez Irocam: elaREE Xurker: @Aytum not as if theyre gonna farm this or something lol Calypsia: chat can you stop giving him tips and let him see by himself? DolbyFire: elaREE Jamule: and dont die Jamule: ez Calypsia: would be appreciated milfhunter_1992: @Calypsia NO elaOk 100africaner: plz don’t spoil D: Nazzet: ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick mizoreeee: Does Nerdy still has his healing area thingy he could pull it down when they REEE mizoreeee: elaHmm Piesito0: @SirPacos no clue, i didn’t catch the other streams perry_1903: ricardoFlick nuclear2185: use spitfire pro tips :>easyeasy: Calypsia he is not gonna read them anyway cur_ley: meme beams PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: how do you get ammo in this fight ? Blackbird_SR71C: You should probably focus on the same one guys BroqRox: this is one of the coolest fight in the game Pixel_hearts: oh Nazzet: gachiHYPER DeadSilverSky: Will there be more Evil Within 2 classic tonight? Pixel_hearts: elaBlind Nazzet: bingREE pekkaatte: Pog ? DolbyFire: I would like to offer this streamer some TIPS on this segment because I see he is experiencing some difficulty elaSmile Nucleoprotein: wait for XVII PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: ammo was patched in πŸ™‚ PineBanana: I first attempted this fight with random pubs and almost yeeted myself out of a window angryj0nes: fock off #Head angryj0nes: fock off 3Head KatZina: sorry my grillfriend tell me @Calypsia Aytum: Fatamerikans interesting, I had to use ammo packs nuclear2185: use spitefire habibi milfhunter_1992: FOK OFF elaBruv perry_1903: elaBruv summer___: Nucleoprotein imagine that, i already Alt+f4’ed the shit out of a double boss KappatainHindsight: good one technoxob: Cute Queen on a 5-streak TheGuyOnAcid: this boss is actually easier solo Jamule: elaGa SirPacos: @chat did Ela find the Beam Rifle??? summer___: @Elajjaz fun fact, thats the only boss without other small enemies aestheticlettuce_: Has he tried the hunters mark mod for this fight? DC_Infinity: ElaGa scorp29_and_abyss: LULW Irocam: speedrunner LULW WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: DC_Infinity: elaGa KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein krazys2PAT sorry missed your pat easyeasy: summer___ double bosses in any games are dogshit, like first boss ins’t hard just throw second and also add some mobs elaSmile KrazyShark: @milfhunter_1992 @easyeasy what about me loves? essiSmile WrestlerBot2000: Fourty|Clip No.25| LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HandsUp easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy SPIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HandsUp Piesito0: Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy you good MaN ? Blackbird_SR71C: Why does nerdy not help with the charge??? WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : easyeasy: KrazyShark nuttin elaGasm ela12 Aytum: turret is ridiculous Calypsia: turrets PogChamp KrazyShark: nut gachiHYPER easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy veri mucho good my friendo elaDM Piesito0: HAHAHAHA perry_1903: LULW mizoreeee: LULW Meximus322: LULW atomicdestruction: LULW TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh winterwolf_31: LULW Nopileos: LULW KappatainHindsight: LULW Bakurretsu: LULW Felinestep: LULW Aytum: PepeHands Nail2Black: @Elajjaz you can get a different type of item if you kill both simultaneously instead of one at a time. Emzero: LULW Dismal_Arkt: OMEGADOWN spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy what about your ass ? KappatainHindsight: That was going well Emzero: OMEGADOWN Shmoop1: PepeLaugh Felinestep: walked right into it LULW Axe_Cell: OMEGADOWN wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh V1PMONKEY: nerdy has to carry as usual elaFeels mizoreeee: Its alright nerdy and his turret will carry πŸ™‚ Nazzet: bingREE 🖕 usero_: @elajjaz Dude your workout playlist is lit. Loved it. Thank you again !! Hollow_void: I did this solo its not impossible just hard PineBanana: What gear level is Ela? ampleJay: Hellooooo elaYA easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy finished Control today, quite noice game also there is limited demo of game called blasphemous ela12 , IT’S FUCKING TIGHT JUST LIKE YOU LIKE gachiHYPER DidacoWolf: @elajjaz you can triple dodge roll their scream Shmoop1: Nerdy having to carry Ela, I wonder if his back hurts PepeHands 8Kisama6: in a short time distance Nitr8TV: Key is to interrupt the screaming Step_An: Hollow_void yeah, but if you’re not alone in coop mode d3athbringr: @hollow_void but theres mob scaling for multiplayer th9 spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy GONNA GET IT NOW gachiHYPER jpoe1995: @Hollow_void this boss is easier solo actually. Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP mizoreeee: Hollow_void they also have less HP solo and deal less dmg easyeasy: V1PMONKEY it’s always nerdy or CB ela12 valllentine: key is to not die tyree372: can you beat the shit out of the cacoon to spawn the other with lower health? Nazzet: ➡️ bldfBUTT gachiHYPER easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy you can get it till september 1st sauceleawesome: Microphone hammer hubble4Leg Dyres: spike_the_space_cowboy you cheat on me forsenWC YAYAYAY Saithiria: ela and nerdy are farming trait points Keepo spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy thanks man RonsuDE: PepeS souldedeh: I keep hearing Star Wars in this spike_the_space_cowboy: @Dyres Plenty of people in my dungeon VaN easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy np ela12 game is kinda clunky imo, but u gonna get used to it Dyres: spike_the_space_cowboy HandsUp mizoreeee: PogU spike_the_space_cowboy: @Dyres still your ass feels the best gachiBASS easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy WHAT elaD Dyres: spike_the_space_cowboy gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy prolly cuz its a demo Ankev01: laser time easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy im crying, how could you PepeHands easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy nahh, it’s gonna come out in few days Yufi: hey chat, does he know about the alternative method? YeahBoi Doully92: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy forsenWC igot an announcement Aytum: beamed PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh silver6ird: PepeLaugh DragonflyJoe: PepeLaugh BroqRox: PepeLaugh LAZOOOOR Nopileos: PepeLaugh Fungiiiiiii: shoot the nest @Elajjaz V1PMONKEY: @easyeasy or chat elaEZ i wonder what he can do on his own technoxob: thats 7 for queen Aytum: FUNgineer DansGame rihoto: actually u just need cooperate quichemeesh: YeahBoi Nazzet: ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick Drewji: trait point spike_the_space_cowboy: 😂 BroqRox: spoilers FeelsWeirdMan mizoreeee: maybe try to focus just one down as fast as possible elaHmm Aytum: so many spoilers FeelsWeirdMan Simon_iO: monkaW sauceleawesome: Send me in coach, i’ll have it dead in a jiffy redlems: When you SOLO its more easy.. they dont charge at same time, just learn animations and rotate camera. ThatLuluTho: Advice friends rooBonk Nazzet: ricardoFlick Nazzet: ricardoFlick ricardoFlick sauceleawesome: SwiftRage TJogen: I bet he won’t read this: Your kreygasm Nazzet: ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick zuryci: GAME SPANKING easyeasy: V1PMONKEY PepeLaugh I RULL, IT;S CHATS FAULT BabyRage Doully92: HandsUp auesis: HandsUp perry_1903: HandsUp mrcdvr: Did he figure out that he can shoot other bug when he’s sleepyboi ? SEsternO: HandsUp Shmoop1: HandsUp ExecutiveBear: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp mizoreeee: yea but do you really want that weapon PepeLaugh Simon_iO: HandsUp KatZina: Stop struggling Elajjaz. it’s time for a atip WrestlerBot2000: You can checkout Remnant on different platforms through these links elaOk 👉 | PC (Steam): | Xbox One: | PS4: Ringguni: you probably also get a wapeon if you kill them one by one tyree372: this is now a final fantasy boss PogU KaitoKidShadow: HandsUp metsejs: nerdy ragequit PepeLaugh Yufi: argh, well he does. And Hi Ela and Hey Chat! HandsUp AnormalPanda: wnat some hand ? @Elajjaz TJogen: GOT DAMMIT everytime T_T KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh Nazzet: Spoilers WeirdChamp xmlgprorpx: melee wep=sametime Calypsia: yup KrazyShark: uwu easyeasy: KrazyShark UωU mizoreeee: nrdyOwO SEsternO: naroStaryn Stobbel: Backseating Chat WeirdChamp quichemeesh: cryOwo spike_the_space_cowboy: NaM Anthares09: Hi ela, will you try Blasphemous demo? @Elajjaz Berdfess: Is this game speedrun viable? With the RNG environments and bosses KrazyShark: weebs out monkaW 8Kisama6: @redlems idk when u know what to do in 2 or 3 i basically 1 shot everithing when i dont get aggro so i dont think tbh spike_the_space_cowboy: @Dyres Weebs detected NaM Justepic123: VaN DidacoWolf: AYAYA Minato_Q: any Evil Within today? @Elajjaz easyeasy: Berdfess Distortion2 is speedruning it, i guess it’s ok elaHmm ? TheGunWizard_: You playing Blair Witch on release day? @Elajjaz Semub: anyone knows a good name for orc hunter? elaHmm KrazyShark: man i shaved the sides of my head, doesnt look too bad, i think monkaW kratosmuscle: tried the demo today feels good @elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: why not both easyeasy: Semub Fak ela13 Baykusmeister: @Elajjaz Hey boss whats up, OwO what is this game, sup chatto skraalQ: @KrazyShark have my babies KrazyShark: @Elajjaz do you shave the sides of your head they always look like, not fluffy DidacoWolf: @semub Ayayo TheGunWizard_: Got it AnormalPanda: Ela I have no chance to get you on my steam friend list don’t I ? πŸ™ @Elajjaz it would be my dream to have you on my list as friend :undying king Nucleoprotein: PepeLaugh Murika_: PepeLaugh equinoxx397: 2nd Phase PepeLaugh TessilRx: dayum z4phire: FROG WITH TEETH wevie1: HandsUp Nopileos: Jebaited Iunbond: PHASE SHIFT ArttAtack: PepeLaugh Aytum: oh no no no PepeLaugh loki_oki: F JAMMnX: Jebaited Nazzet: Jebaited Djfunkyfresh69:

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