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Elite Athlete Centre Tour

October 12, 2019

I’m Jake Wightman 800-metre and 1,500-metre athlete and we’re here at the Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel… So, we’ve got the receptionists
here… we’ve got Abbie and Holly working hard. Here we’ve just got the general foyer where there’s lots of space to chill out; have a coffee. We’ve got a great picture
on the wall here of someone that I look up to massively and a Loughborough legend
that’s Seb Coe. Further down the way is the cafe so here’s where you’re gonna find
all the nutritious meals and snacks that you need to stop you from straying onto any bad diets to stick to what you’re meant to be eating. There’s yogurts, healthy drinks, sandwiches, snacks, milks… so everything you need, really. The dining
room just down here, you can find breakfast, lunch, dinner here. Everything cooked by a great chef at the place so there’s nothing an athlete doesn’t need to support their training and healthy lifestyle so pretty ideal for a place
like this. If you look at the windows here, you see the High Performance Athlete Centre so you literally couldn’t be any closer to training for me as an athlete, anyway. You’ve got the swimming pool just there… Powerbase… so you really don’t need to
worry about ever being late to anything. There’s no excuses for that because it’s
literally right here so it makes sure that everything is easy and simple as
possible and training is the main thing that you’re focusing on, so pretty perfect. I’m here in the athlete lounge… it’s an
athlete only zone so no members of staff, no coaches to distract you. As an elite athlete it’s pretty important to recover and a space like this to relax is ideal for that so we get everything we need. So, we’re here in one of the Altitude rooms and as an endurance athlete, I use to altitude a lot because it boosts red blood cell counts which helps oxygen move around the body. We go abroad to get
our altitude but when we’re done at sea level I tend to sleep in a tent
which, for me, it disrupts my sleep. It’s a bit sweaty; it’s not the most comfortable so an altitude room like this is pretty ideal. So, Mark, how does something like
this work? So from a facility point of view, you’ll come in and tell us the environment you want to be at. So, whether that’s 1,500 or 2,500, we’ll then program that up ready for you to come into site and then, in the room itself, you’ll have a monitor to be able to look at that tells you the oxygen levels that are in the room… the altitude that it’s achieving. There’s a graph area that you can go into – you can study and see what the room has been doing over the period of time and then there’s a dimmer functionality so that the LED screen at night time isn’t affecting your sleep patterns. Thanks for joining me around here… I hope you’ve enjoyed looking about. It’s time for me to get back to relaxing in the Altitude room and I hope you stay here soon… catch you later.

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