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Ellen Has a ‘Scary’ Surprise for Deserving Family

February 26, 2020

Our next guest is– [PHONE RINGING] Is that my phone? Where Andy? Hello? Hi, is this Ellen? Yeah, it’s Ellen. Who’s this? My name is Kelly Austin. I’m the principal at
Robinson Elementary in Fresno, California. Hi, principal Austin. I’m in the middle
of a show right now. What can I help you with? Well, two of my teachers
called in sick today and I heard a rumor that they
might be in your audience. What are their names? Terron and Kristina Nolan. Well, there’s two people being
very embarrassed right now, so Terron and Kristina,
is that y’all? Yeah, they’re here. Come down here both of you. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love you, oh! Hi. Have a seat. I have them down here. Do you want me to say
something to them? I sure do. I just want them both
to know that I think they’re absolutely amazing. Thank you both so much
for going above and beyond for our kiddos. You guys enjoy your sick day,
and remember the Robinson Road Runners love you. Aw, thanks for calling. Wow. Oh my goodness. Hi. So it’s Terron. Yes. And Kristina. Yes. OK. We know a little bit
about you, actually. Thanks for being here
on your sick day. Yes, we would be anywhere else. Yeah, well– We’re so excited to be here. Oh, I can hear
them though, but I guess you want other
people to hear them, Mary. All right, so you
both work at a school. Tell us about the
school you work for? Yes, so we work for
Robinson Elementary. It’s a Title I school, free
and reduced lunch for everyone. It’s– you know the
kids are amazing. There’s a lot of brokenness. The staff just loves kids. And that’s why I’m
happy to be there. I’m a sixth grade teacher. And I’m a resource
counseling assistant, pretty much a mom to 500 kids. All day. And you have kids also, right? Yes. You have three kids. Yes. Where are they? Somewhere in the back. We aren’t sure. Well then come on out. They should be here. Right. [APPLAUSE] Hi. Hi. How’s it going? OK. Who are you? Brixton. And you are? Kennedy. Kennedy. Maddox. Hi, Maddox. So isn’t this cool? I mean, how about your dad? How about this, Kennedy? I can’t believe that he is
going more viral than me. I just, I can’t believe it. But I’m so proud of him. And just the impact that he has
on not only us and his kids, but like everybody that
watches his videos. They have an impact
on their life, too. So it’s just crazy. So you started doing
something really cool to help kids with their fears. Yes. Yes. So many of my students
struggle with fear. It’s just they live
in environments where they’re scared, they’re
scared about the future. So I told them, you guys
write down all your fears, and I will conquer all of mine. And I put it on
YouTube and they love watching their teacher
just freak out over fear. So what are some of
the fears that they’ve gotten over, what are some of
the fears you’ve gotten over? So I climbed a 45
foot pole, jumped off. My wife and I ran a 5K. Which he thought was 106 miles. Yes. My whole left side
is hurting still. The last one is, I did stand up
comedy for a retirement home. Oh. How’d that go? Horrible. Well, well I’m
going to I’m going to help you with one more
fear that I know that you have when we come back, all right? Will you? Yes. We’ll be back. You have conquered
some of your fears. You have other fears I know. What are they? Yes, Yes. Clowns and cotton balls. OK, I’m with you on
the cotton balls. Thank you. I don’t know– I don’t know– I don’t
know how people touch them. And don’t know– It’s the noise. Oh, don’t even talk
about the noise. I get it, we are here. Yeah, but clowns, I
don’t really understand. It just, do you think
they’re creepy or– Yeah, all clowns are creepy. I had a horrible
experience when I was young at a circus
that scarred me for life. What did the clown do? It just was dancing
but it was scary. Well, I think the
thing about clowns– Yah! [LAUGHTER] I was trying to
protect you, baby. I was trying to protect you. Wow. You almost killed
your whole family. Yeah. Sorry, sorry, guys,
Daddy got scared. That’s why we send
the little one away. We thought he was going to get. You would have been in the air. Yeah. Oh, that was very satisfying. Wow. All right. Let’s take a look at how you
protected your family here. I think the thing about clowns– Yah! I’m never gonna live that down. Oh, no. Good job. Oh, man. Yeah. Oh, well my cards are gone,
everything is kind of– There anything else? There’s nothing else in there. No. That’s it. All right, I want, because I
want to talk about you two. Because you met
volunteering and even though you both work
around the, clock you still find time to get
back to your community. You bring pizza to your
students on the weekends. You go to their games
and are always there to support them, even
though you both have student loans to pay off. You’re struggling yourselves. You always pay out of your
pocket for your students. So you’re just basically
an incredible family. And since you go above
and beyond to do good, my friends at Honey Nut
Cheerios say when you do good, you feel good. And so they want to give
Robinson Elementary School $25,000.00. Oh! My goodness. And they also want
to give $25,000.00. What? Oh my God! Are you serious? Yep. Oh my God. Thank you so. Oh, I love you. I want to thank
Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Have a wonderful weekend. Be kind to one another. Bye-bye.

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