Ellen Presents Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

September 30, 2019

So there’s only a few
more days until Halloween. If you haven’t figured out what
your kid is going to be yet, I came up with a
new costume ideas. And I’m going to show
them to you right now. Let’s see the first costume. Come on out. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Hi. Step on up over here. Hi. What is your name? Sky. Hi, Sky. What grade are you in? Fourth. Fourth– how old are you? Nine. OK, and who are
you supposed to be? Steve Harvey. That’s right, Steve Harvey. How does that feel,
that mustache? Good. It does? All right, good. All right, that’s
a big desk, huh? He’s got a big desk right there. And those are his
cards and everything. All right, let me give
you some candy to put– and you can spread it all
out on your desk later on. All right, thank you so much. Stand on over there with your– [APPLAUSE] That is not cumbersome at all. To walk the neighborhood
with that is– I’m glad I’m helping
you come up with ideas. Let’s see our next costume. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Hi, there. What’s your name? Riley. Hi, Riley. How old are you? Six. Six. And when is your birthday? May 17. OK, so you’re really six. And what grade are you in? I’m in first grade. First grade also– and who
are you supposed to be? I’m working mom. You’re a working mom. So you’ve got a
lot of kids, you’ve got Cheerios in your hair. That’s just sad. Well, first of all,
I want to give you some candy for those kids. That’s what I want
to do first of all. And then because
you’re a working mom, I have something else. You wait here. I have something else. Come on out. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Hi. How are you? Good. You’re a Shutterfly
check, right? Yes. All right. I just need to– because
Shutterfly heard your story, and you’re a working mom. So I just have to sign it. See, you two go together, so
you get the Shutterfly check. [APPLAUSE] Head on over there. Oh. [LAUGHTER] [? Well, you ?] are
absolutely right. I’m so sorry. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, I know. You’ve got $5,000 on your
neck, and you want candy. Yeah, I get it. Let’s see the next costume. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Move up a little bit more. OK, all right, there– and then move back a little bit. OK, move up again. What’s your name? Maya. Hi, Maya. How old are you? I’m six. Six? Are you in first grade? Yeah. I’m getting good at this. And what are you supposed to be? I don’t know. You don’t know? Well, you’re a teet. No, I’m not. Yes, you are. Watch. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] See? You get it? Yeah. OK, yeah. I don’t. All right, what do you really
want to be for Halloween? I really want to be a princess. A princess? All right, well, you can
do something with that and then still be a
princess, I think. Let me give you some candy. Thank you, Maya. You all look great. [APPLAUSE] And for helping me out, you’re
each getting four tickets to go to Legoland. How about that? [APPLAUSE]

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