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(ENG SUB) 우리의 소원은 임팩트

March 13, 2020

He told me that he felt anxious when doing the topspin. So I asked him why he was anxious. ‘If I try to give the ball a strong impact, the ball seems to fly away.’ ‘Also, the success rate of the top spin is low and there are too many misses because it hits rather than scratches the ball.’ ‘So I keep losing confidence and I often lose in the game.’ He even told me he was losing interest in table tennis. Impact. Explode the condensed force at once using an instantaneous speed. Hi, I’m Hwang Today, I’m going to cover the impact that many of you are curious about. Many people are misunderstanding. A strong impact is essential when doing topspin. Many amateurs think this way. The same is true for the students I teach. Most of them focus on hitting the ball strongly and overlook the basic parts. There are many times when you continue to use power momentarily. These are all actions for powerful impact. But the problem is that if you do this, you won’t be able to give the ball enough spin. They only focused on hitting the ball hard, and they forgot to rotate the ball. If this happens over and over again, your top spin will have a lower success rate. Furthermore, your top spin will gradually become a smash. So today I uploaded this video to tell you about the difficulties of this powerful impact. It is not easy to make a strong impact on the ball. Of course it would be great if you could do the impact properly when doing the topspin. However, most amateurs often make the wrong impact in this way. In my opinion, spin is the most important thing in table tennis. The key is how to control the amount of spin of the ball. I think this is the basis of all table tennis skills. However, because amateurs focus only on this powerful impact, the basic mechanism of topspin does not work properly. Powerful impact is a problem to think about when these basic mechanisms work well. Strong impact is a matter to think after the completion of the basics. Many amateurs swing like this for a powerful impact. Not only does this not allow you to spin the ball, it also causes over miss. This will make your topspin success rate lower, and your confidence will decrease as you play. Those who are thirsty due to this powerful impact sometimes have the following concerns. The topspin success rate is too low, you are not confident when playing the game, or you do not hit the high-rise ball properly. Of course, this is bound to happen to you. You have to understand that hitting a fast spinning ball with a powerful impact is very difficult. This is difficult even for professional players. Powerful impact is much harder than you think. So please check it out. When you do the top spin, the success rate is low, or you’re not confident about it. Check to see if you’re too obsessed with impacting the ball. These thoughts will make your table tennis skills deeper and more powerful. I mentioned earlier that powerful impact is not easy, but I will explain it to you through a demonstration. Powerful impact is achieved by instantly hitting the ball at the optimum timing with a momentary balance of weight movement, arm swing and wrist snap. In my movement, I use my strength to the maximum by tilting my wrist back and then stretching it again when hitting the ball. This way you can take both spin and speed at the same time. However, it was very difficult for me to have such a strong impact. Like this, it is a difficult part for professional players and this is a very difficult part to explain with words. So, rather than hastily practicing a powerful impact, first practice how to spin the ball freely. Spin first. Beginners and intermediate amateurs who want top spin should use the line around this elbow. Also important are weight shift and body balance. This is the part I have emphasized many times. It is important to strain both thighs when rotating the upper body. When swinging, send your elbows forward. All this must be done in harmony. The point of the swing is not to relax the arm and then momentarily force it to hit the ball. Hold the racket with enough force so that it does not move. However, you should not apply too much force to the hand holding the racket. In this state, if you lean down, the racket will naturally face down. After that, you can do the top spin by sending the elbow forward through the swinging motion. Imagine that the ball doesn’t roll on the rubber this way, but it scratches the ball this way. This way, your top spin will increase the amount of spin. If you make the swing trajectory a little bigger here, you’ll get a clue to the powerful impact. The bigger the swing, the faster the ball. Powerful impact should be trained step by step. Professional players don’t have a strong impact in every situation. And there are situations where you have to play by giving the ball a lot of spin while sacrificing speed in various situations in the game. With such a powerful impact, it is not easy. If you want to make a strong impact, you should relax your body before the ball comes, then try with the ball’s trajectory, speed, and direction predicted sufficiently. However, this situation is less likely to occur during a game, so it is more helpful to focus on controlling the spin of the ball as described earlier. I fully understand your concerns. You want to do a top spin better, a desire for a high success rate, and a strong top spin as soon as possible. That’s why you’re wondering how to make a powerful impact yours. However, the reality is that it is very difficult for you to have a strong impact like professional players just because you train a lot of top spin for 2-3 years. Requires a lot of training. So, rather than focusing on a strong impact with impatience, first of all, practice with faithfulness to the basic elements of topspin. You’ll be able to train this process with plenty of time, and you will be able to control the speed and spin of the ball at will. Powerful impacts can be made yours through this process. Also, after this process, your table tennis skills will be upgraded. I hope my advice can help you a lot.


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    please add english subtitles like in your other videos…. we can't watch the video in Korean

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    Fantastic video. Your channel posts some of the best TT content!
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    Sir, your videos are really helpful improving TT skills, as not only they teach how to do things correctly, you also show where one is doing mistakes. Pl upload all your videos witb English subtitles for non-Korean viewers.

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