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(Eng Sub) CTTA Releases 2018 Q1 Rankings: Ma Long and Ding Ning Top the Leader board (CCTV5)

October 23, 2019

The key point of the CTTA ranking system is that it considers results of both international competitions and domestic competitions. Athletes are ranked according to a number of their best singles results in international and domestic competitions of each category and level in the past 12 months. For the singles event, points are awarded to the athletes based on the final positions reached at the tournament while for the team event, only the results of the singles match would be take into consideration. The level of competitions will determine the weightings of the points awarded. With reference to the competition field of the Chinese domestic competitions, the raking points for international competitions are fixed according to the ITTF’s point tables while different types of domestic competitions have different weightings. For example, the toughest domestic competition held once every 4 years, the Chinese National Games singles, CNG, OG, WTTC
Singles: First: 3000pt, Second: 2700pt, Third: 2400pt Nationals, CTTSL, World Cup
Singles: First: 2550pt, Second: 2295pt, Third: 2040pt CTTA has released the 2018 rankings of the top 50 male and female athletes. The WTTC, Chinese National Games and Asian Championships (mistake of CCTV5: Ma Long did not win the Asian Championships men’s singles champion in 2017-2018) men’s singles champion, Ma Long ranked first. Fan Zhendong and Xu XIn ranked second and third respectively. following fourth and fifth are Lin Gaoyuan and Fang Bo. Zhang Jike who have not competed for awhile ranked 11th. The leader of the women’s ranking is World and Chinese National Games champion, Ding Ning. Although Chen Meng is world ranked no.1 in April, she did not manage to achieve great singles results at the World Championships and Chinese National Games which weights more. Whereas her performance in team events did not earn her many points. That’s why she ranked 5th. CTTA will announce the rankings in each quarter. There will be more competitions included into the ranking system.

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