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Episode 6 | Rohit Sharma & Shikhar Dhawan | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

November 6, 2019

This is the first episode
with two people together. Isn’t it? Isn’t this the first time? In the episode with Hardik… One is free with the other. Happy hours it is. Happy hours… And who approved this? To come up with this idea. Boss Ritika did. Two swashbuckling openers,
the best two have come. Two swashbuckling men! – Never before…
– Take the strike first! Go, get the bat. Just a second.
Rohit has taken the strike. He reached 10 minutes early. – Look at him.
– You were here first today as well. – Yeah.
– Then… I had my reasons, I was in the loo. Zoravar, why don’t you sit here
instead of your dad? Just come and sit. – Since your dad is not here.
– Yeah. I want a hovercraft. – Yeah.
– You want a hovercraft? If you sit here and answer
all the questions he asks… – Just two…
– No. Not two. – Yeah, four questions you answer.
– Four questions. – Now your father is here, you can’t do it.
– Sit here… Tell him he can’t sit here.
Tell your papa to wait. Okay, I will take another chair. So, Zoravar, do you enjoy
opening the batting with Rohit? You’ve to answer,
or else you aren’t going to get it. Who is a better batsman? You or your dad? – Rohit!
– Now you will get whatever you want. Three questions left. Are you looking forward
to playing in the World Cup? No? You don’t want to play? I will play for you. What is your dad’s shirt number? – Oh!
– What does he wear on his shirt? If you don’t answer this… Actually, we should ask Shikhar
if he remembers his number. – Do you remember your number?
– Yeah. – But he is not answering. What is it?
– Tell me… – Tell me…
– Twenty five. – Twenty five…
– You should know. Now you won’t get a gift. Twenty five. And what’s Rohit’s number? What’s your number? How can I tell you? You have to answer it. Ask Ritika… She will tell you. He is awesome. – Come here…
– I know… 45. – Oh, yes!
– Wow, nice. Well done. – Yes! Very good!
– Good boy! You guys are like an extended family, right? – Ever since…
– Zoravar developed sense… – Yeah…
– He has been attached to Rohit. I feel we both are very similar. Like, he too enjoys staying
with his family. Now he is taking care
of his little baby girl and of course his wife. Just yesterday,
when we were together, I asked him if he gives bath to his baby
and changes her diaper… Yesterday, he had taken her out. – I’ve seen Shikhar doing all of this.
– The habits… So, I’m learning from him. I am way ahead in that matter. I feel like it was just a few years ago
when we were playing at the NCA together. – Now we both have become fathers.
– Right. Do you guys remember when you first met? – I remember, he might not.
– He might not. Wasn’t it during Chu Chu’s time? What? Chu Chu’s time? No! – During the NCA camp. We met there.
– Yes! – Wait, who’s Chu…
– At that time, India… – Tell him who is Chu Chu.
– I can’t say that. It isn’t something bad, right? – No. Nothing bad.
– It’s a person… – It’s a nickname.
– Yes. That person doesn’t know
that his nickname is Chu Chu. Maybe he knows. We can’t say. Shikhar had played in the Under-19 World Cup. Shikhar was quite famous then because he had won the Man of the Series
award in Under-19 World Cup in Bangladesh. After that… You played Under-19 World Cup
two years after that, right? Yes, two years after that. You hadn’t played the World Cup when we met? No… I was just 17 years at that time. Not 17, I was just 16.
Weren’t you 18 then? Yeah, so, he had played the World Cup. And Shikhar was quite famous. I had watched his matches. He had a certain aura at that time. – It is still there…
– He still has it. Yeah, he still has it.
Now he has his own style. But we didn’t know each other then.
Now I know him. Do you remember the first time
you opened together? – In Champions Trophy.
– Yes. Even in the practise match,
you didn’t open the innings. – Directly in the match.
– Yeah. – You’ve to take the bigger challenges.
– That’s a big story. I was nervous because
I had never played as an opener. I played as an opener in India
in a couple of matches. But Champions Trophy
is such a big tournament. All of a sudden, MS Dhoni asked me
to open in the first match. So I thought, let me do it. He asked me and I agreed to it. It was after reaching the room, I wondered
if it was the right decision to make. And after the toss, I was wondering
who is my opening partner. I had no idea about the opposition team. Because I knew… A player gets an idea – if he’s playing the match or not.
– Yeah. – Psychologically you get to know…
– You get those feelings. So, I was prepared for it
and was wondering what to do the entire day. I thought I would continue my training. So, I didn’t care
about the opposition team at all. I didn’t even know we were playing
against South Africa. And then at night,
I got the news that I’d to open the innings. There was nervousness… I asked Shikhar,
“Who will take the strike? You or me?” He said, “No, I don’t. You take…” He never takes the strike first. I said, “This is my first match
and I’ve never been an opener. You go ahead.” He said, “I never take the strike first.” I thought it’s fine. I might get out. But that’s okay. We had a partnership of 100 runs. We scored 330 runs and won the match. What a tournament that was!
From the practise match to the final game… – Didn’t lose any game.
– …didn’t lose any game. India didn’t lose any match
in that Champions Trophy. The two practise matches that we played… – Against Australia and Sri Lanka.
– We won all the matches. Wow. What do you speak in between the overs? – Shikhar will tell you that.
– We speak about cricket and about random things. I feel like laughing sometimes. Then my mood lightens up. He has been playing cricket
for a long time now. He knows about every bowler’s bowling style. Still he would ask me
if a bowler is bowling outswingers. If it’s Dale Steyn
then it will definitely be outswing. Before taking a run,
do you call out or give signals? We call out as well as use eye signals. We do this… – Yeah, with that…
– We get to know. That happens instinctively and… If something goes in the eyes… We do this when we don’t want a run. But there is stress
in relationship these days because the partner
has to take the DRS calls. It’s a very tough call because the non-striker
doesn’t stand in the umpire’s position. When the umpire can’t make
right decisions, how can we? So, I just ask him
if the bat has hit the ball. Because I wouldn’t know about the bat
touching the ball from my position. Based on what he tells me, I tell him whether or not the ball has pitched
inside the line. And the height… Then… There’s also a limit
to what you can discuss in 15 seconds. Whether the decision is right or wrong,
the player should back their partner. – That’s very important.
– You can’t be always right. – No one is doing it on purpose.
– It’s like a lottery. But, you too, as a captain,
when the bowler asks… I don’t listen to them. In excitement, they say “It’s an out!” I say, “Buzz off.
I go by what the keeper has to say.” “You have bowled the delivery,
so I won’t listen to you.” That’s the good stuff. Now tell me
what’s the most annoying habit of each other. After the toss when we have to go out for batting,
he will go to the toilet. “Shikhar, we have to go…” As far as I’m concerned, I like to get ready
five minutes before the innings when the players are going onto the field. And he has to go to the washroom
five minutes before the match. So, he goes to the washroom
and I have to wait. “How does this happen with you
every time before a match?” He doesn’t play the first ball. I do. So, I like to go to the field early. So that I can settle and be comfortable. If he was to face the first ball, he could
take as much time as he wants in the loo. But anyway,
this is something that we laugh about. – Yeah.
– It is funny because… It’s fine
if it happened in a match or two. But this happens before every match. – He is more absent-minded than me.
– As if… Really? He forgot his passport in the flight.
He had kept it in the pouch… Recently, during Australia’s tour to India you forgot something…
What was it? In the dressing room,
I usually keep asking for socks. – I forget to get my socks.
– I’ve to give him socks in every match. I ask him for socks.
I take it and never return. No one has such expensive socks. That’s how you make property by collecting socks. – Can’t say…
– Can build a palace. …he must’ve acquired
huge property until now. Sometimes I ask for the supporter. The opening batsmen build
this intimate relationship after a while. Once, it so happened that… I was going to Chennai.
NCA was in Chennai a few years ago. – Yeah.
– For a while. So, I went there. I had to undergo training for a few days. Guess what I forgot. – Kitbag?
– Suitcase. – Suitcase?
– My assistant didn’t load it. – Did you get the kitbag?
– I got the kitbag but not the suitcase. There were no clothes
and I had to ask others. He calls me forgetful. So, if you guys have a bad day together does he get over it quicker? Does his Punjabi nature
make him calm down quicker? No, earlier… Earlier I don’t think Shikhar used to think so much. Obviously, now the responsibilities are more. And, knowing him for a long time now,
I don’t think it’s a problem for him
to get over tough times. Perhaps he thinks about it
when he gets back to his room. Or I guess, there are phases.
A person learns through that journey. There are times when you get frustrated. There are times when you feel
you might be dropped from the team. One tries to defend it. In the process, the person might
end up frustrated or might get scared. Once you’re dropped, you don’t care much. “Let’s see, buddy.” – “I’ll make a comeback.”
– Yes. Family is a huge support. When a player returns,
he does not think negatively. He feels positive on seeing the kid…
When your kid comes and gives you a hug. – Yeah.
– It has happened so many times that we four were in the corridor,
and we spent an hour talking there. – Yeah.
– Two of us are sitting, he is running playing with my kid.
I will be watching and laughing. This has happened several times. So, the energy changes with that. – Yeah.
– Don’t know, now… – Tolerance has increased.
– You learned to… Sahanasheelata. Sahanasheelata! Do you know its meaning? It should mean “to bear” or something.
What else! It sounds like that. I guess he has the typical Mumbai slang… – “Here comes the tiger.”
– “Here comes the tiger.” In the sponsor’s shoots
that happened during the IPL they made us speak pure Hindi. That’s more difficult
than facing six bouncers. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, those who are from Mumbai
can’t speak pure Hindi. – Yeah.
– Obviously, it’s not a very polite slang. – Even the Hyderabad slang…
– I spend a lot of time with these guys so I have a command over my language.
It’s more polite. Towards the North,
they are formal with people even if they are just two years elder.
They call them “sir”, “brother”. That’s something new
for the people in Bombay. In Bombay, people are not very formal. – There’s this movie dialogue from “Singham”.
– Yeah, “Singham”. – “Singham”.
– “I’m losing my mind.” – Yeah, Ajju[Ajinkya Rahane].
– Yeah… What is it? Long back, we were in Kerala… Our team was travelling by a boat. We were playing Dumb Charades there. Ajju[Ajinkya Rahane] got the movie “Singham”. He did this. Everone was confused “What is this?” I knew, though I haven’t watched the movie. Yes, he was in my team. We had to judge. He was doing this. We laughed a lot on that. Do you remember that incident
when he teased a bowler? – Made weird faces.
– Yes! – A bowler?
– He was making faces at the bowler. A few players were sledging him in Australia. One of them told him to play the shot
and he made this face. – The player must’ve got confused.
– He must have thought, “Who is this guy?” “What is he doing?” Till date, I’ve never heard
of a better reply for sledging than this. “What are you saying?” Dhawal Kulkarni had also
done something similar. We were playing a practise match
against Australia. So, their left-handed batsman, Matthew Wade was batting. The ball kept going off the edge
to the boundary repeatedly. So, Dhawal went and said something absurd. I’m not sure what language he was speaking. So, Matthew Wade said,
“Pardon? What are you saying, mate?” “Pardon, pardon.” So, Dhawal said,
“What pardon pardon? Go to the garden!” Matthew Wade went insane. Now that you’ve become the seniors
of the team, tell me which junior do you see
as the younger version of Rohit? In habits or in temperament. And which one do you think
is from Shikhar’s school? – From Shikhar’s school…
– Rishabh? – Yes, it’s Pant.
– He has the habit of speaking a lot. Speaks a lot. He is a gabbler. – And he doesn’t worry about things.
– Yeah. He is strong. Just that he is a bit short. – Height will increase as he grows.
– He’s not smart like me. And, maybe Prithvi is another version of you. He is just like you. Laid-back. But the good thing is none of the youngsters want to be like us. They want to be the way they are. – It’s a good thing.
– It should be like that. You cannot be like someone.
Of course, you can follow. But nobody can be like
a particular individual. Every individual is unique. There is a reason
why God created everyone differently. Don’t be the second somebody,
be the first yourself. – Yes.
– Isn’t it? Sometimes I speak big things. – Amazing.
– Spontaneously. So, now tell me, World Cup is upon us. So, regarding the team selection… There are some 100 crore selectors in India. – Right?
– One hundred and thirty. There are 130 crore selectors! Then there are 130 crore experts. Whatever we may say but it is true. You have to treat it
like any other cricket game. Yes. The more we think about it,
the more we get pressurised. Then what’s the use of it? There’s no point thinking about it. And for us, once we reach there
and play our first match it won’t be like it’s a World Cup match and that we have to do anything extra.
No. It’s just another cricket game. Because in the cricketing fraternity,
we keep hearing that you have to treat this as another game. – Yeah.
– Even when we play in the IPL whether we play against a good team
or a team that is not in good form we don’t play according
to a team’s reputation. The mindset of beating an opposition
doesn’t change. For that, you just have to keep doing
what you’ve been doing. But yeah,
there will be a lot of other opinions. They benefit by creating a hype.
That’s how they sell it. If we take that hype seriously,
the pressure will be on us. World Cup is nothing but
another match of cricket. That’s it.
It’s a trophy with the name “World Cup”. That’s true. I’m thinking…
I mean, there’s a lot of time left. But have you ever thought
that this is going to end one day? – You will grow old.
– 100%. Everyone has to go through it. So, have you guys started thinking
about that? Does that cross your mind? I go with the flow. – The flow.
– Yeah. I haven’t thought about
what will happen in a few years from now. Even that thought is about expectation.
Because you don’t know how long it will last. You don’t know if it’s for two days,
two years or more. No one knows. At least this won’t hurt you. Unlike someone who holds expectations. Because when you think that, you forget
to enjoy what is there in front of you. So I think,
that is something that I’ve learned. In so many years,
I’ve learned to enjoy the present. For instance, we are in
Breakfast with Champions now, so enjoy it. – Enjoy.
– Best show. There’s this ad, “As long as you hit
the ball, there’s respect. When it stops…” – Of Viru…
– Then we become commentators. – I’m talented.
– Shikhar is an all-rounder. I want to see him as a commentator. – He will be very good in Hindi.
– True. It should be in Hindi.
My sense of humour is strong. – That’s right.
– Why do you say that? – It’s good. But cuss words…
– I’ll stop using cuss words. Sense of humour will get strong. But that’s required in English as well. I’ll develop that skill too.
Nothing is impossible… I’m not saying that
you can’t speak English… I can speak very well English. – “I can speak very well English.”
– Very good English. Ayesha is sitting behind
and shaking her head. She is like “No”. Did I say it right?
She is my teacher. Both your teachers are sitting there. By the way,
there’s a rumour I want to clarify. Obviously, wherever you are Ritika is always striking a deal
of million dollars in the background. But when I told her something,
she said, “Oh! I will check with Rohit.” I said, “Don’t pretend like
you’ll check with him. “You are the boss,
you will tell him what to do.” That’s what she does. No! We will have to ask Shikhar. Ritika said, “This is a perception
that Rohit has started.” I’m defending you now. He created this perception
that she is the boss but he is the most clever boss
who is controlling as well as pretending to be innocent. Shikhar will be the best person
to answer this. It’s the story of every household. This is nothing different.
Whatever happens, happens with a consent. Even in my case I thought Ritika will speak to Ayesha
about the show. So, if they agree then so do we. Who are we to disagree! When we get the orders from them,
we have to agree. He also told me that Shikhar said,
“I’m fine doing it “but just check with Ayesha,
please, for the show.” Good points… He didn’t even remember the show. And he was telling me, “Remember I told you
about the show.” I said, “No, you didn’t.” I said there is this show and she said,
“No, I don’t know about it.” I asked, “Didn’t Ritika tell you?”
Then I thought, “I’m trapped.” Great! So basically,
it’s decided that the two of you while trying to be “swashbuckling”
are both controlled by your wives. Not just two of us but you as well… It’s his show, but that doesn’t mean
he can say anything. There might come a day,
when he wants to do a show and his wife says, “No, stay back at home.” It’ll not be called Breakfast With Champions,
it’ll be Breakfast with Loser. Let’s go home. Loser will be making Rotis. – That was a good one.
– Got me! Now that you got me, I have to leave. Got me. That’s a good note to finish it on. Please subscribe this video. Since you asked to subscribe,
I’ll ask them to like it. No, that’s okay.
You can still say share. Share this video. And hit Like.
Shikhar has asked to subscribe. Rohit has asked to share. – And…
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– I remembered… Amazing!
You are too good. This is the best call to action ever.


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    Who is a big fan of Rohit Sharma please like or comment

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