Every Rolex Tells A Story — Chris Evert

September 22, 2019

Playing a tennis match
is very much like life, I think. If you’re down in a tennis match
you can still come back. And I think that
if you’re down in life you can still change
the course of your life. It teaches you a lot
about hanging in there, not giving up… And it teaches you a lot
about belief in yourself. I feel like my life
is divided into thirds. My first third was all about my tennis and my career and becoming number one. My second third
was all about family and raising my three boys. My third is about finding the peacefulness inside of me. When I look at my Rolex, I don’t see 18 Grand Slams®. Rather I see a reflection of all the different
stages of my life combined. Not only in my tennis but my family life, my business life. All the goals that I’ve achieved… It’s something that
is an extension of me. EVERY ROLEX TELLS A STORY

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