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Every Rolex Tells a Story — Mark Webber

January 20, 2020

My father was a motorbike dealer
in New South Wales in Australia, I think I had a little bit of gasoline
in the blood already, you know. When I was very young,
I started on the motorbikes and then in go-karts. And also my father was hitchhiking
a lot to races himself to watch Sir Jackie Stewart back
in Sydney in those special years. Racing is something which has been
in the family for a long time, I’m so happy that my dad has been here
to be able to watch all of my career. 2009, no question about it: Huge year for me, to win finally
in Formula 1 was tremendous. To beat the best drivers
in the world, fair and square, no flukes, no luck… It was some special victory,
there’s no question about it. The circumstances were not ideal
building up to the 2009 season because I had a nasty
mountain bike crash. But it taught me
about resilience and toughness. Motorsports gave me… a tremendous opportunity
to learn about myself, but also to stretch the opportunities
working with the people around me. I first met Jackie Stewart… In about 1996, and he was
like a father figure for me, still is. For me… the Rolex partnership
and relationship was born out of it. It started of course
with Jackie believing in me. After my first victory in 2009,
I did buy my first GMT Rolex. After a victory like that,
you want to have something that symbolizes the effort and all
of the sacrifices you went through. To know it will last forever,
it can go through generations. There’s not many things
that can do that, but with Rolex,
I knew I could get that. When my father turned 70, it was a great opportunity for me
to purchase a Rolex for him. It was so personal for my dad
to come from me but he also knew there was
a small percentage of Jackie and a lot of history and motorsport. Tremendous memories and a reflection of the journey
we both went on together. EVERY ROLEX TELLS A STORY

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